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                                                                                   Education Service (BACES)
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                                                                                                      March 2008

Dear Colleague

Working with vulnerable members of the community – CRB Checks

In January 2006, I wrote to staff about our duty of care, as employers and as part of Brent Council, to
protect vulnerable sections of the community by ensuring that staff who work with them have been
suitably cleared to do so. The Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) is the government agency which has been
established to help protect vulnerable people from those who may wish to and are able to harm them.
Applying for CRB checks/disclosures will help identify staff who may be unsuitable for certain work and
positions, especially those involving close contact with children or other vulnerable members of society. A
disclosure is a certificate which provides certain information, depending on the type of disclosure
requested which in turn depends on the type of job. Brent requires a renewal every 3 years. There are
two levels of disclosure:

Standard Disclosure
Primarily for posts that involve working with children or vulnerable adults. Information provided:
 Unspent convictions
 Spent convictions
 Cautions held at national level
 Formal reprimands and final warnings held on the PNC
 Inclusion on lists of individuals suitable to work with children or vulnerable adults.

Enhanced Disclosure
For posts involving a far greater degree of contact with children or vulnerable adults. In general, the type
of work will involve regularly caring for, supervising, training or being in sole charge of such people.
Information provided:
  Same details as for the Standard Disclosure
  Non-conviction information from local police records if relevant to the job.

For more information, you may wish to visit the CRB website on

We have already instigated CRB checks (enhanced disclosure) on certain categories of employees ie
crèche staff and teaching staff for Family Learning, DLD and Childcare courses. With legislation
becoming increasingly tighter, it is now time to extend this requirement to all teaching staff. This is
because potentially any young person or vulnerable adult could be placed in any of our courses, which
now also include quite a lot of provision in schools. We will also be incorporating this in the selection
criteria when recruiting new teaching staff. Your UCU branch has been informed.
Enclosed with this letter is a leaflet that outlines the application process. Please read it carefully – it
explains the documents required for the checking process. For your convenience, we are arranging for
the People Centre to send an officer to BACES to administer the application procedure. We will therefore
be requesting you to visit Stonebridge Centre (address above) with the relevant original documents shortly
to complete the application process. You will be notified of the dates via your line manager, and if they
are not convenient, you may make arrangements direct with the People Centre, as outlined in the
enclosed leaflet.

Thank you for your co-operation in complying with this important requirement and I look forward to seeing
you all here at Stonebridge over the coming weeks.

Yours sincerely

Sue Hasty
Head of Service
Brent Adult & Community Education Service

Group 1
                                Valid passport [any nationality]                                       FINANCE & CORPORATE RESOURCES
 UK Driving licence [either photocard or paper]                                                             5th Edition - Date January 2007
 Original UK Birth Certificate [issued within 12 months of date of
 birth] [full or short form acceptable]
                                                                                                                                   People Centre
 Valid photo identity card [EU countries only]
                                                                                                Chesterfield House, 9 Park Lane, Wembley MIDDX HA9 7RW
Group 2
  Marriage Certificate                                                                       How to Apply for a CRB Disclosure
Non-original UK birth certificate [issued after 12 months of date of birth]
[full of short form acceptable]
P45/P60 statement [issued within 12 months]
Bank or building society statement *                                                    The Criminal Records Bureau is a government agency established to help protect
                                                                                        vulnerable people from those who may wish to harm them. The CRB will help identify
Utility bill [electricity, gas, water, telephone [inc mobile phone                      prospective candidates who may be unsuitable for certain work and positions, especially
contract/bill]*                                                                         those involving close contact with children or other vulnerable members of society. It is a
Valid TV Licence                                                                        Brent requirement that all staff who have close contact with vulnerable people obtain
Credit card statement*                                                                  either an Enhanced or Standard Disclosure prior to appointment (depending on post).
Store card statement*                                                                   This is what you must now do, to obtain a “Disclosure” for securing employment as foster
Mortgage statement**                                                                    carers, adopters, teachers, TA’s, LSA or other school support staff including volunteers
Valid insurance certificate
Correspondence or a document from: Benefits Agency; the Employment                       1.Phone the People Centre on 020 8937 3236 to make an appointment to complete a CRB
                                                                                             application form.
service; the Inland Revenue; or a Local Authority                                        2.Once an appointment has been made you should come to Chesterfield House,
Financial statement [eg pension, endowment, ISA]**                                           Education Information Shop (address above) and ask to be directed to the “People
Valid vehicle registration document                                                          Centre” (PC) where a member of the PC team will check your identity and application
Mail order catalogue statement*                                                              form. You can book. You can book an appointment between the following times:
                                                                                                                   Tuesdays & Thursdays 9.30am – 4.30pm
Court summons**                                                                                                            (Closed Public Holidays)
Valid NHS Card                                                                           3.Please bring with you the following items for identification purposes in addition you
Addressed payslip*                                                                           need to provide an address or addresses for the last 5 years with post codes and
National Insurance number card                                                               also your National Insurance Number :
Exam certificate [eg GCSE, NVQ]                                                               1.Your passport & photographic driving licence (See Page 3 for further information if
Child benefit book**                                                                              you do not have these documents)
Connexions card                                                                               2.The selection of documents from Groups 1 & 2 as instructed on Pages 3/4.
                                                                                        All documents will be given straight back to you, we will not retain any item.
Certificate of British nationality
Work permit/ Visa**                                                                     Teacher Recruitment Service will process the form & send it to the CRB.
* Documentation should be less than three months old   **issued within past 12 months   Once the CRB have completed the checking procedure they will send a copy of your Disclosure
                                                                                        to you. A copy will also be forwarded to the People Centre. When you receive the Disclosure
Please note: All documents must be in the applicant’s current                           Certificate you may wish to share the outcome with your employer. The People Centre will write
name. At least one document                                                             to them with details of your check.
must show the applicant’s current address and at least one
document must show the applicant’s date of birth.
                                                            WHAT DOCUMENTS SHOULD I BRING TO CONFIRM MY IDENTITY?

                                                            CRB security standards require that all applicants provide documentary evidence of their
                                                            identity. To satisfy this request you need to provide a minimum of one of the following
                                                            combinations of documents as identified in the table.

                                                            List of documents for Groups 1 & 2 are printed overleaf
   YOU NEED A                You need to provide
   DISCLOSURE                your National Insurance

                                                                            You will be expected to produce a
                                                                              number of documents from
                                                                                       groups 1 & 2
You will be asked to            You need to provide
complete an application         an address or
form, which will take           addresses for the last
approximately 20                5 years with post
minutes.                                                                             Can you produce any
                                                                                   document from Group 1?

                                                                                             YE                           NO
                                  The RS as a
                                  Registered Body                                            S
Registered staff will             will countersign                                                             Please provide
verify your identity by           the disclosure                Please provide
                                                                3 documents                                    5 documents
checking your passport,           form and send to
photographic driving              CRB
                                                                One document from                              From Group 2
licence and other
recommended                                                     Group 1 ie passport
documents as on page                                            plus any two others
                             The result of the disclosure
above.                       will be sent to you within         from either Group 1 or 2
                             approximately 6 weeks.             e.g. driving licence
                             You will be expected to
                                                                (group 1)
                             inform your employer or the
                             organisation for whom you          electricity bill
                             are voluntarily working.           (group 2)

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