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					EULAR announces the registration opening for the unique and highly acclaimed 5-day
(Monday through Friday) 13th Postgraduate Course in clinical and experimental
rheumatology. The faculty of European experts is committed to deliver a broad content in a very
interactive and cordial environment. Participants also have the opportunity to meet the experts in
an informal setting and network with trainees and rheumatologists from all over the world.

Target audience

      Rheumatologists who need to remain up-to date in rheumatology
      Fellows preparing for certifying examinations
      Fellows who have registered for the on-line EULAR course

Learning objectives

              Assess the current state of knowledge in rheumatology

              Update knowledge in key areas of rheumatology

              Develop a working understanding of the biologic processes underlying rheumatic
               diseases, the new technologies used in their study as well as their clinical

              Apply new clinical problem-solving skills

              Pursue in-depth studying using critically reviewed evidence based references

Topics and Features

              Scientific basis of rheumatology:

                   o   Epidemiology, outcomes, evidence-based rheumatology

                   o   Biologic process and novel technologies in the investigation of
                       rheumatic diseases

              Aetiopathogenesis and management of rheumatic diseases
                  o   Inflammatory arthritides: early arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,

                  o   Systemic lupus erythematosus, antiphospholipid syndrome,
                      Sjogren's disease

                  o   Systemic vasculitis

                  o   Systemic sclerosis and inflammatory myositis

                  o   Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

                  o   Diffuse and local pain syndromes

             Crystal and infection induced arthritis

             Laboratory testing and Imaging in rheumatic diseases

             Medical aspects of rheumatic diseases

             Pediatric rheumatology for the adult rheumatologist

             Surgical management of rheumatic diseases

             Case-presentations of challenging patients

             Rheumatology quiz

Selected comments from participants

"Well organised and delivered. The scientific content and level of presentation was
excellent. The staff support was good. Social programme was excellent and helped
to knit the delegates who originated from such diverse geographic and cultural
backgrounds. A strongly recommended course."
"This Postgraduate Course was one of the best educational courses that I have ever
seen. Both quantitatively and qualitatively, it was well and highly organised in a warm
and easily adaptable environment. It was gathering all nations from around the world
under the umbrella of research, friendship and rheumatology."

                      Host Professor

                      Dimitrios Boumpas, Chair EULAR Standing Committee on
                      Education and Training

Faculty of Leading European Rheumatologists (in alphabetical order)
Xenophon Baraliakos
Hans Bijlsma
Dimitrios Boumpas
Loreto Carmona
Maurizio Cutolo
Oliver Distler
Oliver Fitzgerald
Apostolos Karantanas
Lars Klareskog
Willem F. Lems
Ingrid Lundberg
Alberto Martini
Iain McInnes
Luke O'Neil
Leonid Padyukov
Eliseo Pascual
Georg Schett
Joachim Sieper
José da Silva
Dimitrios Vassilopoulos

Organising Secretariat
EULAR Executive Secretariat
Seestrasse 240
CH-8802 Kilchberg/Zurich
Contact Person:
Gabriela Kluge
Tel: +41 44 716 30 32
Course Language
Castleknock Hotel and Country Club, Dublin
Fee / Bursaries
The courese fee of EUR 650 includes tuition, accommodation and all meals
(breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks). EULAR will grant 20 bursaries, covering
the entire course fee.
Now open on the EULAR website, deadline is 7 August 2011

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