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									Teach For America
Goldman Sachs
Summer Internship Program

We are pleased to announce the Teach For America-Goldman Sachs Summer Internship
Program. With the program, Teach For America aims to attract talented individuals to teaching
who are also interested in paths to leadership in the business community and who can ultimately
become effective advocates for educational equity. Goldman Sachs recognizes the excellence
of successful Teach For America applicants and values the experience and skills that are built
through the corps experience.

Through this program, Goldman Sachs will offer up to twenty paid summer internships to eligible African
Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans who have also been accepted to the incoming Teach For America corps.
The internship with Goldman Sachs takes place between the first and second years of teaching. At the end of the
summer, qualified participants may receive an offer to join Goldman Sachs full-time at the conclusion of their Teach
For America commitment.

Goldman Sachs hires interns for a variety of roles within various divisions, including: Finance; Global Compliance;
Global Investment Research; Human Capital Management; Investment Banking; Investment Management; Legal and
Internal Audit; Operations; Securities; Services; and Technology. Internships are designed to give a sense of the day-to-
day activities of full-time Goldman Sachs employees. Interns in the program will work with teams on actual projects.

Candidates who are selected and commit to the intern program will receive an up-front $5,000 stipend to assist with
transitional needs prior to starting as corps members. The $5,000 stipend does not impact any intern’s eligibility for
Teach For America’s transitional loans and grants.

What is the application and interview process?
Eligible candidates can indicate their interest in learning more about the program as part of Teach For America’s
online application. Goldman Sachs will review the applications of accepted corps members who indicate interest
in the program, and will invite selected candidates for phone and in–person interviews. These interviews seek to
assess critical thinking and problem solving; commercial focus; interest in financial markets; achievement and
team orientation; impact and influence; and leadership potential. Following the initial interview, either one or two
additional interview rounds will be conducted.

Do I need a certain skill set, degree, or background?
Like Teach For America, Goldman Sachs seeks candidates from a broad array of academic disciplines and
concentrations, such as liberal arts, applied math, sciences, engineering, and others. Whatever your discipline or
major, you are encouraged to apply, provided you meet the
diversity criteria and have demonstrated strong academic
performance and professional drive.

What will a summer internship at Goldman Sachs entail?
The internship will be 8-10 weeks. Most positions will be located in
the NY/NJ office, with a case-by-case assessment for placement
in one of Goldman Sachs’ other Americas locations.
                                    Interns will attend a 1-2 day orientation session over the summer before their
                                    first year of teaching and a 1-2 day skill-building session in the spring of their
                                    first year of teaching. Both sessions will be held at Goldman Sachs’ offices in
                                    New York (travel and accommodations provided).

                                    During the first week of the summer internship, interns will take part in a firmwide
                                    orientation where they are introduced to the work culture and receive an overview
                                    of both the benefits and responsibilities of being a member of Goldman Sachs.
                                    Each division provides its own training workshops. These workshops focus on
divisional strategies, the core skills required to perform, and hands-on practical applications and exercises. Interns
do much of the same work as entry-level employees.

         “On a daily basis Goldman Sachs culture has provided my intern class and me
         the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s brightest and most talented
         professionals. From Managing Directors to first year analysts, everyone has been
         more than willing to help develop my skills both personally and professionally.”
                                                                             - Goldman Sachs Summer Intern

Teach For America-Goldman Sachs Internship Application Timeline

    August 2010 – Candidates apply to the corps and indicate interest in the Teach For America — Goldman
    February 2011 Sachs Internship program on their online applications.

    February 2011 Select accepted corps members are invited by Goldman Sachs via e-mail or phone to apply
                       to summer internships.

           March - Goldman Sachs conducts phone interviews with selected candidates.
         April 2011 Advancing candidates are prepared for participation in Goldman Sachs Interview
                       Super Day in April.

          May 2011 Candidates are offered summer internships and awarded the $5,000 stipend
                       upon commitment.

     Summer 2011 Interns participate in Teach For America’s five week summer training institute.
                       Interns participate in an 1-2 day orientation session at Goldman Sachs in New York.

       Spring 2012 Interns participate in a 1-2 day skill-building session at Goldman Sachs in New York.

           June - Interns participate in Goldman Sachs summer internships.
      August 2012
     Summer 2013 Interns complete their second year of teaching in the corps.

How will I be kept informed about my candidacy for the program?
Goldman Sachs will be in touch with all candidates who indicate interest by e-mail and/or phone in the spring of 2011.

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