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									                                                                                     May 2010

 Vol. 19, No. 5                                                 

TUESDAY, May 11                                    We will break out into the classes for about
                                                   45 minutes. This will be followed by several
May’s Fly Casting Clinic with                      casting games.
Bob Stouffer
                                                   Several casting instructors will be assisting
Casting Instruction for All Levels                 Bob during the evening.
Special Start Time: 6:00pm at the
310 South Carroll Street Parking                   Do not forget your rod and reel. For the
                                                   clinic, Bob recommends either a 5wt or 6wt
                                                   rod with WF or DT line with 2X or 3X
                                                   leader. A 7 ½’ rod would be ideal, but an 8’
On Tuesday, May 11, we welcome back
                                                   or 9’ would be fine.
club favorite --- Bob Stouffer, a FFF
certified casting instructor. If you are new
                                                   As background information, Bob is a native
to fly-fishing or if you would just like to
                                                   Marylander, who learned about fly-fishing
sharpen your fly casting skills, join us at our
                                                   on the Potomac River and streams around
May meeting.
                                                   the Clear Spring area. During the 1970’s,
                                                   Bob lived in Montana and refined his
This year’s casting clinic will be even better
                                                   casting techniques on famous rivers like the
than last year’s clinic. First, we will start at
                                                   Yellowstone and the Madison.
6:00pm and meet at the 310 South Carroll
Street Parking lot. This is the same field as
                                                   Today, he spends much of his time teaching
last year.
                                                   casting techniques to many in the area. He is
                                                   a Casting Instructor at Shepherd College and
To start the night, club members will be
                                                   he is an instructor at the Antietam Casting
given a demonstration on what will be
                                                   Club. He received his Casting Certificate in
covered in each class. This includes:
    1. Casting for Beginners – including
        those who wish to brush up on their
                                                   This will be an informative class for
        casting technique
                                                   everyone. So, bring your rod and reel and
    2. Presentation Casts – including
                                                   come prepared to learn something new about
        mending and curving
    3. Distance Casting
    4. Single-handed Spey Casting                  Please remember our special start time:

PVFF Family Picnic by Donna

Please call Donna at 301-317-4205 before       CALENDAR of EVENTS:
June 5 if you are attending. We also need
to know how many in your family, age of
youngster coming, and what you might be        May 11         Casting Clinic
bringing. Please leave a message!!                            310 South Carroll Street
                                                              Parking lot
This year the PVFF Family Picnic will be on                   Frederick, MD 6: PM
June 5 at Middletown Park, Shelter 2 (by the
pond). The hours are from 12:00 – 4:00pm.      May 19         Fly Tyers Roundtable
We have this Shelter all day so come early                    Hobbytown
and stay late if you like.                                    Frederick, MD 6:30 PM

Lunch is from 12:00 - 1:00pm. The club         May 25         Board of Directors
provides hamburgers, hot dogs and water.                      Frederick Library
You may bring tea and lemonade. Families                      Frederick, MD 7 PM
are asked to bring a covered dish.

There will be a fishing contest for the Kids
from 1:00 - 2:30pm. Please remember to
bring worms and a bucket.

                                               Upcoming Meetings by Larry Forte
Fishing Q&A:                                   June: Steve Moore, author of “Trout and
                                               Smallmouth Fishing on the North Branch of
See how many of the following questions        the Potomac”. He will discuss fishing the
you can correctly answer. Correct              North Brach of the Potomac.
answers shown on the last page of the

   1. Planer boards are commonly used
      when trolling for saltwater fish                           Meetings
      species. They are also used for what       Time and Day: 7 pm, Second Tuesday of
      fresh water species?                       Month except July and August
   2. Black bass are one of several bass         Place: Maryland School for the Deaf, Ely
      species belonging to what family of        Building
      fish?                                      Directions: From I-70 head north into
   3. What is the Tennessee state sport          Downtown Frederick on Market St. (MD-
      fish?                                      355). First traffic light is Clarke Place, turn
   4. What is the Tennessee state fish?          right at light and turn first left into Parking
   5. What is the Tennessee commercial           Lot. Parking lot is on south side of Ely Bldg.

Outings by David Fulton
                                                 North Branch Fall Brown Trout – We will
For those of you who missed the April            head up in November to target the Browns.
Meeting, I am stepping down as the PVFF          This time of year brings the big boys out.
Outings Chairman because of personal             They will be aggressive as they get into
obligations. The Club needs someone to           spawning mode.
step up and take over as Outings Chairman.
The job involves organizing outings, writing     I will have sign-up sheets at the April
the update for the monthly newsletter, and       meeting, but you can sign up anytime by
attending Board meetings. In fact, two           emailing or calling me at
people could split the responsibilities as co- or (240) 446-3371.
                                                 Liability waivers are required for all outings.
Now let us move on to the outings.               I will have liability waivers at the meeting,
                                                 but I can also email them to anyone who can
Town Creek (April 25) – I was not able to        receive Microsoft Word documents.
go, but I heard those who went had a good
time and caught some fish. I hope that this      I really hope that someone will step up and
outing will return in 2011 … please              take over the Outings, so that the club can
Larry!!!!                                        continue to enjoy these events. Anyone who
                                                 is interested should contact me or any
Deer Creek Shad –The crazy weather has           member of the Board of Directors.
made things tough so far, but several groups
have taken shots at them. They will be           Support Your Local Fly Shop
around for a while though, so we still have
time. I even heard there are White               Hunting Creek Outfitters, North Market
(American) Shad congregating at the base of      Street, Frederick. Club members, show your
the Conowingo dam on the Susquehanna.            PVFF membership card and receive a
                                                 discount on leader, tippet and fly-tying
Bill Skilton’s (May 1) – 10 anglers went up      materials.
there for a day of fishing Skilton’s stocked
ponds. We will try to get a report from them     Special Discounts to all PVFF Members
at the meeting.                                  Hunting Creek Outfitters is now an
                                                 authorized SIMMS dealer. Come see some
Greenbrier Lake (May 14) – The outing will       of the finest waders, boots, jackets, vests,
be on May 14. We will be targeting trout,        clothing, gear and more from one of the
bass and crappie from kayaks and canoes on       industry’s leading manufactures. As always,
the lake at Greenbrier State Park. I would       all PVFF members receive 10% off all flies,
like to thank Dan and Amy once again for         leaders, tippets and tying materials.
making this one possible by providing
kayaks. I think this will be a great outing,     Kelly’s White Fly Shoppe
and I am really bummed that I will not be        PO Box 835
able to make it.                                 133 W. German Street
                                                 Shepherdstown, WV
Fall Steelhead – I am planning for               Visit our NEW Website:
Cattaraugus Creek in NY in late        
October/early November.

                                                 Visit from Philip Greenlee by Don
         PVFF Committees & Chairs                Fine
Fly Tying & Tackle       Don Fine
Clinics & Seminars       Larry Forte             On April 15 and 22nd PVFF was pleased to
Conservation             Randy Inmon             have the opportunity to host Mr. Philip
                         John Brognard           Greenlee, CEO and President/Federation of
Membership               Ruby Fine               Flyfishers. Last year when PVFF seriously
Newsletter               Lou Stohlman
Programs                 Larry Forte
                                                 considered dropping out of the Federation,
Publicity                Karen Baker             Mr. Greenlee promised to fulfill the
Trout in the Classroom   Chuck Dinkel            promises of his predecessor that included
Trout Raising            Randy Inmon             visiting several of the local clubs of the Mid
Web Page                 John Brognard           Atlantic Council and to visit the
                                                 conservation project and PVFF trout pen on
                                                 Carroll Creek. In addition, and during the
                                                 interval of our initial conversation and the
                                                 present visit, Mr. Greenlee assisted PVFF
Fly Tyers Roundtable(s) by Don Fine              and two other MAC clubs in getting youth
                                                 fly rod and reel combinations and fly tying
In April Eli Gonzales treated us to a            materials. With his help PVFF was also able
selection of some of his favorite patterns for   to feature an article on restoration of Carroll
steelhead and Stillwater trout that included a   Creek last fall in the FFF Flyfisher
silver streamer, darter and Eli’s version of     magazine.
the Serendipity. Eli recommended use of
several of these patterns at the Greenbrier      Earlier this spring Phil contacted me and
outing on May 14.                                asked for help with planning for his spring
                                                 visit to the east coast, which took place on
On May 19 Jeff Brubaker will demonstrate         April 15. Our face-to-face meeting with Mr.
one of his favorite caddis emerger patterns.     Greenlee that evening included PVFF
As always, the PVFF roundtable begins at         President John Brognard, myself, our wives
6:30pm.                                          and the newly appointed MAC President,
                                                 James (Jim) Porter. Together we traveled to
In the interest of inter-club flytying           the AFA monthly meeting at Mt. Aetna
activities, I will be demonstrating Gary         Conservation Center, where Mr. Greenlee
LaFontaine’s Mohawk attractor pattern at         candidly discussed his views and answered
the AFA Flytying Roundtable on May 6.            questions (to those who attended
The AFA Roundtable is at Keystone                representing PVFF, AFA and Creekside
Sporting Goods at the north end of               Anglers) on reorganization of the FFF. He
Hagerstown. Their roundtable starts at 7pm.      holds firm that the FFF mission is to provide
All tyers (both novice and experienced) are      support the councils, the clubs, and the
welcome to join us or the AFA club.              individuals that make up these fly fishing
Flytying materials are provided, all you need    organizations, rather than the clubs should
to bring is your basic tying tools and           pay homage to the FFF. I would say without
enthusiasm to learn.                             hesitation that all in attendance felt assured
                                                 that major changes in the FFF organization
                                                 have taken place in less than a year, with
                                                 more good yet to come.

On April 22 Mr. Greenlee returned to              Last Cast by John Brognard
Frederick where he met John Brognard,
Chuck Dinkel, Karen Baker and myself at           Fishing with Friends
the PVFF trout pen. At 11am that morning
John and Chuck escorted Mr. Greenlee to           My dad was a small game hunter. He loved
Monocacy Middle School where he had the           to go hunting for Pheasants. He was not a
opportunity to see our Trout in the               fisherman, but my friend Dick was. We met
Classroom (aka TIC) program in action.            in 5th grade and became lifelong friends.
Later that day Chuck and Mr. Greenlee             Dick took me fishing for the first time. I did
traveled to Beaver Creek. There they met          not have any fishing equipment so he let me
with Doug Hutzell, who gave Mr. Greenlee          use some if his. We rode our bikes to Gladco
a tour of the restored “catch and release”        Lake about 4 miles from Hanover, Pa. We
sections of the stream and an overview of         baited our hooks and Dick helped me cast
the next section of the stream for restoration.   my first worm into a lake. Like most 10 year
(Thanks Chuck for your help in hosting Mr.        old boys we waited for about 30 seconds to
Greenlee).                                        get a bite, and then took off exploring.

Mr. Greenlee’s visit not only fulfilled his       We captured some frogs, threw rocks and all
promises, but also was more than expected.        that kind of stuff. When we returned, it was
Phil (as he prefers to be called) has been a      obvious that something was on our lines.
fly fisher since childhood, President of          Dick pulled in a nice 12” Rainbow and I
several clubs and councils on the west coast,     caught my very first fish, an 18” Rainbow.
and a member of the FFF Board of Directors        Well you can guess who got “hooked” that
prior to assuming responsibility for              day. Dick is still fishing professionally in
leadership of the Federation. He is a             Florida and we do not get to see each other
passionate, committed, and enthusiastic           much these days, but we will always be
man, who I believe has and will continue to       friends.
do good things for the Federation and us all.
                                                  Fishing has, over the years, given me the
                                                  opportunity to meet and become friends with
                                                  many wonderful people. As many of you
                                                  know, Don Fine and I spend many, many
                                                  hours working on conservation projects,
  PVFF OFFICERS & DIRECTORS 2010                  community projects and of course fishing.
  President       John Brognard                   Several years back, while fishing in Ramsey
  President-Elect vacant                          Lake in Ontario, he inspired my partner for
  Secretary       Karen Baker
  Treasurer       Larry Forte                     life, Donna, to start fly fishing. Since then
  3yr Director    Lou Stohlman                    Ruby, Don, Donna and I have had some
  2yr Director    Jon Thames                      special adventures in some remote places
  1yr Director    David Fulton                    fishing together and enjoying the places
  Past President  Don Fine                        fishing has taken us. But most of all, I enjoy
                                                  the friendship we have and share on the
                                                  stream. Most fishers tend to spread out and
                                                  move in opposite directions on a stream.
                                                  Don or Donna and I can enjoy fishing the
                                                  same hole and get just as much enjoyment
                                                  watching the other catch a fish than getting

one ourselves. That is what is special about
fishing with friends.

I could relate stories for hours about fishing   Answers to Fishing Q&A:
with many of our club members and                   1. Walleyed pike
enjoying the time spent on a stream or lake.        2. Sunfish. The other members include
Jon and Lou travel with us to Canada                   Guadalupe bass, spotted bass,
fishing. Karen and Chad fished with us on              smallmouth and largemouth bass.
the Monocacy float trip. Chris, Karen, Don          3. Largemouth bass (this was easy)
and I went fishing for shad last year. Donna,       4. Smallmouth bass (makes sense)
Karen, Don and I fished Morgan Run last             5. Channel catfish (never expected that)
week. Dan and Amy Hodkinson helped me
catch my first Muskie and along with Donna
we had a wonderful day on the water. Lou
took Karen, Don and I to Deer Creek on our
first Shad trip and friendships grew stronger.
We spent an enjoyable day on the Town
Creek with Larry and his Dad and made
more friends. Then there are the many
special days on lakes and streams with my
Son and Daughter. So many stories in so
little space.

Though fishing is our primary reason for
getting together, our club members are also
involved with conservation. I have enjoyed
working with members on numerous
conservation projects, forming friendships
as we work together.

I believe we have an exceptional club, made
up of many exceptional fly fishers and I
believe that new friendships are being
formed each month. Fishing is fun. Having
good times with friends is special.

Fishing with friends is priceless!

2010                                   POTOMAC VALLEY FLY FISHERS
                                       MEMBERSHIP and RENEWAL APPLICATION

The purpose of the Potomac Valley Fly Fishers is (1) to promote fly fishing as the most sportsman-like and enjoyable way of fishing and
the most consistent with the preservation and wise use of our resources; (2) to provide advice, suggestions and assistance to club
members; (3) to publicize the best practices and techniques of fly fishing, fly tying, fly casting and other related subjects; and (4) to
maintain liaison with other organizations of sportsmen and conservationists.

The undersigned being in agreement with the above purpose does hereby apply for membership/renewal in the Potomac Valley Fly Fishers.

Applicant’s Name: ______________________________________ ________________________________                    Date: ___________________
                    (Last)                               (First)
If family membership, other names: __________________________________________________________________________

Home Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
          (Street)                                               (City)              (State)                (ZIP)
Home phone: __________________________________________ Business phone: _________________________________________________

E-mail address (for e-mailing newsletter) __________________________________________________________________________

Applicant’s signature: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Are you a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers? ___Yes ___No Membership Dues: ___ $12.00 single or               ___ $17.00 family

How did you hear about PVFF?     __Outdoor Show      __Website      __Friend    __Newspaper      __ Other

Please make check payable to Potomac Valley Fly Fishers or PVFF and mail with completed form to:

          Ruby Fine, PVFF Membership                             Dues for calendar year Jan 1-Dec 31, 2010
          8712 Baltimore National Pike                           Check #_________ Dated ________________ Cash _______
          Middletown, Maryland 21769-9401                        Card given ______ New ______ Renewal _____ Life__________

P. O. BOX 3001


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