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Nouns concrete and abstract nouns.ppt

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									Concrete and Abstract

      By Naz K. and Vikram K.
      What is a concrete or
        abstract noun?
     Concrete Noun              Abstract Noun
• Names a thing that is    • Names an idea, a
  tangible (can be seen,     condition, or a feeling.
  touched, heard,          • In other words,
  smelled, or tasted).       something that can not
• Concrete nouns are         be eaten, seen, heard,
  either common or           or smelled.
 Examples of Concrete

     • I petted the dog.
• The monkey stole my little
       sister’s banana.
   • Asya ate my cookie!
   Examples of Abstract

• James felt sadness because he lost
             his hamster.
    • Robin was overcome with
  happiness when her dad gave her
       the dog on Christmas.
     Practice Makes Perfect!!!
     Click on the concrete or abstract noun in each sentence.

       Concrete Nouns                             Abstract Nouns
1.    The puppy was filled with            1.   The swimmer has a lot of
      sadness when the dog stole his            strength.
                                           2.   Ben’s heart was filled with
2.    My cat ate a rat for lunch.
                                                happiness when he saw his first
3.    Many people are vegetarians,
      which means they don’t eat
      animals.                             3.   The policewoman was given a
                                                trophy for courage.
4.    I love to eat ice cream because it
      is very sweet.                       4.   If I had a million dollars, I’d get
5.    The marching band played a song           rid of all the poverty in the
      during the parade.                        world.
                                           5.   I feel hunger after I play
         Great work!!!
    Great Job! You finished the
        practice exercise!
   You have earned some free time. Play
      this game for more practice on
       concrete and abstract nouns.
                      Have fun!
Click here to play Concrete and Abstract Noun Hangman.
• You now have the
  power to know what a
  Concrete or Abstract
  noun is!
• Hopefully we have
  taught you what you
  need to know.
• We hope you enjoyed
  this presentation!

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