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					Upon request of the 11th Ward Republican Committeeman, Carl Segvich, I was asked to
take a look at the activities of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Like Mr. Segvich, I choose to focus my energy exclusively on the state of Illinois;
tending to stay close to home, in Cook County.

However, I can’t ignore the tremendous impact that Cancer has had on people in my life;
and I’m sure that many of you have been touched by this terrible affliction.

But when a group of people, from First Lexington Corp and Goldman Sachs, band
together as a nonprofit facility, and solicit charitable donations, while only occasionally
performing cancer research – in between exorbitant lump sum executive compensation
distributions, risky hedge fund investments, and secretive accounts in the Cayman Islands
– I have to ask myself, “why are these people allowed to operate as a nonp rofit?”

Better yet, I decided to take action…

First, I challenged their nonprofit status with the New York Attorney General’ s Office:
click here.

Next, I reported them to the IRS: click here.

Finally, I asked the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, which is a lot
like the Department of Revenue in Illinois, to revoke their sales tax and property tax
exemptions: click here.

But there’s a lesson here…

When you suspect suspicious activity in Illinois, by a nonprofit company, you can take
action yourself:

   1. Download the company’s [free] IRS Form 990 (requires brief registration): click
   2. Contact the Illinois Charitable Trust Bureau [of the Attorney General’s Office]:
      click here.
   3. Report suspicious activity to the Internal Revenue Service: Form 3949 A.
   4. Ask the Illinois Department of Revenue to review the nonprofit’s sales tax and
      property tax exemptions: click here.
      NOTE: Use zip code “19041” for sales tax exemptions, and “19033” for property
      tax exemptions.

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