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									A lot of men know that chasing after a beautiful woman is a pretty big challenge. This does not come as a surprise since most men understand that attractive women are used to being hit on. They seem to love giving men the toughest time of their lives. And still, there are so many males trying their luck in winning the hearts of beautiful women and asking anyone who can help them find the answer to how to approach a woman.

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If you are planning to approach a woman, you have to face the fact that you need to come up with a good plan that has not been thought of yet. If you are not able to figure out an entirely original way on how to catch their attention, you will find yourself easily brushed off. Not to mention that women can be so harsh in turning down hopeful men who have predictable tactics.

As much as you can, stay away from using overused pick up lines. Women can easily tell if you are merely hitting on them. They would rather give their attention to men who are able to approach them with style. There are even some women who prefer chasing after men than having men chase after them.

There are men who firmly believe in treating women with respect. But just imagine the number of nice guys out there who still get dumped. If you want to be successful in your attempt to get a woman’s attention, try to check what all the other “good guys” are doing. From that, devise your own unique way. A lot of women respond to humor, but most of them fall asleep with lame ones. Instead of directly letting a woman know that you like her, tell her the exact opposite and try to observe how she reacts.

One of the most important things you have to remember in approaching women is having confidence. If you were to ask anyone on how to approach a woman, they would most answer “with confidence”. Knowing different ways to approach a woman would render useless if you do not have the confidence to deliver them. The next time someone asks you how to approach a woman, the answers basically boil down to style, humor, and confidence.

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