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									                 University of Portland School of Nursing
              RN to MS Program – Portfolio Review Guidelines
The portfolio review process provides students in the RN to MS program an opportunity
demonstrate competency in the content areas of two bridge courses. Preparation of a portfolio
involves submitting evidence that the learning objectives in the bridge course being petitioned
have been achieved through prior learning and/or practice experience. If sufficient evidence is
provided and competency is demonstrated, the student will not be required to take the course(s).
Each portfolio will be reviewed by a committee of faculty members who teach in the graduate
nursing program. For your reference, a copy of the form used to evaluate each portfolio is
provided in this document. Portfolios should be organized as directed in the section of this
document titled “Portfolio Components & Formatting Guidelines” to assist the review process.
Portfolios must be submitted no later than 3 weeks prior to the program start date.

RN to MS Bridge Courses:

The following courses may be challenged via the portfolio review process:

NRS 524        Leadership for Advanced Nursing Practice             3 sem hrs
NRS 546        Nursing Research                                     3 sem hrs

Students are not permitted to portfolio out of the following courses:

NRS 401        Professional Role Transition                         3 sem hrs
NRS 507        Foundations of Community Health Nursing              6 sem hrs

Portfolio Components & Formatting Guidelines:

A separate portfolio should be submitted for each course being petitioned. The portfolio should
be organized in the following order:

       1.   Portfolio Cover Sheet
       2.   Narrative
       3.   Resume
       4.   Annotated Bibliography
       5.   Documentation

1. Portfolio Cover Sheet

   Complete the top portion of the cover sheet included in this packet. Sign and date the

2. Narrative

   The narrative is the most significant piece of the portfolio. Essentially, it explains how
   you’ve achieved the learning objectives of the course(s) you are challenging. The narrative
   should be written in a clear, concise manner and be a maximum of 5 pages. Cite sources
   listed in your annotated bibliography and the items provided in the documentation section of
   your portfolio.
The following are the course descriptions and learning objectives for NRS 524 and NRS

NRS 524: Leadership for Advanced Nursing Practice

   Course Description: This course is designed to provide the advanced practice nurse
   with the leadership knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in complex en-
   vironments as a visionary, socially responsible leader. Emphasis is on the use of best
   practices, self assessment, and multiple approaches to influence and impact health care
   delivery and policy.

   Learning Objectives:
   Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
   1. Use concepts and theories of leadership and management in nursing and health care
      needed in advanced practice nursing.
   2. Use critical thinking skills to analyze uncertain situations and achieve desired out-
   3. Analyze health care organizations using selected assessment tools and perspectives.
   4. Analyze the impact of a health care policy and make recommendations for change.
   5. Use basic principles of fiscal management, cost effectiveness and the economic im-
      plications in planning, organizing and outcome analysis.
   6. Engage in critical reflection and self-assessment.

NRS 546: Nursing Research

   Course Description: This course explores the logic and methods of research and statis-
   tical analysis for use in clinical practice. Quantitative and qualitative methodologies are
   included. Graduate nursing students will select, use and interpret qualitative and quanti-
   tative (statistical) analysis for addressing clinical nursing problems.

   Learning Objectives:
   Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
   1. Analyze the major quantitative and qualitative research approaches on the basis of
       philosophy, purpose, theory, methods, strengths and limitations.
   2. Assess the reliability and validity in both qualitative and quantitative research.
   3. Complete certification for protection of human rights in a research project.
   4. Complete a critical appraisal topic project.
   5. Develop a statement of need which addresses a clinical nursing problem.
   6. Analyze and synthesize the nursing research findings in a (negotiated) content area.
   7. Create research questions or hypotheses related to the statement of need.
   8. Develop a research plan related to the statement of need.
   9. Complete an application to the Institutional Review Board.
   10. Evaluate the research plan and/or outcomes.
   11. Incorporate ethical safeguards for clients in the proposed research activities.
  The following is a sample excerpt from a narrative:

     NRS 524 Course Learning Objective #1: Use concepts and theories of leadership
     and management in nursing and health care needed in advanced practice nursing.

     Experience and Competencies Related to Objective #1:

     I established a program on my unit to promote evidenced based practice (EBP). Change
     theories and literature review helped me to design the program. For example, I used
     Lewin’s Force Field Analysis to identify the driving and restraining factors on my unit
     that would either promote or present barriers to evidenced based practice. I formed a
     task force using French and Raven’s basis of social power concepts and Rogers Diffu-
     sion Model to select respected and influential staff nurses and “early adopters” to help
     me develop this initiative. A literature review, especially a study by Boström, Wikblad
     & Ewald (2003), guided us to promote the development of a research committee, pro-
     vide access to research assistive personnel, and provide release time for unit based re-
     search-related activities that have supported the success of our program. We have been
     implementing this program for four years now and the results include a unit award for
     innovation, multiple presentations at conferences and three unit based studies that have
     changed protocols for sitters, fall prevention from the seated position and finger-stick
     diabetic testing. A copy of our EBP initiative and examples of the revised EBP proto-
     cols are in the documentation section of this portfolio. Useful articles from our literature
     review are cited in the annotated bibliography.

3. Resume

  Your resume should be up-to-date and arranged in chronological order with the most recent
  items listed first. The following items should be included:

    Item                          Details
    Contact information           Name, address, home and work phone numbers and
                                  email address.
    Education                     Start with your most recent formal education. List
                                  your degrees and/or diplomas, the dates they were
                                  conferred and the name of the degree granting institu-
    Employment                    Begin with your most recent position. Provide the
                                  date, position title, and institution. Fully explain your
                                  professional responsibilities and accomplishments.
    Professional Certifications   Date, expiration, title and source of certification.

                                  For example: 2005-2007 Advanced Cardiac Life Sup-
                                  port (ACLS) American Heart Association.
    Continuing Education          Date, number of CEUs or contact hours, topic and
                                  place of program. Limit your list of units/hours to
                                  those earned in the last 3 years.

                                  For example: January 2006 Focused cardiovascular
                                  assessment. (1.2 contact hours) XYZ Medical Center,
                                  Town, State.
     Presentations                List presentations given at workshops, conferences or
                                  staff education inservices in the last 5 years.

     Professional Membership      Membership and participation in professional organi-
                                  zations (e.g. state nurses association, specialty nursing
     Other                        Addition information you would like to provide such
                                  as participation in research studies, membership in
                                  hospital- or community-based committees, awards,
                                  and scholarships.

4. Annotated Bibliography

   It is possible for a student to have accumulated the equivalent of college-level learning
   through concentrated reading in an area of knowledge. Only material actually read should
   appear on the annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a list of citations for
   books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief descriptive and evalua-
   tive paragraph, the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the
   relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited. Cite the book, article, or document
   using APA style. For example:

      Boström, A., Wikblad, K., & Ewald, U. (2003). Sustainability in changing clinical
         practice promotes evidenced-based nursing care. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 41
         (5), 309-324.

      The authors, a doctoral student and faculty, studied 220 nurses from various health care
      organizations in Sweden who had participated in a 4-day basic training course on quality
      improvement (QI) to examine the relationship between sustained QI and factors related
      to research utilization. They found nurses had a positive attitude about research and
      those who continued in QI work used research literature more, were more likely to ob-
      tain support from their chief executive, have consultation from skilled researchers and
      have statistical support. The authors conclude that QI sustainability is significantly re-
      lated to supportive leadership, available human resources, on-going involvement in re-
      search activity and implementation of findings.

5. Documentation

   Commonly submitted types of documentation include copies of certificates, copies of publi-
   cations, letters verifying presentations, conference agendas, awards, letters from supervi-
   sors, protocols, program initiatives and letters or other documents from organizations ac-
   knowledging your participation and contribution. Please note that these examples do not
   represent an exhaustive list of acceptable documents. Students are welcome to submit other
   supporting evidence validating that the course objectives have been met through prior learn-
   ing and/or practice experience.
Formatting Guidelines

The portfolio should be typed in 12 point font and double-spaced with a 1 inch margin on all
sides. The portfolio should be presented in a 3-ring binder. Copies of certificates and other
documents should be in plastic pocket pages. Use APA format as appropriate.

Submission Process

Submit your evaluation fee with your portfolio. Deliver the completed portfolio in person or
mail it to:

   University of Portland
   School of Nursing
   ATTN: Stacey Boatright
   5000 N Willamette Blvd
   Portland OR 97203

You will receive notification of whether or not your petition has been granted approximately 3-
4 weeks after portfolio submission.

Evaluation Fee

The portfolio evaluation fee is $150 per course petitioned and is payable to the University of
Portland. Complete the “Portfolio Evaluation Fee Invoice” (attached) and include your check
or money order with your portfolio. Cash will not be accepted.
                                         Portfolio Cover Sheet
                     Complete a separate Portfolio Cover Sheet for each portfolio submitted.

Please type or print:

Name: __________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________


Day Phone: _______________________                    Evening Phone: _______________________

Course being petitioned (circle one):               NRS 524                      NRS 546

     All students submitting a portfolio for assessment must read and sign the following:

     I understand that the course waiver petitioned with this portfolio is applicable to my program of
     study at the University of Portland. I also understand that, if the course being petitioned is waived,
     there is no guarantee the said course will be recognized by another institution of higher learning. To
     the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this portfolio is true and correct. I recognize
     that willful failure to provide the most accurate information possible is considered adequate grounds
     for dismissal from the University of Portland and revocation of any course waiver awarded.

     Student Signature __________________________________________ Date ______________

    Information below to be completed by the School of Nursing.

    Date received:   ___________________________________________________________

    Date received by review committee: ______________________________________________________

    Review committee members:      _________________________________________________

    Deadline for assessment of portfolio: _____________________________________________________

    Date portfolio was assessed:   __________________________________________________
                                              SCHOOL OF NURSING


 DATE:    _____________________

 FROM: Name: ____________________________________________

         Mailing Address: _____________________________________

         City, State, Zip: ______________________________________

         Phone: ____________________________________________

QTY                            DESCRIPTION                               UNIT PRICE        TOTAL
         Portfolio Evaluation Fee                                           $225

                                                                          TOTAL AMNT
                                                                           ENCLOSED:   $

              Make all checks and money orders payable to: University of Portland.
                                   Cash will not be accepted.

                                    Thank you for your payment!

                                       5000 NORTH WILLAMETTE BOULEVARD
                                           PORTLAND, OREGON 97203-5798
                                                  (503) 943-7211
                               Portfolio Evaluation Form

               Student Name: _______________________________________

               Today’s Date: ________________________________________

I.    Course Number, Title & Credit Hours (check one):
        NRS 524: Leadership for Advanced Nursing Practice, 3 sem hrs
        NRS 546: Nursing Research, 3 sem hrs

II.   Award (check one):
        Petition granted.
        Petition denied. No option for resubmission.

III. Details of Portfolio Evaluation

      A. General
            Acceptable. Overall, the portfolio provides evidence of achievement of the
            course learning objectives and competence in the content areas of the course
            being petitioned.
            The following areas of the portfolio do not meet expectations:
                  Portfolio narrative and evidence do not reflect depth of knowledge in
                  course/discipline area for which credit is petitioned.
                  Portfolio narrative and evidence do not reflect breadth of knowledge in
                  course/discipline area.
                  Narrative and evidence presented do not correspond to topics covered in
                  the course for which credit is petitioned.
                  Material does not reflect current knowledge.
                  Portfolio does not present evidence of college-level learning.

         Comments: ________________________________________________________

      B. Narrative
            Acceptable. Overall, the portfolio provides evidence of achievement of the
            course learning objectives and competence in the content areas of the course
            being petitioned.
            The following areas of the narrative are weak:
                  Description of how learning was acquired.
                  Understanding of the field of knowledge in general.
                  Illustration of how this learning fits in with the students overall educa-
                  tional goals
                           Style and flow
                           Organization and logical sequence
          Comments: ________________________________________________________

      C. Annotated Bibliography
           Acceptable. Overall, the annotated bibliography meets expectations.
           The following areas of the bibliography are weak:
                  Missing entirely
                  Too scant
                  Not appropriate to subject

          Comments: ________________________________________________________

      D. Documentation
           Acceptable. Overall, the documentation provided meets expectations.
           The evidence provided is inadequate. Specifically, the following is lacking:
                  Samples of work
                  Letters of reference emphasizing students knowledge, not his/her character
                  Copies of certificates, awards, etc.

          Comments: ________________________________________________________

Evaluation Summary: ______________________________________________________




Review Committee Member #1 Signature: ______________________________________   Date: ____________

Review Committee Member #2 Signature: ______________________________________   Date: ____________

Review Committee Member #3 Signature: ______________________________________   Date: ____________


  A copy of this form with the appropriate signatures must be on file in the School of Nursing.

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