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					Myself, One Of Many…: Unit 4

 Class:        Teacher:                                  Study Title:                          ES Outcome                   People in Society         Level B
 Term:                                        Date:                                               Duration:

 Knowledge and Understanding             Learning Outcomes for:                        Pupil Experience/Activity                                Skills Attainment Targets
 Attainment Targets                      Myself, One of Many…                          Skills based and KU Activities                           Highlight the Emphasis for Teaching
 Level B                                                                               Including Informal Assessment                            Level B
                                                                                       (show sequence if not written in order)

    Give examples of some needs of         To understand that their opinion is                                                                Level B Skills
     different groups of people, eg          valued, but that other people may have                                                             Pupils are able to:
     the elderly, homeless, disabled,        a different point of view.                                                                         Preparing for the task:
     etc – B.                                                                                                                                    identify simple approaches to
                                            To develop strategies that help them                                                                  tackling tasks and solving
    Identify ways in which money            talk through a range of subjects and                                                                  problems by asking questions and
     and resources in the home and           emotions.                                                                                             making suggestions.
     school and in the community are                                                                                                             identify some relevant sources of
     shared to meet different               To be able to take turns and be aware                                                                 information from those readily
     needs – B.                              of the needs of others.                                                                               available.

    Identify some of the rights and       To know some ways in which different                                                                Carrying out the task:
     responsibilities they as children      people's needs are met in the home and                                                               select and record information for a
     have, eg looking after a pet – B.   community, eg parents work to get                                                                         given purpose, for example, from a
                                            money for clothes, food, homes. The                                                                    display, talk, film or book or simple
    Offer ways of reaching                 community provides play centres,                                                                       weather equipment.
     agreement within a conflict or         parks, libraries, old peoples homes,                                                                 process/classify simple
     disagreement in school or in the       drop in centres, schools (ie facilities)                                                               information in a variety of ways,
     family – B.                            for different groups in society.                                                                       for example, making a map or
                                            To know some ways they can care for
                                             their community.                                                                                   Reviewing and reporting on the task:
                                                                                                                                                 present findings in a brief report,
                                                                                                                                                   for example, written, talk, poster.
                                                                                                                                                 present some simple conclusions
                                                                                                                                                   based on their findings.

Myself, One Of Many…: (cont'd)

 Cross Curricular Links                                                 Resources                          Assessment                                                Evaluation
                                                                                                           (formal assessment – sample or teacher observation
                                                                                                           record to be kept in folio as evidence)

 Language                                                               Assessment – page 4?
 Write a personal report about the jobs their mums and dads do
 and the things money is spent on in their house.
 Visit an old people's home, the library, etc and write a report of
 the visit.

 Religious Education
 Find out how the local church helps different groups in the
 community – invite the minister in to talk.

 Draw pictures of themselves in the classroom, which is inside a
 school, which is within the community, surrounded by other
 places that are important to them.

 Spreadsheets/graphs and databases of facilities in their
 community/local park, etc.

 Look local maps – identify schools, libraries, churches, etc.

 Circle time (Jenny Mosley's book) to discuss relationship issues.

 Assessment Strategies:
 Observation, active listening, questioning, setting task (worksheet, jotter work, homework) pupil self assessment, peer assessment, presentation to class, brain storming, annotated diagrams

 Knowledge/understanding – End of topic test, summarising activity, demonstration of understanding in (state context, eg project)
 Skills – Investigation, tasks focussed on aspects of skills (specify task and skill strand which it is to assess) enquiry/research task, personal booklet or file on a topic.

Myself, One of Many (Level B): Unit 4

 Use Circle Time as a forum for discussion of opinions/views on homelessness/disabled people/unemployed/elderly and how
  society treats them/cares for them.

 Find out what organisations exist to help these groups in society – write to local government/societies:
  Local Housing Associations
  Bethany (Homeless)
  Society for the Blind
  Children First
  Day Care Centres
  Local Churches/Own Religious Centres
  Citizen's Advice Bureau

 What are the basic things I/others have a right to? – food/shelter/clothing/health advice – do all children round the world have
  this? – why not?

 What things are my responsibility? How do my actions/decisions affect others?

 Make a list of the things they feel are rights and their responsibilities.

 Discuss being responsible for a pet – design a Poster with the title 'A Pet is for Life!'.

 What facilities are available in my local community? – do a survey (library, doctors/dentists, post office, shops, church, Citizen's
  Advice Bureau, etc) – make a graph of results.

 Make a grid of local care needs and services provided –
  Who needs care?
  How are they catered for?
  Where does the money for the services come from?

 How can they help? – Brownies/guides/cubs, etc – do shopping for old people, deliver Christmas cards, hold local coffee
  mornings, etc.

 Raise money for local charities/invite charity workers in to speak to the children.

Myself, One of Many – Assessment Level B

1    Tick the things on the list that you think are very important to you and that you have a RIGHT to have:

     Clothes            Toys                Books                 Food             Somewhere to Live

     Sweets             Water               A New Bike            Playstation      TV

2    Everyone has rights and responsibilities, give 3 things children in school should be responsible for:




3    How can you help to keep your community clean, caring, safe and friendly?

Match these statements with a line.

    Mums and tots can use…                           the library

    I want to read lots of books,                          an old people's home
     I can use the …

    I want to play on the swings,                          the playgroup
     I can use the …

    My granny needs help looking after                     the park
     herself, she is cared for in …

    My dad's friend hasn't got a job,                the church drop in centre
     he can chat and have a coffee at the …

People in Society                          Myself, One of Many                             B
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People in Society                        Myself, One of Many                           B
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