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									     Richmond Hill Phoenix - Photo Day (Saturday June 5, 2010)
     Location:      Richmond Green (Agricultural Building #2 ) - see map attached
                    1300 Elgin Mills Road East
                    Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1M5

      Time Slot          HL, Rep, Select    Division (i.e Mosquito)            Team Colours                    Coaching Staff       Sponsor Name (HL)                Notes
      7:30 - 8:00
1        8:00       REP                    Rookie Ball                PHOENIX GREEN           Mike Nicholson                                              REP TEAM
2        8:10       HL                     T-Ball                     RED                     Laval Dubeau                      PRIMERICA
3        8:20       HL                     T-Ball                     ROYAL BLUE              Maryam or Mike Cooper             RICHMOND HILL HYUNDAI
4        8:30       HL                     T-Ball                     POWDER BLUE             Michael Ferierra                  OPTIMIST CLUB
5        8:40       HL                     T-Ball                     NAVY BLUE               Tanya Lemanski                    STRETCH COMMUNICATIONS
6        8:50       HL                     T-Ball                     FOREST GREEN            Robin McCabe                      IDRIS INSURANCE
7        9:00       HL                     T-Ball                     GREY                    Winson Woo                        BMO CAPITAL MARKETS
8        9:10       REP                    Major Bantam Tier 1        PHOENIX GREEN           Meyer Shemtov                                               REP TEAM
9        9:20       REP                    Major Bantam Tier 2        PHOENIX GREEN           Sunil Sanwalka                                              REP TEAM
10       9:30       HL                     Jr Rookie                  FOREST GREEN            Darren Sager / Jeff Agnew         SUE'S PRODUCE
11       9:40       HL                     Jr Rookie                  RED                     Paul Chiarcossi / Jason Katz      PIZZAVILLE
12       9:50       HL                     Jr Rookie                  GREY                    Dan Hjelholt / Brent Murray       DAN HJELHOLT ELECTRIC
13      10:00       HL                     Jr Rookie                  GOLD                    Mike Raymond / Doug Ryoji         STRETCH COMMUNICATIONS
14      10:10       HL                     Sr Rookie                  GREY                    Mike Charendoff                   THOMPSON DYMOND
15      10:20       HL                     Sr Rookie                  FOREST GREEN            Charlene Russo                    SUE'S PRODUCE
16      10:30       HL                     Sr Rookie                  GOLD                    Harrison Faierstein               MR. LUBE RICHMOND HILL
17      10:40       HL                     Sr Rookie                  RED                     Dave Harris                       PINPOINT COMMUNICATIONS
18      10:50       HL                     Sr Rookie                  ORANGE                  Heather Cooper                    MOMENTUM SOLUTIONS
19      11:00       HL                     Sr Rookie                  ROYAL                   Garry Ng                          DELOITTE
20      11:10       HL                     Mosquito                   FOREST GREEN            Al Falkenberg                     DELS EQUIPMENT SERVICE INC
21      11:20       HL                     Mosquito                   ROYAL BLUE              Henry Sanchez                     BMO CAPITAL MARKETS
22      11:30       HL                     Mosquito                   BLACK                   Darren Sager                      DMS VIDEO PRODUCTIONS
23      11:40       HL                     Mosquito                   GOLD                    Arie Fleischer                    PINEBEACH COMMUNICATIONS
24      11:50       HL                     Mosquito                   GREY                    James Brooks                      MR. LUBE RICHMOND HILL
25      12:00       HL                     Mosquito                   WINE                    Michael Watters                   VITO SPATAFORA
26      12:10       HL                     Peewee                     RED                     Michael Lamantia                  OPTIMIST CLUB
27      12:20       HL                     Peewee                     ROYAL                   TBD                               SENBAZURU SUSHI BAR
28      12:30       HL                     Peewee                     BURNT ORANGE            TBD                               SUE'S PRODUCE
29      12:40       HL                     Peewee                     GREY                    Lee Green                         MARK WAXMAN BROKER
30      12:50       HL                     Peewee                     GOLD                    John Stoneburgh                   LENNIE'S CREW
31      13:00       HL                     Peewee                     FOREST GREEN            TBD                               PINPOINT COMMUNICATIONS
32      13:10       HL                     Bantam                     FOREST GREEN            Christopher & Alexander Scalzi    LENNIE'S CREW
33      13:20       HL                     Bantam                     ROYAL BLUE              Roman Dorfman                     RICHMOND HILL HYUNDAI
34      13:30       HL                     Midget                     FOREST GREEN            Russell Foy/ David Leonard        BEAVER VALLEY STONE
35      13:40       HL                     Midget                     RED                     Howard Bennett                    BMO CAPITAL MARKETS

           This where
           for Phoeni

Ag #2
Richmond Hill Phoenix - Photo Day (Saturday June 5,2010)

1) Photo timetable must be followed (no team photo will be taken out of turn - even if team is early) - photographer needs

2) Teams are strongly encouraged to attend Photo Day on Saturday June 5th as dates for re-takes will be difficult to arran
(In the event a team is unable to attend on June 5th, a date for re-take may be scheduled at the availability of the photogr

3) Coaches should inform their team show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.and please make sure the player i

4) A team photo will be taken followed by individual player photos
is early) - photographer needs this to keep track

re-takes will be difficult to arrange.
at the availability of the photographer)

 please make sure the player is wearing his/her entire uniform including the Richmond Hill issued hat
Time Slot:

Team #:

HL, Rep, Select:     House League

Division:            T-Ball

Team Name :

Head Coach Name:

Sponsor Name (HL):

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