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                 Inspired Solutions

            Dallas, Texas
     The Fairmont Dallas
    October 28-30, 2008   Anniversary

(800) 326-2163      (800) 297-2721
    Message from the Presidents
                   Dear ASWA and AWSCPA Members and Colleagues,

                   We hope that you will join us in October for the 2008 Joint Inspired Solutions Conference
                   in Dallas, Texas. This year marks our societies’ fifth annual Joint National Conference, and,
                   as with previous JNCs, provides a program that offers a myriad of opportunities to help you
                   meet your continuing education goals, whether technical or “soft-skills” focused, as well as an
                   opportunity to network with other women of similar backgrounds. Dallas has so much to
                   offer in the way of entertainment outside the conference. There are hundreds of reasons they
                   call Dallas “Big D:” world-class art exhibits, distinct restaurants, stylish shopping, unbelievable
                   live music and much more.You may be surprised at just how much this city has to offer. That
                   being said, we recommend that you schedule some extra time with your family and friends
                   either before or after the conference in order to explore all that Dallas has to offer!

                   In terms of the program, we are excited to announce our featured speaker, Laura Wright,
     Barbara W.    Senior Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Southwest Airlines on the
     Covington     afternoon of Tuesday, October 28th. We can’t think of a better way to kick off the 2008 JNC
                   than by learning from a female chief financial officer at a Fortune 500 company!

                   This keynote session will be followed by a program schedule running from Tuesday afternoon
                   through Thursday’s luncheon with bonus CPE sessions on Tuesday morning and Thursday
                   afternoon. The program is designed to offer you the opportunity to earn twenty-five hours of
                   CPE credit during the conference. As with previous JNCs, this year’s program consists of four
                   tracks: Accounting & Auditing, Controllership, Tax and Personal & Professional Development -
                   each one providing a mix of current topics and levels.

                   For those looking for specific leadership training, the JNC is offering an optional pre-
                   conference Women’s Leadership Academy led by nationally known executive coach, Mary
                   Bennett, Executive, Crowe Chizek and Company LLC on Monday, October 27 from 10:00
                   a.m. until 4:30 p.m. with more than five hours of additional CPE. We encourage you to
                   consider this new opportunity that promises to enhance your leadership skill set.
      Mary F.
    Cheaney, CPA   A few other items to highlight from the program schedule include the JNC Welcome
                   Reception on Tuesday evening where we will have the opportunity to network with our
                   peers, sponsors and exhibitors; the 2008 Forrest A. Kessler Walk for Humanity directly
                   following the Tuesday reception, where we can put on our sneakers to support the Leukemia
                   and Lymphoma Society; the Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, during which we’ll celebrate
                   the phenomenal women and companies that comprise the winners of the ASWA Educational
                   Foundation’s Balance Awards and AWSCPA’s National Awards; Thursday’s luncheon, co-
                   sponsored by both Society foundations, will feature a 50-minute CPE session on bringing
                   financial literacy to your community and the closing of the annual silent auction; and the
                   Evening Remembering JFK on Thursday, where we will cap off a wonderful conference with
                   an evening of dinner, history and conversation with friends and peers.

                   This conference is a wonderful opportunity to network and learn in a relaxing and supportive
                   environment. We encourage you to take advantage of all that the conference has to offer. We
                   promise… it will be worth it!

                   See you in Dallas!

                          Barbara W. Covington                          Mary F. Cheaney, CPA
                        ASWA National President                       AWSCPA National President
                              2008-2009                                      2008-2009

2                                                                        •
   What are ASWA and AWSCPA?                                                                              Conference
                         Formed in 1938, the American Society of Women Accountants                         Sponsors
                         (ASWA) is the first professional association dedicated to supporting all
                         women in the accounting profession and allied fields. Our mission is
                         to enable women in all accounting and related fields to achieve their
   personal, professional and economic potential and to contribute to the future development
   of the profession. ASWA boasts 4,000 national members, over 1,500 of whom are CPA’s –
   making it the premier association for women in accounting and all related fields.
       The Society provides regional and national CPE-accredited educational programs
   for its members and the profession through its meetings, workshops and conferences. In
   addition, ASWA acts as a resource to the profession through its various print and electronic
   publications and communications. We have an active voice in policy issues furthering
   women’s causes and initiatives. And we act as mentors and leaders to women starting in or
   re-entering the accounting profession.
       ASWA is proud to recognize Accountemps and Robert Half Finance & Accounting
   as our Honorary Trustee - Visionary Partner and North American Professional Liability               ASWA Corporate Sponsors
   Insurance Agency, LLP (NAPLIA), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Becker CPA                        Exclusive Staffing Visionary Partner and
   Review as our Honorary Trustee – Patron Partners.                                                     Foundation Balance Awards Sponsor
       Check out the ASWA Web site at or call the ASWA Headquarters at                        Balance Awards Sponsor
   (703) 506-3265.

                      The American Woman’s Society of Certified Public Accountants
                      (AWSCPA) is a national organization founded in 1933 dedicated
                      to serving all women CPAs. The AWSCPA provides a supportive

                      environment and valuable resources for members to achieve their
                                                                                                               National Patron Partners
   personal and professional goals through various opportunities including leadership,
   networking and education.
      As the only resource exclusively for women CPAs and those aspiring to become
   certified, the Society provides information as well as scholarships to those in the profession.
   The Society is a leader in addressing concerns such as gender equity, the glass ceiling, and
                                                                                                      AWSCPA Corporate Sponsors
   work and family issues. AWSCPA members work in all segments of the accounting and
   financial profession, from individual practitioners to professionals in industry, academia, and        Corporate Financial Services Sponsor
   government, as well as partners in all of the largest firms.
      AWSCPA is proud to partner with MassMutual Financial Group, Microsoft and Becker
   CPA Review to increase professional awareness.
      Check out the AWSCPA Web site at or call the Society’s office at                             Corporate Sponsors
   (800) AWSCPA1 (297-2721). Celebrating 75 years of service.

   You Should Attend if                                                  What You Will Learn at
   You Are…                                                              the JNC…
   •	 Responsible	for	monitoring	developments	in	accounting	             •	 The latest technical developments in accounting,
      and	taxation.	                                                        auditing, tax, management, leadership, government
                                                                            and industry; including E-commerce and budgeting,
   •	 Responsible	for	the	quality	and	profitability	of	your	                the Revised Texas Franchise (Margin) Tax, and
      company	or	firm.	                                                     accounting software applications.
   •	 Supervising	and/or	training	accounting	and	finance	staff.	
                                                                         •	 Motivational strategies that work.
   •	 Interested	in	developing	a	network	of	outstanding	
                                                                         •	 Methods for effective management of people and the
   •	 Ready	to	promote	your	company	or	product	in	today’s	
      marketplace.	                                                      •	 Effective means of identifying and responding to
                                                                            economic problems.
   •	 A	beginner	or	veteran,	with	or	without	a	degree,	in	private	
      or	public	accounting,	financial	or	academia.	                      •	 Valuable leadership techniques.
                                                                         •	 Means for achieving effective communication. •                                            •	 Professional contacts in a variety of industries.                    3
                       Schedule at a Glance
                      Accounting & Auditing             Controllership            Personal & Professional                   Tax

                                       Monday, October 27, 2008
     10:00 am - 4:30 pm     Optional Pre-Conference CPE Women’s Leadership Academy –
                            Mary Bennett, MBA, CEC, Crowe Chizek and Company LLC
                                      Tuesday, October 28, 2008
      7:00 am - 5:30 pm     Registration Open
          8:00 - 8:50 am    Early Bird CPE (EB1) Understanding Professional Insurance Products and the
                            Exposures Faced by My Firm, Thomas Henell
          9:00 - 9:50 am    Early Bird CPE (EB2) Staying on Track: Strategies for Achieving Your Potential Both Personally and
                            Professionally, Billie Williamson, CPA
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm     ASWA Chapter Exchange Meeting
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm     ASWA Member-at-Large Meeting
    10:00 am - 12:30 pm     AWSCPA Member Exchange Meeting
        12:00 - 12:30 pm    ASWA Bylaws Forum
         12:50 - 2:30 pm    Opening Keynote Session – Leadership and Culture at Southwest Airlines,
                            Laura Wright, CPA, Southwest Airlines Co.
          2:40 - 3:30 pm    Concurrent Sessions 1
                      Fair Value Accounting (A1)   Dynamic Excel Tips &           Promoted – Now What?          IRS Criminal Investigations
                      Linda Bergen                 Tricks (C1)                    (How to Survive a             (T1)
                                                   Leslie Miller                  Promotion) (P1)               Bridget Marchetta
                                                                                  Berranthia Brown

          3:30 - 3:50 pm    Break
          3:50 - 5:30 pm    Concurrent Sessions 2
                      International Auditing       Modern Dispute Resolution:     How to Understand Your        Tax Platforms of the
                      Standards and US GAAS        Effective Techniques for       Road Map to Estate            Presidential Candidates
                      (A2)                         Problem Solving (C2)           Planning without Getting      (T2)
                      Susan Jones                  Barbara Radnofsky              Lost! (P2)                    Mona Hymel
                                                                                  Dianna Patton, CPA, CFP®

          5:30 - 7:00 pm    Welcome Reception
          7:00 - 9:00 pm    Kessler Walk (separate registration required)
                 7:00 pm    Dinner (on your own)
         7:00 - 11:00 pm    Hospitality Suite Open

                                  Wednesday, October 29, 2008
         6:45 - 8:00 am     Continental Breakfast
     6:45 am – 5:30 pm      Registration Open
     6:45 am - 3:40 pm      Exhibit Area Open
         7:00 - 7:50 am     Early Bird CPE (EB3) AICPA Women’s Initiatives Executive Committee Update,
                            Mary Bennett, MBA, CEC, Cheryl Leitschuh, EdD, ECC, and Mary Riley, CPA
          8:00 - 8:50 am    Concurrent Sessions 3
                      An Update of Recent          Identity Theft and Employer    How to Help Your Staff Pass   Captive Insurance Vehicles
                      Developments at FASB (A3)    Liability - Are You at Risk?   the CPA Exam (P3)             - Size Doesn’t Matter! (T3)
                      Alicia Posta                 (C3)                           Marie Ramkey, CPA             Anne Marie Unger and
                                                   Marilyn Patterson                                            Patrick Theriault

          9:00 - 9:50 am    General Session - The Accounting Profession in a Changing Global Landscape,
                            Beth Brooke, CPA, FLMI, Ernst & Young
         9:50 - 11:00 am    “Meet and Greet” with Exhibitors & Refreshment Break

4                                                                                         •
                           Schedule at a Glance
                       Accounting & Auditing              Controllership           Personal & Professional                      Tax
       11:00 - 11:50 am     Concurrent Sessions 4
                       Challenges in Non-Profit      Business and Accounting for   Visible or Invisible? How to     IRS Hot Topics (T4)
                       Financial Management          Professional Sports (C4)      Be Known (P4)                    Evelyn Dyson Lee
                       (A4)                          Kellie Fischer                Cynthia Kohlbry
                       Melody Stone

         12:00 - 1:30 pm    Awards Luncheon
          1:40 - 3:20 pm    Concurrent Sessions 5
                       Lessons Learned from          Financial Analysis and        Build Behaviors Employees        What Every CPA Should
                       Audit Failures - Auditor’s    Presentation to Non-          Will Adopt and Deliver to        Know about International
                       Perspective (A5)              Financial Leaders (C5)        Improve Profitability, Loyalty   Taxes (T5)
                       Marilyn Vito, MBA, CPA, CMA   Bill Moss, CPA                and Sales (P5)                   Susan M. Sorensen, CPA, PhD
                                                                                   Gregg Lederman

          3:20 - 3:40 pm    Break in Exhibit Area
          3:40 - 5:20 pm    Concurrent Sessions 6
                       Update on the Norwalk         Planning and Budgeting        I Am SOOOO Stressed!             The Revised Texas
                       Agreement: Progress           – The Only Way to             Stress Management                Franchise (Margin) Tax
                       Towards IFRS-GAAP             Success (C6)                  Skills for Women (P6)            – An Update (T6)
                       Harmonization (A6)            Bill Moss, CPA                Julie Burch                      Donna Rutter
                       Leslie B. Fletcher and Teri

                 5:30 pm    Dinner (on your own)
         5:30 - 11:00 pm    Hospitality Suite Open
          6:30 - 8:30 pm    ASWA Annual Business Meeting

                                       Thursday, October 30, 2008
         7:15 - 8:30 am     Continental Breakfast
     7:15 am – 6:00 pm      Registration Open
         7:30 - 8:20 am     Early Bird CPE (EB4) Professional Liability for Accountants, Cathy Whitley and Daniel D. Tostrud
        8:30 - 10:10 am     Concurrent Sessions 7
                       XBRL Reporting (A7)           Fraud Awareness: Lessons      Learning the Ropes of            2008 Federal Tax Update
                       Martha M. Eining              from the Trenches (C7)        the Workplace without            (T7)
                                                     Angela Morelock               Hanging Yourself (P7)            Claude D. Renshaw, CPA

        10:10 - 10:20 am    Break
    10:20 am - 12:00 pm     Concurrent Sessions 8
                       Journey to an IPO (A8)        Using Compensation as a       Making It Happen - Secrets       Alternative Investments/
                       Jason Belew                   Strategic Business Driver     to Generating Powerful           Retirement Income
                                                     (C8)                          Results (P8)                     Planning (T8)
                                                     Billie Day                    Kathy Garland                    Deborah Lavinsky, CRPS, CEA

         12:00 - 2:00 pm    Financial Literacy & Fundraising Lunch sponsored by both Society Foundations featuring
                            CPE topic, Financial Literacy – How You Can Start Your Own Program,
                            Denisa Jones, CPA and Mary Burns, CPA
          2:00 - 4:00 pm    ASWA Leadership Meeting
          2:00 - 3:40 pm    Plenary Session 1 (PL1) How the Bank Secrecy Act Impacts You and Your Client,
                            Theresa McGill and Cassandra Felton
          3:50 - 5:30 pm    Plenary Session 2 (PL2) How to Be a Mentor, Carol Mansen, CPA
          4:00 - 5:00 pm    ASWA Regional Director Strategic Planning Meeting
                 5:30 pm    Joint National Conference Ends •                                                                                                                     5
Forrest A. Kessler                         An Evening Remembering JFK – His Life and Legacy
Walk for Humanity                              Take advantage of this year’s conference location of Dallas, Texas and join your friends
2008 – National                            and peers for an evening that promises to stimulate dialogue, foster understanding, and
                                           increase knowledge of the life, death, and legacy of President John F. Kennedy.
Charity Fundraiser                             On November 22, 1963, the Texas School Book Depository building was the focus of
                                           world shock, grief, and outrage when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey
After the Welcome Reception, the           Plaza. Twenty-six years later, John F. Kennedy and the Memory of a Nation opened on the
Forrest A. Kessler Walk for Humanity       building’s sixth floor, where significant evidence was found. Using nearly 400 photographs,
2008 provides you the opportunity          45 minutes of documentary films, and artifacts, this exhibition recreates the social and
to join your ASWA and AWSCPA               political context of the early 1960s, chronicles the assassination and its aftermath, and
friends from across the country            recognizes Kennedy’s lasting impact on American culture.
for a National Charity Fundraiser              So plan now to join us on October 30, 2008 from 7:00 – 10:00 pm for a tour of the
sponsored by the American Society of       museum and a catered dinner in a view overlooking downtown Dallas. The registration fee for
Women Accountants, the American            this event is $65. Transportation to and from the museum are included as part of your package.
Woman’s Society of CPAs and The
                                           Discover Dallas                                    Shopping
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.               Dallas is the number one visitor destination       Dallas and shopping are synonymous. Not
This is an event to remember all           in Texas. The city offers visitors a               only is Dallas home to the internationally
Humanitarians we have loved and lost.      unique blend of Southwestern warmth,               recognized specialty store Neiman Marcus it
It is also an event to recognize and       cosmopolitan flair, Old West charm and             is also the site of America’s oldest shopping
support those who are struggling with      modern sophistication. It encompasses 384          center, Highland Park Village. From unique
treatments and healing.                    square miles of rolling prairie, with native       boutiques to premier shopping malls and
                                           pecan, cottonwood and oak trees located            hip new shopping districts - Dallas has
The Eighth Annual Walk will be held        along the Trinity River and the numerous           fashion covered. Galleria Dallas, NorthPark
on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 from          creeks that feed it. They call Dallas “Big         Center, West Village, Mockingbird Station,
7:00 – 9:00 pm. The tax-deductible         D” because of its world-class art exhibits,        and Victory Park are just a few of the
registration fee is $50. The experience    distinct restaurants, stylish shopping,            shopping opportunities that await you.
                                           unbelievable live music and much more.
includes participation in an exciting      Exploring Dallas provides a new adventure          Arts & Culture
event in Dallas, a signature T-shirt and   every day.                                         If you think that all you’ll find in Dallas is
a raffle ticket for special prizes. All                                                       a corral of cowboys, you’re in for a surprise.
of the proceeds from this event will       Dining                                             In recent years, this metropolitan hot spot
go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma              Boasting critically acclaimed chefs,               has become an inviting showcase of first-
Society. This Society is the leader        comprehensive wine lists, and characteristic       rate paintings, sculpture and architecture - a
in the fight against the number one        Texas hospitality, dining out in Dallas            burgeoning center of the arts recognized
disease killer of children. Adult          is one of the city’s best assets. Dallas’          worldwide for its museums and various
women and men are also victims of          population is becoming increasingly diverse        collections. Visit the Nasher Sculpture
leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma -           and the change in cultural landscape is            Center, Dallas Museum of Art, Crow
cancers of bone marrow and blood.          reflected in the range of cuisines, from rich      Collection of Asian Art, Meadows Museum
                                           traditions of classic French to Asian fusion       at Southern Methodist University or Fair
Go to the ASWA Web site (www.              to Southwestern with a tangy touch and             Park for some eye-popping art. or the AWSCPA Web site           everything in between.
( to download a                                                                Sports
registration form today!                   Night Life                                         Sports are taken seriously in Dallas. Whether
                                           Dallas has a number of entertainment hubs,         it’s professional basketball, college football
Awards Lunch                               but these neighborhoods in particular are          or a raging rodeo, on any given day, you
                                           known for a hip and happening restaurant           can find a spectator event that suits your
Join ASWA and AWSCPA for a joint           and nightclub scene: Deep Ellum, Greenville        particular appetite for sports.
awards lunch that will celebrate           Avenue, Knox-Henderson, West Village and
the winners of ASWA Educational            West End.
Foundation’s Balance Awards and
AWSCPA’s National Awards. The              Joint Foundation-Sponsored Financial Literacy &
seventh annual ASWA Balance Awards         Fundraising Lunch
program will recognize the individuals
– and companies – who have shown           Join your friends and colleagues at the joint foundation fundraising lunch where we
a commitment to work/life balance          will learn about how we can bring financial literacy to our communities, network and
                                           make our final bids on silent auction items. The ASWA Educational Foundation and
and sensitivity to the concerns
                                           the AWSCPA Foundation will be hosting this event to raise important funds to support
of women in the industry. The              their missions. The two-hour event will feature a 50-minute CPE session on financial
AWSCPA recognizes the individual           literacy, items donated by affiliates, chapters, firms and individuals across the country.
achievements of its members and non-       Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, grow and win!
members with the following awards:
the Woman CPA of the Year Award,           The ASWA Educational Foundation was created in 2004 to promote and advance financial literacy,
Educator of the Year Award, Public         scholarship and life skills through programs of recognition, mentoring, research and outreach for
                                           women in accounting and related fields. The AWSCPA Foundation was created in 1982 to support
Service Award, and the Woman of
                                           the research and educational activities of the AWSCPA and provide scholarship opportunities for
Courage Award.                             women in the accounting profession.
6                                                                                       •
                                  Conference Schedule
                                                           •	 Professional	Liability	Insurance	-	negligence	     10:00 am – 12:30 pm
   Monday, October 27                                         and errors & omissions;
                                                                                                                 AWSCPA Member Exchange Meeting
                                                           •	 Employee	Dishonesty	Insurance	-	fraud	in	the	
   10:00 am – 4:30 pm                                         workplace;
   Optional Pre-Conference Session                         •	 Employment	Practices	Liability	Insurance	          12:00 – 12:30 pm
                                                              - lawsuits by employees for discrimination,        ASWA Bylaws Forum
   Women’s Leadership Academy                                 sexual harassment, wrongful termination;
   Conducted by Mary Bennett,                              •	 Fiduciary	Liability	-	personal	exposure	
   MBA, CEC, Executive, Crowe                                 created from acting as a fiduciary for your
                                                                                                                 12:50 - 2:30 pm
   Chizek and Company LLC                                     company’s ERISA plans and                          Opening Keynote Session—
   Program Level: Intermediate                             •	 Directors	&	Officers	-	the	exposure	created	       Leadership and Culture at Southwest
   NASBA Field of Study: Personal                             by acting in this capacity                         Airlines
                                                                                                                 Laura Wright, CPA, Senior Vice President
   CPE Credit: 5.5 hours                                   9:00 – 9:50 am                                        Finance and CFO, Southwest Airlines Co.
   Join us for this comprehensive customized                                                                     Program Level: Basic
   leadership development program where leader-            Early Bird CPE (EB2)
   ship development planning, dialogue with peers                                                                NASBA Field of Study:
   regarding the advancement of women leaders, the
                                                           Staying on Track: Strategies for                      Personal Development
   building of leadership networks, and career/life        Achieving Your Potential Both                         CPE Credit: 2 hours
   integration planning will be delivered. This inten-     Personally and Professionally                         Learn what Southwest Airlines
   sive academy will include pre-work assignments,                                                               does to attract and retain
   the establishment of an ongoing network with a          Billie Williamson, CPA, Americas Director of
                                                           Flexibility and Gender Equity Strategy, Ernst &       its most valuable resources,
   post-event coaching/mentoring circle and provide
                                                           Young                                                 its employees and how it
   attendees the ability to participate in the inaugural
                                                                                                                 maintains its world renowned culture.
   Academy with subsequent courses and networks            Program Level: Basic
   available. The session will be led by Mary Ben-                                                               Ms. Wright has been the Senior Vice President
                                                           NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development
   nett, Executive with Crowe Chizek and Company                                                                 Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Southwest
   LLC with more than 21 years of experience in the        CPE Credit: 1 hour                                    Airlines since July 2004. She is a member of
   accounting and consulting industry. Mary is the         Although many strides have been made over the         Southwest’s Senior Management Committee,
   founder of the Women Into Leadership Program            last two decades, the journey to gender equity        the airline’s senior officer group, and the
   within Crowe and has been instrumental to the           in corporate America continues. Women still           Executive Planning Committee, the eight-
   firm’s success with expertise in practice leader-       represent less than three percent of Fortune          member executive officer group responsible for
   ship, business development, market expansion,           500 CEOs and only 15 percent of corporate-            strategic and long range planning. Previous
   and women’s leadership and inclusiveness pro-           officer positions. In fact, recent research shows     positions at Southwest Airlines have included
   grams. She has served as account relationship           a slight backslide in the number of women in          Vice President Finance and Treasurer, Assistant
   executive, engagement executive and certified           corporate leadership. In this session, Billie         Treasurer, Director Corporate Finance and
   executive coach.                                        Williamson, a senior partner at Ernst & Young,        Director Corporate Tax. Prior to joining
                                                           will help women understand the critical role they     Southwest Airlines, she was a Tax Manager with
                                                           play in the rapidly changing economy and how to
   Tuesday, October 28                                     harness that power to achieve their full potential.
                                                                                                                 Arthur Young & Company in Dallas, Texas. Ms.
                                                                                                                 Wright is responsible for the airline’s overall
                                                           Billie will challenge traditional assumptions         finance and accounting activities. She received
   7:00 am – 5:30 pm                                       around barriers facing women’s advancement            a BSA and MSA (emphasis in taxation) from
                                                           and will inspire women accountants to reach
   Registration Open                                       for the top. She will discuss ways to gain
                                                                                                                 the University of North Texas and is a Certified
                                                                                                                 Public Accountant in the State of Texas. Ms.
                                                           and maintain confidence as a leader while
                                                           successfully managing personal and family             Wright currently serves on the Board of
   8:00 – 8:50 am                                          commitments. Speaking from both her own               Directors for Southwest Transplant Alliance.
                                                           30-year career in accounting as well as her
   Early Bird CPE (EB1)                                    experience as Americas Director of Flexibility
                                                           and Gender Equity Strategy for Ernst & Young,         2:40 – 3:30 pm
   Understanding Professional                              Billie will provide practical advice to help women    Concurrent Sessions 1
   Insurance Products and the                              handle difficult career conversations around          Accounting & Auditing (A1)
                                                           family, flexibility, and work/life issues. She will
   Exposures Faced by My Firm                              also give tips for women accountants on how to        Fair Value Accounting
   Thomas Henell, Chief Marketing Officer, NAPLIA          maximize opportunities, develop relationships,
                                                           and engage men as gender equity champions.            Linda Bergen, CPA, Vice President, Citigroup
   Program Level: Intermediate                                                                                   Program Level: Intermediate
   NASBA Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge             10:00 am – 12:00 pm                                   NASBA Field of Study: Accounting
   and Applications                                                                                              CPE Credit: 1 hour
                                                           ASWA Chapter Exchange Meeting
   CPE Credit: 1 hour                                                                                            This presentation will focus on how methods of
   This purely educational class will provide                                                                    determining fair value have changed. We will
   an overview of the exposures faced by all               10:00 am – 12:00 pm                                   also discuss the new developments in fair value
   professional companies and the insurance                ASWA Member-at-Large Meeting                          accounting and identify implementation issues.
   products available to address each including: •                                                                                                                                       7
                                  Conference Schedule
    Controllership (C1)                                   current priorities and recent prosecutions are,        Personal and Professional
                                                          and what CPAs in practice can look for to avoid
    Dynamic Excel Tips & Tricks                           being caught up in financial crimes.
                                                                                                                 Development (P2)
    Leslie Miller, Financial Systems Analyst,                                                                    How to Understand Your Road Map
    Institute for Systems Medicine                                                                               to Estate Planning without Getting
    Program Level: Basic                                  3:30 – 3:50 pm
    NASBA Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge &         Break
                                                                                                                 Dianna Patton, CPA, CFP®, Manager, Yount,
                                                                                                                 Hyde & Barbour, P.C.
    CPE Credit: 1 hour                                    3:50 – 5:30 pm                                         Program Level: Basic
    This session will provide a comprehensive             Concurrent Sessions 2
                                                                                                                 NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development
    overview of Excel’s attributes and agility for the
                                                                                                                 CPE Credit: 2 hours
    everyday accountant. Learn shortcuts and some         Accounting & Auditing (A2)
    simple macros to make your spreadsheets work                                                                 Estate Planning can be a scary and complex
    more efficiently. Sample areas covered include:       International Auditing Standards                       topic in terms of where to start and what to
    subtotals, pivot tables, conditional formatting,      and US GAAS                                            do. This seminar is designed to help get the
    hidden sheets, concatenating cells, data              Susan Jones, National Partner-in-Charge of             “Estate Planning Concepts” in more real and
    validation, solver, filtering, and goal seeking. We   Audit Standards, Grant Thornton, LLP                   understandable terms. We will explain the
    will give you the best tips and tricks to save you                                                           concepts of the why and how of estate planning
                                                          Program Level: Basic                                   and gift planning so you can design your
    time, energy and money! Bring your own laptop
                                                          NASBA Field of Study: Auditing                         roadmap to help yourself and assist your clients
    – sample files will be available.
                                                          CPE Credit: 2 hours                                    in their own planning goals.
                                                          This session will provide an overview of the
    Personal and Professional                             International Standards on Auditing (ISAs),            Tax (T2)
    Development (P1)                                      focusing on the differences between the ISAs           Tax Platforms of the Presidential
    Promoted – Now What? (How to                          and US GAAS. The session will also include a
    Survive a Promotion)                                  discussion of the Auditing Standards Board plan
                                                          to converge with the ISAs.                             Mona Hymel, Professor of Law, University of
    Berranthia Brown, Manager, Sales & Use Tax,                                                                  Arizona
    The Coca-Cola Company
                                                                                                                 Program Level: Basic
    Program Level: Basic                                  Controllership (C2)
                                                                                                                 NASBA Field of Study: Taxes
    NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development            Modern Dispute Resolution:                             CPE Credit: 2 hours
    CPE Credit: 1 hour                                    Effective Techniques for Problem                       The elections are just around the corner and by
    Promotion to management is obviously welcome          Solving                                                now, we’ve all been overwhelmed by political
    and something to celebrate, but when the initial      Barbara Radnofsky, Principal, Radnofsky                double talk and campaign rhetoric. Find out
    excitement is over, you start to wonder about                                                                what the candidates really mean, what they
                                                          Mediation and Arbitration Services
    your new responsibilities. You must consider                                                                 stand for and where they’re going in this focused
    how to direct your current abilities toward the       Program Level: Basic                                   look at the tax platforms of the presidential
    new role. This session will include discussions       NASBA Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge &          candidates.
    on your responsibilities as a manager,                Applications
    overcoming insecurities and fears, and adjusting
                                                          CPE Credit: 2 hours
    to the expectations of others.                                                                               5:30 – 7:00 pm
                                                          It’s never too late to learn effective techniques to   Welcome Reception
                                                          solve problems. A 30-year lawyer and mediator,
    Tax (T1)                                              who also teaches mediation in the schools,
    IRS Criminal Investigations                           will show you how to look past positions to            7:00 – 9:00 pm
    Bridget Marchetta, Assistant Special Agent in         determine interests and how to reach win-win           Kessler Walk
    Charge, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, IRS      solutions. You’ll be inspired by stories of the
                                                          children with neurological disabilities who serve      (separate registration required)
    Program Level: Basic
                                                          as peer mediators employing the key concepts of
    NASBA Field of Study: Taxes
                                                          dispute resolutions. You’ll learn how mediation        7:00 pm
    CPE Credit: 1 hour                                    works in sports, basketball, family, legal and
                                                                                                                 Dinner (on your own)
    The Criminal Investigations (CI) Division of the      yes, accounting disputes.
    IRS serves the American public by investigating
    potential criminal violations of the Internal                                                                7:00 – 11:00 pm
    Revenue Code and related financial crimes.                                                                   Hospitality Suite Open
    Today’s sophisticated schemes to defraud the
    government demand the analytical ability of
    financial investigators to wade through complex
    paper and computerized financial records. See
    what the CI role is within the IRS, what their

8                                                                                                            •
                                Conference Schedule
  Wednesday, October 29                              Controllership (C3)                                   9:00 – 9:50 am
                                                     Identity Theft and Employer Liability                 General Session – The
  6:45 – 8:00 am                                     - Are You at Risk?                                    Accounting Profession
  Continental Breakfast                              Marilyn Patterson, President, Patterson               in a Changing Global
                                                     Performance Solutions                                 Landscape
                                                     Program Level: Overview                               Beth Brooke, CPA, FLMI,
  6:45 am – 5:30 pm
                                                     NASBA Field of Study: Business Law                    Global Vice Chair of Strategy,
  Registration Open                                  CPE Credit: 1 hour                                    Communications and Regulatory Affairs, Ernst
                                                     Imagine receiving a phone call from the FBI           & Young
  6:45 am – 3:40 pm                                  saying several thousand people have been the          Program Level: Overview
  Exhibit Area Open                                  victims of identity theft and the cause has been      NASBA Field of Study: Accounting
                                                     traced back to your business. The Federal
                                                                                                           CPE Credit: 1 hour
                                                     laws say you are liable and the penalties are
  7:00 – 7:50 am                                     stiff – but there are steps you can take. In this     With increasing globalization nearly every-thing
                                                     presentation you will learn what the laws say         is changing at a rapid pace. The size and scale
  Early Bird CPE (EB3)                               and what every business and organization can          of companies keeps increasing, investors are
  AICPA Women’s Initiatives Executive                do to lessen their risk.                              now global and what happens in one part of the
                                                                                                           world is instantly felt somewhere else. Beth
  Committee Update                                                                                         Brooke, Global Vice Chair of Ernst & Young
  Mary Bennett, MBA, CEC, Executive, Crowe           Personal and Professional                             will share the most important trends shaping
  Chizek and Company, LLC, Cheryl Leitschuh,         Development (P3)                                      the global business environment, including the
  EdD, RCC, Leitschuh Leadership Consulting,                                                               critical role of the accounting profession and
                                                     How to Help Your Staff Pass the CPA                   new approaches to leadership amid a changing
  and Mary Riley, CPA, Mary B. Riley, CPA, PC
                                                     Exam                                                  global landscape.
  Program Level: Overview
                                                     Marie Ramkey, CPA, Consultant/Becker                  Beth A. Brooke is Global Vice Chair of Strategy
  NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development                                                               and Regulatory Affairs of Ernst & Young. She
                                                     CPA Review Instructor
  CPE Credit: 1 hour                                                                                       is also a member of the firm’s Global Practice
                                                     Program Level: Basic
  How are women CPAs faring in the profession?                                                             Management Group and its Americas Executive
                                                     NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development            Board. Beth focuses on developing the firm’s
  What progress have women made? How do
                                                     CPE Credit: 1 hour                                    strategic direction and shaping its public policy
  women’s leadership styles differ from men’s
                                                                                                           positions. Convening and participating in
  and are there advantages or disadvantages          Changing the CPA Exam to a computer based
                                                                                                           dialogues among many stakeholder groups, Beth
  to one style over the other? This session will     test has altered the structure of the examination
                                                                                                           has been an active player in restoring investor
  discuss these topics, current research data        process. Come learn about the current exam
                                                                                                           confidence and public trust in the profession’s
  and trends, and other initiatives the AICPA is     format and testing criteria. This understanding
                                                                                                           role in the capital markets. She has been
                                                     is essential if you are planning on sitting for
  conducting to address the profession’s human                                                             recognized by Forbes as one of “The World’s
                                                     the exam or supporting staff seeking their
  capital issues.                                                                                          100 Most Powerful Women.”
                                                     certification. Basic questions about the
                                                     new exam will be revealed and tips on exam
  8:00 – 8:50 am                                     preparation will be shared! Join us and satisfy       9:50 – 11:00 am
  Concurrent Sessions 3
                                                     your curiosity!                                       “Meet and Greet” with Exhibitors &
                                                                                                           Refreshment Break
  Accounting & Auditing (A3)                         Tax (T3)
  An Update of Recent Developments                   Captive Insurance Vehicles - Size                     11:00 – 11:50 am
  at FASB                                            Doesn’t Matter!                                       Concurrent Sessions 4
  Alicia Posta, Executive Director, FASB             Anne Marie Unger, Senior Manager, KPMG
  Program Level: Appropriate for All Levels
                                                     and Patrick Theriault, Managing Director,             Accounting & Auditing (A4)
  NASBA Field of Study: Accounting
                                                     Wilmington Trust Company                              Challenges in Non-Profit Financial
                                                     Program Level: Basic                                  Management
  CPE Credit: 1 hour
                                                     NASBA Field of Study: Taxes                           Melody Stone, President, The Stone Financial
  This session will provide an overview of some of   CPE Credit: 1 hour                                    Group, Inc.
  the recent changes, initiatives, proposals, and
  projects that the FASB is working on, including    Captives have long been the domain of corporate       Program Level: Basic
  a discussion of joint FASB/IASB projects, FASB
                                                     and institutional companies that tend to have         NASBA Field of Study: Finance
                                                     greater exposure to self insurance risks and
  projects to revise Statement 140 and FIN 46(R),    greater premiums. But numerous developments           CPE Credit: 1 hour
  and other FASB projects.                           within captive domiciles and creative structuring     This presentation will focus on legislative,
                                                     have created opportunities that make captives a       regulatory as well as community changes that
                                                     reality for middle market and small companies         impact how non-profit organizations perform
                                                     that don’t believe they qualify for a captive. This   their financial management duties.
                                                     session will explore opportunities in the captive
                                                     market for small, mid-size and large companies. •                                                                                                                                  9
                                  Conference Schedule
     Controllership (C4)                                  Accounting & Auditing (A5)                          “failure to execute” epidemic by identifying
                                                                                                              the proprietary behaviors and experiences
     Business and Accounting for                          Lessons Learned from Audit Failures                 employees can do to create loyalty beyond
     Professional Sports                                  – Auditor’s Perspective                             product, price and quality with customers,
     Kellie Fischer, CFO, Texas Rangers Baseball          Marilyn Vito, MBA, CPA, CMA, Associate              partners and even within their organization.
     Program Level: Basic                                 Professor of Business Studies, Richard
                                                          Stockton College of New Jersey                      Tax (T5)
     NASBA Field of Study: Accounting
                                                          Program Level: Basic
     CPE Credit: 1 hour                                                                                       What Every CPA Should Know about
                                                          NASBA Field of Study: Auditing
     Kellie Fischer, CFO of the Texas Rangers                                                                 International Taxes
     Baseball, will discuss professional sports           CPE Credit: 2 hours
                                                                                                              Susan M. Sorensen, CPA, PhD, Asst. Professor
     treasury management, revenue recognition, and        This session will examine earnings management       of Accounting, University of Houston – Clear
     deferred compensation. Her focus will be on          techniques that may result in material              Lake
     professional baseball and hockey.                    misstatements in the financial reports and
                                                          are difficult to discover during routine audits.    Program Level: Intermediate
                                                          Reasons why such errors are repeatedly              NASBA Field of Study: Taxes
     Personal & Professional                              overlooked by auditors will be described, along     CPE Credit: 2 hours
     Development (P4)                                     with a discussion of audit procedures that
                                                                                                              We exist in a global marketplace with both
                                                          might address these oversights. Implications
     Visible or Invisible? How to Be                      for investors and creditors in considering the      new opportunities and new complexities for
     Known                                                likelihood that material misstatements may have     businesses and the accounting community.
                                                          been overlooked will be highlighted, with some      Learn about some of the more common issues
     Cynthia Kohlbry, Managing Director,                                                                      such as transfer pricing, withholding, tax forms
                                                          suggestions on mitigating potential risks.
     Conley & Company                                                                                         and property transactions. Discover where to
     Program Level: Intermediate                                                                              find the resources to help you navigate your way
     NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development           Controllership (C5)                                 through international transactions.
     CPE Credit: 1 hour                                   Financial Analysis and Presentation
     Leading executive recruiter and former Wall          to Non-Financial Leaders                            3:20 – 3:40 pm
     Street investment banker, Cindy Kohlbry will take    Bill Moss, CPA, Owner, William R. Moss, CPA         Break in Exhibit Area
     you through the key steps to ensure that you are     Program Level: Intermediate
     known and known to be good at what you do.
     As a recruiter for major companies and private       NASBA Field of Study: Accounting                    3:40 – 5:20 pm
     equity firms across the country, it is the women     CPE Credit: 2 hours                                 Concurrent Sessions 6
     who are the least well-networked, hardest to         Successful communication means the listener
     find and most difficult to engage. Make visibility   increases their “knowledge.” This program is
     your priority. Glass ceilings beware!                designed to cover the types of financial analysis   Accounting & Auditing (A6)
                                                          you should use when preparing financial             Update on the Norwalk Agreement:
                                                          reports for presentation. Further discussion
     Tax (T4)                                             will cover some of the best ways to convey that     Progress Towards IFRS-GAAP
     IRS Hot Topics                                       information to non-financial leaders. Specific      Harmonization
     Evelyn Dyson Lee, Sr. Stakeholder Liaison, IRS       tips on presentation skills will be included with   Leslie B. Fletcher, Professor of Accounting,
                                                          emphasis on financial presentations. Don’t          Georgia Southern University and Teri Conover,
     Program Level: Basic
                                                          miss this lively discussion on how you can be an
     NASBA Field of Study: Taxes                                                                              Professor of Accounting, University of North
                                                          effective financial communicator.
     CPE Credit: 1 hour
                                                                                                              Program Level: Basic
     The Stakeholder Liaison serves as an important       Personal & Professional
     link between the IRS and practitioners, keeping                                                          NASBA Field of Study: Accounting
     us informed of the latest issues at the IRS that     Development (P5)                                    CPE Credit: 2 hours
     affect us and our clients. Learn about hot issues    Build Behaviors Employees Will                      In 2002 the FASB and the IASB signed
     such as The Dirty Dozen scams, the Tax Gap                                                               an agreement in Norwalk, CT to minimize
     and how it affects you and your clients, and the     Adopt and Deliver to Improve
                                                                                                              differences between US GAAP and IFRS.
     latest issues in the mortgage industry.              Profitability, Loyalty and Sales                    The Norwalk Agreement includes numerous
                                                          Gregg Lederman, Founder & Managing Partner,         initiatives to eliminate differences in existing
     12:00 – 1:30 pm                                      Brand Integrity                                     standards, minimize differences in new
                                                          Program Level: Intermediate                         standards and ensure mutual participation
     Awards Luncheon                                                                                          in rule-making processes. This session will
                                                          NASBA Field of Study: Business Management &         describe the progress made to date in standards
                                                          Organization                                        harmonization and inform the participants
     1:40 – 3:20 pm                                       CPE Credit: 2 hours                                 about the initiatives in process, including the
     Concurrent Session 5                                                                                     Conceptual Framework Project.
                                                          Marketplace differentiation begins and ends with
                                                          employees! Unfortunately, most firms don’t
                                                          know how to effectively motivate their people to
                                                          consistently deliver services to set them apart.
                                                          This presentation helps participants solve the
10                                                                                                        •
                                Conference Schedule
   Controllership (C6)                                 6:30 – 8:30 pm                                       Controllership (C7)
   Planning and Budgeting – The Only                   ASWA Annual Business Meeting                         Fraud Awareness: Lessons from the
   Way to Success                                                                                           Trenches
   Bill Moss, CPA, Owner, William R. Moss, CPA         Thursday, October 30                                 Angela Morelock, Partner & Assistant Director
   Program Level: Intermediate                                                                              of Forensics & Dispute Consulting, BKD, LLP
   NASBA Field of Study: Accounting                                                                         Program Level: Basic
                                                       7:15 – 8:30 am                                       NASBA Field of Study: Accounting
   CPE Credit 2 hours
                                                       Continental Breakfast                                CPE Credit: 2 hours
   Planning is core to any success whether
   business or personal. The development and                                                                Fraud can wreak havoc on an organization’s
   execution of a solid plan should be at the
                                                       7:15 am – 6:00 pm                                    financial performance and undermine business
   start of any endeavor. We will explore the          Registration Open                                    objectives. No business is immune from the
   pitfalls of planning and budgeting, monitoring                                                           risks associated with fraud and education is
   and execution. This program will delve into         7:30 – 8:20 am                                       the key to prevention. Angela Morelock, a
   specific steps to take in preparing your plan and                                                        partner with BKD, LLP, will share her insights
   subsequently your budget. The need for and          Early Bird CPE (EB4)                                 into the world of internal embezzlement based
   methods to use when monitoring will also be         Professional Liability for Accountants               on her experience investigating white-collar
   discussed. Failure to plan is planning to fail.                                                          crime. With stories from the trenches and
                                                       Cathy Whitley, Territory Manager, Aon
                                                                                                            often overlooked prevention tips, you will be
                                                       Insurance Services/AICPA Insurance Programs          simultaneously educated and entertained during
   Personal & Professional                             and Daniel D. Tostrud, Founding Partner,             this fast-paced program.
   Development (P6)                                    Hermes Sargent Bates LLP
                                                       Program Level: Basic
   I Am SOOOO Stressed! Stress                                                                              Personal & Professional
                                                       NASBA Field of Study: Specialized Knowlege
   Management Skills for Women                         and Applications                                     Development (P7)
   Julie Burch, President, JLH Presentations
                                                       CPE Credit: 1 hour                                   Learning the Ropes of the Workplace
   Program Level: Basic
                                                       This interactive program will provide information    without Hanging Yourself
   NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development
                                                       and discussion on issues related to professional     TBD
   CPE Credit: 2 hours
                                                       liability insurance and what all accounting          Program Level: Intermediate
   This dynamic, unconventional and entertaining       professionals should know when looking at
   session looks at stress from a refreshing,                                                               NASBA Field of Study: Communications
                                                       policies, the updating of information, and claims.
   common sense point of view. You will learn to       The program will include information on the          CPE Credit: 2 hours
   become less vulnerable to stressful situations,     legal, financial and operational aspects of risk     Just like the best actors don’t necessarily win
   see the humor that is all around, lighten up and    management and insurance within the current          the Oscars, we know that it takes more than just
   TAKE BACK CONTROL!                                  business environment.                                doing good work to get ahead in the workplace.
                                                                                                            In this session, you’ll learn survival secrets that
   Tax (T6)                                            8:30 – 10:10 am                                      will help you avoid the common mistakes that
                                                       Concurrent Sessions 7                                sink careers at the gate. From getting a seat at
   The Revised Texas Franchise                                                                              the meeting table to dealing with a demanding
   (Margin) Tax – An Update                                                                                 boss or clients, from talking salary to what
                                                       Accounting & Auditing (A7)                           not to say at a business function, you’ll learn
   Donna Rutter, Partner, Hartman, Leito & Bolt LLP
                                                       XBRL Reporting                                       everything you need to know to master the
   Program Level: Basic                                                                                     (shameless) art of climbing the corporate ladder.
                                                       Martha M. Eining, Academic Research Fellow,
   NASBA Field of Study: Taxes                         Grant Thornton LLP and Professor, University
   CPE Credit: 2 hours                                 of Utah                                              Tax (T7)
   Even if you’re not a CPA in Texas, the Revised      Program Level: Basic                                 2008 Federal Tax Update
   Texas Franchise Tax can have an impact on your      NASBA Field of Study: Accounting
   practice. Join Donna Rutter, the chair of the                                                            Claude D. Renshaw, CPA, Professor Emeritus,
   Texas Society of CPAs State Taxation Committee      CPE Credit: 2 hours                                  St. Mary’s College, Department of Business
   and get updated information on who is affected      The SEC is currently moving towards the              Administration & Economics
   by the new tax, the components of the new tax,      use of XBRL to convert basic static financial        Program Level: Intermediate
   and how it is changing the rules for those who      statement information into interactive data.         NASBA Field of Study: Taxes
   have business in Texas.                             This session will provide the background
                                                       necessary to understand the issues related           CPE Credit: 2 hours
   5:30 pm                                             to XBRL implementation and assurance. An             Back by popular demand! Join conference
                                                       overview of the benefits and potential issues        favorite, Professor Claude Renshaw, CPA as he
   Dinner (on your own)                                with XBRL, the SEC’s Voluntary Filing Program,       emphasizes some of the most recent activity
                                                       and upcoming SEC Rules will be provided. The         and gives participants an opportunity for both
                                                       session is designed for individuals with little or   learning about new rules and reviewing previous
   5:30 – 11:00 pm                                     no exposure to XBRL and will be presented from       legislation still in effect. This session promises
   Hospitality Suite Open                              a non-technical perspective.                         to reflect any up to the minute tax law changes. •                                                                                                                                     11
                                 Conference Schedule
     10:10 – 10:20 am                                   Women don’t often take enough time to focus          organizations in your area that may be interested
                                                        on what will bring them the success and balance      in making your program available to their clients.
     Break                                              they want. This interactive, dynamic workshop
                                                        developed for women leaders offers the               2:00 – 4:00 pm
     10:20 am – 12:00 pm                                strategies and tools needed to create effective
                                                        goals. Participants will leave with written goals,   ASWA Leadership Meeting
     Concurrent Sessions 8
                                                        focus and energy for 2009. Attending this
                                                        workshop will give attendees a head start for        2:00 – 3:40 pm
     Accounting & Auditing (A8)                         their business year before tax season begins.
                                                                                                             Plenary Session 1 (PL1) How the
     Journey to an IPO
     Jason Belew, Partner, Ernst & Young
                                                                                                             Bank Secrecy Act Impacts You and
                                                        Tax (T8)                                             Your Client
     Program Level: Intermediate
                                                        Alternative Investments/Retirement                   Cassandra Felton, Senior Bank Secrecy Act
     NASBA Field of Study: Accounting
                                                        Income Planning                                      Specialist, IRS and Theresa McGill, Senior Bank
     CPE Credit: 2 hours                                                                                     Secrecy Act Specialist, IRS
                                                        Deborah Lavinsky, CRPS, CEA, Financial
     This session will be a panel discussion on         Advisor, Eide Bailly Financial Services              Program Level: Appropriate for All Levels
     the key challenges and considerations for a
     company considering an initial public offering.    Program Level: Intermediate                          NASBA Field of Study: Taxes
     Participants will understand key considerations    NASBA Field of Study: Taxes                          CPE Credit: 2 hours;
     in getting a company prepared for an IPO, the      CPE Credit: 2 hours                                  Bank Secrecy Act laws started in 1970 but the
     current regulatory environment for IPOs, and the                                                        US Patriot Act strengthened the laws already
     current conditions in the IPO marketplace.         Part I – Did you think the only investments
                                                        available are mutual funds, stocks and bonds?        in place and brought new businesses under its
                                                        Help your clients diversify their portfolios,        regulatory arm. Many of these businesses are
                                                                                                             not aware of the change in law and they rely
     Controllership (C8)                                reduce their tax liability and create an income
                                                                                                             on their tax professional for guidance. Are you
                                                        stream. Learn the benefits of oil and gas
     Using Compensation as a Strategic                  partnerships, clarify hedge funds, reveal the        are aware of these changes? Do you know if
     Business Driver                                    truth about REITs and much more!                     your clients are considered a non-bank financial
                                                                                                             institution? Come to this session to add value to
     Billie Day, President, OnSite Solutions, Inc.      Part II – Learn how an innovative strategic          your clients.
     Program Level: Intermediate                        combination of asset allocation and investment
                                                        selection can create an inflation-adjusted income
     NASBA Field of Study: Business Management &
                                                        for life. This is not an investment product but      3:50 – 5:30 pm
     Organization                                       rather a practical concept that anyone can           Plenary Session 2 (PL2) How to Be a
     CPE Credit: 2 hours                                utilize!                                             Mentor
     Compensation is expensive – one of the                                                                  Carol Mansen, CPA, Consultant, M+ Consulting
     most expensive items a company has. Yet,           12:00 – 2:00 pm
     compensation is usually thought of as simply a                                                          Program Level: Appropriate for All Levels
     way to provide payment for services rendered by    Financial Literacy & Fundraising                     NASBA Field of Study: Personal Development
     our employees and maybe a little bit of employee   Lunch sponsored by both Society                      CPE Credit: 2 hours
     motivation. However, it can be much more than
     that. Designed properly, compensation is a         Foundations featuring Financial                      The wisdom and value of utilizing a mentor to
     powerful business driver, a hedge against tough    Literacy – How You Can Start Your                    build a successful career is well known and
     financial times, AND a way to engage employees                                                          many successful women are willing to become
     in the business.
                                                        Own Program                                          mentors to other women. But how many
                                                        Denisa Jones, CPA, ASWA Educational                  mentors understand what is involved in being
                                                        Foundation Chair and Mary Burns, CPA, ASWA           a mentor? This session will look at what is
     Personal & Professional                            Educational Foundation Chair-Elect                   involved in building the mentoring relationship -
                                                                                                             the duties of both parties, defining expectations,
     Development (P8)                                   Program Level: Basic                                 mentoring techniques and how and when to use
                                                        NASBA Field of Study: Communications                 them, and how to maintain the relationship over
     Making It Happen - Secrets to                                                                           the long term.
                                                        CPE Credit: 1 hour
     Generating Powerful Results
                                                        During lunch, the presenters of this session
     Kathy Garland, Business Coach & Consultant
                                                        will take you through the process of setting         4:00 - 5:00 pm
     Program Level: Basic                               up a Financial Literacy program in your              ASWA Regional Director Strategic
     NASBA Field of Study: Management Advisory          community using FDIC’s MoneySmart literature         Planning Meeting
     Services                                           and training material. They will highlight the
                                                        different courses that are available to teach and
     CPE Credit: 2 hours                                demonstrate how to communicate to nonprofit          5:30 pm
                                                                                                             Joint National Conference Ends
      Resources to Complement Your Learning Experience!
                                                                                                             *No advanced preparation or
      Each full conference registrant will receive one copy of all session
                                                                                                             prerequisites, with the exception of
      handouts in a keyword searchable format on compact disc
                                                                                                             the optional pre-conference Women’s
      accompanied by a notepad for taking notes during educational
                                                                                                             Leadership Academy, are required
      sessions. A link to the handouts will also be available to all paid
                                                                                                             for any of these courses at the JNC
      registrants to download from the Internet prior to the JNC.
12                                                                                                       •
                                                         General Info
   Participation in the Joint National                   Registration Options                           continuing professional education on the
   Conference is limited to those registered.                                                           National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State
   Full registration includes:                           Online Option:                                 Boards of accountancy have final authority
   •	 Admission to all sessions (Tuesday,                You may submit your registration form          on the acceptance of individual courses
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   for all sessions, social activities and exhibits.                                                    Sculpture Center and American Airlines
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                                                         Education Hours                                Dallas Mavericks). All of the above are
   ____________________________                                                                         located within blocks of the hotel.
                                                         Select from 64 hours of
   * One day registration includes that day’s
                                                         CPE credit to earn up to
   educational sessions, refreshment breaks, luncheon                                                   Guest Room Amenities
                                                         25 hours of credits at the
   and handout materials.You may register for one                                                       Completely redecorated in 2007, each of
                                                         Joint National Conference.
   day only; otherwise, you must register for the                                                       the 545 elegant, welcoming guestrooms
                                                         Three days of sessions are
   entire conference.                                                                                   and suites of The Fairmont Dallas feature
                                                         offered during the meeting with topics
                                                         of interest to those in public and private     high-definition flat screen televisions,
   ** Speakers may attend the conference on the                                                         refreshment centers, in-room safes,
                                                         accounting as well as education and
   day of their presentation on a complimentary                                                         computer data ports and high-speed
                                                         government. Attendees are responsible
   basis. Speakers who wish to register for one                                                         internet access. The hotel also features
                                                         for determining their individual state’s
   additional day will pay the appropriate one-                                                         rooms and facilities for guests with
                                                         requirements for CPE.
   day fee. Speakers who wish to attend the full                                                        disabilities. The Fairmont Dallas is located
   conference may do so at the special “Speaker—                                                        at 1717 N. Akard Street, Dallas, TX 75201,
                                                         ASWA and AWSCPA are registered with
   full conference” fee listed.This special fee is                                                      Tel: (214) 720-2020.
                                                         the National Association of State Boards
   available only to speakers.
                                                         of Accountancy (NASBA) as sponsors of •                                                                                                                             13
                                                    General Info
     Roommates                                          By Ground                                         Cancellations
     Contact AWSCPA headquarters at                     If you will be traveling by car, several major    Notification of cancellation must be
     (800) 297-2721 to inquire about sharing            interstates provide easy connections and          submitted in writing to the Joint National
     a room with another meeting attendee.              access from all parts of Texas.                   Conference headquarters. Cancellations
     A file will be kept of those who request           •	 Interstate	20	runs	east	from	a	junction	       received by Monday, September 29, 2008
     roommates and you will be given those                 with Interstate 10 east of Kent,               will be subject to a $100 cancellation
     names and numbers upon request. It is up              Texas, through the Dallas-Fort Worth           fee. Substitutions are allowed at any
     to you to actually make contact and set up            Metroplex to the border with Louisiana         time but must be submitted in writing.
     rooming arrangements.                                 near Waskom, Texas.                            Registrants who fail to attend the Joint
                                                        •	 Interstate	30	runs	from	I-20	west	of	Fort	     National Conference are responsible for
     Getting There/Upon                                    Worth through Dallas to the border with        full payment.
     Arrival                                               Arkansas at Texarkana.
     Dallas is easily accessed by air, road and rail,                                                     Become an ASWA or
     leaving your travel options covered across         •	 Interstate	35E	is	the	eastern	half	of	         AWSCPA Member
     the map. Once here, getting around town is            Interstate 35. It runs through Dallas          For information on ASWA membership,
     made easy, too.                                       before rejoining with I-35W to reform          please contact ASWA headquarters at (703)
                                                           I-35 in Denton.                                506-3265 or Membership
     By Air                                             •	 Interstate	45	connects	the	cities	of	Dallas	   information is also available on ASWA’s
     Dallas is served by two commercial                    and Houston, continuing southeast from         Web site:
     airports:                                             Houston to Galveston on the Gulf of
                                                           Mexico.                                        For information on AWSCPA membership,
     Dallas-Fort Worth International
     Airport (DFW) – In terms of size,                                                                    please contact AWSCPA headquarters at
                                                        Around Town                                       (800) AWSCPA1 or
     DFW is the largest airport in the state, the
                                                        In addition to taxi, shuttle and limousine        Membership information is also available
     second largest in the United States, and
                                                        service to anywhere in the Dallas-Fort            on AWSCPA’s Web site:
     third largest in the world. It is located in
                                                        Worth area, the following services give you
     the suburbs north of and equidistant to
     downtown Fort Worth and downtown
                                                        even more transportation options:                 Attire
     Dallas. The airport serves 135 domestic            •	 The	Dallas	Area	Rapid	Transit’s	(DART)	        Conference participants should wear casual
     destinations and 39 international, and is the         light rail system provides fast, convenient    business attire, defined as dress slacks or
     largest and main hub for American Airlines            service to shopping and entertainment.         casual dress wear. No jeans, please.
     (800 daily departures) and also the largest           DART Rail offers service every 5-10
     hub for American Eagle.                               minutes during rush hours and every 20-        Questions
                                                           30 minutes during midday and on nights         If you have any questions regarding
     •	 DART’s	Trinity	Railway	Express	(TRE)	              and weekends. All stations are served          registration, refunds, complaints or
        links downtown Dallas Union Station                by DART bus routes specially timed to          program cancellation policies, please
        or downtown Fort Worth’s ITC Station               make transfers between buses and trains        contact either ASWA at (703) 506-3265
        with CentrePort/DFW Airport Station                quick and easy.                                or AWSCPA at (800) AWSCPA1or visit
        Monday through Saturday. The airport’s                                                            their respective Web sites at
                                                        •	 With	15	bus	transit	centers,	DART	buses	       or
        free Remote South shuttle bus service              operate daily from approximately 5 a.m.
        provides continuous connections                    to midnight.
        between the station and airline terminals.                                                        Exhibitors & Sponsors
                                                                                                          Exhibitors and Sponsors confirmed at
                                                        Payment/Confirmation                              press time are: Accountemps and Robert
     Dallas Love Field (DAL) - Love Field               All registrations must be accompanied             Half Finance and Accounting, Becker
     is Dallas’ secondary airport and serves            by a check or credit card number for              CPA Review, Federal Deposit Insurance
     as headquarters to Southwest Airlines.             the full registration fee. Checks are to          Corporation, Internal Revenue Service, Koch
     Continental Express and American Eagle             be made payable in U.S. funds to “JNC.”           Industries, MassMutual, Microsoft, North
     also offer service from Love Field. The            Registrations will not be processed               American Professional Liability Insurance
     airport is located within the city limits of       without full payment.                             Agency, Securities Exchange Commission,
     Dallas, 6 miles northwest of downtown.                                                               The Walt Disney Company, Wilmington Trust
                                                        Advance registration will be confirmed in         and YAEGER CPA Review.
     By Rail                                            writing before the conference. Badges and
     Amtrak serves Dallas with daily trains             program materials may be picked up at the         Exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities
     originating in Chicago, St. Louis and Little       Joint National Conference registration desk       are still available! Contact Lindsey Monson
     Rock, AR, with stops in Dallas, Fort Worth         at the conference.                                at ASWA headquarters, (703) 506-3265
     and Cleburne.                                                                                        or Fred Young at AWSCPA headquarters,
                                                                                                          (800) AWSCPA1, for details.
14                                                                                                   •
  ASWA/AWSCPA Joint National Conference                                                  Payment Information
  Registration Form Please print or type:                                                Registrations will be accepted with credit card information online at
                                                                                or or by fax at (703) 506-3266.
                                                                                         Completed forms with checks made payable to “JNC” should
  First Name                                Last Name                                    be returned to:
                                                                                         ASWA Lockbox • PO Box 826131 • Philadelphia, PA 19182-6131
                                                                                         Registrations cannot be processed without full payment.
  Company Name
                                                                                         Credit Card Information
  Address                                                                                o Visa            o MasterCard                 o American Express
                                                                                         Card number________________________________________________________________
  City                                          State                  Zip Code
                                                                                         Expiration date______________________________________________________________

  Phone                                         Fax                                      Security Code______________________________________________________________

                                                                                         Name on card (please print)____________________________________________________
  Please circle all that apply: ASWA          AWSCPA           AICPA   Nonmember         Signature__________________________________________________________________

  Membership ID#                                                                         Education & Networking – Please complete.
    (if applicable)
                                                                                         For educational sessions, please refer to the conference schedule
                                                                                         for session numbers and descriptions to ensure adequate seating
  JNC Registration Fees                                                                  (check no more than one session per time slot).
                                                   By             After 9/29/08
                                                9/29/08            and Onsite              Tuesday, October 28
  ASWA or AWSCPA Member                         o       $545           o   $595          10:00 a.m.                          o ASWA Chapter Exchange         o AWSCPA Member Exchange
                                                                                         2:40 – 3:30 p.m.                    o A1       o C1                 o P1     o T1
  Non-member                                    o       $645           o   $695          3:50 – 5:30 p.m.                    o A2       o C2                 o P2     o T2
  One-Day*                                      o       $275           o   $325
  Speaker—full conference**                     o       $450           o   $500
                                                                                            Wednesday, October 29
                                                                                         8:00 – 8:50 a.m.                    o    A3        o   C3           o   P3        o   T3
  If registering for one day only, check the day you will be attending:                  11:00 – 11:50 a.m.                  o    A4        o   C4           o   P4        o   T4
                                                                                         1:40 – 3:20 p.m.                    o    A5        o   C5           o   P5        o   T5
          o    Tuesday            o Wednesday                     o Thursday             3:40 – 5:20 p.m.                    o    A6        o   C6           o   P6        o   T6

  Optional Events                                                                           Thursday, October 30
  Pre-Conference Session – Women’s Leadership Academy
                                                                                         8:30 – 10:10 a.m.       o A7                       o C7             o P7          o T7
    o $175 ASWA or AWSCPA Member o $250 Non-member                                       10:20 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. o A8                       o C8             o P8          o T8
  Thursday’s JFK Event        o $65
                                                                                         Please check if you are:                 o First Time Attendee
                                                                                         Business Setting (please check):
  Extra Guest Tickets                                                                    o Agribusiness                           o Insurance                    o Religion
  # of tickets _____ Tuesday’s Welcome Reception @ $45                                   o Automotive                             o International Business       o Restaurant/Food Service
                                                                                         o Banking/Lending                        o Investments                  o Retail/Wholesale
  # of tickets _____ Wednesday’s Awards Luncheon @ $60                                   o Construction/Real Estate Development   o Law                          o Tax – Corporate/Personal
                                                                                         o Education                              o Manufacturing                o Tax – Sales & Use
  # of tickets _____ Thursday’s Foundation Fundraiser Luncheon @ $50                     o Financial Planning                     o Non-Profit/Associations      o Tech/Software/Computers
                                                                                         o Government                             o Oil & Gas                    o Transportation
  # of tickets _____ Thursday’s JFK Event @ $65                                          o Healthcare/Medical/Hospitals           o Public Accounting/Auditing   o Utilities
                                                                                         o Human Resources/Staffing               o Real Estate/Brokerage        o Other:________________

           TOTAL CONFERENCE FEES $ ________________
                                                                                                      Please indicate any special needs regarding
  Membership in ASWA or AWSCPA is individual. Member registration fees apply                          accessibility: ___________________________________
  only to individuals holding a current membership in either organization.
  The official JNC name badge is required for all sessions, social activities and
  exhibits. You may register in advance or onsite at the Joint National Conference.                   Special Dietary Concerns/Allergies*_________________
  * One day registration includes that day’s educational sessions, refreshment breaks,   *At meals, please alert your server of any food allergies you have.
  luncheon and handout materials. You may register for one day only; otherwise you
  must register for the entire conference.
  ** Speakers may attend the conference on the day of their presentation on a
  complimentary basis. Speakers who wish to register for one additional day will pay     Any questions regarding the program or registration, please contact:
  the appropriate one-day fee. Speakers who wish to attend the full conference may
  do so at the special “Speaker—full conference” rates listed. This special rate is      ASWA headquarters:                                 AWSCPA headquarters:
  available only to speakers.                                                            Tel: (703) 506-3265                                Tel: (800) 297-2721
  Full conference registration for members and nonmembers includes admission to          Fax: (703) 506-3266                      Or        Fax: (937) 222-5794
  all educational sessions, exhibits, luncheons, refreshment breaks, receptions and      E-mail:                              E-mail:
  handout materials.
                                                                                         Web site:                             Web site. •                                                                                                                                                                 15
136 South Keowee Street
Dayton, OH 45402
   ASWA/AWSCPA Joint National Conference
                           October 28 – 30, 2008
                           The Fairmont Dallas
                            Dallas, Texas, USA
This brochure contains information regarding the
American Society of Women Accountants/American
Woman’s Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Joint
National Conference. Please circulate to the appropriate
financial professionals within your organization. If
not deliverable to addressee, please route to your
organization’s accountant, treasurer or controller.
 I n s p i r e d S o l u ti o n s

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