Laptop LCD Screen Seeing An End of Current Trend of Laptop Industry

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             The New Trend of Laptop Industry: Full-screen LCD's Laptop Comes to an End

       By Rain Cloud from NearbyExpress
       Dated: May 06, 2011

       Full-Screen Laptop LCD Screen for your Acer, Asus, IBM, Lenovo, etc comes to an end. This post gathers
       reasons that consumers are for or against this new trend by NearbyExpress.

       Manufactures such as Acer, Asus, IBM, Lenovo, etc. will change laptop computers to satisfy the desire for
       better operation. The hard drive and processor are improved to boost good capacity of multitasks; outside
       color is changed to approach different color personal preferences; Laptop LCD Screens are in different
       sizes for vision experience due to special tasks. Some of these changes are seen throughout the industry.
       The the latest trend seen throughout the laptop industry is the ending of full-screen LCDs on your Asus,
       Acer, IBM, Lenovo and other laptop computer.

        Full screen LCD laptops [http://
       or.html] are designed to save people’s time moving over screens among multitask, to offer a wide screen
       experience of home theater movie watching or game playing. Having a wide-screen makes it easier to view
       two programs side by side vs. having to switch between screens. A wider screen laptop makes it easier to
       multitask. It is like having a wide screen television on your Acer, Asus, IBM, Lenovo or other brand laptop
       for your DVD viewing experience. A wide LCD screen laptop shows perfect game-playing experience ever
       for gamers.

        Sure, the above stated merits are the reasons that Full screens still exist, but they are getting tougher to
       come by. Some consumers state that laptop companies are trying to save money by producing wide screens.
       Full screens are bigger and take up more space on laptops. By making wide screens they are not only saving
       money, they are also able to make laptops smaller.

        Software engineers claim that you can view two programs side-by-side, but the time you save in having the
       two applications open you lose more time in having to do more scrolling. Not only do you lose time
       scrolling, but you also get less LCD real estate. A 16" LCD screen is not always a 16" LCD. You get more
       surface area on a full screen as opposed to a wide screen.

        Whether you're for or against this new trend is a matter of personal preference. The bigger question is will
       laptop manufacturers stop making full screens? Recent news indicates that Toshiba has ended production of
       their full screen laptops. Other companies have reduced the production of their full screen lines too. With
       other companies following Toshiba's example it presents itself like it will be only a matter of time before
       the full screen becomes obsolete.

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Description: Laptop LCD Screen Sees An End of Current Trend of Laptop Industry. NearbyExpress tells the whole debate here.