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									                   Pennsylvania Legislator’s Municipal Deskbook, Third Edition (2006)

of the Governor’s Center
for Local Government Services
at the Pennsylvania Department of Community and
Economic Development

The following publications are provided on the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services’
“Publications” web page or directly from the Center:
       Administering Police Services in Small Communities
       The Annual Audit and Financial Report
       Auditor's Guide
       Borough Council Handbook
       Borough Mayors Manual
       Boundary Change Procedures
       Chart of Accounts
       Citizen’s Guide to Pennsylvania Local Government
       City Government in Pennsylvania Handbook
       Council of Governments, 2005 Directory of Pennsylvania
       Council of Governments Director’s Handbook
       County Annual Financial Report
       County Chief Clerks/Administrators Manual
       County Commissioners Manual
       Debt Management Handbook
       Elective Office in Local Government
       Financial Monitoring Workbook
       Fiscal Management Handbook
       Flood Plain Management Regulations
       Home Rule in Pennsylvania
       Insurance Primer for Municipal Secretaries
       Intergovernmental Cooperation Handbook
       Local Government Regulation of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities
       Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights and Real Property Taxpayer Programs Under Act 50 of 1998 Manual
       Model Hiring Manual for Pennsylvania Municipalities

Pennsylvania General Assembly    * Local Government Commission                                 Page 201
Publications of the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services

           Municipal Authorities in Pennsylvania
           Municipalities Financial Recovery Act
           Open Meetings/Open Records: The Sunshine Act and Right to Know Law
           Pension Manual for Pennsylvania Local Government
           Public Works Manual
           Purchasing Handbook
           Referendum Handbook
           Regional Police Services in Pennsylvania
           Risk Manager’s Insurance Guide
           Solicitor’s Handbook
           Tax Collector’s Manual
           Taxation Manual; Addendum
           Township Commissioner’s Handbook
           Township Supervisor’s Handbook
   Planning Series:
           Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code,
           Act of 1968, P.L. 805, No. 247 as reenacted and amended
           No. 1 – Local Land Use Controls In Pennsylvania
           No. 2 – The Planning Commission in Pennsylvania
           No. 3 – The Comprehensive Plan in Pennsylvania
           No. 4 – Zoning
           No. 5 – Technical Information on Floodplain Management,
           Administrative Guidelines for Development
           No. 6 – The Zoning Hearing Board
           No. 7 – Special Exceptions, Conditional Uses and Variances
           No. 8 – Subdivision and Land Development in Pennsylvania
           No. 9 – The Zoning Officer
           No. 10 – Reducing Land Use Barriers to Affordable Housing
           Growing Smarter Toolkit: Catalog of Financial and Technical Resources
           Planning for Agriculture
           Various land use reports (only available online)
   This is only a list of those publications as they are available on the date of this publication. To stay
   up-to-date on available and revised publications, periodically check the Center’s web page or contact the
   Center at 888-223-6837.
   To access the Center’s Publications web page, follow the sequence below on the Internet:
                  Local Government Information

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