What Goes Into A Will?

					                         What Goes Into A Will?

There are several things that should go into your Will and a few things that
shouldn’t. There are many details besides these to consider in creating a
valid Will, but here’s a quick rundown of some basic Do’s and Don’ts:

Do Include:

    Real property, such as your home, raw land and rental property you
     own individually.
    Cars, boats and other property titled to you.
    All your personal belongings such as your jewelry, artwork,
     furnishings, coin collections and yes, even grandma’s quilt. Another
     option is to include these items in a memorandum of personal
    The full and legal name of all your heirs.
    The full and legal name of the person you’d like to serve as executor
     to your estate. And here’s an extra tip – include a backup choice in
     case the first person isn’t available.
    The name of a guardian for your minor children.
    The name of a conservator to watch over your minor children’s
    Your signature.
    The signature of two, unrelated and impartial witnesses.
Don’t Include:

    Property you own jointly with rights of survivorship.
    Pay on death accounts such as life insurance policies, pensions and
     retirement plans.
    Your funeral arrangements – by the time your family starts digging
     out your Will, the funeral will be over.
    Your pets – pets cannot inherit under the law. If you want to leave
     money to your pets, you need a pet trust.
    Long-term inheritance conditions – once the estate has been dissolved,
     who will be around to enforce the stipulations?

Of course, there are other considerations you should make when drafting
your Will. To ensure that your Will does what you want it to, you need the
help of a qualified estate planning attorney.

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Description: There are several things that should go into your Will and a few things that shouldn’t.