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									Pharmaceutical Industry Partial Users List

      Company           Location                         Application                            Instrument       Product/Service

Abbott Labs        North Chicago, IL   White tablet stability studies, also powders and   UltraScan XE (2) and   Pharma
                                       liquids                                            ColorFlex

Abbott Labs        Austin, TX          Color of plastic surgical and hospital items       ColorFlex              Medical Devices

Abbott Labs        Pakistan                                                               UltraScan XE

ABC Laboratories   Columbia, MO        Mostly APHA. Independent contract lab              ColorQuest XE          Contract Lab

Adventic           Peurto Rico         R&D                                                UltraScan XE

Albemarle Corp     Baton Rouge, LA     Tablets and Translucent liquids                    ColorQuest XE          Contract Mfg.

Allergan Inc.      Irvine, CA          R & D stability studies of powders and tablets     ColorQuest XE          Pharma

Alpharma           Baltimore, MD       Over the counter and generic dosage forms.     UltraScan XE               Contract Lab
                                       Application was for an oral solution, color
                                       stability readings in transmission. Inter-
                                       instrument agreement critical. Purchased one
                                       instrument for R&D and a second one year later
                                       for plant

Altus Biologics    Cambridge, MA       Beige, light brown, and medium brown liquid,       ColorFlex              Contract Drug Delivery
                                       opaque protein slurries

Amgen              Thousand Oaks,      Powder reflectance and liquid transmission         UltraScan XE           Biopharma

American           Melrose Park, IL    APHA                                               ColorQuest XE          Pharma

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Apotex                 Toronto, ON,        Generic pharmaceuticals, aging studies of pills   UltraScan XE    Pharma

Armkel                 Cranbury, NJ        Pregnancy test strips. Test color change after it LabScan XE      Contract Mfg
                                           was activated to ensure color change and to
                                           ensure strip was same color. High volume of
                                           readings (300/day). A second instrument was
                                           purchased at another location

Ascent Pediatrics      Wilmington, MA      APHA of liquid cough syrup. FDA regulated         UltraScan XE    Pharma

Astra-Zeneca           Westborough, MA Liquid samples, very secretive product release. ColorQuest XE         Pharma
                                       APHA measurements for various ranges

Astra-Zeneca           Macclesfield,       Both as a QC check and to evaluate color          D25A-9000       Pharma
                       England             degradation

Aventis Pharma         Holmes Chapel,      Reflectance measurement of a milky                UltraScan       Pharma
                       England             pharmaceutical suspension for inhalation. Test
                                           required by FDA

Baxter Healthcare      MT Home, AR         Whiteness on pellets used to manufacture IV       ColorQuest XE   Medical Devices
                                           bags and medical liquid holding vessels

Biocon                 Bangalore, India    Herbal extracts, enzymes, powders and liquids     ColorQuest XE   Supplier to Pharma
                                           with small volume. APHA, color, haze

Boehringer Ingelheim   Ridgefield, CT      Pharmaceutical powders                            LabScan XE      Pharma

Boots Company          Airdrie, Scotland   Color and whiteness of powders. Intermediates D25A-9000           Pharma
                                           which are formulated into both powder and
                                           tablet pharmaceuticals

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Bristol Myers Squibb   Evansville, IN      Translucent liquid                                ColorQuest XE      Pharma

Bristol Myers Squibb   Garden City, NY                                                       LabScan            Pharma

Celltech Americas      Buffalo, NY         Cough syrup type material. For product            LabScan XE         BioPharma

Combe Labs             Rantoul, IL         Mouthwash, after-shave                            ColorQuest XE      Consumer Products

Charles River          Worcester, MA       Contract Lab. Pharmaceutical solutions and        UltraScan XE       Contract Lab
Laboratories                               suspensions

Elan Group-            King of Prussia, PA Stability test on a new capsule                   LabScan XE         Pharma

Eli Lilly              Indianapolis, IN    Development lab. Measure incoming powders         ColorQuest XE      Pharma
                                           and liquids

Eli Lilly              Indianapolis, IN    Incoming ingredients testing. Mix powder dye      D25A-9000          Pharma
                                           into slurry

Eli Lilly              Peurto Rico         Powders                                           ColorQuest         Pharma

Gensia Sicor           Irvine, TX          Color and APHA of liquids                         ColorQuest XE(4)   Pharma

Glaxo SmithKline    Irvine, Scotland       Checking color of powders including antibiotics   D25A-9000          Consumer Products
Consumer Healthcare

Glaxo SmithKline    Coleford, England      For measuring the color of transparent,           UltraScan XE       Consumer Products
Consumer Healthcare                        translucent and opaque energy drinks and

Glaxo SmithKline    Weybridge,             To check color of toothpaste base and to          LabScan XE         Consumer Products
Consumer Healthcare England                evaluate "bleeding" of colored stripes into white

Incodisa               Guatemala                                                             UltraScan XE

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Johnson & Johnson     Roanoke, VA        Vision care products                               UltraScan XE       Consumer Products

Johnson & Johnson     Raritan, NJ        Pharmaceutical research                            LabScan XE         Pharma

Johnson & Johnson     North Brunswick,                                                      UltraScan XE and
                      NJ                                                                    MiniScan XE

Lily Industries       Basingstoke,       Supply gelatin capsules to pharmaceutical         D25A-9000           Supplier to Pharma
                      England            industry. Measure both liquid gelatin and gelatin
                                         cast onto glass slides

Lyne Laboratories     Brockton, MA       Cough Syrup (darkens with age) Contract            UltraScan XE       Contract Mfg.

McNeil Specialty      Macintosh, AL      APHA of liquids and whiteness of powders           ColorQuest XE      Pharma
Products (J & J)

Merck Frosst          Kirkland, QC,      Aging studies on pills and caplets                 MiniScan XE        Pharma

Merck Sharpe and      Hoddesdon,         Measuring both powders and tablets                 D25A-9             Pharma
Dohme                 England

Muro Pharmaceutical   Tewksbury, MA      Opaque/semi translucent white suspension           ColorQuest XE      Pharma
                                         liquids used in respiratory and allergy products

Novex Pharma          Richmond Hill, ON, R & D, Liquids and caplets                         UltraScan XE       Pharma

Nucryst               Wakefield, MA      Powders and creams                                 ColorQuest XE      Pharma

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Nucryst                 Ft. Saskatchewan, Powders and creams                                     ColorQuest XE   Pharma
Pharmaceuticals         Canada

ONY                     Buffalo, NY           Application is for an oral solutions. One had      ColorQuest XT   BioPharm
                                              chloroform content so need for closed cell and
                                              very small volume. The other solution was a
                                              suspension of Lipids, more milky solution.

Particle Dynamics       St. Louis, MO         Powders and tablets. Ingredient manufacturer       LabScan XE      Supplier to Pharma
                                              supplying to pharmaceutical companies

Pfizer                  Groton, CT            White powder - raw material and finished           LabScan XE      Pharma
                                              process check.

Pfizer                  Holland, MI           Ingredients plant, powders only                    LabScan XE      Pharma

Pfizer                  Ann Arbor, MI         Powders, pills, slurries                           LabScan XE      Pharma

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Ringaskiddy and        Measuring color and whiteness of powdered          LabScan XE      Pharma
                       Little Island, Cork,   intermediates. Required by FDA

Pharmacia               Skokie, IL            Tablets, powders, slurries                         LabScan XE      Contract Mfg

Pharmacia               St. Louis, MO         Multiple applications including tablets, powders   LabScan XE      Contract Mfg
                                              and slurries

Pharmacia               Kalamazoo, MI         Product development. Measuring liquids, small      UltraScan XE    Contract Mfg
                                              tablets, powders

Pharmacia               Kalamazoo, MI         To measure inert powders which go into tablets. LabScan XE         Contract Pharma
                                              Stability studies on tablets

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PPD Development          Madison, WI        Contract laboratory testing. Variety of            UltraScan XE    Contract Lab
                                            applications including powders, tablets and
                                            APHA of liquids

Roche Vitamines          Freeport, TX       Transmission of liquids                            ColorQuest XE   Vitamins/Nutricuticals

Schering Plough          Kenilworth, NJ     Small quantity powders. FDA regulated product LabScan XE           Pharma
                                            that requires instrumental measurement.
                                            Stability and shelf life studies. Initial for R&D,
                                            later for QC

Searle                   Peurto Rico        Powders                                            ColorFlex       Pharma

Sepracor                 Marlborough, MA    APHA measurements of liquid (range from            UltraScan XE    Pharma
                                            almost colorless to amber) Cylinderical inject a
                                            cell for small sample quantity evaluations

Soam Labs                Middlesex, NJ      Vitamins and nutricuticals                         ColorFlex       Vitamins/Nutricuticals

Steris Pharmaceutical Phoenix, Arizona      Liquid samples of finished product                 UltraScan XE    Pharma

Taro Pharmaceuticals Hawthorne, NY          Small amounts of liquids and powders               UltraScan XE    Pharma

University of Bradford   Bradford, England Measuring colored coated tablets                    D25A-9          University
School of Pharmacy

Upsher-Smith             Plymouth, MN       Generic pharmaceuticals…measures liquids,          ColorQuest XE   Pharma
Laboratories                                tablets and powders

Wyeth                    Pearl River, NY    Transparent liquids, raw material ID and quality UltraScan XE      Pharma

Wyeth                    Cherry Hill, NJ    Application is liquid dosage measuring APHA.       ColorQuest      Pharma
                                            Sample size is critical (VERY expensive) so
                                            small volume cell used

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Wyeth            Richmond, VA        Raw materials                                    ColorQuest            Pharma

Wyeth Medica     Newbridge, Ireland Manufacture analgesics and oral                   ColorQuest 45/0 and   Pharma
                                    contraceptives. Check color of powders,           MiniScan
                                    granules and capsules. Also color of tablets in
                                    blister packs and their packaging

Wyeth-BioPharm   Andover, MA         Glycine powder (very white) and APHA of clear UltraScan XE             BioPharma
                                     liquid (some are small sizes). R&D initial
                                     application, later QC

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