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					NHIN Direct Implementation Group Meeting
April 6, 2010

»   Quick Summary of Last Meeting & Reminders

»   Updates Workgroups
     »   User Story Review
     »   Content Packaging
     »   Security & Trust
     »   Robust HIE Interoperability
     »   Individual Involvement
     »   Addressing
     »   Abstract Model

»   Calendar & Participation

»   Next Steps
Reminders & Quick Summary of Last Meeting
Q&A Text Box Function

» Use the Q&A text box function in the web conference to ask a question,
  or to signal an intent to speak
» To type a question, please type questions into the Q&A text box and
» To vocalize a question, please use the “raise your hand” function
  found in the upper right hand corner:
Recap of Last Meeting

» Abstract Model Workgroup Reviewed output of the working group,
  set expectations that we were close to calling for consensus

» Addressing Workgroup Noted that group had level set and discussed
  framing for future meetings

» Other Workgroups Reviewed meeting schedule

» Other Discussion Better described purpose of Abstract Model,
  mappings to concrete implementations, issues related to perception of
  NHIN Direct vs. NHIN vs. CONNECT vs…
Timeline Review

                                   • Weekly teleconferences
        Start external             • Face to face meetings as indicated by
        meetings                   • We Are Here

                                           Ref implementation Ops/prod draft cert.
Launch, internal                           and testing framework and conformance
kickoff, recruiting      2nd Draft Specs   available             testing
                         Early reference
    First Draft Specs
Deliverable Review

Specifications & service descriptions including   Policy recommendations

 • Formalized models (NIEM, service               • Recommendations on Federal role, states,
   orchestration)                                   etc...
 • Core specifications and service descriptions   • Policy recommendations for trust enablement
 • Conformance testing scripts and
   conformance service
 • Reference implementation guides for edge
   systems and routing systems (including
   sample code, testing and conformance
   documentation, legal and policy
   documentation, etc...)
      • Implementation guide for CONNECT

Process recommendations                           Marketing/awareness

 • Use of NHIN Direct as a model (positive or     • Core messaging
   negative)                                      • Placements in industry journals, key social
 • NIEM, modeling process recommendations           media outlets, etc...
Review of Workgroups

» User Story Review Workgroup: Provide consistent, vetted set of user stories
  available on the Wiki
» Content Packaging Workgroup: Define a few workable alternatives, with
  pros/cons, for content packaging
» Security and Trust: Provide alternatives and highlight issues relating to
  security and trust enablement via technology (e.g., certificates and signatures)
» Robust HIE Interoperability Workgroup: Define how to mix and match direct
  transactions and robust HIE/NHIN specifications and services (patient
  discovery and information access) capabilities at scale
» Individual Involvement Workgroup: Clarify technology issues and policy
  implications for individual involvement in direct transport
» Addressing Workgroup: Define an implementation neutral mechanism for
  addressing that enables provider/individual identification and enabling
  organization routing
» Abstract Model Review Workgroup: Review and finalize a formal abstract
  model that all workgroups can use to define common vocabulary
Updates from the User Story Workgroup
Review of First Two Meetings

» Reviewed key stories, defined story style guide, fit all Must stories to
  story guide, and proposed Must/Should cut points.

» Peter DeVault is the workgroup lead

» All output from group reflected in updated user stories and revised user
  story template

» More background in meeting notes
Updates from the Content Packaging Workgroup
Review of First Meeting

» Reviewed goals and objectives, discussed framing issues

» David McCallie is the workgroup lead

» Framing topics documented in notes for next meeting

» More background in meeting notes
Updates from the Security and Trust Workgroup
Review of First Meeting

» Reviewed goals and objectives, discussed framing issues
   • Renamed group to Security and Trust
   • Defined Security and Trust policy assumption that we can assume
     pre-existing policy decision by data holder and transaction initiator
     that it is appropriate and legal to transmit data
   • Will re-frame key issues for next meeting

» Jonathan Gershater is the workgroup lead

» More background in meeting notes
Updates from the Robust HIE Interop Workgroup
Review of First Meeting

» Reviewed goals and objectives, discussed framing issues
   • Will re-frame key issues for next meeting

» No workgroup lead yet appointed

» More background in meeting notes
Updates from the Individual Involvement Workgroup
Review of First Meeting

» Reviewed goals and objectives, discussed framing issues
   • Framing issues for next meeting noted at

» Richard Elmore is workgroup lead

» More background in meeting notes
Updates from the Addressing Workgroup
Review of Second Meeting

» Discussed a concrete proposal for an addressing specification
   • Formalized at
   • Expectation of ability to move to call for consensus at next meeting

» Wes Rishel is workgroup lead

» More background in meeting note
Updates from the Abstract Model Review Workgroup

»   Action Items

»   Next Steps and Backlog
Action Items – First an Overview

» Abstract Model’s goal is to provide an implementation-agnostic
  expression of the transactions between actors implied by user stories
» In other words, a common frame of reference and terminology on which
  concrete implementation ideas may be mapped
    • Makes no implication about one versus many mappings
» Currently modeled as three “legs”
    • Source to HSP
    • HSP to HSP
    • HSP to Destination
» Does not make any assumptions about how the responsibilities are
  deployed (i.e., an HSP is not, by definition, a separate org from a
  Source, but it could be)
» See
Action Items

Message Status Support                       Owner       Status/Due Date
Add Transaction 1.3 to fully   Arien                 Completed 3/31
support the concept of
message status
   Language Cleanup                          Owner       Status/Due Date
Clarify language for           Arien et al           Completed 4/5
consistency and accuracy
Next Steps

Finalize Abstract Model
   Language & Get                              Owner       Status/Due Date
Workgroup Consensus
Review any final concerns        Arien/Brett           4/7/2010
from the Workgroup on
4/7/2010 call and obtain final
Bring to Implementation
                                               Owner       Status/Due Date
 Group for Consensus
Present to Implementation        Brett/Arien           4/13/2010
Group on 4/13/2010.
Implementation Group
members: Please take the
time to read the abstract
model before 4/13/2010.
Comment and Contact Information

» If further refinements to the Abstract Model are necessary based on
  input from other workgroups, such refinements will be discussed and
  brought to the Implementation Group.
» To comment further on this topic please visit
Calendar & Participation
Workgroup Schedule

» Workgroups adhere to the below schedule, meeting via teleconference
  on a weekly basis

  Workgroup                               Meeting Time
  User Story Review Workgroup             Mondays 11am-12pm EST
  Content Packaging Workgroup             Wednesdays 1pm-2pm EST
  PKI/Certificates Workgroup              Thursdays 2pm-3pm EST
  Robust HIE Interoperability Workgroup   Tuesdays 2pm-3pm EST
  Individual Involvement Workgroup        Thursdays 1pm-2pm EST
  Addressing Workgroup                    Wednesdays 3:30pm-4:30pm EST
  Abstract Model Review Workgroup         Wednesdays 11am-12pm EST
Over 130 Implementation Group Participants

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       • Google                                        • CA (Jonah and David Lansky)
       • Microsoft (HV/Amalga)
 »   EHR                                               • CA (Redwood MedNet)
       • Allscripts                                    • TN (CareSpark)
       • Cerner                                        • MA (NEHEN-CSC)
       • eClinicalWorks                                • MAeHC
       • Epic
       • GE                                            • NY (HIXNY)
       • NextGen                                       • NY (Hudson Valley) (through MedAllies)
       • McKesson (through RelayHealth)                • HITOC (Oregon Health Information Technology
       • Oracle Health Sciences                            Oversight Council)
 »   HIE Technology                                    • RIQI (Rhode Island Quality Institute)
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       • Mirth                                   »   IDN
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       • MobileMD                                      • CGI Federal
       • IBM/Open Health Tools
 »   HIT Association                             »   National Network
       • Clinical Groupware Collaborative              • SureScripts
 »   Medical Associations                              • Medplus/Quest
       • American Academy of Family Physicians
                                                 »   Federal
                                                       • VA     •   NIH NCI
                                                       • SSA    •   CMS
                                                                •   NIST
Next Steps