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									NVQ Training in
Warehousing &

The NVQ in Logistics is a work based qualification designed for people
employed in a warehousing and distribution setting.

The main objective of the award is to give employees an opportunity to
develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the logistics sector.
              Who is it for?
NVQ level 2   The award has been designed to cover people who are:

              •	 Engaged	in	various	sectors	of	the	logistics	industry	who	wish		
                 to have their competencies assessed for certification purposes.

              •	 New	employees	who	have	undergone	some	training	and	are		
                 now acquiring industry experience and wish to demonstrate
                 their competencies for assessment purposes.

              •	 Other	people	in	the	sector	who	require	a	fundamental	
                 understanding of industry practices.

 Training Unit options for Warehousing & Distribution Level 2
 You will undertake two mandatory units and three optional units from the table below.

 	Mandatory	Units	 	Optional	Units

          UNIT 201                                   UNIT 220 Receiving loads and supervising goods
   Contribute to effective
   working relationships
                                                              UNIT 221 Placing goods in storage
          UNIT 219
    Contribute to health,
                                                           UNIT 222 Assemble orders for dispatch
    safety and security in
        the workplace
                                                    UNIT 223 Maintain the safety and quality of goods

                                          UNIT 224 Maintain hygiene standards in handling and storing goods

                                  Additional Units

                                   UNIT	210	Operate	specialised	plant	and	machinery	to	performance	requirements

                                                          UNIT 211 Lift, transfer and position loads

                                                Derek Fernley, Support Operator & Truck Driver
                                                Shop Direct Group, Middleton Site

                                                When I came here I just thought I was here to work (just do my bit). Now I un-
                                                derstand that I am part of a chain, so I always think of my co-workers. They are
                                                important	to	me	and	I	like	to	think	that	I	am	important	to	them.	Only	together	can	
                                                we deliver the quality to our customer. This is my first recognised qualification and I
                                                feel proud that I have got it, better than that I have earned it, even at my age!
              Who is it for?
NVQ level 3   The level 3 qualification has been designed for:
                                                                                   The NVQ Level 3 in storage and
                                                                                   warehouse is made up of 7 units.

              •	 Employees	intending	to	get	involved	with	continuous	              Candidates take 6 mandatory units
                 improvement at team leader/first line manager level.              and choose 1 optional unit. Additional
                                                                                   units are also available.
              •	 Employees	who	may	already	have	achieved	an	NVQ	Level	2	
                 and are now in a position where they could demonstrate
                 competencies against the additional units at level 3.

              Level 3 is a stand alone programme. Candidates do not need to have
              completed level 2 training as a prerequisite.

 Training	Unit	Options	for	Warehousing	&	Distribution	Level	3
 You will undertake six mandatory units and one optional unit from the table below.

 Mandatory Units                Optional	Units

         UNIT 310
                                                  UNIT 313 Maintain the quality of external services
  Contribute to a safe and
     healthy working
       environment.                               UNIT 308 Lead the work of teams and individuals.
           UNIT 203
      Contribute to the
    provision of customer       Additional Units
                                           UNIT 306 Contribute to the selection of personnel for activities.
          UNIT 303
       Manage yourself
                                          UNIT 307 Contribute to the development of teams and individuals.

          UNIT 304                              UNIT 309 Respond to poor performance in your team.
  Create effective working

          UNIT 311                                                          Paul Partridge, Employee Trainer
     Manage the receipt,                                                    Shop Direct Group, Middleton Site
   storage and dispatch of
           goods.                                                           This NVQ has made me realise that even though
                                                                            I have responsibilities as a trainer, I always think
                                                                            about the next person, the next task and how to
          UNIT 312                                                          get it right first time. I feel different now when
                                                                            I train people and can understand the business
    Audit stock levels and
                                                                            more and explain why we need to do things the
        stock records                                                       way we do. I was happy with the way the Asses-
                                                                            sor trained me, and earning this NVQ has given
                                                                            me brain food, and now I want to do more things
                                                                            for the company and be looked upon as a key
                                                                            player. No holding back now.
NVQ in Warehousing &
Benefits of the Qualifications
Warehousing and Distribution NVQs benefit both employers
and employees in a variety of ways.

For employers the qualification can:
•	 Improve		business	performance	and	help	win	contracts
•	 Maximise	company	profits	and	revenues
•	 Reduce	costs,	variation	and	waste
•	 Assist	with	recruitment	and	staff	retention
•	 Boost	employee	morale	and	motivation
•	 Demonstrate	the	quality	of	the	workforce	to	
   existing and potential customers
•	 Help	reduce	workplace	accidents

For employees the qualification can:
•	 Provide	evidence	of	ability	to	do	a	particular	job
•	 Help	improve	career	development/	promotion	chances
•	 Give	a	sense	of	achievement
•	 Be	gained	on	the	job
•	 Be	completed	at	a	time	and	place	to	suit

This	qualification	could	be	free	under	Train	to	Gain.

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