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					                                   POLICY/ PROCEDURE/PROTOCOL
Title: Procedures for Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital Telephone Outages     Policy # EP04.13
Audience: Corporate

Key Word: telephone outages MFS                                                Date            Page:
                                                                               12/02            1 of 3
Distribution: Environment of Care manual holders

Prepared by: Director IST Infrastructure                                       Effective
                                                                               Date: 2/16/09

Approved by:                           Date:
IST                                    8/08
Emergency Management Committee         7/06/05, 8/08, 12/08

Regulation/ Standards-
Federal: N/A
Joint Commission: Environment of Care Standards Emergency Management and Emergency Drills
Review Date        5/05    1/3/08     7/15/08  11/24/08

Revision Date                 1/4/08   7/15/08   11/24/08

I.      Introduction
        This policy is written and maintained by IST to assist in the expedient restoration of telephone
        services and the continued operation of the facility in the event a phone outage occurs.

II.     Communication and Responsibility
        The latest copy will be distributed via the Intranet Policy Manual Emergency Plans and copies
        maintained in IST and the Main Switchboard.

III.    Scope of Practice
        This policy and procedure applies to all employees and health care providers at Millard Fillmore
        Suburban Hospital.

IV.     Policy
        A. Initial steps for any type of phone system failure:
             1.      Contact the IST TAC (Technology Assistance Center), at 859-7777.
             2.      Notify site Administration, Administrator On-Call and Security.
             3.      Immediately begin using the phones below in Table A.
             4.      Notify the switchboard at Buffalo General Hospital (859-5600) of the emergency and
                     ask them to notify the other Kaleida hospitals of the outage and to prepare their
                     emergency cell phones to be transported to Millard Fillmore Suburban in case they
                     will be needed. Suburban has many power failure phones and outside lines that can
                     be used so as not to rely on cell phones – but retrieve them in case additional call
                     coverage is needed.
Title: Procedures for Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital           Date          Page        Policy #
       Telephone Outages                                           Issued:        2 of 3     EP04.13

             5.   IST will immediately facilitate upon notification turning on the failure phones if this
                  was not a power failure, which will allow all the phones in Table B to be active. In
                  interim, disperse and use cell phones or radios and the existing outside lines.
             6.   Distribute additional cell phones, as needed to areas that do not have other
                  emergency phones. Track where these go.
             7.   During any outage, you will need to call the “Emergency phone number” or the
                  “power failure phone number” to reach these areas. Also, to place calls from these
                  phones during an outage – you do not need to dial “9”.
             8.   The following locations in Table A have phone lines, equipped with red phones that
                  do not use the hospital phone system. No need to dial a „9‟ for an outside line when
                  using these phones. These phone lines should always be available for use and
                  should always have a dial tone
       Table A
         Location                      Normal         Emergency        Location
                                       Extension      Phone
         Switchboard                   0 or 568-      688-6681
         Emergency Department          568-6550       688-6638
         Emergency Department          568-3029       688-6640         Red jack next to existing FAX
         (Fax)                                                         machine.
         Security                      7911 or        688-6689         Security Office.
         Security – ED                                688-8577         Security desk in ED

       B. If the failure of the telephone system is caused by a loss of power, the following power-
          failover phones will be available. These are RED phones in areas that are labeled to be
          used in a power failure situation only. No need to dial a „9‟ first when using these phones.
          Cell phones that would normally be provided to these locations may then be distributed to
          other critical areas. These failure phones can also be manually activated by IST if the failure
          is not a result of power failure. IST TAC would need to be called to get someone on site at
          Suburban to activate these phones.

         Table B:
         Location                       Normal             Power Failure       Station/Location
                                        Extension          Number
         Code Phone in Switchboard      22                 688-6875            Switchboard
         Labor & Delivery               568-6570           688-6714
         Surgery                        568-6670           688-5076
         ICU High Side                  568-6480           688-0561
         ICU Low Side                   568-6470           688-5349
         Stat Lab                       568-3707           688-5276
         Nursing-PARR                   568-6630           688-5289
         Nursing 2-East                 568-6740           688-5943
         Nursing 3-East                 568-6780           688-6212
         Nursing 3-West                 568-6760           688-6190
         Nursing 2 North low side       568-6520           688-0776
         Nursing 2-North high side      568-6530           688-5972
         Nursing 2-West                 568-6720           688-5498
         Nursery                        568-6650           688-6297
Title: Procedures for Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital                                 Date              Page            Policy #
       Telephone Outages                                                                 Issued:            3 of 3         EP04.13

            Location                                  Normal               Power Failure                 Station/Location
                                                      Extension            Number
            Nursing 2 Southeast                       568-6220             688-6126
            Nursing 2 Southwest                       568-6250             688-6141
            Radiology                                 568-6400             688-5285
            Admissions Bed Desk                       568-3730             688-5916                      Bed Desk room
            Cardiopulmonary                           568-6464             688-2705
            SCU - Surgical Care Unit                  568-                 688-2106
                                                      622 or 568-          688-5289
            Nursing Office                            568-6710             688-0832
            Central Supply                            568-3807             688-0633
            Pharmacy                                  568-3850             688-8194

          D. Emergency Phone numbers for phone vendor and Verizon
             Emergency Telephone Numbers for Phone vendor and Verizon. You (switchboard) can call
             859-7777 if a major outage and these calls will be placed by IST staff on call.

               PBX Vendor Service Contact:                                                Voice Services provider:
               Shared Technologies                                                        PaeTec
               1-888-821-6249                                                             1-877-340-2555
               Customer # UL09070                                                         Account Number: 4810698

          E. Documentation of Satellite Phones Available if needed in a communications failure:
             Kaleida has six satellite phones in service as of May 2008 on a 2 year plan until May 2010.
             These would come into use if a serious communications breakdown occurred.
             These phones are located at the following sites:
                1. Buffalo General - 254-871-1436
                2. Millard Fillmore Suburban 254-201-8081
                3. Corporate Emergency Management – Larkin 254-871-1601
                4. Women and Children‟s - 254-871-1603
                5. DeGraff Memorial - 254-460-7274
                6. Millard Fillmore Gates - 254-871-1270

               If these phones are needed for use – contact the on site security personal at your site in
               order to get access to these phones for use. These phones will work best with a very clear
               shot at the sky, from site rooftops is usually best. Globalstar is the service provider of the
               actual satellite service.

Kaleida Health developed these policies and procedures in conjunction with administrative and clinical departments. These documents were
designed to aid the qualified health care team in making clinical decisions about patient care. These policies and procedures should not be
construed as dictating exclusive courses of treatment and/or procedures. No health care team member should view these documents and their
bibliographic references as a final authority on patient care. Variations of these policies and procedures in practice may be warranted based
on individual patient characteristics and unique clinical circumstances. Please contact the print shop regarding any associated forms.

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