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									 Nursing Assessment Checklist and Documentation of Completion
               For Development of an Emergency Care Plan
         This is a checklist to track your progress as you develop and implement Emergency Care Plans.
    Do not document information on this form that should be in narrative in the nurse notes of the student chart.

                                    SCHOOL YEAR 2004-2005

For: _______________________________________ DOB: ____________
To Do                                Dates Completed

Review School Information:
                                                             Sent Home with Student on
   Parent Questionnaire/ Forms
   Other __________
                                                             Mailed to home address

   Medical/Special Ed Records reviewed
                                                             Date_________________________
Staff Information:
 Interview Teachers and Staff as needed                     Date_______________________
                                                            SEE NURSES NOTES          Y           N

Signtures on REQUIRED forms:
           * Assessment from parent                         RECEIVED Date:_______________
                * Consent to share information
                                                            RECEIVED Date:______________
                * Medication authorization
                                                            RECEIVED Date:______________
         *Consent for release of medical info
                                                            RECEIVED Date:______________
Contact Health Care Provider:

   Obtain signature for Physician
                                                             Consent for release of information sent
                                                                  If needed
    Authorization Form for
    medication/treatments, etc.                              Authorization form signed
Student Assessment / Interview

    Student Issues/ Needs/ Coping
    Student actions to prevent emergencies
                                                             Student assessment

     To Do                                                               Dates Completed

Staff who need to know…what to do                                 Staff identified and given information
 Staff in classroom(s), Staff in school                               AFTER Consent to share information
    office,on playground, in cafeteria,                                obtained
on field trips, providing transportation

Necessary materials                                               Equipment obtained
    Equipment (nebulizer, scissors, etc.)
    Medications (Epi-Pen, etc.)                                  Expiration date is________________
    Materials (gloves, bandages, etc.)                                On RX labeled__________________

**Emergency Care Plan written                                     Plan written
    Plan Reviewed by parent                                       Sent home with student
                                                                  Mailed to home    Date:____________

Care Plan Sent to PCP to be Reviewed                                   FAX to ________________________
Reviewed by Student                                               Date__________Signed back of ECP

Staff training
 Location of plan (copies of plans)
 Location of equipment/meds
                                                                  Staff trained, confident
 Explicit steps to follow
 Practice
  Emergency Care Plan distributed to #1,2,3                       Date___________________________
trained staff listed on ECP

ECP to Coaches, Transportation staff                              Date____________________________
                                                                       NAMES                      DATES
need to know

ECP given to School District LPN or health                        Date________
room aide or front office staff

If Emergency Occurs Staff to Complete                             911 Emergency checklist
After emergency occurs, debrief with staff,                      Date of debrief
parents students EMS, health care
provider…whatever is appropriate.

     Completed by School Nurse(s): ________________________________________


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