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                       Barbie Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before
   The Toy & Miniature Museum and the UMKC Women’s Center Present a Five-Part
   Program Series Observing America’s Favorite Doll and her Role in Popular Culture

There is no denying that Barbie holds a special place in our society. Her influence on young girls and women has
been evident since she first burst onto the scene in 1959. Her image, fashions and interests have evolved
throughout her half-century reign as a premier icon. However, one thing has remained steadfast: girls have
admired Barbie for 50 years. Some believe this admiration has come at a high price, possibly setting unreal istic
expectations for girls in their formative years. Others believe that Barbie teaches girls confidence and motivation
to achieve. Whatever the debated affect, the topic begs further discussion and greater exploration.

This February, The Toy & Miniature Museum partners with UMKC to bring Kansas City a program series
exploring this fascinating topic and opening up in-depth discussions about Barbie’s role in society. Don’t miss
this exciting opportunity to weigh in on this intriguing conversation, begging the question, “Is Barbie a role model
or a negative influence?” What’s your take? For reservations, call 816.333.9328 or find us on Facebook and
RSVP to the event you plan to attend.

                             Join Us!
Unpacking Barbie and Her Wardrobe: The Body as Historical Text
When:            Friday, February 26
Time:            12 PM
Duration:        1 hour
What:            Bring your lunch and participate in a lively discussion about Barbie and material culture.
Presenter:       Miriam Forman-Brunell, UMKC Professor of History
Where:           UMKC Campus
                 Miller Nichols Library
                 800 East 51st St.
                 Room 303
Presented By:    UMKC Libraries
                 UMKC Women’s Center
                 Toy and Miniature Museum
Femininity and Feminism: Barbie’s Ambiguities, Ruth Handler’s Ambivalences
When:          Wednesday, March 3
Time:          Exhibit open at 6:30 PM, Lecture begins at 7 PM
What:          Participate in a lecture about Barbie and her creator, Ruth Handler. Refreshments served.
Presenter:     Miriam Forman-Brunell, UMKC Professor of History
Where:         Toy and Miniature Museum
               5235 Oak St.
Presented By: Toy and Miniature Museum
               UMKC Women’s Center
Cost:          Museum Admission = $7
*Reservations Required

Blaming Barbie: Has a Doll Become Our Feminist Scapegoat?
When:           Thursday, March 11
Time:           Reception begins at 6 PM, Lecture begins at 6:30 PM
What:           Author and blogger Courtney E. Martin will take a hard look at the feminist inclination to
                demonize Barbie and argue for a renaissance of self-examination instead. She will touch on
                everything from body image, to sex, to work/life balance in this entertaining talk; followed by
                what she hopes will be a lively discussion. Read more about her work at
       or check out her award-winning book, Perfect Girls, Starving
                Daughters: How the Quest for Perfection is Harming Young Women.
Presenter:      Courtney E. Martin, author and blogger
Where:          Truman Forum Auditorium
                Kansas City Library on the Plaza
                4801 Main St.
Presented By:   Kansas City Public Library on the Plaza
                UMKC Women’s Center
                Toy and Miniature Museum

Barbie Nation
When:           Monday, March 15
Time:           6:30 PM
What:           Watch this documentary about America’s obsession with Barbie and participate in the
                discussion afterwards. Adult content, not recommended for children under 18.
Where:          UMKC Campus
                University Center
                5000 Holmes
                Room 106
Presented By:   Toy and Miniature Museum
                UMKC Women’s Center

Barbie: Love Her or Leave Her?
When:           Tuesday, March 23
Time:           Exhibit opens at 11:30 AM, Program begins at 12 PM
What:           Find out how the UMKC community feels about Barbie by watching a short documentary film
                produced by the Women’s Center student staff. Then join in the discussion about how our
                feelings about Barbie growing up influenced the way we played with her then, how we feel about
                her now, and how we feel about ourselves. Lunch provided.
Where:          Toy and Miniature Museum
                5235 Oak St.
Presented By:   Toy and Miniature Museum
                UMKC Women’s Center
Cost:           Museum Admission = $7
*Reservations required

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