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                               EMAIL ACTION ALERT

Dear members & supporters:

There is a dangerous piece of legislation advancing in the state House that will lead to voter
suppression if enacted, so it is critical that you take action TODAY!

Introduced by House State Government Chairman Darryl Metcalfe, House Bill 934 would
require every Pennsylvania voter to provide valid state- or federally-issued photo ID every
time he or she goes to the polls. This will create major problems for citizens who are not
drivers and who therefore do not have drivers’ licenses – senior citizens, urban-dwellers
who use public transit, people of color, and young people – and the PA County
Commissioners have testified that they’ve seen no evidence of a problem with fraudulent
voting. Additionally, based on similar laws implemented in other states, HB 934 will cost PA
taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

HB 934 is scheduled for a vote in the House State Government Committee at 10:00 on
Monday morning (5/9). We are encouraging concerned citizens to email the members of
the committee, expressing opposition to this legislation. A template email to representatives
is included below for your use, along with a list of the committee members & their email
addresses [below] – feel free to copy, insert names, & email addresses, and send to
members of the committee in advance of Monday’s committee vote.

Please take a few minutes to raise your voice, and please send us an email to let us know
you’ve taken action.



               Email for House State Government Committee Members:

Dear Rep. _________________ [NAME OF HOUSE STATE GOVT COM MEMBER]

I am writing today regarding my concern about legislation currently before the House of
Representatives State Government Committee that would impose a costly and unnecessary
obstacle to Pennsylvanians exercising their right to vote.
I am very concerned about HB 934 which requires that voters produce valid state- or
federally-issued photo identification in order to cast a ballot. Voters who do not drive and
don’t hold a valid photo driver’s license are disproportionately senior citizens and residents
of urban communities, and HB 934 would result in thousands of these Pennsylvanians
encountering additional obstacles in order to vote.

HB 934 requires that Pennsylvania provide free ID for individuals cannot otherwise obtain or
afford ID, and the process of providing these citizens with photo identification will be costly
and complicated. Additionally, Pennsylvania will face additional costs in educating the
public about the new requirements and how to obtain a valid photo ID. States that have
implemented similar statures have found that these costs quickly climb into the tens of
millions of dollars. By some conservative estimates, Pennsylvania would need to spend
more than $11 million in the first year of implementing HB 934.

Given the current economy, I do not believe that lawmakers should create a new multi-
million dollar program to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. In its testimony to the House State
Government Committee regarding HB 934, the County Commissioners Association
indicated that there is no evidence of any problem with fraudulent voting and that they
oppose this type of legislation as counties will be stuck with additional administrative
obligations and expenses.

My understanding is that HB 934 is scheduled for a vote in the House State Government
Committee on Monday, May 9, 2011. Based on the concerns I’ve mentioned above, I
encourage you to oppose HB 934 when the committee votes.



      List of House State Government Committee Members & Email Addresses:

Daryl D. Metcalfe, Majority Chair:

Seth M. Grove, Majority Secretary:

Jim Cox, Subcommittee Majority Chair on Government Operations:

Matt Gabler, Subcommittee Majority Chair on Federal-State Relations:

Lynda Schlegel Culver:

George Dunbar:

Eli Evankovich:
Glen R. Grell:

Marcia M. Hahn:

Rob W. Kauffman:

Jerry Knowles:

Timothy Krieger:

T. Mark Mustio:

Brad Roae:

Jerry Stern:

Babette Josephs, Minority Chair:

Tony J. Payton Jr., Minority Secretary:

Steve Samuelson, Subcommittee Minority Chair on Federal-State Relations:

Greg Vitali, Subcommittee Minority Chair on Government Operations:

Tim Briggs:

Eugene DePasquale:

Florindo J. Fabrizio:

Kenyatta J. Johnson:

Eddie Day Pashinski:

Steven J. Santarsiero:

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