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									                 Minutes of the meeting of the Griffon Area Partnership
                                 Representatives Group
Date time and venue of meeting:
12th February 2008 at 10.00am, Small Hall, North Walsham Community Centre
Present            Position                         Email
 Anne Rose           NWTC                                     ra.rose@tiscali.co.uk
 Brian Morgan        Worstead Weavers                         brianandpat.morgan@dsl.pipex.com
 Brian Wexler        NWTC                                     Brian-Wexler@tesco.net
 Carolyn Heydon      NRCC                                     Carolyn@norfolkrcc.org.uk
 David Coleman       Dilham PC/Village Hall                   DLC@stalham68.freeserve.co.uk
 David Gosling       Chair, Griffon Area Partnership          david@goslingnw.fsnet.co.uk
                     Chair/Board Member, Griffon Area
 Diana Clarke        Partnership
 Don Venvell         Board Mbr/Mundesley Vis. Adv. Centre     n/a
 Jane Shulver        Witton Parish Council                    pointhouse@hotmail.com
 John Whitby         Mundesley Parish Council                 John.Whitby@yahoo.co.uk
 Ken Braggor         Mundesley Parish Council                 kebb39@yahoo.co.uk
 Liz Williams        North Walsham High School                head@northwalshamhigh.norfolk.sch.uk
 M Nash              Trunch Parish Council
 Mike Cox            Trunch Parish Council
 Mike Jones          Griffon Area Partnership                 mike@griffon.org.uk
 Nigel Morgan        Vice Chair Representative Group
 Pat Ford            NNDC/Saddlers Wood Action Group          patricia.ford1@btopenworld.com
 R Gibbons           Trunch Parish Council
 Rampton             RESULT
 Richard Walker      Trunch Parish Council
 Hopkinson           NWAP – Environment Action Group          rogerhopkinson@hotmail.co.uk
 Simon Walker        Next Step
 Virginia Gay        NNDC

Diana Clarke welcomed everybody and introduced Mike Jones, Development Manager.

1.0         APOLOGIES
            Apologies were received from Tony Longstaff, Cyte Venvell, and Mollie Whitworth.

2.0         MINUTES
            Minutes of the Representatives Group Meeting held on the 22 November 2007 were approved.

            There were no matters arising.

            Diana Clarke explained that was on the Board of NNCP and that the core costs of Griffon were funded by NNCP via
            the second home Council tax. At the last meeting the shape of the Board was discussed and a new Board will be
            appointed from 1 April 2008; there will be 1 person from each area appointed to the Board. Diana outlined the idea of
            creating a federation of area partnerships; which could hold stakeholder events and this, would be a good opportunity
            to learn from each other. Griffon at present is seen as a model partnership as it is well established.

            Future funding is an issue at the North Norfolk and area level which is derived from second home owners. Currently
            the second home owners are turning towards business rates which means that there is a reduction in funds – this will
            have the effect of reduction in core funding to the Griffon Partnership. Diana Clarke is negotiating at the present time
            to ensure that funding will continue.

            It is critical that funding for the next quarter is at the same level. Griffon needs to demonstrate that every £1 of funding
            given attracts additional funding. Value has to be demonstrated.

5.0   ACTION PLAN 2008-2009 – discussion and adoption
      Mike Jones outlined the Action Plan which had been sent out to all Parishes. The Plan is based on the NNCP strategy
      and covers 5 main areas – Economy, Social & Community, Transport & Access, Environment and Partnership

      Mike asked for general comments regarding the plan before it goes to the Board for approval in March 2008.

      There were comments and references made by Nigel Morgan regarding the problems with access to the train station,
      although this may be overcome with the planning for HL Food Site. Griffon needed to drive forward the difficulties with
      the railway station. There are gaps in the timetable and there should also be a drive to increase passenger usage.
      Roger Hopkinson informed that North Walsham has the highest usage on the line.

      Consensus of opinion was that Griffon needs to have a loud and continuous voice regarding North Walsham train
      station and ensure that facilities are provided.

      David Gosling informed that there is an “open line” to NCC regarding this matter and things are happening.

      Virginia Gay voiced support for Griffon to keep pressure on this and to ensure that timetable anomalies are addressed.
      (Last train into Cromer – no stopping at Gunton Park and many others). The timetable needs looking at and Griffon
      need to lobby. There are also ticket issues, where it costs more to go from Gunton Park than Cromer to Norwich.

      Diana Clarke confirmed that the points raised had been added into the plan and will be objectives of the Action Plan.

      John Whitby – there needs to be support for economy and tourist development. Tourist information at Mundesley
      needs to be acknowledged and mentioned on the Action Plan.

      Jane Shulver – SNHT – meetings perhaps these could be run by the Police and not involve Griffon. Diana Clarke and
      Mike Jones outlined that these meetings did not take up a huge amount of time/money and the resources were

      Diana Clarke stated that the comments had been noted and the Action Plan would be put to the Board for approval.

      There had been an excellent write-up in the Winter edition of Griffon news.
      The NWDC Trust has now been set up and is really moving forward. Roger Hopkinson is Chair and there is now a
      Board of Trustees and the Trust will be applying to the Charity Commission to form a Charitable Trust; this takes a
      minimum of 70 days.

      The NWCT is not just centred on North Walsham it will pass through Griffon Country taking in places such as Swafield
      and Dilham, where there is a Norfolk Wherry on the village sign.

      The Trust needs a few District councillors who can be members as well as a Trustee – the Trust is looking to recruit
      members - the cost is £3.00 for adults and £2.00 for juniors. There is keen interest in this project and approximately
      90% support the initiative, there are reservations by a few which are ill founded. The NWCT intends to become a
      member of Griffon and affiliate itself to the East Anglian Water Authority. The next working party is on 24 February at

      The NWDC want to concentrate and clear out Ebridge Pond which used to be more like a lake; next is to clear out
      from the Canal to Ebridge Lock up to Spa Common and this will show people what can be done. Hopefully this will
      become a tourist attraction as this is where Griffon is currently missing out.

      These are aspirations which depend on money – currently NWCT is in the process of completing its first grant funding
      application via the Broads and Rivers Community Trust. 20k is available – application needs to be in by 21 of
      February and the project completed by July 2008 and match funding is needed.
      Previous projects only progressed so far and then obstacles overtook; the new group are overcoming these issues.

      A short question and answer session took place
      David Coleman – the Canal had links with Parish Councils along the way and land owners. Suggested approach PC’s
      and landowners. Roger confirmed that PC’s had not formally been approached but landowners had. The Canal is in
      ownership and still owned, by NW and Canal Partnership Limited – it has no income, but has a Board of Directors who
      are also land owners. Currently NWCT is researching all land owners. Honing estate is a large landowner as well as
      Paul Gibbons – the majority are in favour. There is still one hostile land owner but NWCT are working on this matter.

      There is documentary evidence that the canal was 30ft wide and would have needed a towpath.
      Old maps show that there was a footpath along the Canal.
      All were keen to promote the work being undertaken and Diana Clarke encouraged all to join the Canal Trust and with
      the working parties.
7.   NEXT STEP – Learning Project – Simon Barker
     Next step is available to help over 19’s with education/training needs and to assist in finding jobs. It is an hour session
     and is 1/1. Tools offered are adult directions packages which looks at careers and at skill sets and suggests training
     which may assist in helping a person back into work.

     This service is free and available locally.

     There is a website for access and packages can be sent out directly.

     Next Step is there to help people overcome their barriers – in North Norfolk a many people have “low self-esteem”,
     many people feel isolated and Next Step is there to help and to direct them or signpost by referring the people on.

     The service is similar to “Connexions” but is for adults – Diana Clarke offered to put information onto website, details
     into the next issue of Griffon news and a web link.

     Leaflets were left and the website address is www.nextstepnorfolk.org.uk or simon.barker@norfolk.gov.uk.

     Mike outlined the success of the art gallery which was for local artists to display their works. 160 people turned-up to
     the launch and it was a big success. Local artists are clamouring for space and the gallery is full until December 2008.
     This project was funded by Awards for All grant. Griffon receives a commission for each piece of art sold.

     Fiona Muller has instigated 3 landmark projects by commissioning 3 pieces of work – Mosaic for Millfield School,
     Wooden Sculpture for Bacton Woods and a Stone Sculpture for Mundesley Beach.

     The benefit of these 3 projects is that the Community get workshops and a piece of art.

     North Walsham Town Centre
     The Town Council and Griffon has investigated the possibility of employing a Town Centre Manager and an open
     meeting was held, which was attended by Nigel Boldero and Steve Peters (TCM for Bury St Edmunds). Griffon and
     North Walsham Town Council are holding a meeting with the Chief Executive of NNDC in order to discuss the strategic
     vision of the future. The Town has now formed a town development group – however it is all down to funding.

     A letter had been received from Colin Page from the Chamber of Trade and there is potential for the chamber to
     support the TCM proposal depending on commitments and finances.

     There is funding available and it will cost approximately 20-25k to set the TCM project up.
     This initiative would be linked to the business prosperity of the Town.

     Richard Rampton and Griffon are working together on the RESULT project which provides help for people to set-up in
     self-employment/business and are targeting to achieve numbers.

     Debbie Hanley has been recruited to assist Richard to work with voluntary and community groups.

     EEDA project with DEFRA – this is a leader group bid.

     Tourism - held training day at Scarborough Hill Hotel, in order to raise the quality of tourism businesses with
     assistance in web design and small businesses.

     Griffon Trail – Rosie Carter is a volunteer and is managing the good food trail – currently working on 70 businesses in
     the area to be part of the good food trail and is endeavouring to publish a brochure. Rosie will be asking the
     businesses to assist in the funding of the printing costs.

     Business forum – attending a day in Cromer – Griffon will have a stand with literature with a view to doing a literature
     swap for tourist businesses.

     Voyager – a written report was sent out with the Agenda – currently it has reached a “critical” stage – Jane Shulver is
     putting together a lottery bid to the Reaching Communities Fund for £214,000 in order to take voyager forward for the
     next 3 years.

     Jane Shulver explained that Voyager is aimed at those who are isolated and gave examples of situations in which
     Voyager had a positive influence of people’s lives.

       Norman Lamb uses this facility in order to engage a section of the Community who otherwise, he would not be able to

       There are 6 other Area Partnerships covering the North Norfolk Area – Griffon is the most pro-active and Norfolk
       Voluntary Services have a resource base in the office and 2 field workers based in Cromer who give advice.

       Active Travel – Jane Shulver explained that this is a NNCP project which originated from local demand. There are
       two initiatives – one is to connect Upper and Lower Southrepps. The Southrepps project went forward for “People’s
       Millions” and the lottery tried very hard to incorporate it in a bid – but due to land ownership problems did not proceed.

       The other is Mundesley – Knapton to North Walsham.

       The Knapton Parish Plan outlined that Knapton wanted to strengthen ties with Mundelsey and had looked at
       landowners and found support in order to fulfil this section. Knapton to North Walsham is to be worked on.

       Currently NCC is undertaking a feasibility study; engineers will work with local leads.

9.0    UPDATE REPORTS – David Gosling
       Active North Norfolk
       Currently getting money in from Sport England
       07-08 – 14k for the whole of North Norfolk received with match funding
       08-09 – 30k from Sport England projected 85k project funding.

       The largest funding will go on the mobile gym which will become available for older people to use in village halls in
       order to increase activity level.

       Pigney’s Wood – Breathing Spaces 15k funding (4k came to GAP to manage). 5,000 plants have been planted with
       the assistance of 500 people; and there are 2,000 more to do.

       LDF Framework – Under accessed by Parish Councils and this planning will be in effect to 2021.

       North Walsham Town for 2007-2021 has an allowance for 400-500 new houses and the expectations are that these
       will be on Brownfield sites.

       In the summer, site specific areas will be designated.

       Prime locations will be on the Aylsham Road by Rossi’s and the Football club; the main issue is electricity – other
       infrastructures will be paid for.

       New outline planning for HL Food site is being sought for 163 dwellings, 16 sheltered houses and a small store.
       Under 106 agreement will improve linkages between the railway station and improve pedestrian safety under the
       bridge and a zebra crossing across the Norwich Road.

       NWACTA – has a new vehicle at 60k

       EEDA – Quality of Place Fund received 30k and Anglian Water 15k this is for new play equipment on the Memorial
       Park and must be spent by the end of March 2008.

10.0   GRIFFON SMALL GRANT – COMMUNITY CHEST – recent Board Decisions
       £250 has been awarded to purchase 4 Windows for Knapton Village Hall, Youth Meetings, Norfolk Trauma Support
       and Southrepps Parish Council to purchase equipment for Community sport.
       The next tranche of applications include University of 3 Age/North Walsham Infants School/Witton and Ridlington
       Parish Council/Dilham and District Yoga/Alby Crafts.

       Mike Jones explained how the Community Chest uses the small acorn approach. Mike sited Southrepps as being a
       successful example of this method; Southrepps Society was initially awarded £250 for the “Memories” project; the
       team went on to develop the Southrepps Village Fayre which resulted in 11k being raised. The 11k has benefited the
       village and other Charities.
11.0   SPRING FESTIVAL – Paston 22 March 2008
       Paston Heritage and Natural England are holding a Medieval Fayre at Paston Church. Black Knight Historical Society
       are re-enacting. Lucy Carr has achieved this through Awards for all grants in order to develop a heritage facility at the
       Church. There are issues to be resolved.

12.0   OPEN FORUM – Reports from representatives
       Nigel Morgan – North Norfolk Business Forum are aiming to develop the vitality of the area.
       John Whitby – Mundesley PC – SNH teams are offering good support in Mundesley.

       Jane Shulver – Witton has been missed off as a Coastal Parish from the LDF. Witton has 310 residents and the
       boundary goes upto 50 yards of Walcott sea front.

       NNDC barn conversions – planning will give permission for holiday homes/cottages which have restrictions however
       these are large conversions and the planners are not planning for “people”.

       The new policy proposed is that barns are for letting 140 days per annum. There is no provision for new housing in
       small villages with the exception of “rural exception housing” in any village location.

       Liz Williams, North Walsham High School – handed out copies of the latest North Walsham High School newsletter.
       Liz outlined that the Cultural Studies teacher is in touch with Griffon in connection with the inter-generation project and
       meetings have been held with Sue Willis. 16 students are attending meetings and there is a possibility of the
       generations meeting to talk to each other – this is a way in which the school can get involved with the Community,

       Carolyn Heydon – NRCC – currently re-organising due to funding issues, which will mean a reduction in staff. All will
       be informed in due course after decisions have been made.

       Don Venvell – North Norfolk Skills Partnership has been working with the Business Forum on a project to research
       the skills provision that businesses will need in North Norfolk over the next 5-10 years. This information will be
       released next month. The report will have strategic implications and this will be a public report.

       David Coleman – Dilham PC – requested information in A4 format to let the Parish know about the art gallery.

       Comment was also made with regard to the LDF and village development ie: new housing – older people live in the
       bigger houses and have the funds to build in their locations and the land, but they will not be able to build.

       Griffon Newsletter
       Another newsletter is being prepared – need articles and information of events. Issues in villages ie: what is going on
       out there in Griffon Country – contact Fiona Muller

       Membership renewal 2008-2009
       Renewal form was attached with the Agenda – cost is a minimum of £5.00

       North Walsham Chamber of Trade
       They are meeting regularly and are looking to work with Griffon and the Town Council on the town centre initiative.
       Responsible Trustee training 19 March 2008 – details with Agenda
       Funding for all 25 March 2008 – details with Agenda
14.0   TO CONFIRM NEXT MEETING – 15 May 2008
       10.00am - North Walsham Community Centre

SIGNED:_________________________           DATE:___________________
        Diana Clarke – Chair                    15 May 2008


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