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									                      CURRICULUM VITAE


                        Dr. Vivek Mittal
                 M.B.B.S., M.S. (Ortho), AO fellow

                 Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
         Delhi Institute of Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon
                      Sant Parmanand Hospital
         18, Sham Nath Marg, Civil Lines, Delhi - 110054

Address for correspondence :

15, Jain Mandir Road
Connaught Place
New Delhi – 110 001.
Ph 91 –011- 2374 - 3522
           98110 - 82458
Name                     :   Vivek Mittal

Date of Birth            :   15th August, 1964

Nationality              :   Indian

Marital Status           :   Married

Qualification            :   M.B.B.S. (1987)
                             M.S. Orthopaedics (1991)

Address                  :   15, Jain Mandir Road,
                             Connaught Place,
                             New Delhi – 110 001.

Contact No.              :   2374 3522 (R), 98110 82458

                             2398 1260, 2399 4401-10(Hosp)

Fax No.                  :   2397 4706

E-mail                   :

Permanent Registration   :   Medical Council of India – 6793
                             Delhi Medical Council - 8324


Qualification          :    M.B.B.S., University of Delhi
Medical College        :    University College of Medical Sciences
                            New Delhi
Year of Entry          :    1982
Year of Graduation     :    1986


Qualification          :    M.S. (Orthopaedics), University of Delhi
Medical College        :    Safdarjung Hospital
                            New Delhi
Thesis                 :    “Bursae & Bursal Fluid – A Clinico – Pathological
                            Study (Clinical Study)”
Year of Joining        :    1988

Year of Graduation     :    1991

Year               :    1999
8 wks fellowship
Place              :    Austria, Switzerland

Year              :    2004
12 wks fellowship
Place             :    Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, U.S.A

      TENURE              DESIGNATION                         HOSPITAL

                         Registrar              St. Stephen’s Hospital,
Nov 91 to Nov 94
                                                New Delhi

Nov 94 to Apr 99         Consultant             Jeewan (Mala) Hospital
                                                (50 bedded multispeciality hospital)
                                                Khosla Hospital
                                                (100 bedded Multispeciality hospital)

May 98 to Mar 99         Consultant             Jaipur Golden Hospital
                                                (250 bedded multispeciality hospital)

                                                Delhi Institute of Trauma &
May 1999 Onwards         Consultant             Orthopaedics, Sant Parmanand Hospital,
                                                Specialised Orthopaedics & Trauma
Work Experience
I have worked for 14 years in Orthopaedics, which include 3 years training as
postgraduate. During this period I received my training at Safdarjung Hospital followed
by at St Stephen’s Hospital, both prestigious and big teaching and referral hospitals. I
have dealt with tertiary care problems of fresh and neglected trauma; total joint surgeries;
spinal infection, disc prolapse, and deformities; poliomylitites and cerebral pasly
management and rehabilitation and tumour surgeries. I am engaged in active clinical
practice with a keen interest in Total Joint Replacement Surgeries of Hip, Knee and
Shoulder. I also have received training at National University Hospital, Singapore.

I have done 3 months AO fellowship at Advanced Trauma Centre in Austria.

I have also done 3 months Ranawat fellowship at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York with
Dr. Chitranjan Ranawat for Primary and Revision total joint replacements including hip,
knee and elbow joints.


“Non-operative treatment of iatrogenic CSF fistula of lumbar spine” in Archives
of Orthopaedics, vol.1, no.3, 25-27, 2001

“Formalin Preserved Allogenic Bone Graft: Does It Work”
Indian Journal of Orthopaedics Vol 37: Number 4, October 2003

1.      Ist Ilizarov Workshop                  :March 1994, St. Stephen,s Hospital, ND

2.      THR & TKR Workshop               :     11th April, 1997 at Safdarjung
                                               Hospital, New Delhi

3.    Spine Surgery Workshop             :     22-23rd August 1998 at AIIMS, ND

4.    Arthroscopy & Sports Injury Workshop:    28-30TH August 1998 at Safdarjung
                                               Hospital, New Delhi

5.    International Conference on Trauma :     27-29th November 1998 at MAMC,

6.    Symposium on Bone Tumors           :     2nd May 1999 at Hotel Kanishka,

7.    A.O. Basic Course                  :     July 1999, New Delhi

8.    Hand Surgery Workshop              :     St. Stephen’s Hospital, Delhi
                                               2-3rd Nov,2001 at AIIMS,Delhi

9.    Current Concepts in Joint Replacement:   12 – 14th Dec, 2001 at Florida
                                               May 2006, Las Vegas, U.S.A

10.     Minimal Invasive Solutions to THR      Bankok, Thialand 2004.

         Cadeveric Hands on Workshop

11. Joint Replacement State of Art             India: 2003, 2005

12. Ranawat Orthopaedic Conference (ROC)       India 2001, 2003, 2005

13 APOS (Asia Pacific Orthopaedic              19th-23rd June 07; Bangkok

14. Delta Course on Revision TKR & THR         Nov 2007, Mumbai

15. Tips for Trainers , AO Course              24-25th Jan 2008, Chennai.
16. Delta Hip & Knee Revision Course            26-30th May 2008, Sydney Australia

       1. Workshop on Charnley Total Hip Replacement in conjunction with Delhi Medical

           Association in April, 2000; includes cadaveric dissection

       2. Live Surgery cum Conference on role of Synthetic Ligaments (LARS –

           Ligaments Advanced Reconstructive System) in March, 2000.

           FACULTY: Dr Laberau France

       3. Orthopaedic Conference of ACADIMA 2001- Annual Indian Medical Association

           Conference 27 – 29th Dec 2001, Hotel Ashok – Samrat, New Delhi

       4. Total Hip Replacement Workshop at Sant Parmanand Hospital in conjunction with

           Delhi Medical Association & MAMC in 2002; includes cadaveric dissection

       5. Workshop on Total Knee Replacement at Sant Parmanand Hospital in conjunction

           with MAMC in April, 2003; includes cadaveric dissection

       6. “Soft – Tissue Release” when you have released enough, Basic & Advanced

           Knee Replacement workshop at the Annual Conference of Indian Orthopaedic

           Association at Chennai, Dec 2003.

       7. Primary Hip Replacement Workshop IOACON 2006, Sant Parmanand

           Hospital, Nov 2006.

       8. Workshop on TKR, Apollo Hospital Agra, July 2007.

       9. Delhi Hip Course (Total Hip Replacement Workshop) , Sant Parmanand

           Hospital, in conjunction with MAMC in Sep 2007; includes cadaveric

Live Surgery

1.   Knee Replacement, Ruderpur Aug 2005.

2. TKR & THR , Bareilly April 2006- Live Telecast.

3. TKR, UPCON , Allahabad, Oct 2006

4. THR , UPCON, Muzaffarnagar, Feb 2007

5. TKR & THR , Bareilly July 2007.- Live Telecast.
 Pre – Operative Planning, Basic & Advanced Knee Replacement workshop at the
  Annual Conference of Indian Orthopaedic association at Chennai., 16-17th Dec
 Post Operative Management in THR, THR Cementing Technique, Jaipur,
 Nov 2003 Faculty
 “Soft – Tissue Release” when you have released enough, Basic & Advanced Knee
  Replacement workshop at the Annual Conference of Indian Orthopaedic
      o association at Chennai, Dec 2003 – Faculty
 Experience with Dexa Scan in Postmenopausal osteoporosis,- SPH, Delhi, 23rd
  Feb 2004
 Cementing in TKR ROSACON - Jaipur, March 2004 - Faculty
 Minimally Invasive Surgery – THR, India Habitat Center , August 2004.
 Modern Cementing Technique – IOACON ( Hyatt), Sep 2004.
 AO LCP Principles (Surya, New Delhi Sept 2004) – Faculty
 Pre-operative planning in THR for fracture around the Hip, ROSACON-
  2005, Alwar, Xvii, Annual Conference of Rajasthan Orthopaedics
  Surgeon, Feb 2005 – Faculty
 The Rationale of Total Hip Replacement for fractures round the Hip,
  Proximal Femoral #s- DHS vs PFN, Soft Tissue Release in TKR,
  UTCON, Nainital, 21st, 22nd, 23rd April 2005
 Advances in THR- Minimal Invasice Technique and implant selection,
  Department of Orthopaedics Base Hospital, Delhi. Feb 2005.
 Revision THR – X rays, India Habitat Center, June 2005, TKR Bone cuts,
  Preoperative planning in TKR, What to see post operative in Total Knee
  Arthroplasty; Rudrapur, 6th Aug 05
 AO – LCP Plating, Delhi, 28th Sep 05, Faculty, Ideal Operation Theatre
  requirement , tips for preventing infection ,what to see post operatively in
  TKA ; UP Orthopaedic Association, Allahabad, 22nd Oct 06.
 Osteoporosis Management; Oberoi Maidens, Delhi, Indian Menopausal
  Society, 13 Jan 07 ,
 Preoperative Planning THR , Post operative evaluation THR; UPCON
  Muzafar Nagar, 16th Feb 07
 Cemented THR; North Zone Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting
  CMC Ludhiana; 20th April 07
 Controversies & current management in the treatment of Proximal
  Femoral Fractures; Ghaziabad Orthopaedic Association; 14th Sep 07
 Faculty AO advance Course; Agra Oct 07
 AO, Basic course + ORP course Faculty; Delhi 17-18th Feb 08
 Indian Railways Annual Conference Faculty : Trauma & Arthroplasty
  Session; Delhi 5th March 08

       Current Papers in THA, Ranawat Orthopaedic Conference, Delhi ,
        Feb 2008

Membership of Professional Societies

 Delhi Orthopaedic Association

 Indian Orthopaedic Association

 Delhi Medical Association

 Association of Spine Surgeons of India

   Indian Arthroscopic Association

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