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									                                   Quick Start Guide for Online
                                  Georgia CRCT Practice Exams
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Go to
Login ID is a combination of Northside’s School
Number (710) + your Student ID#
Example: John Smith – Student ID# (99999) = 71099999
Password is your Student ID#:
Example: John Smith - Student ID# (99999) = 99999

Taking Student Tests
    From the Student Welcome Page, select View
      Student Tests.
    Choose a subject area (e.g., Math) from the list of
      available subjects.
    Select a test, click Take Test.
    Answer question, selecting Next to advance to the
      next test page.
    Once you have answered all test questions, Grade
      My Test.
    If you have answered all questions, click OK.
    View the test results
    Scroll to the bottom of the page and save the results.

Viewing Test Results
    From the Student Welcome Page, select View Student Tests (then select a subject area)
    Select See Results
    A list of tests that have been scored will be shown.
    Click on the test that you want to view and then click See Results.
    Click Return Home to return to the list of tests.
    Click Go Back to return to the Student Welcome Page.

FAQ: After typing in my child’s Logon ID and Password, I receive an "Invalid Logon" error in red text.

             Verify that you are typing the correct web address into the address bar
             Verify that you are using a web browser that is compatible with the Online Assessment System
              Website (e.g., Internet Explorer, Netscape). Some browsers that are not compatible with Online
              Assessment System (e.g., Browsers within AOL and People PC) will display the “invalid login” error
              even though the logon ID and password are typed correctly. If you are using one of these ISP’s please
              minimize the ISP’s window and log in through Internet Explorer or Netscape

      After typing in the Logon ID and Password, all I see is a "white screen" or I am taken back to the logon
screen with no errors displaying.

       Seeing a "white screen" or being taken back to the logon screen is due to a pop-up blocker being present
        and turned on within the web browser or via third party software. To view the Online Assessment System
        website all pop-up blockers will need to be turned off.

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