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In Sundanese, roasted rice rice also called buri. The process was not directly burned rice, but first
seasoned with the spices to taste together with rice. After that burned over the fire, but not
directly on the fire. For details please follow the step by step process of making rice the
following fuels:

Fuel Rice Ingredients:

  * 500 g rice, washed, drained
  * ½ tablespoons salt
  * 3 bay leaves
  * 2 stalk lemongrass
  * 600 ml coconut milk
  * 50 g chopped red onion
  * 1 tsp powdered broth
  * 6 tablespoons cooking oil.
  * Banana leaves to taste, to wrap

Stir ingredients:

  * 150 g chicken meat, diced
  * 100 gr teri terrain, washing, cooking
  * 3 cloves garlic
  * 2 green chilli, sliced oblique
  * 2 large red chilli, sliced oblique
  * 4 pcs red chili, sliced oblique
  * 1 stalk spring onion, roughly sliced
  * 1 teaspoon salt
  * 1 tsp sugar
  * 100 ml water
  * 1 teaspoon bouillon powder
  * 4 tablespoons cooking oil for sauteing

How to cook rice Fuel:

  1. Stir: heat oil, saute onion until wilted, put green chili, red chili and red chili until fragrant,
put chicken meat, stir well and let it change the color of cooked meat, pour water, cook until
water is absorbed and the dry, insert material another, stir briefly. Lift.
  2. Rice: heat oil, saute onion until fragrant, pour coconut milk, bay leaves, lemongrass, salt and
bouillon powder, cook until boiling, put the rice. Stir well, leave until the coconut milk and rice
absorbed into aron. Steam for 20min until cooked. Lift.
  3. Take a piece of banana leaf, give the rice cooked, and was given a stir lk. 2 tablespoons, rice
cake wrapped like a big, stick pin with both ends.
  4. Fuel skillet or grill over hot (not to hit the fire directly) until fragrant. Serve.

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