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									  NVQ Induction
 Benefits and Process
Objectives of the session

    • What are NVQs?
    • The benefits of National Vocational
    • How to achieve a National Vocational
  What are NVQs?

• National Vocational Qualifications

• Competence assessed
     • in the workplace
     • against national standards
     • at pace and time to suit candidate
•   Vocational not academic

•   Improves knowledge and

•   Enhances internal & external
    working relationships
•   Improves communication

• Promotes standardisation of procedures
    and adherence to policies and

•   Raises awareness of procurement

•   Promotes identification and
    dissemination of good practices

•   Improves effectiveness and the
    level of service offered to
How do I start a NVQ?

• Meet with an assessor
• Match your work against the standards
• Decide on the most suitable NVQ & level
• Register with Edexcel - the awarding body
What happens next?

• You and your assessor will then decide
 how you can best provide the evidence
 to demonstrate your competence
Supply Chain Management –
Level 2 Requirements

• Placing and processing purchase orders
• Resolving delivery discrepancies
• Monitoring supplier performance
• Improving supplier performance
• Analysing spend information
Supply Chain Management –
Level 3 Requirements
• Involvement in or responsible for at least
 3 contracts for goods and services

• Obtaining and evaluating feedback on
 supplier performance

• Supplier review meetings
Level 3 Requirements – 9 units

• Supplier Appraisal
• Resolving Supply Chain Problems
• Agreeing Specifications
• E Procurement
Level 4 Requirements – 10 units

• Responsible for the development of the
  procurement function
• Responsible for a variety of high value
  complex contracts for goods and services
• Implement change and improve
  procurement within the organisation
  as a whole
Level 4 Requirements – 10 units

• Contract management
• Supplier evaluation
• Recommend and monitor the use of
• Manage projects
 What evidence is required?
• Personal statement, Professional discussion, Case
  history – you will be asked to provide written or
  verbal reports on the work which you do.
• Product Evidence - documents produced in the
  course of your work.

• Knowledge of policies & procedures
What evidence is required?

• Question & Answer
• Observation of your work by your assessor
• Witness Testimony – provided by a colleague
• Accreditation of Prior Achievement (APA) – Any
  relevant previously completed.
Where do I keep this evidence?

• In portfolio – paper based

• Online – Learning Assistant
Points to note

• Use ‘I’ when writing your personal statement
• Gather good quality evidence that can be
    used again and again
•   Ensure documents show your involvement
•   Documents must be dated & current
The Assessment Process

• Evidence assessed by your assessor
• Competence demonstrated
    • unit/element signed off and on to next
• Not yet competent
    • gaps identified and action points agreed
Internal & External Verification
• To ensure the quality of the centre and that the
  assessment decisions taken by your assessor are
  fair and correct the NWUPC internal verifier will
  check certain assessment decisions taken.

• Edexcel send an external verifier every six
  months to audit the NWUPC centre to
  ensure all policies and procedures are
  being adhered to.
Appeals Procedure

• Disagreement between you and your
    •Centre Appeals Procedure
         Internal Verifier
         Centre Manager/Co-ordinator
         External Verifier - Edexcel
         Chief Verifier     - Edexcel
Frequently asked questions

• How long will it take me to get a NVQ? Approximate
                Level 2 – 6-12 months
                Level 3 – 12- 18 months
                level 4 – 24 months
•   Is there a timescale within which I have to achieve the
    NVQ? No

• Is there an exam? No
More frequently asked questions
• How often will I meet with my assessor?
    Every 4-8 weeks
•   What happens if I am too busy to complete the agreed
    action points?
    Meeting re-scheduled till a time when you have work to
    be assessed
•   Can I fail my NVQ?
    No, you work towards your NVQ until you can
    prove your competence.
What happens when I prove my
• Unit certification – if you
  complete only certain units of
  your NVQ you can still claim
  certificates for all the
  completed units.

• Full certification
The Most Important Question

  When would you like to start
         your NVQ?
Thank you for listening
   Any questions?
           Mike Haslin
         07929 402 908

           Jo Kavanagh
          07930 198 175


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