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									Lawrence Township Fall 2006 Newsletter

Mark W. Haueter
                        A Message From the Trustees
Randy L Burkhart
Donald J. Ackerman
                       A lot has happened in the      for his long and loyal ser-        will discuss as many of
    Fiscal Officer
                       Township in the past year.     vice. Jim was replaced in          them as room allows in
John P. McClellan      Former Chariman Tedd           the capacity of Road Su-           other portions of the news-
 Zoning Commission     Finlayson left office          perintendent by Charles            letter.
Tim Toolan             Dec.31, 2005 after having      Meiser. Todd Reynolds              You may have noticed that
Jacque Fisher
                       served 8 years, and was re-    replaced Jim as the Ceme-          you have not received a
Dale Duerr             placed by newly elected        tery Sextant.                      newsletter for quite some
Stan Koehlinger        Trustee Don Ackerman.          Chuck McNutt was hired             time. We hope to be pub-
Mark Scott             Trustee Mark Haueter was       on to the road crew as a           lishing more newsletters
Zoning Appeals Board   re-elected and is now serv-    new hire to fill the slot left     more frequently to keep all
George Downes Jr.
                       ing as Chairman of the         open when Jim retired. In          of our residents appraised
Charles Ackerman       Board.                         August, we hired a new             of the what is happening in
Andy Mark              In February, long time         Zoning Inspector, Bill             Lawrence Township.
Jim Filkorn
                       Road Dept. employee Jim        Huth. Bill replaces Rod-
Ronald Deal
                       Haueter retired with 30        ney Tomblin, who served            Mark W. Haueter (Chairman)
   Zoning Inspector
Bill Huth
                       years of service to the        6 years as Zoning Inspec-          Randy Burkart (Trustee)
                       township. We certainly         tor.                               Donald Ackerman (Trustee)
                       wish him the best in his re-   Many other events have             John McClellan (Fiscal Officer)
                       tirement and commend him       been taking place and we

New Zoning Inspector
Lawrence Township             both a honor and a privi-    tions, in large part, is to     residents the Township
hired a new Zoning In-        lege to have been ap-        promote and protect the         office is now open from
spector Bill Huth, in Au-     pointed by the Township      health, safety and morals       8:00 to 4:00 Monday
gust. Bill was born in        Trustees to the position     of Township residents           through Friday.
Bolivar and graduated         of zoning inspector. It is   and to ensure orderly           Residents are encour-
from TVHS and BGSU            my pledge to serve the       growth and develop-             aged to call or stop by
Bill and his wife, Kay        residents of Lawrence        ment. Helping folks un-         the Township Office at
(Harvey) also of Bolivar      Township in this capac-      derstand our zoning laws        10867 Industrial Park-
raised four children          ity, with the best of my     and how when properly           way NW.
while serving with the        ability and with integrity   applied they can improve        Also please visit our web
Peace Corps and CARE          and humility.                our quality of life is also     www.lawrencetownshp.
in Africa and Asia for 30     As zoning inspector, my      an important part of my         org and browse for in-
years before returning to     primary responsibility is    job. “                          formation on zoning per-
the Bolivar area to settle    the administration and       In addition to Zoning           mit requirements, copies
down. When asked about        enforcement of our zon-      Bill is also providing of-      of application forms, and
his appointment recently      ing regulations.      The    fice assistant services. In     a complete set of zoning
Bill said, “I consider it     purpose of these regula-     an effort to better serve       regulations.
Page 2              Township Talk                              Published by the Lawrence Township Board of Trustees

                                       A 24-hour drop-off recy-         glass are acceptable.        board; Please flatten,
                                       cling container is avail-        Labels may be left on        stack, & tie the card-
                                       able to you at the Bolivar       but please rinse             board together.
                                       Giant Eagle parking lot          clean.                       All paper products
                                       next to route 212.               Plastic Bottles &            must remain separate
                                       The following items can          Jugs; pop bottles,           from other recycla-
                                       be recycled at the drop-         milk jugs, detergent         bles, but everything
                                       off site:                        & soap bottles.              else can be bagged
                                                                        Please note that all         together.
                                           Aluminum Cans;
                                           please rinse clean.          plastic bottles must     This program operates
                                                                        be coded 1 or 2.         with the support of Law-
                                           Steel food Cans; la-
                                                                        Please rinse clean be-   rence Township Trus-
                                           bels may be left on
                                                                        fore depositing in re-   tees, County Commis-
                                           but please rinse
                                                                        cycle bin.               sioners and Bolivar Gi-
                                                                        Newspaper, Maga-         ant Eagle and funding
                                           Glass Jars & Bottles;                                 from Joint Solid Waste
                                                                        zines, Telephone Di-
                                           clear, green & brown                                  Management District.
                                                                        rectories, Card-

                         Township Sponsors Odor Monitoring Training
                                       More than a dozen pro-       will be to respond to        concerns of the commu-
                                       spective “nasal rangers”     odor complaints from         nity by way of collecting
                                       attended an all day odor     area residents. The term     information utilizing
“The odor monitoring program seeks
 to address odor concerns of the       monitoring training          nasal ranger refers to the   standard data collection
 community by way of collecting
 information utilizing standard data   workshop sponsored by        high tech handheld odor      and reporting methods
 collection and reporting methods
                                       the Lawrence Township        monitoring instrument        that will assist in evalu-
 that will assist in evaluating the
 effectiveness of Countywide odor      Trustees on October 11,      that will be used along      ating the effectiveness of
 elimination efforts and may be
 used in a court of law should it      2006. Utilizing a Joint      with a hand held Global      Countywide odor elimi-
 become necessary to seek the
 closure of this facility.”            Solid Waste Manage-          Positioning System by        nation efforts and may
                                       ment District grant,         monitoring teams.            be used in a court of law
                                       Township and Bolivar         Intense and prolonged        should it become neces-
                                       Village employees and        emissions of odor from       sary to seek the closure
                                       community volunteers         the Countywide landfill      of this facility.
                                       from both Lawrence and       located in Pike Town-        Lawrence Township
                                       Pike Township were in-       ship of Stark County has     residents may call 330-
                                       troduced to the princi-      resulted in thousands of     874-2992 to request an
                                       ples of odor science and     complaints from area         odor monitoring team to
   Nasal Ranger made by St.            odor measurement and         residents. (See related      visit their locale to regis-
   Croix Sensory is a portable                                                                   ter and record odor emis-
   odor detecting and measur-          observation techniques.      article: Update on Coun-
   ing device used by Township         Participants who suc-        tywide Landfill Odor)        sions. A signed copy of
   odor monitors                                                                                 each odor incident report
                                       cessful competed train-      The Lawrence Township
                                       ing will join odor moni-     odor monitoring program      will be given to the con-
                                       toring teams whose job       seeks to address odor        cerned resident.
                                                                                                             Page 3
Township Talk                             Published by the Lawrence Township Board of Trustees

 Update on Countywide Landfill Odor
Responding to the hard-        this turn of events. Par-    placed at the Bolivar              PUBLIC NOTICE
ships experienced by           ticularly, the many local    Post office, the Bolivar
Lawrence Township              residence of Lawrence        Library and the Hunting-          Club 3000 Will host a
residents due to frequent,     Township who voiced          ton Bank. We have also         COMMUNITY INFORMATION
intense and prolonged          their concerns and objec-    placed complaint forms           MEETING TO UPDATE
                                                                                               RESIDENTS ON
emissions of odor from         tions can celebrate a        on the Township web             COUNTYWIDE LANDFILL
the Countywide landfill        public victory. The dec-     site that can be filled out
in Pike Township, the          laration of Countywide a     online and downloaded          WHEN: Thursday, November 2,
Lawrence Township              public nuisance by the       to your printer. Residents
Board of Trustees sub-         Ohio EPA would not           are encouraged to visit        WHERE: Bolivar Elementary
mitted a verified odor         have happened were it        the Lawrence Township                 School Gymnasium
complaint to the Ohio          not for the combined ef-     web site at www.               TIME:    7:00 P.M.
Environmental Protec-          forts the Township 
tion Agency on August          Board of Trustees and                                       The purpose of this meeting is to
                                                                                           update concerned area residents
31, 2006. On September         local citizens. This is      Another important initia-      about the Countywide Landfill in
7, 2006, the Ohio EPA          what makes America           tive undertaken by the         Pike Township. Representatives
Director declared the          great!                       Township Trustees was          of the Ohio EPA and Health De-
                                                                                           partments among others will be
Countywide landfill fa-                                     to establish a community       present to discuss and hear pub-
cility a public nuisance.      The above not with-          complaint responsive,          lic comments related to odor
The declaration of Coun-       standing, we can not let     proactive odor monitor-        emissions, protection of drinking
                                                                                           water supplies and Landfill sta-
tywide a public nuisance       up our guard. For as         ing program to address         bility
was for the most part the      long as the odor problem     the odor concerns of the
result of the large num-       exists, we encourage         community and scientifi-
ber of complaints regis-       residents to report them     cally measure the suc-
                                                                                            “The declaration of Countywide
tered by local residents       to the appropriate au-       cess of odor abatement           a public nuisance by the Ohio
and local government ac-       thorities. This cannot be    efforts at the County-           EPA would not have happened
                                                                                             were it not for the combined
tion, at both the County       stressed enough. Once        wide landfill. (See re-          efforts the Township Board of
and Township levels. In        again, it should be noted    lated article: Township          Trustees and local citizens.
                                                                                             This is what makes America
addition to declaring the      that the Director of the     Sponsors Odor Monitor            great!”
Countywide landfill a          Ohio EPA to County-          Training Program)
public nuisance, the EPA       wide requiring them to
order the landfill owners      get the odor problem un-
and operators to elimi-        der control, was and I      Lawrence Township Board
nate the odor problem by       quote, “Due to the large      of Trustee Meetings
December 15, 2006.             numbers of odor com-
                               plaints received by the     Lawrence Township Board of
While the Lawrence             Canton City Health De-      Trustee Meetings are held
                                                           twice a month on the second
Township Board of              partment.”, as well as      and last Thursday.
Trustees believe that the      the verified complaints
                                                           Meetings start at 6:00 pm and
EPA Director’ orders           received.                   are held at the Township of-
are too little, too late and                               fice located at 10867 Indus-
are seeking an appeal on       To assist residents in      trial Parkway NW, Bolivar,
these grounds, we all          this regard, odor com-      Ohio 44612.
should be encouraged by        plaint forms have been
                                                                                                             BULK RATE
   Lawrence Township Fall 2006 Newsletter                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                               Permit # 9
                                                                                                           Bolivar, OH 44612

  The Bolivar Volun-                 ence of paid staff, volun-      the already high quality    nual all-you-can-eat spa-
  teer Fire Department               teers continue play a piv-      of service being pro-       ghetti dinners as well as
  serves the residents of            otal role in the provision      vided.                      private donations and
  Lawrence Township                  of fire and EMS services.       Zoar Volunteer Fire         grants. Residents are
  for both Fire and EMS.             Lawrence Township resi-         Department is the           urged to check for other
  It is one of the best-             dents can be proud of the       other high quality pro-     fund raising dinners
  trained and staffed de-            B.V.F.D. It is Demon-           vider of fire protection    scheduled during Novem-
  partments in the area.             strably, far and away one       services to Zoar and        ber and December. For
  Two part time fire-                the best departments bar-       Township residents. It      more info call 330-874-
  fighters/EMS person-               ing none. We greatly ap-        has been providing          1400.
  nel are employed to                preciate the support            dedicated service to the
  cover the period 6:00              shown by Township resi-         community since 1850.
  am to 10:00 p.m. every             dents in the past by vot-       Fully 80% of its budget
  day of the week. Not-              ing for the funds needed        is derived from fund
  withstanding the pres-             to expand and improve           raisers such as the an-

         Contact Information
Lawrence Township Office              Road Department News
10867 Industrial Parkway NW
Bolivar, OH 44612                      As is normally the case,      age improvements. In            team will be available
Phone: 330 874 2731                   Charles Mieser, Road           addition, roadside mow- around the clock to re-
Fax: 330 874 2992
                                      Superintendent with the        ing and trimming opera- move snow and apply
                                      able assistance of Road        tions were conducted            ash, grit and salt as re-
                                      Crew members Todd              throughout the summer           quired. To help ensure         Reynolds and Chuck             along more than 39 miles that all roads are keep
To contact Trustees Mark Haueter,     McNutt and two tempo-          of Township roads.
Randy Burkhart, Donald Ackerman                                                                      snow free and passable a
                                      rary summer employees;         Let it Snow                     Volvo Tandem Axel           tyler Kahler and Mike
To contact Township Fiscal Officer
                                                                                                     VHD snow removal
                                      Meeker, worked                 With summer gone and            truck has been added to
John McClellan                                                       winter weather just
                                      throughout the summer                                          our existing fleet. See           improving and repairing        around the corner prepa- photo below:
To contact Zoning Inspector                                          rations have been made
Bill Huth
                                      our roads and related in-
                                      frastructure. A partial list   to ensure                                           that all
To contact Charles Meiser, Road
                                      of repairs and improve-
Superintendent                        ments include: eight           Township
                                      miles of Township roads        roads are                                         kept clear
To contact Todd Reynolds, Cemet-
                                      chip and sealed, two and
rary Sextant                          three quarter miles of         of snow
                                      Township roads black-          and storm
Office Hours are: 8:00 am to 4:00                                    debris.
pm Monday through Friday
                                      topped, approximately
                                      40% of old wooden road         Our rapid
                                      signs replaced and high        response
                                      visibility reflectors at-      winter
                                      tached to stop signs and       snow re- With new Volvo Snow Removal Truck in Back-
                                                                                  ground; from left to right, Charles Meiser,
                                      storm sewer and drain-         moval
                                                                                  Chuch McNutt, Todd Reynolds

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