How to Submit Lenny's Project Using Blackboard's Assignments Feature

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					Using Blackboard’s Assignments Feature to Submit Your Lenny’s Project
You will be submitting your Lenny’s Project using the Assignments feature in Blackboard. Be sure you have completed and checked your Lenny’s Project prior to submitting your project file to your instructor. Once you submit your project file, you cannot submit a second or corrected file. To submit your Lenny’s Project do the following: 1. In Excel, save your Lenny’s Project to a file named with your name as follows: your LAST NAME then your FIRST NAME For example – Fred Smith would save his Project to a file named:

2. Login to Blackboard. 3. Click on your Acc 225 course. 4. Click on Assignments in the list on the left side of the screen. 5. Click >> View/Complete Assignment: Lenny’s Project. 6. In the Comments box – type in your name. 7. Click the Browse button that is located next to the Attach local file box. 8. In the Choose file window navigate to where you saved your Lenny’s Project file. Click on your Lenny’s Project file and then click Open. The “File To Attach” box should now contain the name of your Lenny’s Project file (this should be the file named with your Last Name then your First Name as directed in 1. above). 9. Click the Submit button (do not click the Save button). 10. After your Lenny’s Project file has been sent – the screen should read: The assignment has been updated. 11. Click Logout at the top of the screen. 12. Your Lenny’s Project has been sent to your instructor.

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