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                                               Character Hire AGREEMENT
THIS AGREEMENT is made this ______ day of _____________, _______, by and between BootSTRAP Advertising
& Marketing (FLAGGERS4U) and the undersigned, __________________________________________________
This agreement sets forth the terms under which FLAGGERS4U shall promote, or otherwise publicize the business listed above.

                                              I. BASIC TERMS AGREED UPON
A.   The undersigned agrees that he/she will pay for character appearance according to the rate on the other side hereto and incorpo-
     rated by reference. Rate changes may occur on an annual basis and will be provided in writing to the undersigned as they occur.
B.   The undersigned agrees that the service selected date(s) may change due to weather and other unforeseeable scheduling issues at
     Flaggers4U discretion.
C.   The undersigned agrees that he/she will pay for services at time of reserving the agreed upon appearance date.
D.   FLAGGERS4U may at any time decline to reserve date and refund money.

                                                II. INDEMNITY AGREEMENT
A.   The undersigned jointly and severally agree to indemnify and save harmless “BootSTRAP Advertising & Marketing/Flaggers4U”
     (“Indemnitee”) from any claim, action, liability, loss, damage or suit, arising from the above described contracted services. This
     Indemnification shall extend to acts or omissions by any owner, agent, independent representative or employee of “BootSTRAP
     Advertising & Marketing/Flaggers4U” as well as and any of their successors and assigns.
B.   Acts subject to indemnification shall include but not be limited to:
          1. Any unforeseen circumstance leading to rescheduling or denying appearance or activities.
          2. Any action or loss arising from the actual advertisements, articles, or items placed in social media.
C.   In the event of any asserted claim, the Indemnitees shall provide the undersigned reasonably timely written notice of same, and
     thereafter the undersigned shall at its own expense defend, protect and save harmless Indemnitees against said claim or any loss
     or liability there under.

 Name __________________________________________                             Signed on ___ day of ______________, _______.
 Billing Address___________________________________
 ________________________________________________                            X_______________________________________
                                                                             Purchaser Signature
 Phone ____________________Cell___________________
 Email ___________________________________________
                            Credit Card Billing                              TAMMY MARCHETTA
 Circle:      Visa    MasterCard         (Amex or Discover not accepted)     41 S. Rte 12
                                                                             Fox Lake, IL 60020
 Card No# _________________________________________                          847-363-4090

 Expiration month and date ___________________________
 Name on Card _____________________________________
 Card Billing Address w/ Zip___________________________
 _________________________________________________                                       Boot      Strap
                                                                                             ad•ver•tising | mar•ket•ing

                                                                                       Tammy Marchetta • 847-363-4090
 Approval to Charge above Credit Card                                           

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