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					           ELIZABETH A. NEVILLE                                            Town Hall, 53095 Main Road
               TOWN CLERK                                                           PO Box 1179
                                                                                Southold, NY 11971
       REGISTRAR OF VITAL STATISTICS                                             Fax (631) 765-6145
             MARRIAGE OFFICER                                               Telephone: (631) 765 - 1800
      RECORDS MANAGEMENT OFFICER                                         www.southoldtown.northfork.net

                                  SOUTHOLD TOWN BOARD
                                              April 21, 2009
                                                7:30 PM

     POLICY:         At scheduled Town Board meetings, the attending public is encouraged to briefly
     address the Town Board relating to agenda resolutions prior to their enactment; the public will
     also be given time at the conclusion of the regularly scheduled business agenda to address the
     Board on any given topic.

            CALL TO ORDER
     7:30 PM Meeting called to order on April 21, 2009 at Meeting Hall, 53095 Route 25,
     Southold, NY.
     I.     REPORTS
1.   Program for the Disabled
     March 2009

2.   Judge Price Monthly Report
     March 2009

3.   Justice Rudolph H. Bruer
     march 2009

4.   Island Group Claim Lag Report
     4/1/09 to 3/31/09
1.   NYS Liquor Authority - New Application
     Simcha Cellars, LLC, 35 Cox Neck Rd., Mattituck - Applying for Special Farm Winery License

2.   NYS Liquor License Renewal Applications
     Lieb Cellars LLC, 35 Cox Neck Rd., Mattituck
     The Myers Syndicate LLC d/b/a the Piping Plover Cafe, 53345 Main Rd., Bldg 3, Southold
     Johnnie's Cutchogue Diner, Inc., Main Rd., Cutchogue
      Southold Town Meeting Agenda - April 21, 2009
      Page 2

      Four Crows, Inc., Croteau Farm vineyards, 1450 South Harbor Rd., Southold
      IV.      DISCUSSION
1.    9:00 A.M. - John Cushman
      Budget Review

2.    9:30 A.M. - Phillip Beltz
      1. Youth Bureau Update:
               a. Global Youth Service Day
               b. Internships with Town Gov't
               c. Suffolk County Youth Work Experience Program
      2. Anti-Bias Education Day
      3. Coastal Steward Adopt a Beach Program

3.    10:00 A.M. - Ken Reeves/Jen Andaloro
      Special Events plus request (attached)

4.    Transportation Commission Recommendation
      Griffin Street & Route 25, Cutchogue

5.    Summary of Volpe Presentation
      Supervisor Russell

6.    Stormwater Management Committee
      Supervisor Russell

7.    Bombara Proposal from En-Consultants

8.    National Flood Insurance Program
      Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Suffolk County

9.    Amendments to Chapter 111

10.   Amendments to Chapter 275

11.   Amendments to Penalties

12.   Fishers Island Ferry District Items
      Procurement letter
      Southold Town Meeting Agenda - April 21, 2009
      Page 3

      Deferred Comp
      Employee Handbook

13.   SCWA/Laurel Lake Preserve Easement

14.   Request from Long Island Farm Bureau

15.   Home Rule Request

16.   Cell Phone Policy
      Councilman Orlando

17.   1:00 P.M. - Melissa Spiro
      Potential Property Acquisition and possible discussion of cost

18.   Executive Session
      Employment history/status of a particular person

19.   Personnel
      - Storm water committee intern
      - Justice Court intern
      - Building Department vacany

20.   Support Reforms to Federal Regulations
      Commercial Fisheries
      Arbor Day Poster Winners
      Wednesday, August 06, 2008

      Tuesday, November 18, 2008

      Tuesday, February 03, 2009

      Thursday, February 12, 2009

      Tuesday, February 24, 2009

      Tuesday, March 10, 2009
     Southold Town Meeting Agenda - April 21, 2009
     Page 4

     Tuesday, March 24, 2009

     Tuesday, April 07, 2009
1.   Resolution 2009-306
     Approve Audit 4/21/09

2.   Resolution 2009-307
     Set Next Meeting 5/5/09 4:30 Pm

3.   Resolution 2009-308
     Park & Playground Improvements
     Improvements to parks and playgrounds as approved at the March 24, 2009 Work Session Town
     Board Meeting
     SUPERVISOR RUSSELL: Can I get a clarification on that $75,000? Has anybody touched
     base with (inaudible) that doesn't involve the moving of the fences or the lighting, does it?
     COUNCILMAN KRUPSKI: I would guess it would.
     COUNCILMAN RULAND: I thought it did.
     JUSTICE EVANS: Yes, it does.
     SUPERVISOR RUSSELL: Can we table that for further discussion with the Department of
     PUblic Works?
     TOWN CLERK NEVILLE: The same motion but we will just table it.
     JUSTICE EVANS: Just table the $75,000 of it?
     COUNCILMAN WICKHAM: So we are adopting the rest of it?
     SUPERVISOR RUSSELL: I will table the whole thing for clarification. I would table the whole
     resolution for clarification.

     04/07/09       Town Board TABLED                    Next: 04/21/09
     Fiscal Impact:
     Special Recreation Facilities, using park & playground funds
4.   Resolution 2009-309
     Budget Modification - Police

     Fiscal Impact:
     This budget modification is needed to cover contractual obligation on an unfunded line.
5.   Resolution 2009-310
     Accept Bid Asset #3383
      Southold Town Meeting Agenda - April 21, 2009
      Page 5

6.    Resolution 2009-311
      Peconic School Rehabilitation - Phase I

7.    Resolution 2009-312
      FMLA Leave for DPW Employee

8.    Resolution 2009-313
      Budget Modification - CPF Funds

      Fiscal Impact:
      Budget modification to correct a miscommuniciation when preparing the 2009 Town budget
      where no funds were allocated for an existing budget line dedicated to appraisal preparation fee
      expenditures. Appraisals are necessary for land acquisitions.
9.    Resolution 2009-314
      Modifythe 2009 Fishers Island Ferry District Budget

10.   Resolution 2009-315
      Grant a Refund of $300.00 to Frank Scarola. for Zoning Board of Appeals Permit No.6227

11.   Resolution 2009-316
      Grant a Refund of $100.00 to M & D Meyran for Zoning Board of Appeals Permit No. 6251

12.   Resolution 2009-317
      Authorizes and Directs Supervisor Scott A. Russell to Execute the Property Disposition Services
      Agreement Between the Town of Southold and PropertyRoom.Com, Inc.

13.   Resolution 2009-318
      Authorizes and Directs Supervisor Scott A. Russell to Execute an Agreement Between the Town
      of Southold and the County of Suffolk

14.   Resolution 2009-319
      Authorizes and Directs Supervisor Scott A. Russell to Execute the Statement of Work for
      Services Between the Town of Southold and IBM (International Business Machines Corporation
      Southold Town Meeting Agenda - April 21, 2009
      Page 6

15.   Resolution 2009-320
      Bittner Preserve Grant - NYSDOS
      Bittner Preserve Grant funded 100% by NYSDOS, Local Waterfront Revitalization Program,
      for the removal of the house, pool and bulkhead, in the amount of $195,000

16.   Resolution 2009-321
      Bittner Preserve Grant
      The project is funded 100% by a grant from NYSDOS

17.   Resolution 2009-322
      Grants Permission to Assistant Town Attorney Jennifer Andaloro to Attend the Seminar Entitled
      “Use of Force, Risk Management and Legal Strategies” at the Suffolk County Police Academy
      in Brentwood, New York

18.   Resolution 2009-323
      Grant a Refund of $500.00 to Arlene Marvin for a Lot Line Change Application to the Planning

19.   Resolution 2009-324
      DPW - Field Groomer
      Equipment for maintenance of the baseball fields....to save hours

20.   Resolution 2009-325
      Authorizes and Directs Supervisor Scott A. Russell to Execute an Agreement with the County of
      Suffolk for the 2009 STOP-DWI Program

21.   Resolution 2009-326
      New York State Town Clerks Association Conference

22.   Resolution 2009-327
      Grant Permission to Cub Scout Pack 39 to Close Bailey Beach Road and the North End of Inlet
      View Drive in Mattituck for Its Annual Cubmobile Race on Saturday, June 6Th 2009 from 8:00
      AM to 12:00 Noon
      Southold Town Meeting Agenda - April 21, 2009
      Page 7

23.   Resolution 2009-328
      Grant Permission to the Southold American Legion to Host the Annual Memorial Day Parade in
      Southold on Monday, May 25, 2009 Beginning at 10:00 AM

24.   Resolution 2009-329
      Heather Lanza Permanent Postition

25.   Resolution 2009-330
      Permanent Principal Planner Mark Terry

26.   Resolution 2009-331
      Ad E.E.I. East End Inspection Agency, LLC as Electrical Insp.

27.   Resolution 2009-332
      Permanent Position Tamara Sadoo

28.   Resolution 2009-333
      Resignation Theresa Van Etten

29.   Resolution 2009-334
      FIFD Computer Upgrade

30.   Resolution 2009-336
      Authorizes Supervisor Scott A. Russell to Retain En-Consultants, Inc. to Perform a Review and
      Render an Opinion in Connection with Robert Bombara’s Coastal Erosion Appeal,

31.   Resolution 2009-337
      Appoint Daniel McCarthy to Part Time ClerkTypist

32.   Resolution 2009-338
      Multi-Modal Program Capital Project Agreement
      Southold Town Meeting Agenda - April 21, 2009
      Page 8

33.   Resolution 2009-339
      Adopt a Cell Phone Policy

34.   Resolution 2009-340
      Full Time Appointment Confidential Secretary

35.   Resolution 2009-341
      Support Reform to Federal Regulations for Comm. Fish

36.   Resolution 2009-342
      Authorizes and Directs Supervisor Scott A. Russell to Execute an Agreement Between the Town
      of Southold and Coastal Steward Adopt-A-Beach Program

37.   Resolution 2009-343
      Wedding Ceremonies on Public Beaches

38.   Resolution 2009-344
      PH LL 6/2/09 4:35 Pm Penalties - Zoning

39.   Resolution 2009-345
      Hire Student Intern for Stormwater Mitigation

1.    LL Docks PH 4/21/09 7:35 Pm

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