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									                             Ken LAMBERT
                             Operations Manager
                             European Social Fund Division
                             Joint International Unit


                             Workshops 09E15 and 09D07

Ken Lambert is currently responsible for the ESF England Objective 3 programme,
the EQUAL Community Initiative, and for implementation of the 2007-2013
England ESF Programme. He was the project manager for twinning projects in the
Czech Republic and Slovakia, helping these new Member States get to grips with the
complexities of ESF funding. He started work relating to ESF in 2001, when he was
responsible for introducing the simplified co-financing system of delivery into
mainstream ESF programmes.
Before that he worked for ten years on management and performance information
and systems relating to Training & Enterprise Councils (TECs) and Careers Services,
and was responsible for the development and publication of annual Performance
Indicators for TECs and Careers Services and for the annual Careers Service post 16
Destinations Survey.
His long career in the civil service started in 1973 as an Employment Adviser in
various Jobcentres in Edinburgh.
The Scottish connection began as a student at the University of St Andrews, where
Ken gained a Master of Arts degree in Russian language and literature.

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