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									                                                         Year 8 Student Friendly Scheme of Work
                                                                           Subject: Term 1 LLW

Term/               Topic                                 Activity                                 What will I be                   What skills will          Assessment/        Subjects
Time                                                                                                able to do?                      I develop?                Research           Links
           How is Hazelwood College         Using my homework diary                      Find my way around school and use          Problem Solving       Hazelwood
            different from primary           Why I chose Hazelwood College report.         my homework diary                          Thinking Skills                          History
            school?                          A History of Hazelwood questions             Explain the reasons why I made a           Communication                            RE
  1        What is Learning for Life        What is Learning for Life and Work?           decision                                   Managing              Class Charter     LLW
            and Work?                         diagram                                      Understand why Hazelwood is unique          Information            neat copy
           How do we treat each other       Desert island class charter group            Listen to others and compromise in a       Working with
            in LLW?                           activity.                                     group.                                      others
           Why am I changing?               My Action Plan for Term 1                    Participate in a democracy and active
                                             Student Council Elections                     participation activity.
                                             School Nurse Workshop                        Identify the PIES changes in my life.

           Who am I?                        Best and Worst Star/Identity diagram         Chose an object and present to the         Self-                 Object Prep.      Geography
           What are my best and             My Object presentation                        class                                       Management            Hero Prep         History
            worst qualities?                 Skills and Qualities work                    Explain the difference between skills      Communication          research          RE
  1        What kinds of qualities          My Hero research and PowerPoint               and qualities                              Decision Making       Two Stars & a     LLW
            would I like to have?            Group task: Employment S & Q                 Identify my personal qualities             ICT                    wish evaluation
           What kinds of skills and         LLW skills match-up                          Chose an appropriate hero and justify      Managing              LLW skills
            qualities to employers look      Jobs research and interview                   my choice                                   Information            match up
            for?                             Achieving your goal: Pat’s story             Use the internet and PowerPoint to         Creativity            Job interview
           How can I achieve my             My goal and my shield                         research and present on a chosen           Working with          My shield
            goals                            Learning styles questionnaire                 topic.                                      others                My case study
           What is health & well            Group Task: Case studies & target            Ask suitable questions when carrying                              Residential
            being?                            setting                                       out an interview                                                   diary
                                             My habits: My own case study                 Set targets for myself
                                             Action planning: Steps towards my            Use an Action Plan
                                              target.                                      Complete a personal health and well
                                             Residential diary (Health & Well Being)       being audit
                                             Anti-Bullying Week

 1         What is History?                 My timeline activity                         Present my past on timeline                Managing              Timeline q ws     Geography
           How can we find out about        History detectives paired work               Use evidence to carry out an                Information           Tollund Man       History
            the past?                        Birth certificate internet task               investigation                              Communication          report            RE
           What is my family’s              Tollund Man work                             Understand the information on a birth      Working with          Montag            LLW
            history?                         ‘Who do you think you are clip?’              certificate                                 others                Family History
                                              Discussion                                   Watch and listen for information           Problem Solving        interview
                                             My Montage & Family History Interview        Plan ahead to gather what I need for       Creativity
                                                                                            an important piece of work.
                                                         Year 8 Student Friendly Scheme of Work
                                                                          Subject: Term 1 LLW

Term/              Topic                                  Activity                                What will I be                    What skills will          Assessment/       Subjects
Time                                                                                               able to do?                       I develop?                Research          Links
 1         What is Geography?               Physical & Human Geography                  Identity the difference between human       Managing              Physical/Human   Geography
           What are the features of          Worksheet/Video clips/PowerPoint             and physical Geography                       Information            sort worksheet   History
            my local area?                   Mental map worksheet & Belfast              Describe the features of my local area      Map skills            Mental map       RE
           How do we draw a plan?            worksheet                                   Draw and use plans                          Using                 Bedroom plan     LLW
           What skills do we need to        Drawing plans and Bedroom plan              Read a map, using compass points,            mathematics           Map skills ws
            read maps?                        worksheet                                    grid references and OS map symbols          Communication         Key OS
           What are the counties of N.      Map skills: compass points, grid            Name and locate the counties of             Thinking,              symbols
            Ireland?                          references and OS map symbols-               N.Ireland                                    problem solving       Learning
           What are the main physical        worksheets & PowerPoint’s available         Use an atlas                                 and decision           physical &
            features of N. Ireland?          Area around Hazelwood plan activity         Name and locate the main rivers,             making                 human features
                                             The place where I live N.Ireland,            mountains, loughs etc. of N.Ireland                                 of N.ireland
                                              worksheets on counties, Loughs, rivers
                                              and mountains
                                             Web quest/ Tourist Brochure on a
                                              county ICT activity

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