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									                                  T H E               W I S C O N S I N

  University of Wisconsin–Madison                                         Pharmacy Alumni Association                 Summer 1999

Community pharmacy osteoporosis project begins

F                  ive Wisconsin pharmacies
                 recently began a new
                osteoporosis project. The
              project uses bone density
             screening, and it has several
novel elements. First, it uses a portable
                                                                                               measured would have low bone density
                                                                                               scores and that about half would fall
                                                                                               short of the recommended calcium
                                                                                               intake in their daily diets,” Elliott says.
                                                                                                  The woman can also have the bone
                                                                                               test, survey, and a copy of the recently
screening unit called the PIXI (Peripheral                                                     developed Physician’s Guide to Osteo-
Instantaneous X-ray Imager). This unit                                                         porosis sent to her physician. Physicians
measures heel bone density—which                                                               are also being surveyed to determine
has been shown to help predict fracture                                                        whether they find the information useful.
risk—using a new technology: dual                                                                 The project, approved in April, has
energy X-ray absorptiometry.                                                                   already enrolled more than 100 patients.
    Second, patients and their physicians                                                      “We are impressed with the unusually
receive information from the National                                                          rapid enrollment by the pharmacies,
Osteoporosis Foundation which has                                                              given that many university projects tend
recently issued guidelines for osteoporo-                                                      to enroll patients slowly,” says co-investi-
sis. Third, the project is a research study                                                    gator Nathan Kanous.
as well as a screening service for the                                                            The investigators attributed this suc-
patients. Each of the nine staff members                                                       cess in enrollment to the pharmacists’
from the participating pharmacies (see                                                         and RNs’ hard work, their established,
list) completed a training program in                                                          high quality relationships with pharmacy
osteoporosis and use of the PIXI.                                                              clients, and the convenience of a com-
    The research project will develop a                                                        munity pharmacy setting for screening.
database to determine how many rural                                                              “This is a somewhat unusual project
Wisconsin women have osteoporosis                                                              because it involves pharmacists in both
and whether they have dietary or lifestyle                                                     research and patient service,” says
factors that may contribute to osteo-                                                          Kanous. The team presented their find-
porotic fractures. Called the Community                                                        ings in July at the annual American
Pharmacy Database Project with the                                                             Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
Peripheral Instantaneous X-Ray Imager,         A participant in the osteoporosis project is
                                                                                               meeting in Boston.
                                               having her heel bone density measured to
this is a joint effort of the pharmacies and   predict the risk for fracture. The research        Support from the School of Pharmacy
researchers at the School of Pharmacy,         project is being undertaken by five Wisconsin   to buy the PIXI unit was critical to the
the UW Medical School, and the Institute       pharmacies and the School of Pharmacy.          project. The School Research Commit-
on Aging.                                                                                      tee and Dean Weinswig supported the
    Collaborating on the research are:         pharmacy. First the woman reviews and           effort which was aided by a generous
Pharmacy faculty Mary Beth Elliott,            signs the consent form and fills out an         contribution from Lunar Corporation,
Patrick Meek, and Nathan Kanous, and           osteoporosis risk survey. Then the phar-        maker of the PIXI unit. Professors Curtis
Neil Binkley MD who is the Director of the     macist or nurse at the pharmacy mea-            Johnson, Barry Gidal, and Larry Boh
UW Osteoporosis Clinic and an osteo-           sures bone mineral density in the heel.         helped by reviewing the project design.
porosis researcher.                            There is no charge to the patient and the          The need for bone density testing is
    “Osteoporosis is a major public health     scan only takes 30 seconds.                     expected to grow as the population
problem, and one where pharmacists                Each woman receives a color print-out        ages. Unfortunately, a recent nationwide
can have a positive influence on patient       of her bone test, a copy of the survey,         study has shown that only a small
behavior,” says Pharmacy professor Mary        and literature from the National Osteo-         fraction of those who should be tested
Beth Elliott. Women 65 and older can           porosis Foundation. “We predicted that
enter the study. They sign up in advance                                                                           continued on page 4
                                               at least 20 percent of the women we
to be tested when the PIXI will be at the


    Consultation will be Pharmacy’s edge in 21st century
    Melvin Weinswig, RPh, PhD

                       The coming century            Current practitioners will also have the   screening, asthma consultation, diabetic
                       will bring a dramatic      opportunity for a similar education at the    interventions, blood pressure evaluation,
                       change in the practice     level of our current PharmD students and      bone density evaluation for osteoporosis,
                       of pharmacy. Technol-      graduates by participating in continuing      and other pharmaceutical care opportu-
                       ogy is going to propel     education offerings and in the non-           nities being done without the face-to-
                       us into exciting new       traditional Doctor of Pharmacy degree.        face contacts within our community
                       areas where more              In the next century, the numbers of        pharmacies.
                       opportunities and          prescriptions and drug expenditures              The opportunities are available. We
    problems await us. The University of          are expected to skyrocket. Competitive-       must attract and maintain our patient
    Wisconsin School of Pharmacy is               ness—with mail order pharmacies, on-          base with personalized and convenient
    producing the leadership to address           line drugstores, and other new delivery       services, and with the full knowledge of
    these problems and to create solutions.                 systems vying for a share of the    the patient, delivering the much-needed
    Our new curriculum challenges our                         prescription profits—is not to    drugs immediately. If we assume our
    students by providing innovative learning                    be taken lightly. I cannot     responsibility, we will continue to be the
    opportunities, not only within the univer-                     visualize cholesterol        most trusted and respected profession.
    sity environment but outside of it as well.
       We continue to advance the practice
    of pharmacy. Pharmaceutical care
    models for comprehensive drug therapy
    management are being taught through-
    out the new curriculum. This curriculum                    Come one! Come ALL!
                                                              Come one! Come ALL!
    not only teaches compounding and dis-
    pensing skills but also provides the tools                               to the   First Annual
    for improved consultation using our                                    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    didactic knowledge.
                                                                                  School of Pharmacy
                                                                            Pharmacy Alumni Association
     The Wisconsin Pharmacy Graduate
     is published three times a year for all
                                                               Scholarship Golf Tournament
     Pharmacy graduates by the University
                                                             The Meadows of Six Mile Creek
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     Pharmacy Alumni Association.                            Waunakee, Wisconsin
                                                             Par 72, 6469 yds, Course Rating 71
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Building the tradition
of camaraderie at
Golf Outing, Reunion
Weekend ’99
Paul Rosowski, RPh, MS
Secretary, PAA

As Secretary of the Pharmacy Alumni
Association and Director of Pharmacy
Internship, I am continually reminded
of how chaotic the world of pharmacy
has become. We face, daily, pharmacy
mergers and acquisitions, pharmacist
labor shortages and workplace issues,
changing reimbursement structures and
declining profits, the implementation of         Alums—like these at Reunion ’93—always keep up the Pharmacy tradition and “let the good times roll.”
new technologies, and new pharmacy
practice paradigms.                              and our alumni preceptors in the intern-             Association scholarships is another fine
   As a result, practicing pharmacy or           ship and clerkship programs. Imagining               tradition. Because of your generous
working in a pharmaceutically related            what either program would be like without            contributions we will give at least
field is even more difficult, challenging,       these relationships surely is difficult.             $20,000 in scholarships this fall.
and complex than ever before. Although              Camaraderie also is shown through the                Your ongoing spirit of camaraderie
most of us would attest that the UW              large numbers of alumni who participate              and traditions cannot cease. I challenge
School of Pharmacy prepared us well, it          in other school activities. I am constantly          all alumni, especially younger alumni, to
is realistic to still feel besieged, burned-     enthused and impressed to see so many                get involved— we truly need and cherish
out, and hopeful for a better tomorrow.          alumni serving as committee members,                 your support!
   Some things have stood the test of            guest lecturers, and mentors.                           So plan now to attend the fall Alumni
time, however, including the camaraderie            Along with the camaraderie, we’ve                 Reunion Weekend on Sept. 24 and 25.
and traditions built over the years around       built many fine traditions. (I use “built” to        Join our first annual Scholarship Golf
the School of Pharmacy. For me, alumni           express my gratitude to the alumni who               Outing Friday, September 17. And
camaraderie seems stronger than ever.            worked so hard to develop them.)                     strongly consider purchasing a Legacy
I see this regularly in the relationships           Pharmacy Reunion Weekend is a prime               Brick. It is a wonderful way to exemplify
formed between our students/interns              example. In its inaugural year (1990), only          your camaraderie and create your own
                                                 35 dedicated alumni participated. Through            tradition at the new School of Pharmacy,
                                                 word-of-mouth and alumni support,                    Rennebohm Hall.
                                                 however, it’s grown to more than 325                             Looking forward to your
                                                 participants. Awarding Pharmacy Alumni                           participation – Paul
   7-9:30 PM Meet Your Friends
             Reception (Lowell Hall)                            1999 Reunion Weekend Registration Form
   Meet friends, renew old acquaintances,        Number
   go out for dinner, stroll State Street, or    _____    Friday evening Meet Your Friends Reception ($15 each)                     $   ___________
   whatever you prefer. Light buffet, beer
   and wine included with registration.          _____    Saturday morning Tailgate Party ($15 each)                                $   ___________
                                                 _____    Football tickets and Friday Reception ($27 each)                          $   ___________
                                                 _____    Football tickets and Tailgate Party ($27 each)                            $   ___________
   10:30 AM Tailgate Party ’99
             (Union South)                       _____    Football tickets and both Friday and Saturday events ($42 each)           $   ___________
   Brats, Bar-B-Que beef, salads,                         TOTAL enclosed (payable to the Pharmacy Alumni Assoc.)                    $ ___________
   munchies, and usual beverages
   1:00   PM*    Football Game                            Scholarship Fund contribution (optional—separate check
   Wisconsin vs. Michigan *Time subject to                payable to UW PAA Scholarship Fund)                                       $ ___________
   change: game time mailed with confirmations
                                                 Send to: REUNION ’99, PAA, UW School of Pharmacy, 425 N. Charter St., Rm. 1336,
      Future PAA reunions                        Madison, WI 53706. Or register on our website:
                All alumni invited
                                                 Name ____________________________________________________________________ Class of ______________
 Classes of                          Reunion
                                                 Name of spouse/guest ____________________________________________________________________________
 ‘49, ‘59, ’64, ’74, ’84, ’89           1999
 ’50, ’60, ’70, ’80, ’90, ’95           2000     Address _______________________________________________ Home phone ___________________________

 ’51, ’61, ’71, ’81, ’91, ’96           2001     City ___________________________________________________ Work phone ____________________________

                                                 State ______________ ZIP code __________________    E-mail ___________________________________         3
    Osteoporosis project from page 1
                                                 Students receive awards
    actually are. This is largely because
    access to screening is limited to expen-
                                                 Doctor of Pharmacy students, all from Wisconsin, received the following awards at the
    sive, hospital-based DXA units for hip
                                                 Hooding Ceremony and Reception in May:
    and spine bone density measurements.
       This osteoporosis study will identify     Steven Bartig       Ladysmith         Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Student Award
    and track one of several at-risk popula-
                                                 Kim Bradley         Glendale          Mylan Pharmaceuticals Excellence in Pharmacy Award
    tions through a pilot database. “We
                                                 Michael Brown       Mishicot          Merck Award
    hope it will be followed by future studies
                                                 Sara Buckman        Fort Atkinson     American Society of Health System Pharmacists Student
    expanding the database to other popu-
                                                                                       Leadership Award
    lations at risk for osteoporosis,” says
                                                 John Dopp           Middleton         Merck Award
    investigator Pat Meek.
                                                 David Ehlert        Greenfield        Pfizer US Pharmaceuticals Outstanding Leader Award
       Community pharmacists have
    pioneered patient testing and monitor-       Eric Geurkink       Tomah             SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals Patient Care Award
    ing services in the past. They have          Susan Johnston      Waukesha          Lilly Achievement Award
    screened for a variety of diseases, inclu-   Julie Martin        Greendale         Facts and Comparisons Award of Excellence in Clinical
    ding a small number doing bone density                                             Communication
    testing. Because the PIXI is portable        Sarah Potton        River Falls       Perrigo Award for Excellence in Non-Prescription Medication
    and community pharmacies provide a
    convenient and patient-friendly setting,     Joshua Radl         Oshkosh           Merck Award
    the investigators envision that many
    more patients can be screened by the         BS Pharmacy and BS Pharmacology/ Toxicology students, all from Wisconsin, received
    PIXI in the years to come.                   the following awards at the Graduation Reception and Awards Program in May:

                                                 Thomas Hnasko       Brown Deer        Covance Laboratories Award
                                                 Kara Hotchkiss      Wausau            Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin Student Leadership Award
                                                 Susan Irek          East Troy         Harvey M. Meyerhoff Undergraduate Excellence Award for
                                                                                       Leadership, Service, and Scholarship
                                                 Holly Latus         Franklin          Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin Award
                                                 Stephanie Schultz   Greenfield        Roche Pharmacy Communications Award
                                                 April Stray         Waterford         McKesson Leadership Award
                                                 Erinn Thielke       Phillips          Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin Award
                                                 Anna Walmer         Brodhead          Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin Award
                                                 Ann Zumach          LaCrosse          American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Students of
                                                                                       Pharmacy Mortar and Pestle Professionalism Award

                                                  New Lifetime PAA Members
         Osteoporosis screening                  The ranks of PAA life               Edwin Low, ’81
         project community                       members have grown                  Vallejo, CA
         pharmacy participants                   again with the following
                                                                                     Bonnie Mathias, ’97
         Andy Peterson RPh and                   alumni joining since
                                                                                     Wauwatosa, WI
         Rhonda Peterson RN                      February, 1999:
                                                                                     Karen Mattson, ’77
         Peterson Pharmacy, Hillsboro            Julie Barske, ’93                   Buffalo, MN
         Gary Schill RPh and                     Naperville, IL
                                                                                     Rebecca Moioffer, ’94
         Patricia Weinswig RPh                   Jacob Blazkovec, ’82                New Richmond, WI
         Corner Drug Store, Dodgeville           Algoma, WI
                                                                                     Michelle Mosher, ’81
         John Bohlman RPh and                    David Draeger, ’71                  Franklin, WI
         Casey Zimpel RN                         Hartland, WI
         Boscobel Pharmacy and                                                       Sol Motola, ’67                Kathleen Sievwright, ’91
         Infusion Services, Boscobel             Douglas Englebert, ’92              Phoenixville, PA               Minneapolis, MN
                                                 Hartland, WI
         Brian Jensen RPh and                                                        Patricia O’Dwyer, ’77          Cynthia Steffen, ’84
         Dan Walters RPh                         Diane Hansen, ’71                   Fox Point, WI                  Greenfield, WI
         The Medicine Shoppe                     Kalamazoo, MI
                                                                                     John Raboff, ’87               James Steffen, ’83
         Two Rivers                              David Henning, ’67, ’69                                            Greenfield, WI
                                                                                     Seattle, WA
         Sue Sutter RPh                          Marshfield, WI
                                                                                     Philip Schneider, ’70          Terry Zimmermann, ’71
         Marshland Pharmacies                    Stan Kent, ’80                                                     Sheboygan, WI
                                                                                     Colombus, OH
         Horicon                                 Libertyville, IL

                                                                                      1999 Teachers of
 PAA travels to Racine . . .                                                          the Year chosen
  More than 35 alumni met with members of the UW-School of Pharmacy as                The following faculty were selected by
  the PAA sponsored a Town Hall Meeting in Racine, Wisconsin. The March               student groups to receive Teacher of
  event was a great opportunity for local alumni to interact and ask questions        the Year awards:
  on the status of Rennebohm Hall (the new School of Pharmacy), new faculty
                                                                                      Post-B.S. Doctor of Pharmacy
  members, the entry-level PharmD program and the non-traditional PharmD
                                                                                      Graduating Class
                                                             curriculum. The
                                                                                      Lee Vermeulen
                                                             event was co-
                                                             sponsored with           PH-3 Class
                                                             the Racine               Larry Boh
                                                                                      DPH-2 Class
                                                                                      Timothy Hoon
                                                             We look forward
                                                             to holding a Town        DPH-1 Class
                   acine                                     Hall Meeting in your     David Mott
Gathering at the R ere
Town H  all meeting                                          area in the future!
              Heinz ‘52,                                                              Pharmacology/Toxicology
(l-r) William    s ‘56, and
B  ernard Backu 4.                                                                    Graduating Class
              g ‘5
 Vernon Haa                                                                           William Mellon

. . . and San Antonio
As is the annual tradition,
the PAA, the UW-School of
                                                                                                   7 6
Pharmacy, and the Pharmacy                                                                  PAA Reunion 1999
Society of Wisconsin spon-
                                                                                                Details on page 3.
sored a “Wisconsin Reception”
at the 1999 American                                                                    Enter our Trivia Contest!
Pharmaceutical Association
(APhA) Meeting in San Antonio,                                                 
Texas. Alumni nationwide, as                            Wisconsin Recepti
well as several pharmacy                               are a good opportu
                                                       to visit with old frie y
students, gathered at the                              Just ask (l-r) Jay
Marriot Rivercenter in March.                          Blanchard ‘83, Bil
   The PAA also was proud to sponsor those             Doucette ‘83, ‘88
                                                                           , ‘93,
pharmacy students who qualified for the National      and Jane Jones ‘71
Patient Consulting Competition held in conjunction
with the meeting. In addition, Pharmacist Gerald Sveum,’67, was
honored for his outstanding contributions to Wisconsin Pharmacy
and service as an APhA Trustee.
                                                                                             Help us TEE OFF
                                                                                          on a new tradition—
                                                                                            the First Annual
                                                                                           Golf Tournament.
                                                                                         See details on page 2.

                                                                                         YOU ARE INVITED!
                                                                                         PAA Business Luncheon
                                                                                         Saturday, August 14
                                                                                         12:00 – 1:30 PM

 Sponsoring UW Pharmacy students in the National Patient Consulting Competition          All PSW registrants welcome
 (seen here with PAA Secretary Paul Rosowski, Dean Mel Weinswig (far right) and          Advance registration required
 Associate Dean Judith Thompson 5th from left) is another project of your PAA.           Call 608/827-9200
                                                                                         or reserve on PSW form
    UW School of Pharmacy Placements, Class of 1998-99
    Interning in Wisconsin — December 1998 graduates                                BS Pharmacology and Toxicology
    INTERN                  PRECEPTOR & SITE                                        G R A D U AT E ( 5 / 9 9 )   D E S T I N AT I O N
    Jenna Bakkum            Dennis Hustad, Walgreens, Madison                       Nick Brettingen              Unknown
    Erik Bauch              Jeffrey Barron, Walgreen’s, Janesville                  Allison Doyle                Unknown
    William Bowen           Donald Colwell, Walgreen’s, Madison                     Thomas Hnasko                Unknown
    Thomas Bull             Jay Bubrick, Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital,      Eric Edward Potts            Medical College-Milwaukee
                            Wauwatosa                                               Alicia Sato                  Unknown
    Eileen Cobb             Joel Leu, Physicians Plus, Madison                      David Vilela                 Unknown
    Angela De Ianni         Michelle Mosher, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Milwaukee
    Uche Dike               Greg Primuth, Walgreen’s, Milwaukee                     PharmD Recipients
    Brent Eberle            Daniel Roelke, Dean Clinic Pharmacy, Madison            G R A D U AT E ( 5 / 9 9 )   D E S T I N AT I O N
    Dean Gruber             Wendy Smith, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Milwaukee           Steven Bartig      Marshfield Clinic, Eau Claire, WI
    Adam Hirsh              Jeff Langer, Osco, Milwaukee                            Kim Bradley        Froedtert Memorial Hospital,
    Brian Johnson           Gary Field, Walgreen’s, Racine                                             Milwaukee, WI*
    James Kobs              Mary Gull, Osco Pharmacy, West Allis                    Michael Brown      Veteran’s Admin., Madison, WI*
    Julie Locher            Maggie Medicus-Bringa, Columbia Hospital, Milwaukee     Sara Anne Buckman Nebraska Health System, NE*
    Ryan McGuire            Todd Kudronowicz, Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Monroe             Simon Chou Chi-Wah Unknown, Ohio area
    Tracie Ann McQuestion   Anna Kersten, Walgreen’s, Kenosha                       Vanessa Chute      St. Luke’s Medical Center
    Scott Missall           Thomas Wick, St. Luke’s Hospital, Milwaukee                                Milwaukee, WI*
    Neil Noesen             Dennis Hustad, Walgreen’s, Madison                      Karl Clough        Southwest Texas Methodist
    Douglas Paust           Shirley Wallace, Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Monroe                                 San Antonio, TX*
                                                                                    John Dopp          Pharmaceutical Industry
    Interning in Wisconsin — May 1999 graduates
                                                                                    David Ehlert       St. Luke’s Medical Center
    INTERN                  PRECEPTOR & SITE
                                                                                                       Milwaukee, WI*
    Kurt Benzine            Peter Fourness, Mercy Health Systems, Janesville        Eric Geurkink      Medicine Shoppe
    Lisa Berkholtz          Gregg Potts, Walgreen’s, Oshkosh                                           Two Rivers, WI*
    David Bourbonnais       Mary Jane Carlson, Shopko Pharmacy, Kenosha             Kristen Johnson    Fairview–University Medical
    Heather Callison        Kevin Hoey, Door Creek Pharmacy, Cottage Grove                             Center, Minneapolis, MN*
    Cara Chermak            Michael Sherry, Edgerton Family Health Pharmacy         Lori Johnson       St. Mary’s, Madison, WI
    Paul Ford               John Ruona, Osco Drug, Milwaukee                        Shilpa Kinikar     Parkland Memorial Hospital
    Kerry Freeman           Steven Beiser, K-Mart Pharmacy, Appleton                                   Dallas, TX*
    Jessica Giombi          Kurt Begalke, Aurora Clinic, Waukesha                   Frederick Kittell  Unknown
                                                                                                       Madison, WI area
    Brian Gleason           Ellen Foss, Walgreen’s, Brookfield
    Sara Griffin            John Jansen, Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Chilton                 Annette Lenners    Innovative Pharmacy
                                                                                                       Madison, WI
    Jason Gruszynski        Kenneth Bond, Shopko Pharmacy, Green Bay
                                                                                    Julie Martin       St. Luke’s Medical Center
    Roger Hargreaves        Christopher Forberg, K-Mart Pharmacy, New Berlin                           Milwaukee, WI*
    Stacy Held              Tom Nelson, Childen’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Milw.      Allison Mitchell   Methodist Hospital
    Jason Hendrickson       Greg Primuth, Walgreen’s, Milwaukee                                        Houston, TX*
    Ha Thanh Hoang          Marvin Paul, Osco Drug, Wauwatosa                       Ryan Nelson        Unknown
    Kara Hotchkiss          Paul Zwieg, Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Wausau                   Carol Petrick      St. Vincent Hospital
    Susan Irek              David Kuzma, Aurora Medical-Surgical Clinic, Milw.                         Green Bay, WI
    David Jasinski          Heidi Wentland, Walgreen’s, Sun Prairie                 Sarah Potton       Froedtert Memorial Hospital
    Matthew Kells           Randy Arndorfer, Walgreen’s, Waukesha                                      Milwaukee, WI*
    Ann Knuteson            Jeffrey Barron, Walgreen’s, Janesville                  Josh Radl          Retail pharmacy, Unknown
    Brenda Kovach           Brian Stevens, Osco Drug, Green Bay                     Julie Reesman      Sacred Heart Medical Center
    Jason Lang              Tom Engle, Physician’s Plus Pharmacy, Madison                              Eugene, OR
    Holly Latus             Roger Aronson, Osco Pharmacy, Cedarburg                 Laureen Savage     Veterans Administration
                                                                                                       Reno, NV*
    Holly LeMere            Lisa Wicker, Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Green Bay
                                                                                    Chareon Treesak    PhD Program, University of
    James Lusiak            James Krueger, Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Madison
                                                                                                       Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
    Maureen McGuire         George Marino, Shopko Pharmacy-East, Madison
                                                                                    Mark Wilson        Froedtert Memorial Hospital
    Geralyn Mills           Tim Wilderman, Osco Pharmacy, Cudahy                                       Milwaukee, WI*
    Reem Natafji            Jane Greischar, Community Pharmacy, Madison
    Liza Papi               Rick Kleckler, Walgreen’s Pharmacy, Madison
    Kirk Pivovar            Dale Adamczyk, Marquette Pharmacy, S Milwaukee          * pharmacy residency program
    Rebecca Price           Betty Moeller Wright, Osco Pharmacy, Greenfield
    Timothy Price           Karl Schroeder, Wolfe-Snyder Drug, Two Rivers
                                                              continued on page 7
continued from page 6

Josh Remmel                    Terri Bathke, Walgreen’s, Sun Prairie                                MS and PhD Recipients
Jennifer Reyes                 Jay Plavnick, Jewel-Osco Drug, Franklin                              G R A D U AT E (8/98–5/99)
Theresa Ruehlow                Mary Zimmerman, UW Health Physicians Plus, Madison                   DEGREE                            D E S T I N AT I O N
Patrick Scheels                Lynn Dugan, Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Green Bay                             Navy Chhay                        Unknown
Andrea Schlough                Ron Hitzke, Luther Hospital, Eau Claire                              MS, P
Kristen Schmirler              Mark Wilberg, Walgreen’s, Madison                                    I-Ching Chuang                    Unknown
James Schmor                   Robert Dohnal, Pharmerica, Glendale                                  MS, P
Sara Schrauth                  Joel Leu, Physicians Plus Pharmacy, Madison                          Gayatri Desai                     Postdoc at Baxter
Scott Schultz                  Doug Meyer, Columbia Hospital, Milwaukee                             PhD, PS                           Healthcare
Stephanie Schultz              Linda Galkowski, Walgreen’s, Greenfield                              Adeola Grillo                     Postdoc at University
Kelly Sellers                  Jon Phillips, Osco Pharmacy, Milwaukee                               PhD, PS                           of Kansas
Eric Simmonds                  Jon Herdrich, Walgreen’s, West Bend                                  Eun-Hyun Jang                     Postdoc
Matthew Steiner                Linda Chickering, Medical Arts Pharmacy, Reedsburg                   PhD, PS
Melissa Storm                  Linda Sersch, Marshfield Clinic Pharmacy, Marshfield                 Inger Johansen                    Unknown
April Stray                    Elizabeth Musil, Aurora Pharmacy, Kenosha                            PhD, SAS
Erinn Thielke                  Darrel Brown, Bergmann’s Pharmacy, Fitchburg                         Wendy Kelly                       Grad program, Johns
Jennifer VanNorman             Audra Olson, Peshtigo Pharmacy, Peshtigo                             MS, PS                            Hopkins University
Laura Viel                     Mary Leann Anderson, Wal-Mart Pharmacy,                              Laura Lam                         Continuing to PhD
                               Mukwonago                                                            MS, PS
Tait Waege                     Tim Pietrzak, Osco Pharmacy, Milwaukee                               Piyarat Nimpitakpong              Continuing to PhD
Anna Walmer                    Michael Crocket, Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Monroe                           MS, SAS
Jennifer Wappler               Mark Anderson, Shopko Pharmacy, Fond du Lac                          Fereshteh Parviz                  Unknown
Stacy Wirth                    Heidi Swartz, Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Menomonie                           PhD, PS
Myny Yang                      Michael McCann, Innovative Pharmacy, Madison                         Amy Ripka                         Unknown
Craig Young                    Ellen Gald, K-Mart Pharmacy, Racine                                  PhD, PS
Ann Zumach                     Paul Gray, Shopko Pharmacy, Monroe                                   Rebecca Sommer                    Asst Professor,
                                                                                                    PhD, PS                           Bates College
Not Interning in Wisconsin
                                                                                                    Chanokporn Sukonpan               Continuing to PhD
G R A D U AT E ( 1 2 / 9 8 )   D E S T I N AT I O N                                                 MS, PS
Sharon Smiley                  Unknown                                                              Shyam Vangala                     Scientist at Searle
G R A D U AT E ( 1 2 / 9 8 )   D E S T I N AT I O N                                                 PhD, PS                           Pharmaceuticals
Hani Shakker Amer              Unknown                                                              Sy-Juen Wu                        Scientist at Pharmacia
Taci Patricia Ball             Illinois                                                             PhD, PS                           & Upjohn
Joyce Beeler                   Iowa                                                                 Xinjun Yang                       Unknown
Aaron Drake                    Minnesota                                                            MS, PS
Christine Malenke              South Dakota
                                                                                                    KEY   TO   DEGREES
                                                                                                    P = Pharmacy, PS = Pharmaceutical Sciences
                                                                                                    SAS = Social & Administrative Sciences in Pharmacy

                                   F         R        O      M           R        E        A       D        E        R          S
                                  My news or views to share __________________________________________________________________________________________
Send us your news,
your views, and your              _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
dues any time.
                                  Please send me information on ______________________________________________________________________________________
The PAA, the Pharmacy
Graduate, and the                 s Here are my annual PAA membership dues ($35)
School of Pharmacy
would like to hear                s Make me a lifetime PAA member ($200) (Make check* payable to the UW Pharmacy Alumni Association)
from you!                         s Here is my tax deductible contribution to the PAA Scholarship Fund (Make check* payable to the
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mail to:
Pharmacy Alumni
Association                       Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Room 1336
                                  UW graduation year B.S. ________________ M.S.______________________ PharmD ________________ Ph.D. ____________________
425 N. Charter Street
Madison, WI 53706-1515            s E-mail address    ___________________________________________________________         s Please change my mailing address to:
fax: 608/262-3397
                                  Street ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
e-mail: pgrosowski@                 City____________________________________________________________ State _______________ Zip _____________________________
                                                         Continuing education opportunities

                                                         Extension Services in Pharmacy offers a variety of opportunities.
                                                         Second Annual Land O’Lakes            s   Physical and Chemical
                                                         Drug Metabolism Conference                Characterization of Drug
                                                         September 13-17, 1999                     Substances
                                                         Devil’s Head Resort, Merrimac, WI     s   Avoiding and Correcting HPLC
                                                                                                   Problems when Transferring
                                                         Fall Milwaukee Symposium

                                                         Wednesday Sept. 29, 1999
                                                                                               s   cGMPs for Pharmaceutical
                                                         The Pharmacist’s Role in
                                                                                                   QC/R&D Laboratories
                                                         Men’s Health Issues
                                                         Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield,        Fall Pharmacy Institute
                                                         Brookfield, WI                        Wednesday, November 3, 1999
                                                                                               Topic to Be Determined
                                                         1999 Pharmacy Teleconference
      T H E 1 9 9 9 P S W A N N UA L M E E T I N G                                             Monona Terrace, Madison, WI
                                                         Tuesdays, Sept. 21–Nov. 9, 1999
           (and PAA Business Luncheon)                   7:30–8:50 PM — Multi-Site
                                                                                               2000 Continuing Pharmacy
         AUGUST 12-14, 1999 — LA CROSSE                  East Coast Short Course Series        Education Seminar
                                                         October 28-29, 1999                   February 2-9, 2000
      Join us in historic La Crosse Wisconsin for the
                                                         Conference Center, Penn State         Multi-Theme
     2nd Annual Meeting of the Pharmacy Society of
                                                         Great Valley, Malvern, PA             Hilton Waikoloa Village
    Wisconsin. Scheduled events include a trade show,
                                                         Includes one of the following:        Waikoloa, Hawaii
      Annual Awards Banquet, numerous continuing
                                                         s An Introduction to
      education programs featuring national experts,
    and a “Mardi Gras on the Mississippi” gala event.
    Watch your mail for the official program brochure.
                                                         Detailed information is on our website:
                                                         For registration materials and other information, please contact:
                 ONE OF THE NATION’S BEST                Extension Services in Pharmacy, 425 N. Charter St., Madison, WI
                 PHARMACY CONFERENCES . . .              53706. Phone 608/262-3130 Fax: 608/262-2431
                 Call 608-827-9200

                                                                                              Address correction requested

       Permit No. 2165                                                                        Madison, WI 53706-1515
     Madison, Wisconsin
                                                                                              425 N. Charter St.
       U.S. Postage                                                                           Pharmacy Alumni Association
    Nonprofit Organization                                                                    UW–Madison School of Pharmacy
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                           Leave a Legacy at Rennebohm Hall
                           It won’t be long. Soon UW School of Pharmacy alumni and friends
                           will be celebrating the dedication of Rennebohm Hall — one of the
Bernard Backus                                                                                                       John Langford
                           world’s finest pharmacy teaching and research facilities. This first-                          ’62
                           class facility will foster the future of pharmaceutical care and the
                           research and development of medicines to benefit humanity in the
  Ann Behrens              21st Century.                                                                              Robert Leinss
      ’81                                                                                                                 ’77
                                                                You can participate in this
                               Take your place with             exciting achievement with

 Cindy Benning              these alumni (as of 6/1/99)                                                            Marie Visaya Loehrl
      ’77                                                       a personalized brick for                                   ’88
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                                                                the entrance walkway to
                                          v                     Rennebohm Hall. Individually
 Paul Blazkovec                                                 each brick will be a personal                         Joette Meyer
       ’91                                                                                                                 ’91
                                                                legacy at your alma mater.
                           Together these bricks will be a testimony to the many alumni
  Mark Buhler              and individuals whose devotion has been so important in the                                Donna Milne
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       ’75                                                                                                                ’83
                                                              Darla W                                 er
                                                                      ilson                       Yunk
                                                                  ’78                      Martin
                                       ay                                                        ’51
 Lynne Dittman                  Lynn W                                                                               Gale Otterholt
      ’80                          ’91                                                                                    ’71
                                                      Richard Web                 Ann Well
                                                           ’62                        ’89
   Ruth Dunn                                                                                                        Paul Pisarzewicz
      ’50                                                                                                                 ’72

   Neal Foley                                                                                                        Shirley Rogahn
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                             TOTAL enclosed (payable to the Pharmacy Alumni Association) $_____________
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Ruth Havemeyer               425 N. Charter St., Rm. 1336, Madison, WI 53706-1515                                    Mylan Sinclair
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                   Address _____________________________________________________________________________
  Thomas Kies                                                                                                       Arthur Teplinsky
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                   Home telephone (           ) ___________________ Work telephone (         ) _________________
   Chris Klink                                                                                                         Francis Tse
       ’94         E-mail _______________________________________________________________________________                  ’78
                                                                                       Susan M. Grosskreuz ’93     Susannah Motl ’98
                                                                                       Mike M. Grunske ’95, ’97    David Mott ’87
                                                                                       Cathy J. Hamann ’92         Julie C. Neitzel ’93
                                                                                       Kristine L. Hames ’91       Garret L. Newkirk ’97
                                                                                       Julie Hanson ’96, ’97       Garret Newkirk ’98
                                                                                       Kathy Hanson ’89            Vicki Nussbaum ’85
                                                                                       Mary E. Hisrich ’93         Gary Olszewski ’88
                                                                                       Thomas Hnasko ’98           Matthew J. Paul ’92
                                                                                       Brian Holtebeck ’96, ’97    Becky Jo Penn ’96
                                                                                       Arlene Iglar ’85            Steven Penn ’88
                                                                                       Kathee Jantzi ’98           Michelle L. Podrovitz ’93
                                                                                       Nancy Jensen ’88            Pamela Porcaro ’89
                                                                                       Jennifer L. Johnson ’96     Carrie B. Radichel ’95
                                                  on Services
                                                                                       Susan Johnston ’96,         Julie Reesman ’96
                                    blic Informati
                         News and Pu                                                     ’97, ’98
Photo by Je
           ff Miller, UW                                                                                           Lisa L. Reinke ’92
                                                                                       Lori Kagerbauer ’84         Heather Roland ’96
                                                                                       Patty Ketterhagen ’84       Ann Roscop ’90
Your contributions to PAA Scholarships
                                                                                       Kavar Khossravi ’88         Michael J. Schmidt ’91
have helped more than 300 students                                                     Sandra K. Kilough ’93       Jon Schommer ’84
since 1990. They include:                                                              Frederick Kittell ’98       Judith Schubert ’89
                                                                                       Mary Klasinski ’85          Daniel Siehr ’86
Joanne Antonopoulos ’92 *                               Deborah Dalton ’84             Sara Koeper ’96             Carolyn Sieraski ’87
Teresa Bagniefski ’88                                   John Dopp ’98                  Sara Koerper ’97            Jane Skarr ’89
Nicole R. Baker ’95                                     Ryan Dow ’98                   Sheila Kornely ’89          Kristin Small ’94
Paul Barfknecht ’90                                     Martin Dowty ’85’              Jonathan W. Kowalski ’94,   Leslie A. Stohlmeyer ’91
Steven Bartig ’98                                       Aaron Drake ’98                  ’95, ’96                  April Stray ’98
Kristine A. Bathke ’91, ’92                             Christine C. Drevs ’95         Robert W. Kowolski ’91      Judith Sullivan ’89
Christine Becker ’87                                    Nicole M. DuChateau ’96, ’97   Diane M. Laatsch ’95        Steven Surek ’84
Christine Bergmann ’86                                  Lisa Ebenreiter ’90            Michael A. Laird ’97        Mira Suseno ’94
Richard Berry Jr. ’85                                   Andrea Eggert ’87              Michael Laird ’98           Paul Szemraj ’94
Tina Bird ’88                                           David A. Ehlert ’96, ’97       Paljit Singh Lalvani ’85    Jessica Tennie ’94
Victor Boey ’87                                         Tamara Eisner ’98              Tamara Langer ’94           Troy Thompson ’98
Kristen A. Bollinger ’96, ’97                           Timothy Endres ’90             See-Lun Cecelia Lau ’89     Laura M. Van Daalwyk ’95
Steven R. Brandenburg ’95                               Christin Erickson ’96          Chi-Cheung Kelvin Lee ’88   Jodi R. Volovsek ’95
Cheryl Brinkman ’86                                     Marc C. Ertz ’93               Sherry A. Leudtke ’92       Kay Wallander ’85
Lani Brinkman Dvorak ’96                                Michelle Farrell ’98           Betsy Lin ’94               Staci M. Weidler ’93
Elizabeth A. Buckley ’92                                Jeffrey Fish ’90               Julie Locher ’98            Lynn M. Wenzel ’95
Curt Casanova ’86                                       Angelique Floerke ’98          Matthew J. Loring ’91       Terri A. Wieland ’93
Shiu-Pei Sharon Chang ’94                               Beth Franckowiak ’98           Pamela Manix ’90            Sue Willborn ’84
Gina Chen ’90                                           Holly E. Franz ’96             Kathy Mannebach ’84         Jody Wisner ’87
Rose Cheung ’87                                         Dawn Fry ’94                   Julie Marten ’89            Shelly Wuttke ’86
Kerry A. Cholka ’93                                     Judith Geringer ’87            Thomas Martin ’85’          Jill Yearling ’86
Woon-Nah Chung ’86                                      Mary Ann Gimenez ’94           Andrew Matulionis ’90       Siu Yuen ’86
Vanessa M. Chute ’97, ’98                               Marcy S. Glisczinski ’97       Ann McCooy ’97              Glenn Zenner ’88
Karl Clough ’98                                         Dosta N. Grapsas ’97           Matthey P. Mielke ’95       Heidi L. Zirbel ’97
Patricia Collard ’84                                    Paul N Groehler ’95            Molly A. Moioffer ’95

* year scholarship awarded

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