; Baruch Blumberg, 85, Winner of '76 Nobel Prize
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Baruch Blumberg, 85, Winner of '76 Nobel Prize


Baruch S. Blumberg, 85, a Philadelphia researcher who won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1976 for his work on hepatitis B, once told a colleague, according to the NASA Watch website, that a day's worth of shoveling manure was an "excellent counterbalance" to the rigors of the intellectual life he led.Blumberg went on record, with the Exponent again, that he saw no dichotomy between science and religion. "Man is meant to take part in the creation itself," the scientist told a reporter in 1976, right after the Nobel was announced. "We're actually just assisting God in the process."He said that from the book of Genesis, which he referred to by its Hebrew title, Bereshit, he understood that man was supposed to unlock the secrets of the natural world. "Also in Bereshit," he said, "is the fact that man is custodian of the land, and therefore has the responsibility to understand its nature."

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