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					               Indy Muscle Fest:
         Hoosier Strongman Challenge I              (North American Strongman Inc. Membership required of all Contestants)
PROMOTER:                             John Albrecht
DATE:                                 June 4 , 2011
TIME:                                 1 PM
LOCATION:                             Indiana Convention Center
HOTEL:                                The Westin                            Call to make reservations 1-800-228-3000
                                      50 South Capitol                      Ask for the special block: Indy Muscle Fest. $109.00 / Night
                                      Indianapolis, IN 46204
WEIGH-INS:                            4:00-7:00pm on June 3 at location TBA, and 11 AM on June 4th at contest site.
RULES:                                12:30 PM
DIVISIONS:                            Lightweight and Heavyweight
WEIGHT CLASSES:                       Open: LW: under 200, 231, HW: 265, 265+ (Need 3 in each, otherwise open LW/HW)
                                      Masters: Open Master (one weight class – need at least 3 competitors)
                                      Teens: Open Teen (one weight class – need at least 3 competitors)
EVENTS:                               1. Monster Max Axle Overhead Press
                                      2. Big Wheel Dead Lift for reps
                                      3. Mad Wicked Hardcore Farmers
                                      4. Strongman Shuttle Run
                                      5. The STONES
                                      Events subject to change without notice
AWARDS:                     Top three in each weight class
                                              th                   th                    st                                               st
ENTRY FEES:                 $50 before May 7 . $60 after May 7 and before May 21 .             $75 Late entries-postmarked after May 21
                            Beast of the Bluegrass / Hoosier Strongman Challenge Double Entry: $80. You must fill out a separate entry for Beast of the
                            Bluegrass. This offer is void after Beast of the Bluegrass. Enclose only one (1) Check in the entry.
ENTRY DEADLINE:             May 21, 2011
MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO: John Albrecht, 12866 Old Glory Dr., Fishers, IN 46037                            (Entries received are non-refundable)
                            Email/Phone number: or 317-691-3545
                                                                                        ENTRY FORM
In consideration of your acceptance of this entry, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, and my assignees, waive and release all rights and damages I may have against
John Albrecht and all Indy Muscle Fest promoters, The Indiana Convention Center, and any and all of its affiliates, The consolidated City of Indianapolis, North American Strongman
Incorporated, Willie or Dione Wessels, any and all sponsors of Indy Muscle Fest and its events, their representatives and assigns, for any and all injuries incurred by me in conjunction with
these championships and in traveling to and from the event. And in further consideration of permission being granted to me to participate in the Hoosier Strongman Challenge I, and its related
events, I hereby grant NAS INC., and/or any other approved video or entertainment organization and all of their agents, successors, licensees and assigns, the right to photograph or otherwise
reproduce (whether by film, tape, still photography or otherwise) my voice, appearance and name, and to exhibit, distribute, transmit, and/or otherwise exploit any and all media, including
without limitation, by means of still photography, motion pictures, radio, television, television motion pictures, video, pri nting or any other medium now known or hereafter devised, including
with respect also to any merchandising, advertising and/or publicity, and the right to use my name and information about me in any connection with any of the foregoing. The rights granted by
me hereunder are granted for the entire universe and shall endure in perpetuity and no further compensation shall be payable to me at anytime in connection therewith. Nothing contained herein
shall be deemed to obligate NAS INC., and/or any other approved video or entertainment organization, to photograph or otherwise reproduce my voice, appearance or name, or to make use of
any rights granted herein. I also understand that the aforementioned rights may be reassigned at any time without further consent. I understand that NAS INC. and/or any other approved video
or entertainment organization, are videotaping and photographing the Event in express reliance upon the foregoing, and I represent and agree that I am free to grant the rights granted to NAS
INC. and/or any other approved video or entertainment organization hereunder. Therefore I affix my signature below:

Name:                                                                                             Age:
Street Address:
City:                                                            State:                                                            Zip:
Phone:                                                                                     Date of Birth:
Division                                                                            WT Class:                                                       Ht
Signature:                                                                          Email:                                                          Shirt

                                                                 North American Strongman Society, 314-770-9279
Event Rules:

As of January 2011, the weights have not been decided for each weight class. They will be tested to
determine proper weights.

Weight classes: Masters and Teens will be open classes (no LW or HW) and there must be three (3)
competitors to have the division. Open Divisions (LW/HW) will only have separate classes if three or more
sign up for each class.

Order of events may not be exactly as listed below. 60 seconds time limit for each event.

Monster Max Axle OHP:
   Must clean/continental the axle and then press.
   No built up belt
   No straps
   No elbow wraps (sleeves okay)
   Three attempts, Wessels’ Rule
   60 Sec per attempt

Big Wheel Dead Lift:
     Bar will be about 13” off the ground
     Belt, suits, briefs, straps okay
     Must wait for up and down signal for each rep (no bouncing)
     60 Seconds for max reps

Mad Wicked Hardcore Farmers:
   75’ course
   One drop allowed
   No straps or tacky
   Entire implement must cross line
   60 seconds to complete course

Strongman Shuttle Run:
     60’-70’ course
     Must carry at least three object
     All objects must cross line
     60 seconds to complete

    Must be loaded in ascending order
    Hands must start on platform
    Normal stone equipment – no heavy machinery!!!

                                    North American Strongman Society, 314-770-9279

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Tags: Dead, Lift
Description: Dead lift:After standing at the bar. Heel just below the barbell bars. Knees, grasp the barbell (anti-grasping hand is grasping hand) will be held to the leg before the bar, keep your head straight back. Stand for 20 seconds. Barbell bar as close to the body. And slow recovery in situ. Training program: do not even three times as a group, three groups were doing, resting 60 seconds between each group, under the premise of the completion of action, choose the heaviest you can lift the barbell.