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Make Shiny Hair Quickly by misterouw


									Make Shiny Hair Quickly

Who does not feel uncomfortable if her hair looks shabby and disheveled? Especially women
who are very concerned with her appearance in public. Women will use a variety of ways to
make hair look fashionable, beautiful, natural, perfect, and shiny of course. Well, how North
make our hair look naturally shiny? Now there are many beauty products to make hair shiny.
There are also many advanced tools such as SPA, Cream bath or the other. To be more stable
again, here are some tips to care for shiny hair:

1. Prevention of branched hair. The tips are twisted hair with a towel when drying my hair,
and do not get used ran hard. Because this can make hair easily damaged when wet.

2. Using fingers to comb our hair. In this way we can know whether the hair has been
damaged. When we comb the hair with your fingers tangled hair will be captured
automatically. When this happens, the hair care needs.

3. Trying to soak the hair in water. In this way we can know whether the hair in good
health or is damaged. When the float so healthy hair can be said, and if it sinks then the hair
has been damaged.

4. Use more conditioner to get maximum results. Do not take a long time when we wear
our hair conditioner on. Approximately 5-20 minutes then the conditioner will be absorbed
completely in our hair. After that the hair can be rinsed clean.

Other important things to note about the hair is to use shampoo. In the shampoo there is
something called mikrosilikon who worked as coating the hair shaft. When shampooing, it
serves as a protective mikrosilikon hair shaft of sunlight, air pollution, and free radicals. In
addition to shampoo, use of serum also give effect to the hair. Moisture and nutrients your
hair will be fulfilled, but it can make hair brittle and shiny.

After providing the above tips, there is still one more tips for hair to shine in the traditional
way. Following its traditional style tips:
1. Preparing the material is a mixture of one tablespoon of honey with four cups of warm
2. After shampooing, the above recipe can be used in a way wiped the hair evenly. To obtain
maximum results, you can do it regularly.

That was a few tips from me to make the hair look shiny. Hope can be useful and you can get
shiny hair according to your dreams.

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