IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in by malj


									  IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Eme rgency Settings

                                     Nepal Case Study
                                        Work Plan

Phase 1 Contextualization of the Guidelines to the Nepal context

   1. Mapping of current needs and resources
   2. Adaptation of guidelines to the Nepal context, needs and resources
   3. Preparations of materials

Key Actions to be coordinated by the consultant
   - Orientation meetings with relevant (government and emergency humanitarian)
      stakeholders to raise awareness on, and advocate for, the guidelines

   -   Workshops with stakeholders for emergency relief actors (including government
       representatives) and MHPSS actors:
       (a)    Mapping of current MHPSS activities and needs in emergency settings
               Extent of use or familiarity of guidelines
       (b)    Mapping of MHPSS resources for the implementation of the guidelines
               Strengths and weaknesses of guidelines in Nepal context
       (c)    Adaptations and recommendations within the Nepal context

   -   Translation of the guidelines into Nepali

   -   Prepare Nepal Field Guide including other materials (i.e. posters/ leaflets – see
       Myanmar examples) for capacity building in Nepali

   - Phase 1 period: June through September
   - Consultant for phase 1: 3700 $/ 4 months (6.500 $/ 6 months)
Time-line (to be stretched out until 31st December 2008)
Period          Activity                             Time         Deliverables                  Responsible
Month 0/        1. Decide on project ownership                    -                             Technical
preparation     2. Finalize TOR/                                                                Group
                Workplan/Budget and
                3. Recruit ment of consultant
Month 1/        1. Preparation for                   2-weeks                                    Consultant
June            orientation/advocacy to GO/
                INGO                                 1-2 weeks    1. Trip report
                2. Field visits                      2-3 days     2. Guidelines in Nepali
                3. Start translation of guidelines
Month 2/        1. Prepare o rientation meetings     2-3 days                                   Consultant
July            2. Conduct orientation meet ings     2-weeks      1. Letter of support from
                                                                  Govern ment agencies
                3. Docu ment on orientation          1-week       2. Orientation workshop
                meet ings                                         report
Month 3/        1. Prepare workshop                  2-3 days                                   Consultant
August          2. Conduct workshop                  4-weeks
                3. Docu ment workshop                             1. Report with
                                                                  recommendations for
Month 4/        1. Develop ment of Nepal Field      2-3 weeks     1. Draft Version for          Consultant
September       Gu ide                                            comments
                2. Preparation and translation of   1-week        2. Final Version for editor
                Nepal Field Gu ide and other                      3. Nepali version
Note: depending on funding phase one shoul d i deally run until December 2008
Draft Budget for Phase 1
Period : June – September (extended to December) 2008

Phase 1 – Case Study                              Amount required           Amount funded   Gap
Local consultant (June- December)                 6,500                     6,500
Recru it ment                                     200                       10,000
Field visits                                      2 x 400
DSA (as per actual)                               200
Direct Translation and Printing (500rp/page       1500
translation 10rp/page printing)
Orientation/Advocacy                              600
Workshop                                          2500
Incentives                                        500
Ed iting, translation and printing of             2700
contextualized field guide

Technical supervision (TPO)                       600
Total                                             9600                                      + 400

Implementation Budget July -September 2008
Field visits                                                               2 x 400
DSA (as per actual)                                                        200
Direct Translation and Printing (500rp/page translation 10rp/page printing) 1500
Orientation/Advocacy                                                       900
Workshop                                                                   2500
Workshop materials                                                         500
Technical supervision (TPO)                                                600
Phase 2
Operationalization of the Guidelines through capacity building
   - Training of Trainers to all agencies active in emergencies (all sectors) on the use of the
       guidelines (not MHPSS skills); multi-tiered approach: (i) INGO & GO agencies for
       policy and planning; (ii) General Field staff in emergency settings; (iii) MHPS
       organization and service providers.
   - Supervision of implementation in acute emergencies

Phase 3
Coordination for before, during and after the case study
   - Long term coordination mechanisms for MHPS care in Nepal; Working Group can
       remain active beyond the Case Study to have a coordination mechanism in place for
       actual emergencies and for reference for broader mental health care development in

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