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Human Trafficking Pro PPT


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									Issue 12 Has the International Community Designed an Adequate Strategy to Address Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking Defined
• • • • Recruitment, Transfer of a person Force or threat Control over person Purpose of exploitation

• • • • Prostitution Forced labor Slavery Other forms of servitude

Statistics of 2006
• • • • 600,000- 800,000 people 80% female 15% minors $9.5 billion

PRO-Issue 12
• YES the International Community has Designed an Adequate Strategy to Address Human Trafficking.

Three Prong Approach
1. Prosecute

2. Protect

3. Prevent

Push and Pull Factors
• Push
– Political, Economical, Social Distress – New opportunity

• Pull
– 60+ Population – Low Birth Rates – Flexible, cooperative, moldable

Three Tier System Human Trafficking Act 2000
• • • TIER 1: Fully comply with the Act’s minimum TIER 2 : Do not fully comply with the Act’s minimum standards but are making significant efforts. TIER 2 SPECIAL WATCH LIST: do not fully comply with the Act’s minimum standards but are making significant efforts and:
– Victims of severe forms of trafficking is very significant – Failure to provide evidence of increasing efforts to combat severe forms of trafficking – Same efforts as pervious year with no progress


TIER 3: Countries whose governments do not fully comply with the minimum standards and are not making significant efforts to do so.

Legal Response
• The U.N. Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime
– New laws – $$

• U.N. Protocol

The Palermo Protocol
• December 25, 2003 • Purposes
– Punish traffickers – Prevent trafficking – Keep migrants safe

Counter-Trafficking Efforts in Practice
• Definition of Trafficking • Increased Attention on Sexual Trafficking
– Forced prostitution

• Criminal Justice System
– Harsh penalties – Strict Immigration policies

Re-analyzing Counter-Trafficking Strategy
• Assessment of long-term effects of existing strategy
• Punishing traffickers v. Protecting victims

• Implementation of new and more effective strategy
• Use International human rights laws to provide conceptual framework for addressing the root causes of trafficking. • Confronting issues like poverty, unemployment, discrimination, and gender-based violence.

What do you think can be done to help stop human trafficking? With so many other pressing issues in the world have we done enough to address the issues of human trafficking? If no, how much more should we do?

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