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									                        2011 DEPARTMENT FIELDWORK RESOURCES
2011 Boats, trailers & vehicles.
Biological Sciences has four utility vehicles, two 4WD manuals (one 4WD auto is currently on
order) & two 2WD autos for University fieldwork purposes. Priority of use is given to staff &
students of this Department. All users must see Craig Angus (m) 0408168983 for Head of
Department approval & University insurance coverage prior to initial use & to discuss any
extensive field trip plans. Use of vehicles is charged at $0.70/km for members of Biological
Sciences, $1.00/km for outsiders. Vehicle users must enter a HDR account number in the log books
& multiple day use requires entries for each day. So please see your supervisor first to check
funding availability before booking a vehicle.
TYPE                                    REGO             MANAGER            EXTRAS
QUINTREX 5M CENTRE CONSOLE              55030            BIOLOGY(i)         70 HP YAMAHA OUTBOARD
TRAILER                                 P23230           BIOLOGY(i)
ARIB 6.2 RV RIGID INFLATABLE            58294            FACULTY OF         TWIN 60HP YAMAHA OUTBOARD
TRAILER                                 V67153           FACULTY OF
TOYOTA HILUX 2X4 D CAB                  AK27YH           BIOLOGY(iii)       V6 UNLEADED PETROL
MITSUBISHI TRITON 4X2 D CAB             BG85WE           BIOLOGY(iii)       T-DIESEL (STEREO PIN NO.5615)
MITSUBISHI TRITON 4X4 D CAB             AM08DH           BIOLOGY(iii)       T-DIESEL
MITSUBISHI TRITON 4X4 D CAB             TO BE            BIOLOGY(iii)       T-DIESEL
AUTO                                    ORDERED
TOYOTA HILUX 4X4 T-D CAB                BK32PB           BIOLOGY(iii)       T-DIESEL LONG RANGE FUEL
TOYOTA HILUX 4X4 T-D CAB                AP58TY           BIOLOGY(iii)       T-DIESEL LONG RANGE FUEL
MANUAL                                                                      TANK, BULLBAR, ROOF RACKS
TOYOTA HILUX 4X4 T-D CAB                AH18QX           ECOLOGY(iv)        T-DIESEL LONG RANGE FUEL
MANUAL                                  “0lympe”                            TANK BULLBAR
TOYOTA HILUX 4X4 T-D CAB                AF38SV           ECOLOGY(iv)        T-DIESEL LONG RANGE FUEL
MANUAL                                  “Moby”                              TANK, BULLBAR
TOYOTA HILUX 4X4 T-D CAB                BJ62HD           ECOLOGY(iv)        T-DIESEL LONG RANGE FUEL
MANUAL                                                                      TANK, BULLBAR
TOYOTA HILUX 4X4 T-D CAB                BJ62HD           ECOLOGY(iv)        T-DIESEL LONG RANGE FUEL
MANUAL                                                                      TANK, BULLBAR
NISSAN X-TRAIL                          AV38RV           ECOLOGY(iv)        AUTO PETROL, ROOF RACKS
MITSUBISHI PAJERO                       AQ53GK           PEACOCK(v)         PEACOCK DECC
HOLDEN ASTRA WAGON                      AM60DY           BBE (VI)           BBE RESEARCH GROUP ONLY

(i) Biology Boat Manager:                                  (iv) Ecology Vehicle Manager:
    Sean Barker Ph: 9850 9266 / 0401749730                      Wade Tozer Ph: 9850 8194

(ii) Faculty of Science Boat Manager:                      (v) Peacock DECC Vehicle Manager:
     Penny McCracken Ph: 9850 4078 / 0402309674                Ross Peacock Ph: 9850 8297

(iii) Biology Vehicle Manger:                              (vi) BBE Vehicle Manager
      Craig Angus Ph: 9850 8249 / 0408168983                    Robert Miller Ph: 9850 4109

                                                  15th April 2011.
Iridium Satellite Phones

5 Iridium 9050A satellite phone units

NUMBER         NETWORK                                  EPIRB           PURPOSE
0407911236     NOKIA TELSTRA SIM ACTIVE                                 FOR FIELDWORK LOAN
0011           IRIDIUM 9050A MARLEC (1)                 1               FOR FIELDWORK LOAN
881621423343   IME NO.                                                  ACC PASSWORD “BIOLOGICAL”
0011           IRIDIUM 9050A MARLEC (2)                 2               FOR FIELDWORK LOAN
881621424130   IME NO.                                                  ACC PASSWORD “BIOLOGY”
0424210192     IRIDUIM 9050A PIVOTEL TRADE UP           3               FOR FIELDWORK LOAN
               (RED) IME NO. 300214010774080
0420106188     IRIDUIM 9050A PIVOTEL TRADE UP           4               FOR FIELDWORK LOAN
               (BLUE) IME NO. 300214010774080
0011           IRIDIUM 9050A MARLEC (2)                 5               FOR FIELDWORK LOAN
881621423337   (YELLOW) IME NO.
               FORMER BBE SAT PHONE

Iridium 9505A Manual Download
Send a free text message to a Department Iridium Sat Phone

Biology MT410G Beacons

PLB       UIN                           S/N                 Battery Life
BIO 1     3EF62849BF81FE0               80146552
BIO 2     3EF62819BF81FE0               80145797
BIO 3     3EF628173F81FE0               80145963
BIO 4     3EF62847BF81FE0               80146290            July 2015
BIO 5     3EF677243F81FE0               903109768           Aug 2016
BIO 6     3EF67727BF81FE0               903109985
BIO 7     3EF6A15D3F81FE0               1006192765          Dec 2017
Marine 1 3EF6A1613F81FE0
Jimble*   3EF437E7BF81FE0               28623
Pelagia*  3EF67E3FBF81FE0
* Marine MT403G Beacons
Essential Distress Beacon Information - http://beacons.amsa.gov.au/
Distress Beacon Faqs (pdf download) - http://beacons.amsa.gov.au/documents/brochure.pdf

                                            15th April 2011.
2-Way UHF Radios

5 Uniden UH044 Handheld UHF Radios

Uniden UH044 UHF Handheld 2-Way Radio Product Description
Uniden UH044 UHF Manual Download

1 GME Electrophone TX4000 UHF Radio plus 1 magnetic based antenna

Garmin GPS
2 Garmin eTrex GPS Units
1 Garmin eTrex Legend GPS Unit
1 Garmin 12XL GPS Units

Garmin GPS Products – https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=143
Garmin GPS 12XL – http://www.garmin.com/products/gps12xl/
Garmin GPS 12XL V 4.00 Manual – https://buy.garmin.com/shop/store/manual.jsp?product=010-
Garmin eTrex – https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=6403
Garmin eTrex Manual –
Garmin eTrex Quick Start Manual – http://www.garmin.com/manuals/eTrex_QuickStartGuide.pdf
Garmen eTrex Legend – https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=145&pID=8701
Garmen eTrex Legend Manual –
Garmen eTrex Legend Quick Start Manual –
Garmin Map Software Manuals – https://buy.garmin.com/shop/store/manual.jsp?product=999-
Garmin Topo Software For Australia –
https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=32727&pvID=34039 - overviewTab
Garmin GPS For Beginners –
Garmin GPS Use With Paper Land Maps –

Camping Equipment

The Department has a variety of camping equipment available for fieldwork use. These include
tents, gas cookers, eskies, pots & pans, cutlery, plates, bowls & mugs. For obvious hygienic
reasons, we do not supply sleeping bags. If you require camping equipment for fieldwork, please
contact Craig Angus (m) 0408168983.

Portable Generator
We have a petrol Honda EU 10i Generator Inverter:
DC Output 12v 8A
AC Output 240v 50Hz
Rated Output 900VA
Max Output 1000VA
Phase 1

                                           15th April 2011.

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