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									                                     RHA Board of Governors
                                        October 6, 2009
                                      MEETING MINUTES

EXEC BOARD:          Christina Fluet, Jennifer Slee, Atembe Fonge, Ankit Sethi, Jacqui Moskel, Jessie
                     Slee, Lee Nettles, Chris Johnston

GOVERNORS:           Lauren Hauser (Carmichael), Si Li (Cobb), McKinney Brown IV (Connor), Mike
                     Schmitt (Craige—tardy), Melissa Paniagua (Ehringhaus), Natalie Cooper (Hinton
                     James), Mary La (Kenan), Ryan Collins (Morrison), Cody Rusher (Manning
                     East), Taylor Howard (Manning West), Beth Bridges (OCLQ), Diana Rabstejnek
                     (OCUQ), Shwanda Jones (Odum Village), Patrick Spaugh (Parker), Zachary Cole
                     (Ram Village—absent)

ADVISORS:            Annice Fisher, Justin Lukasewicz, Kim Demaree

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:36pm

Approval of Minutes
Minutes from the September 29th Board of Governors Meeting was approved by 12 members, 1 abstained.

   Executive Officers Reports
      Vice President (Jennifer)
          Ethics board training is next Tuesday from 5-7pm in the Teague multipurpose room. If
           members have questions or conflicts, contact her.
          A sign will be shown when there are 5 seconds left of the 30 seconds to talk so she does
           not interrupt speakers.

       Secretary (Jacqui)
           The October-November issue of the Rambler was sent to be printed.
           Please complete the RHA retreat survey.

       Treasurer (Ankit)
           Asked how many treasurers have not been trained. Ehringhaus, Manning West, Kenan and
            Granville treasurers have not. He will try and have it done sometime this week.

       Internal Affairs (Jessie)
            RHA Week is October 22-November 1. She would like some sort of idea on what type of
             programs communities will be putting on during this week so she can get publicity out as
             soon as possible.
            Chris asked when Fall Break was. In the middle of RHA Week.
       The Programming Committee had their first meeting yesterday and it went really well.

   External Affairs (Lee)
       Recently attended the OCUQ housing meeting. Was able to meet all of the housing staff
        and the community government.
       Has been trying to reach outside organizations and seeing how we could partner with them.
       Has been doing negotiations with our fundraising partners for next year.

   National Communications Coordinator (Atembe)
       Has selected the SAACHUR delegation. Jessie, Christina, Patrick, Atembe, an RA Lesley,
        the Odum CG secretary Ashley and Alexis, a floor senator in Morrison will be attending.
       Had their first meeting yesterday and have program ideas and are working on getting
        fundraising ideas together.

   Chief Enhancements Officer (Chris)
       Asked who’s enhancement system was not working. All are.
       Asked for all receipts and forms from enhancements officers to be turned into him.
       First enhancement committee meeting will be October 10th

   President (Christina)
       Attended a Housing Advisory Board meeting.
       Whitehead has officially been sold to the Carolina Inn
       Housing Demand focus groups will be held Thursday and Friday. Asked to advertise them
         in the communities.
       RHA has an office space in Hinton James. We are going to try and fix it up this year. It
         required a lot of work with facilities and just got confirmation today that it is now move-in
         ready. Will be discussing how to progress with the space in the next couple of weeks.
       Make sure Governors are talking with their CD and working together with them.

Community Reports
  Carmichael (Lauren Hauser)
      Had a blood drive today
      Tomorrow will have a University Career Services program
      A ping-pong competition and tie-dye day are coming up

   Cobb (Si Li)
       Internal Affairs officer attended the meeting
       Upcoming programs include a class connection program to form study groups, an ultimate
        Frisbee competition with lower quad and a guitar hero contest.
       Held an ice cream social last week.

   Connor (McKinney Brown)
    Lieutenant Governor attended the meeting.
    Held a second late night pancakes. Project Homeless Connect came out and had a food
     drive and talked about their program.
    The recycling program is still going on.
    Are partnering with the substance free learning community to do Halloween safety bags
     with candy and information to be distributed to everyone in the community.
    Is working on a cultural night series highlighting countries people do not really think

Craige (Mike Schmitt)
    Held a blood drive yesterday.
    Is holding a meeting Wednesday to decide dates for events they would like to have.

Ehringhaus (Melissa Paniagua)
    After training on Saturday community government members went shopping to buy some
    Enhancement system is up and running again
    October calendar is looking good so far

Granville (Vann)
    Have a lot of people interested in community government

Hinton James (Natalie Cooper)
    Held a blood drive yesterday; 51 people came out to give blood and 39 were able to.
    Will be having a Halloween contest towards the end of the month.
    Is trying to work with RAs to do a recycling program
    Is trying to start international food dinners once a month where there is information from a
     different country along with food.
    Online interest survey closed today.

Kenan (Mary La)
    Will be holding their first big meet and greet tomorrow with food from Gumby’s and
     Jimmy Johns.
    Will be partnering with RA staff to hold a haunted house.

Manning East (Cody Rusher)
   The Manning Block party was Friday and was pretty successful.
   Is collecting donations for Project Homeless Connect.
   Will be teaming up with RAs to do a haunted outdoor trail
   Will be having a penny war with Manning West

Manning West (Taylor Howard)
    Is having a CG meet and greet cookout from 1-3pm on Saturday between Morrison and
     Manning East.
    Will be having a penny war with Manning East
    Is thinking about holding an event for people who do not celebrate Halloween like making
     cookies and providing candy to the residents. Instead of holding their own big program,
     will be advertising other community governments’ events.
    Is thinking about throwing a party since a lot of clubs have shut down. It would provide a
     safe place to dance and have a good time.
    Annice asked if she heard of reverse trick-or-treating where you knock on doors and
     handout candy as a way to meet people and advertise CG.
    Is working with Morrison to have a tailgating party for Virginia Tech.
    Held a t-shirt contest and is finalizing a winner.

Morrison (Ryan Collins)
   Will be having a joint tailgate with Manning West for the Virginia Tech game. Since it is
     away they will be showing the game on a big screen.
   Held Latin Night last Wednesday and had about 100 attendees.
   Recycling competition has started up and is trying to discourage bad practices by not
     counting beer cans.
   Will be having a safe sex presentation from Campus Health on Thursday.
   Will be voting on a t-shirt design at their meeting tonight.
   Will be holding a We Scream for Ice Scream event where residents collect different
     ingredients to make their own ice scream on each floor.
   Have new tables from the Housing Department so that they now have somewhere to hold
     their CG meetings.

OCLQ (Beth Bridges)
   Will be having a competition with OCUQ that will be held over the next four Mondays.
    Volley ball, Frisbee, capture the flag and a still to be determined activity will be played.
   Will be partnering with Cobb to play ultimate Frisbee
   Will be screening the Virginia Tech game in the Lower Quad
   Has a blood drive coming up
   Enhancements coordinator is working on buying needed cooking supplies.
   Is talking with RAs about working with them for a coffee house type program.

OCUQ (Diana Rabstejnek)
   Is having a rivalry competition with OCUQ and losing team buys the ice cream.
   Had a full staff meeting with all of the OAs, RAs and CG.
   Is working on the Birthday bash.
   Is working on Night Under the Sky where residents will make smores and hotdogs and are
    trying to have an Astronomy person come and talk about the stars.
   Is thinking about having some sort of debate to talk about hot topics around campus.
       Odum Village (Shwanda Jones)
           First program will be about nutrition and food. Will be serving pancakes and fruit. Event
            will be held in the next week or so.

       Parker (Patrick Spaugh)
           Finalized the design for the traditional haunted house
           Upside Down Day went well; had about 80 attend.
           Will be receiving CG t-shirts tomorrow
           Is having a tailgate this Saturday for the Georgia Southern game
           Is collaborating with the Language Housing for a World Food Day program.
           Is having a football projections competition.
           Is considering a Halloween costume contest.
           Is still interested in seeing a campus wide Virginia Tech game viewing and maybe
            collaborating with Fever.

       Ram Village (Zach Cole)

   NRHH Report
        Representative is not present.
        Approved constitutional amendments and will be having various fundraisers this year.
        First service project will be collecting recycling in Horton; will collect at two communities
         each month

   Advisor Report (Annice, Justin and Kim)
          Annice: Has been working with Le and Jenn; is trying to do more with the Ethics Board
           this year.
          Kim: Attended Jessie’s programming committee meeting.
          Justin: Attended the SAACHUR meeting

Old Business

New Business
     Office Hours Campaign (Jasmine Jones, Student Body President)
          Is starting a campaign to emphasize attending office hours.
          The campaign will remove the stigma for why a student should attend office hours. It will
           aim to inform students that professors excel in their field and are a valuable resource to use
           when it comes to recommendations and exploring career options.
           Is asking Community Governments to try and dedicate one board with office hour
            information for 3-4 weeks and getting it talked about in the residents halls; this does not
            have to be in the form of a program.
           Student Government is doing a comprehensive plan and will send us all of the information,
            including all of the benefits and why students do and do not go to be used at our discretion.
           Is planning on running the campaign during finals or around midterms next year.
           Only the Faculty Council, Student Government and RHA will be working together on this
            campaign in making a difference in how faculty members see students at Carolina.
           Parker said that it is great to get students to realize that they have that opportunity.
           This campaign will also get the faculty members to be more involved as well.
           Is excited about the upcoming partnership with RHA for Homecoming and looks forward
            to working with us in the future.

DHRE Website Redesign (Jill Powell, Marketing Manager)
        The templates provided are off the self templates that the department did not have much
         say in how they look or have the opportunity to insert the feel of housing. Is trying to
         make the website more personal to what housing is and better represent them.
        The website embraces the Leave Your Heelprint campaign
        Unchousing.wordpress.com is the blog where we can put feedback that we receive from
         the residents about each design. It is a good way to channel all of the information in one

Program Proposals
           Program is proposed by the Carmichael Community
           Program will be held October 27th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm in the Carmichael Ball Room
            and on Stadium Drive.
           Asking RHA for $800; total projected cost is $1,096.83 (originally $1,000)
           Additional sources of funding are coming from Carmichael Community Government and
            Carmichael Community Programming Funds
           Projected attendance is 300-500
           Safetober: promotes good safety habits, specifically on Halloween.
           Participants travel around the different safety tables and receive food stamps which they
            can then redeem for food.
           Funding will mainly go towards food that is not donated and publicity
           Manning West asked how much Carmichael Community was funding. $300-400.
           Chris asked why Parker was cut out this year. Parker chose to put their funds elsewhere.
           Parker asked why they were purchasing 100 t-shirts. The majority would go to those who
            came in the beginning and Community Government members and RAs who are
        Morrison asked if they had already looked into reserving the space. Yes. Asked if the cost
         involved was indicated on the form. No because had not received a response yet, but is
         indicated in the new proposed total cost.
        Parker asked how they are advertising the event. Large posters from ResNet, painting a
         cube, publicity in each community.

Heels for Hope 5k Challenge
        Program is proposed by Granville Towers and Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
        Program will be held October 31st from 8:00am to 2:00pm at the Granville Towers
        Asking RHA for $2000; total projected cost is $12,950
        Additional sources of funding are coming from donations of materials from businesses;
         have not received monetary funding yet.
        Projected attendance is 2,000
        Heels for Hope: is a 5k race that will raise money for the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive
         Cancer Center, Push America and the Arc of Orange County
        The nonprofit was started in March to honor a music teacher who passed away to breast
        The event will incorporate UNC and Chapel Hill communities.
        Events associated with the race are a Pink Out at Players on October 29th, a benefit concert
         at Granville on October 30th in partnership with Cats Cradle and Local 506, the actual
         event on Halloween morning, and live entertainment and free food afterwards for
        Manning East asked if under the “additional sources of funding” question if the amounts
         listed was the valued amount of donations. Yes
        Cobb asked what the program budget was. Most of the funding is coming from
         registration costs--$15 per person including $3 for a t-shirt and $2 for food. Would like to
         be able to give a lot of money to the charities and not use the money to cover fees of the
        Parker noted that they already have publicity up. He asked if they would change the flyers
         to have the RHA logo on it. They need to order more posters, so the logo would go on the
         new ones. Is trying to get media sources to help advertise, such as local radio stations,
         NBC Ch11, and press releases; RHA would be mentioned in all of those.
        Morrison asked who was providing the production services. Is through the Union
         Production service.
        Hinton James asked how Phi Kappa Phi is involved. They will be helping to staff and
         publicize the event. It is not their event; they are just helping to run it.
        Parker asked if he had considered going to Student Government for funding. Did not
         know he was allowed to ask organizations for funding until two weeks ago and that he will
         look into it now that he knows it is a possibility.
        Lee asked if all of the entertainment groups have committed. Yes. He asked if additional
         sources of funding are included in the approximate cost of budget. Yes.
        There is no objection to extending the meeting until the agenda is fulfilled. Manning East
         left due to a prior engagement.

Discussion and Voting
        Christina said that the executive board is working on updating the program proposal form
         so reoccurring questions are addressed beforehand. If governors have any suggestions
         email them to her by Thursday.
        Christina reminded us to not ask questions that do not matter to the decision and make sure
         it is beneficial for the entire group to know.
        Christina also reminded us that we use Roberts Rules of Orders to keep the decision in the
         hands of the general body so everyone has equal power to make a motion, call to question
         and get on the speakers list. She asked us to make sure we are using these powers
        Christina reminded us to not just repeat what someone else is saying and to call to question
         when everyone has made their decision and the process needs to get moved along.
        Christina asked us to remember that this is official business and not personal. Governors
         are elected to represent the residents and that we all have their best intentions in mind.
        Annice asked us to keep in mind when we are engaged in discussion that our facial
         expressions and tone of voice have an impact and be mindful of how we portray ourselves.

       Morrison had a point of information: asked if the funds would come out of our traditional
         budget. No
       Parker motions to fund for $300. Morrison seconded.
       Carmichael disagrees with funding it for so low. The program is open to everyone on
         campus and is about making safety fun for people. Carmichael CG will work with them to
         try and help fund it too but obtaining as much funds from RHA would be really helpful.
       Parker said that he is worried about financing the t-shirts. He said that not every program
         needs t-shirts and most of these will go to RAs and community government members.
         Thinks it is a large, unnecessary cost.
       Hinton James said that if they pool from the community government and community funds
         it should be an even split of funds.
       Carmichael said that it is not a Carmichael government event and should not have to fund
         the majority of it.
       Manning West made a point of information: asked if Carmichael Community Government
         would have their own booth. Yes because they are contributing money.
       Parker had a point of information: asked how much money Carmichael will be
         contributing. They will decide on Sunday
       Parker said that if they deduct t-shirts from the total cost, would be left with $670 and if
         that could be split with $300 from RHA, $300 from the community government and $70
         from RAs.
    Justin pointed out that the event is set up right where South campus traffic comes through.
    Parker made a point of information: asked what was said about registration. Can register
     bikes at the event.
    Manning West made a point of information: asked if the event is held on a weekday. On a
    Morrison said that since it is not a Carmichael Community Government event they should
     not feel obligated to fund.
    Lee said that a RHA funding seems contingent on how much the community government
     funds. He thinks that the issue should be pushed back and a decision made after we see
     how much the community government funds.
    Craige pointed out that it is a commonly used area, especially on a weekday.
    There is no objection to extending the speakers list.
    Parker said that if they came to us his community would be able to fund a little.
    Justin said that when people come to the BOG with a program proposal it is not our place
     to tell them what to fund.
    Carmichael noted that the t-shirts are part of their publicity
    Jessie had a point of information: the event falls under RHA week so it will be added to
     publicity for RHA, so publicity does not have to just be contingent on the t-shirts.
     Carmichael noted that the t-shirts were more for the day of the event.
    Manning West had a point of information: asked if Carmichael will receive community
     cup points for the event. Yes.
    Parker called to question. No objection
            In favor to fund for $300: 12
            Opposed: 0
            Abstain: 1
            Motion passed. The program will be funded for $300

Expressions After Dark
    Hinton James made a point of information: asked if the budget was updated. Yes, have
     spent $1700 of the total $5000 for outside programs.
    Parker made a point of information: asked if Granville residents are considered on campus
     residents. No, but housing education is managed by UNC; operations is managed by Allen
     O’Hare. The program is treated as an outside organization.
    Parker motioned to fund for $500. Craige seconded.
    Hinton James felt like it is a really well put together event and that he has just not gotten
     around to asking for monetary donations yet. She believed that $2000 was a lot to fund but
     that the event will be really successful and a good event to put our name on.
    Ehringhaus said that he has not asked around yet for money and that we should maybe
     fund for some, but not a lot.
    Parker said that the only thing he is worried about is that he does not know how many
     community residents will come out. He sees it as a big Granville and Greek event.
 Craige agreed that $2000 is a lot of money and that he has not gone to many other
  organizations yet.
 Jessie said that with $2000 and the $15 race fee, with costs, $20,000 would be donations,
  which is plenty of money to cover the event and still give a sizeable donation.
 Connor agreed with Craige
 Morrison concurs with Jessie and that they will probably receive extra donations.
 Lee asked if somebody knew the route. Yes, route was described. Lee said that 75% of
  on-campus residents seems like a generous projection and that he is marketing to everyone
  in Chapel Hill
 Granville said that since there are other organizations he did not know about, he can go to
  them, but partnering with RHA is a good way to get involved with RHA.
 No objections to extending the speakers list.
 Morrison agreed with Lee and said that we have to consider where our monetary needs lie.
 Manning West said that they have money and to keep in mind that other people will have
  program proposals that will really need our money.
 Lee said that it does not matter if we appear as the evil guy. He said that if the BOG does
  not think our funds will go towards supporting the residents then we should not fund it. He
  pointed out that governors should not feel obligated to fund and should think about what is
  best for the residents.
 Parker feels like the event should be funded, but is not sure on the amount. Commented
  that it would be nice to hear opinions from people who have not yet talked.
 Kenan said that it would benefit some residents and raise cancer awareness. She noted that
  everyone on campus has somehow been affected by campus and believed it would have a
  beneficial impact on the residents.
 Craige called to question. This is an objection
         In favor to call to question: 2
         Opposed: 8
         Abstain: 3
         The objection passes. The motion is not called to question.
 Odum said that it would build great community relations between UNC residents and the
  Chapel Hill community. She understands that money is an issue with the budget but that
  she feels this program is a good way to spend our money and put our name on.
 Connor said that the purpose of event is not to benefit our residents, but other people. The
  event will indirectly have a huge impact on our residents. He pointed out that the run will
  be through campus and that the event has been pubbed for weeks.
 No objection to extending the speakers list to 5.
 OCUQ thinks that the whole thing about only involving Granville and Greeks isn’t fair to
  say. She thinks that because they have gotten so many donations means that it is very well
  thought out, not that we shouldn’t fund. It would be nice to be able to say that the
  registration fee is all donated to charity.
 Granville said that the event has been pubbed a lot and if you tag on the RHA name you do
  not know what would come about
           Chris said that if governors are worried about the event not reaching the residents then they
            should pub in their own residence halls.
           Ankit agreed with Chris
           Hinton James also agreed with Chris. She said that we could get a lot of residents to
            attend. If we got involved and spread the word we could get a lot of people there.
           Manning West is concerned that maybe they underestimated the number of people who are
            going. Will have people that have nothing to do with UNC come out to the event.
           No objections to extending the speakers list to 6.
           Lee said that we seem to have come to a general consensus that it will benefit residents; the
            question seems to be how much to fund from RHA. Could add on a stipulation that they
            do ask other organizations for funding.
           Morrison calls to question. There is no objection
                  In favor to fund for $500: 12
                  Opposed: 0
                  Abstain: 1
                  Motion passes. Heels for Hope will be funded for $500.

           McKinney presented to crown to Marry because she is very well organized, has a lot of
            programs in the works, and is always on top of things.

         OTWs will start next week.
         Christina: Over the summer she met with Caleb Water, the Biaty Hill manager for graduate
          students and families. He would like to get involved with RHA and is interested in
          Community Governments to come and trick or treat with them. It is an open possibility for
          some communities. Baity Hill is technically a part of RHA so it would be nice to do
          something with them.
                Manning West asked if we could put a party on for them. Yes. Those who are
                   interested should contact Caleb
                Manning West asked if we could do this together and not have a bunch of
                Kenan asked if a lot a communities are interested if it could be discussed at the
                   next BOG meeting. Should be discussed outside of BOG meetings.
                Kim said that Biaty does not have a big gathering spot; since Odum is close it
                   could be an option for the location.
                The program idea will have a spot on next week’s agenda.
                Hinton James volunteered to contact Caleb and let him know we will be talking
                   about holding an event.
         Connor: community is working with an idea to through a ghost stories night in Ford’s
            Theatre. Is interested in having performing groups and professors get involved. He
              would like for other North Campus community governments to help with the event, and
              if they are interested to contact him.
             Kenan said that she will be having a presentation on how to use Google Docs in Kenan
              parlor Thursday at 6pm
             Justin noted that packing up before the meeting is over is disrespectful.
             Hinton James asked why everything has to happen on the same three nights around
              Halloween. She noted that we will not be able to attend each other’s events. Jessie said
              that she is trying to get a schedule out as soon as possible so that communities do not
              duplicate events or conflict too much with times.
             OCUQ announced that she will be having funfetti cake at their CG meeting tonight.
             Manning West said that a boondocks forum will be held by the political action committee
              of BSM. It will be dealing with race and diversity and held at 6:30 Thursday in the
              SASB Upendo Lounge.
             Hinton James asked if more points were awarded for the number of people who attended
              the blood drive, for community cup. Could get points for attendees.

The meeting adjourned at 9:32 p.m. The next BOG meeting will be held Tuesday, October 6th at

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