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fireorientation.ppt - Town of Hartford Vermont - Hartford


									           Town of Hartford

Located on the border of Vermont and
New Hampshire at the intersection of
Interstates 89 and 91 as well as US Route
4 & 5 and the confluence of the White and
Connecticut Rivers.
The area has long served as a hub for
transportation and travel throughout New
England, the Northeast, and Canada.
Town of Hartford
The Department
protects 38 square
miles and covers the
villages of
–   White River Junction
–   Quechee
–   Wilder
–   West Hartford
–   Hartford
The approximate
population is 11,300.
              White River Jct.

White River Junction was the first and largest
railroad center in Vermont and New England
north of Boston. Its downtown reflects the urban
architecture of the late 1800's and early 1900's
and has been designated a National Historic
District. The centers of commercial, cultural and
government activity are here. Major employers
include a Veterans Administration Hospital
affiliated with the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical
Center, the U.S. Postal Service, Verizon, the
State of Vermont, UPS, and a wide range of
businesses and retail establishments.

Quechee is the site of the famous Quechee
Gorge, "Vermont's Grand Canyon" on the
Ottauquechee River, one of the country's
natural wonders. It is also the home of the
Quechee Lakes planned community, with two
eighteen hole golf courses. Quechee is host
to a popular hot air balloon festival, Scottish
Games, Quechee Polo Grounds, and the
Simon Pearce glass blowing and pottery

Wilder, located on the Connecticut River, is
home of the Wilder Dam and Salmon Ladder.
Wilder includes a number of desirable residential
neighborhoods and newly-developed,
technologically modern commercial parks.
Wilder is on the National Register as a Historic
Village and is unique as an early planned
community developed in part by the vision of
Charles Wilder, owner of the local paper mill in
the 1880's. This legacy is reflected by the Wilder
Club and Library and the straight streets and
block lay-out of the Village.
                West Hartford

West Hartford is the most rural of Hartford's five
villages. It is situated on the White River and is
crossed by the Appalachian Trail. While some of
the area has been developed for residential use,
significant forest, farming, and open lands
remain. Although almost half of the village was
wiped out by the 1927 flood, the village still
features a Country Store, a beautiful small
library and a fine town park along the White
River which is a popular fishing site.
                Hartford Village

Hartford Village has a diverse residential and
commercial history, producing at times chairs,
tools, lumber, carriages, grist, and textiles. It has
many historic houses and buildings and was the
birth site of Horace Wells, who was the first
dentist to use "Laughing Gas" as an anesthesia.
Hartford is on the National Register as a Historic
Village, and the Historical Society has a
museum with artifacts from the town's history.
The local library and church are on the National
Register of Historic Places on their own merit.

The Town of Hartford employs twenty full-time
employees and approximately eight call
–   Fire Chief
–   Assistant Chief – Fire Prevention
–   4 - Captains
–   4 – Lieutenants
–   6 - Firefighter/EMT-Intermediates
–   4 - Firefighter/Paramedics
–   Mechanic/Firefighter
–   Administrative Assistant
–   8 Call Firefighters
         Facilities and Equipment

The central fire
station is staffed and
is located in White
River Junction.
There is also an
unstaffed station in
            Station 1
Engine 2   1000 GPM 1000 Tank
Ladder 1   2000 GPM Quint 75’ aerial
Engine 3   1500 GPM 1500 Tank
Tanker 2   1000 GPM 1800 Tank
450        Type 1 Ambulance
451        Type 1 Ambulance
Rescue 1   Rescue 15' Walk In Box
Car 2      Ford F 350 4 Door Pick Up
Forestry   Ford F350 6 X 4
Car 1      Ford Expedition

           Station 2
Engine 1   1000 GPM 1000 Tank
Engine 4   1000 GPM 750 Tank reserve
Trailer    Decontamination/Hazardous
           Materials Response
Trailer    2 all terrain vehicles
                 Mission Statement

The Hartford Emergency Services Department's mission is to save
lives and protect property in order to provide a quality of life
consistent with the requirements of the residents of the Town of
The department shall respond and function with developed
expertise, when directed, in the fields of suppression, prevention,
emergency medical services, hazardous materials, multi-
environment rescue and to assist those other agencies who might
require its help within the mission scope.
Commanded by a Fire Chief, the department shall be comprised of
sufficient career and paid/call personnel as necessary to meet
mission needs.
Its members shall be physically, mentally and technologically
prepared for meeting mission needs and shall maintain this level of
readiness through regularly scheduled monthly drills and by taking
advantage of such externally provided training as is applicable.
           Department Services

The Hartford Emergency Services Department
protects the public from the dangers of fire,
provides emergency medical treatment and
transportation, performs multi-environmental
rescues, controls hazardous materials incidents
and assists other public service agencies.
The department uses proactive methods to
protect the community through activities such as
fire prevention, fire protection systems, public
education and master planning.
                  “The Three C’s”

Commitment – Defined as the effort that
someone puts into a task and the loyalty that
they show to a person or organization.
Commitment to the community, department, and
 Compassion – Defined as: The humane quality
of understanding the suffering of others and
wanting to do something about it. (A good heart
is better than all the minds of the world).
Compassion to help and serve others.
 Courage – Defined as: Mental or moral strength
to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear
or difficulty. Courage to do the “right thing”.
    Empowerment/Customer Service

Is it within your range of responsibilities?
Is it good for the customer
Is it legal?
Does it support the mission of the
Is it in line with your level of authority?
If yes to all these questions, DO IT!!
               Members Shall:

Decentralize decision making
Resolve conflict openly and honestly
Treat all members as “Professionals” (Call/Paid)
Follow Chain of Command
Accept “change” as a regular event/well
managed process (always under construction)
Follow, and know SOP’s and written directives.
Use training and capabilities to protect the public
at all times – on and off duty.
Conduct yourselves to reflect credit on the
              Members Shall:

Practice “Followership” (Don’t do things to your
boss or leaders that you wouldn’t want people
your responsible for to do to you). “Make your
boss look good”.
Keep yourselves informed to do your job
 Keep physically fit.
Obey the law
 Be concerned and protective of each members
            Members Shall Not:

Engage in activity that is detrimental to the
Engage in a conflict of interest to the department
or use their position with the department for
personal gain or influence.
Abuse sick leave
Use alcoholic beverages, debilitating drugs, or
any substance which could impair their physical
or mental capabilities while on duty.
          WELCOME TO
A Premier Fire Service Organization

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