Dead Lift Task Analysis

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The Deadlift

Visual Description: Lift bar off of floor. Sinking hips and keeping head and chest up,
grip bar slightly outside of legs. Hips and shoulders should raise up together as the bar is
lifted. Keeping bar tight to front of legs, keep feet flat and shoot hips forward once bar
has been lifted over knees. Stand tall, chest out, upper back squeezed and lockout hips to

Movement Sequence:                                             Verbal Cues:
1. Bend down and grip bar, overhand or alternate                 Grip*
2. Sink hips and keep chest and head up                          Head and Chest up*
3. Hips and shoulders move up simultaneously                     Hips and shoulders*
4. Keep bar tight to legs and feet flat to maintain balance      Balance
5. Lift bar above knee level then shoot hips forward             Shoot Hips*
6. Keeping core tight move bar up until body is fully extended   Core Tight
7. Stand tall, chest out, and lockout hips to complete           Lockout*
8. Descend under control with head up while bending knees        Control down

Task Complexity Variables:
Skill: Discrete - Serial
Learner: Beginner - Intermediate
Environment: Closed

Student         Grip           Head     & Hips      & Shoot Hips                Lockout
                               Chest Up   Shoulders

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Description: Dead lift:After standing at the bar. Heel just below the barbell bars. Knees, grasp the barbell (anti-grasping hand is grasping hand) will be held to the leg before the bar, keep your head straight back. Stand for 20 seconds. Barbell bar as close to the body. And slow recovery in situ. Training program: do not even three times as a group, three groups were doing, resting 60 seconds between each group, under the premise of the completion of action, choose the heaviest you can lift the barbell.