Getting Started on Indian Stock Market

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					    Getting Started                                                    Spot Trends with Equity Trading News, Indexes, & Statistics
    DJN/NEWS           Dow Jones Global Markets News                   STX                 Stock Market News & Commentary, Global Stock
                                                                                           Indexes, Major Market Moving Stocks
    Highlights of Dow Jones Global Markets News
                                                                       5037                Asia Stock Market Comment
    DJGM               All of Today’s Headlines
                                                                       .DJEU               Europe Stock Market Comment
    HI2/DJ             Top Equity Stories
                                                                       .NDJ                U.S. Stock Market News & Commentary
    DJDAY              Market Essentials – Roundup of News, Comment
                                                                       "TOKYO SHARES"      Tokyo Stock Market Comment
                       and Features
                                                                       5075                Russia Stock Comment
    DJ/MT              DJ Market Talk – Streaming comment on market
                       moves and what insiders are saying              S/STT               Stock Market Statistics
    INSI               Dow Jones Technical Analysis                    "MOST ACTIVES"      Most Actives
    TOP3P              Dow Jones Special Reports – In-Depth Features   DJ/OPT              Unusual Options Activity and Options Report
    EMB/DJ             Morning Briefings – Europe, U.S. and Asia       "RECENT MERGERS"    M&A Table
    CALENDAR           Calendars – Economic, Earnings, Corporate       Uncover Ideas with Dow Jones Analysis of Equity Markets
    STX/HOT            Hot Stocks                                      STK/USDJ            Before the Bell – U.S. pre-opening market
    POV/DJ             One-stop for exclusive Dow Jones analysis of                        commentary – highlights companies and events to
                       the issues and events driving markets around                        watch
                       the globe                                       "TAKING STOCK"      Taking Stock – A unique and sophisticated look at
                                                                                           the major stock markets around the globe
    Get an Edge with Unsurpassed Corporate News
                                                                       HEARD-DJN           Heard on the Street – Sharp-eyed look at companies
    STX                ADRs
                                                                                           and industries from Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal
    RCH                Analysts’ Comments & Ratings of Stocks                              Reporters
    REGS-MRG           Anti-Trust News                                 "DJ IN THE MONEY"   In the Money – Analyzes complex financial statements
    BKRT               Bankruptcy News & Filings                                           and transactions of major companies
    ISU                Bond & Stock Pricings                           DJ/MKT              Mark to Market – A humorous look at news, data and
                                                                                           events affecting markets
    CFIN               Buybacks
                                                                       DJ/TALE             Tales of the Tape – Analysis of an individual company
    "DJ INTERVIEW"     CEO Interviews
                                                                                           or market sector
    CORA               Corporate Actions
                                                                       TOP-MRG             M & A Highlights
    DIV                Dividend News
    RES                Earnings
                                                                       Follow Impact of Global News on Equity Markets
                                                                       WASH                U.S. Elections
    RESF               Earnings Forecasts
                                                                       TOP                 Major News Events
    RES                Earnings Restatements
                                                                       VIO                 Military Conflicts
    IPO                Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
                                                                       WEA                 Weather
    STX                Insider Buying & Selling
    MRG                Joint Ventures                                  Asset Management: A Wealth of Coverage
    JOB                Labor Unions, Strikes                           FIN                 Exchange-Traded Funds
    MRG                Mergers and Acquisitions, Takeovers             MMT-FUND            Mutual Funds
                                                                       FUND                Pension Funds
    Tap All the Global Resources of Dow Jones
                                                                       FUND-LIPPER-DJN     Weekly Mutual Fund Performance Tables
    WSJ                The Wall Street Journal
                                                                       DJ/TIP              Tip Sheet – Daily interview with a market strategist or
    HEARD-DJN          Heard on the Street
                                                                                           fund manager
    WSJE               The Wall Street Journal Europe
                                                                       BRN/FUND            Fund of Information from Barron’s
    WSJA               The Wall Street Journal Asia
    BARRON             Barron’s                                        Talk Back: Share Views on Financial News
    BRN/ETRAD          Barron’s European Trader                        “TALK BACK”         Readers’ outlook on financial news. Share your
                                                                                           thoughts at
Discover Investment & Deal Ideas                                      Target News on Global Bond & Money Markets
MRG                 Divestitures                                      DBT                       Bonds
HEDGE               Hedge Fund News                                   DBT-CONV                  Convertibles
MTG                 Mortgage News                                     USC/DJ                    Corporate Debt
ISU                 Private Placements                                DRV                       Derivatives
STX                 Privatization                                     EUB/DJ                    Eurobonds

React Quickly to Economic News & Indicators                           FRX                       Foreign Exchange

ECI                 Global Economic News and Indicators               DBT                       High Yield Issuers

ECI-US              U.S. Economic Indicators including Data Snap      INT-CDM                   Interest Rate News

ECI/USDJ            U.S. Economic Consensus Estimates                 MTG                       Mortgages

ECI/CIDJ            Canadian Economic Indicators                      REVS-DBT                  Municipal Bonds

ECI-EMU             Euro-zone Economic Indicators                     AAA                       Bond Ratings

ECI-GB              UK Economic Indicators                            CA/AUCDJ                  Canadian Bond Comment

ECI/GBDJ            UK Key Data                                       CHINA-DBT                 China Bond Comment

ECI-JP              Japanese Economic Indicators                      GVD/EURDJ                 European Government Bond Comment

DJ/BIG              Big Picture – Insight on the economic landscape   INDIA-DBT                 Indian Bond Comment

POV/DJ              Capital Views – Focus on economic news and        JAPAN-DBT                 Japanese Government Bond Comment
                    policies                                          SWITZERLAND-DBT           Swiss Bond Comment
DDJ/EUR             Euronomics – Examines economic issues and         US-DBT                    US Treasurys
                    trends in Europe
                                                                      Anticipate Debt Market Moves with Dow Jones Analysis
MONEY TALKS         Money Talks – Analysis of macroeconomics and
                    monetary policy                                   USEMB/DJ                  Capital Markets US Morning Briefing – Start your
                                                                                                day with perspective across asset classes
Track Central Bank News & Analysis                                    WSJ/DBT                   Credit Markets from The Wall Street Journal
DJ/CEN              Central Bank News                                 DJ/DRV                    Derivatives Diary – Daily column that looks under the
WASH-FED-CEN        Federal Reserve News and Fed Watch – Analysis                               hood of this fast-growing area
                    of policies and rates                             LDC/DJ                    Emerging Market Debt – Identify opportunities in
CA/PRDJ             Bank of Canada News and BOC Watch                                           emerging markets
ECB/DJ              European Central Bank News and ECB Watch          EXTRA CREDIT              Extra Credit – News-driven column covering
BOJ/DJ              Bank of Japan News and BOJ Watch                                            corporate debt and unique deals

BOE/DJ              Bank of England News and BOE Watch                DJ/YIELD                  Global Yield – Keen perspective on changes and
                                                                                                shifts in global economic landscape
Monitor Political, Trade & Monetary Organizations News                DJ/MUNI                   Muni Watch – Analyzes the most important deals
POL                 Political News                                                              happening in the muni market
G7                  G7                                                MKTBT/DJ                  Market Beat: Forex Debt – Running comment on
IMF                 International Monetary Fund                                                 global debt and forex markets

OPEC                OPEC                                              "DJ OFF THE RUN"          Off the Run – Takes a look at issues affecting the
                                                                                                U.S. trading community
BNK                 World Bank
                                                                      DJ/VIEW                   Forex View – Daily analysis of major trends in
TRD                 World Trade Organization
                                                                                                currency markets
Interpret Fluctuations in Currency Markets                            A/FXDJ                    FX Asia
FRX                 Foreign Exchange News                             FX/ADJ                    Asia Forex Outlook – East Asia
USD/DJ              Foreign Exchange Commentary including:            ASI/FXDJ                  Asia Forex Outlook – Majors
                    •Latest Dollar Round-up
                    •World Forex Round-up
                    •Forex Focus – Europe                             Subscribe to Complimentary Daily Newsletter
FX/OPTDJ            FX Options View                                   Dow Jones Global Markets Briefing recaps the stories moving markets around the
                                                                      world, and previews what’s on the trading horizon. Sign up for the daily email at:
Examine Technical Trends across Asset Classes                           Be Prepared with Global Energy News & Analysis
INSI                 All Technical Analysis                             ENR                  All Energy News
DJT/MON              Charting Money – Technical analysis of global      CRU                  Oil
                     markets                                            NGS                  Natural Gas
DJT/MKT              Charting Markets – Support and resistance on       ELG                  Power
                     select instruments
                                                                        BIOF                 Fuel – Biofuels
CHARTING TRENDS      Charting Trends – Analyzes daily price moves on
                                                                        RNW                  Fuel – Renewable
                     major assets and markets
                                                                        NUC                  Nuclear Power Energy
DJT/SPEAK            Technically Speaking – Analysis of individual
                     companies, sectors and the markets                 CRU-PROD             Refinery Outages
                                                                        WEA                  Weather
Keep Pace with Financial Industry News
                                                                        "ARB WATCH"          Arb Watch – Occasional column on arbitrage
FIN                  Securities Industry
FIN                  Financial Services
                                                                        "CHINA ENERGY WATCH" China Energy Watch – Weekly China energy
BNK                  Banks                                                                analysis
SEC                  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission            DJ/NRG               Energy Matters – Weekly oil market analysis
"STREET MOVES"       Street Moves – Details the hiring and departures   "POWER POINTS"       Power Points – Weekly power market analysis
                     of Wall Street staff
                                                                        "RENEWED ENERGY"     Renewed Energy – Looks at renewable and
Identify Trends with In-depth Industry Coverage                                              alternative energy sources
AUT                  Automobiles                                        DJ/MT-CRU            DJ Market Talk – Crude and Products
BNK                  Banking                                            DJ/MT-ELG            DJ Market Talk – Gas and Power

MIN                  Coal, Mining                                       Focus on Regional News & Events
PROD                 Crude Oil and Petroleum Products                   AFE                  Africa
SHP                  Marine Transportation                              AU                   Australia
RRL                  Railroads, Trucking                                LATAM                Brazil, Latin America
RET                  Retailers – Broadline, Specialty, Apparel          CA                   Canada
ELI                  Semiconductors                                     CN                   China
Use the "News Expression Builder" to search news by other               EEU                  Eastern Europe
industries.                                                             FR                   France
                                                                        DE                   Germany
Forecast Trends in Commodities
                                                                        IN                   India
FOD                  Agricultural
                                                                        IR                   Iran
COC                  Cocoa
                                                                        IQ                   Iraq
COT                  Cotton
                                                                        IT                   Italy
GRA                  Wheat, Corn, Rice
                                                                        JP                   Japan
TIM                  Paper/Forest Products
                                                                        EMRG                 Mexico
GOL                  Precious Metals
                                                                        MEAST                Middle East
GOL/DJ               Precious Metals Commentary
                                                                        NL                   Netherlands
MET                  Base Metals
                                                                        RU                   Russia
STL                  Steel
                                                                        NORD                 Scandinavia
GOL-DRV              Precious Metals Futures
                                                                        KR                   South Korea
MET-DRV              Base Metals Futures
                                                                        ES                   Spain
BRN/CORN             Barron’s Commodities Corner
WSJ/CMD              WSJ Commodities Report                             CH                   Switzerland
                                                                        GB                   United Kingdom
Follow Energy Statistics & Indexes
                                                                        US                   United States
DJES/8832            U.S. Dept of Energy Weekly Data
                                                                        Use the "News Expression Builder" to search news by other
DJES/8832            API Weekly Data
FX/OPTDJ             FX Options View
OPEC-SURVEY          OPEC Monthly Survey
You’ll never be out in the cold with this exclusive view of the biggest stories, global news and insightful analysis and
commentary on what’s moving and why. Get market-moving stories, company profiles and topic centers that round
up information on energy, credit and other issues affecting equities.

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1.   Click the Dow Jones     NewsPlus logo to refresh and return to      7.     Symbol and Keyword Search
     the home page.                                                             Search news by symbol, Dow Jones code or keyword. Find
                                                                                the news that matters to you. Example: Type Trichet in the
2. Dow Jones Topic Centers                                                      keyword search field to find stories mentioning Trichet.
     One-stop access to news, market events, and Dow Jones
     exclusive analysis of the credit crisis, energy markets, and the
     topics the market is talking about.
                                                                         8. Highlights
                                                                                Watch this space, where we highlight exclusive Dow Jones
3. Latest on                                                                    news, analysis and commentary and post important
     Link to the latest news and developments from global stock,                announcements.
     bond, currency, gold and oil markets.
                                                                         9.     DJ Market Talk
4. Key Contents                                                                 Follow continual updates on market activity with insight from
     One-click access to the news that’s important to you. Easily               traders, analysts and financial experts. Click Equities, FX/FI, Energy
     target earnings and economic calendars, news by topic or industry          and Commodities links to follow market-specific commentary.
     and exclusive Dow Jones columns.
                                                                         10. Analysis & Commentary
5. Calendars & Indicators                                                       What impact might the day’s news and events have on current and
     Dow Jones NewsPlus Calendars update automatically so you can               future market activity? Dow Jones’s exclusive insight and analysis
     immediately see the outcome of an event or the movement of an              help you react quickly.
                                                                         11. Indicator Watch
6. Top Stories                                                                  Check here for the day’s scheduled and released economic data.
     Keep pace with the day’s market-moving news. Updated
     throughout the day – click a headline for the full story.                Accessing Dow Jones NewsPlus – Global Markets:
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                                                                              Dow Jones NewsPlus – Global Markets.

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