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International Symposium on Remote Sensing and GIS Methods for


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									International Symposium on Remote Sensing and GIS Methods for
         Change Detection and Spatio-temporal Modelling
                          (CDSM 2011)

                             15-16 December 2011, Hong Kong

                             Announcement and Call for Papers

Organized by:
ISPRS Working Group VII/5 “Methods for change detection and process modelling”

Centre for Geo-computation Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University

Department of Land Survey and Geoinformatics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Institute of Space and Earth Information Science, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

ISPRS Working Group VII/6 “WG VII/6 - Remote Sensing Data Fusion”

Hong Kong Remote Sensing Society

Hong Kong GIS Association

Hong Kong Geographical Association

Processing of multi-temporal images and spatio-temporal geo-spatial information for change
detection and spatio-temporal modelling of earth processes have been active research and
application fields in remote sensing and geo-spatial information sciences for decades.
Although plenty successful applications have been reported on the monitoring and detecting
of environmental change, there are enormous challenges in applying multi-temporal imagery
to derive timely information on, and in representing spatio-temporal phenomena of, the
Earth‟s environment and human activities. In recent years, great progress has been observed
to overcome technological obstacles by the development of new platforms and sensors. The
wider availability of large archives of historical images also makes it possible for long-term
change detection and spatio-temporal modelling. Such a development stimulates further
investigations to develop more advanced image and geo-spatial information processing
methods and new approaches to handling image and geographical data in the time dimension.

The aim of the workshop is to further enhance international collaboration and scholar
exchange in the field of remote sensing change detection and spatio-temporal modelling. The
focus also extends to the study of geo-process modelling using long-term remotely sensed
and geographical data. It is endeavored to promote and encourage collaborated efforts for the
development of new technology for processing multi-temporal imagery, detecting changing
environment and objects, and modelling long-term geo-processes.
Themes of the Symposium
      Change detection using remotely sensed imagery and GIS

      Computer assisted interpretation and analysis of multi-temporal data

      Multi-temporal data analysis for extraction of attribute information

      Object tracking and monitoring

      Extracting essential climate variables from long-term satellite observations

      Global monitoring, modelling and prediction

      Real-time monitoring and information services

      Integration of multi-source, multi-scale and multi-temporal data for spatio-temporal
       representations and modelling

      Spatio-temporal representation and modelling

      Spatio-temporal pattern recognition and time series analysis and modeling

      Spatio-temporal visualization

      Web-based systems for spatio-temporal representation

Symposium Format
The symposium will follow a single session format including invited presentations, sequential
technical sessions and poster sessions. It is intended to allocate at least 25 minute for each
oral presentation allowing time for discussion. The poster sessions will be held with short
presentations to encourage more extensive discussions within all participants.

All papers will be published in the Symposium proceedings in a CD, which all participants
will receive during the symposium. Limited hardcopies will be produced for ISPRS archive.
Selected papers will be further expanded and peer-reviewed after the symposium for the
publication in special issues of international journals.

Important Dates
15 January 2011       Call for papers (the first circular)

15 May 2011           Deadline for abstract submission

30 June 2011          Notice of acceptance

30 September 2011     Deadline for full papers
31 October 2011       Preliminary program (the second circular)

31 October 2011       The last day for „early bird‟ registration

30 November 2011      Final program

15 December 2011      The symposium

The registration fee includes access to opening ceremony, all scientific sessions, reception,
workshop proceedings CD, lunches, morning and afternoon teas.

                                   Before and on 31 October 2011        After 31 October 2011
Normal                                   US$120/HK$960                   US$180/HK$1440
Supporting institute members*            US$100/HK$800                   US$150/HK$1200
Student                                   US$60/HK$480                     US$90/HK$720
* Supporting institutes include HKSRS, HKGISA and HKGA.

Please make the cheque (in US dollars or HK dollars) payable to “Hong Kong Baptist
University”. For non-Hong Kong participants, please use bank draft, not personal cheques.

The payment can also made by telegraph transfer using details as below:

Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank Limited
Bank Address: Hong Kong Baptist University, 4/F, Sir Run Run Shaw Building
224 Waterloo Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Bank Account Name: Hong Kong Baptist University
Bank Account Number: 024-366-5-700088
ABA Routing Number: Chips UID 010522
Payment Details: (Please quote as below)
Centre for Geo-computation Studies
International Symposium on Remote Sensing and GIS Methods for Change Detection and
Spatio-temporal Modelling (CDSM 2011)

Currency: USD or HKD

Organizing Committee

Zhou Qiming            Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
                       Chair, ISPRS Working Group VII/5


Li Zhilin              Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
                       Vice President, International Cartographic Association
Lin Hui              The Chinese University of Hong Kong
                     President, Hong Kong Society for Remote Sensing


Bareth, Georg        University of Cologne, Germany
                     Co-chair, ISPRS Working Group VII/5

Crétaux, Jean-François       Laboratoire d‟Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie
                     Spatiales (LEGOS), France
                     Co-chair, ISPRS Working Group VII/5

Huang Bo             The Chinese University of Hong Kong
                     President, Hong Kong GIS Association

Sui Haigang          Wuhan University, China
                     Secretary, ISPRS Working Group VII/5

Wang Donggen         Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
                     President, Hong Kong Geographic Association

Zhang Jixian         Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping, China
                     Chair, ISPRS Working Group VII/6

Scientific Committee

Prof. Li Deren Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of
Engineering, Wuhan University, China



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