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									Enjoy Nature, Culture and Adventure: The Promises of South India
There is no other place that fascinates a lover of beauty more than the
splendid South India. From the beautiful backwaters of Kerala to the
wonderful caves of the Deccan, South India offers something new and fresh
on each visit.
Covering most of the Deccan Plateau, including the Eastern and Western
Ghats, Southern India includes southern parts of the Vindya and Satpura
ranges. This area encompasses Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and
Kerala. The union territories of Pondicherry and Lakshadweep Islands form a
part of Southern India.
Deccan India is a combination of diverse physiographic elements. Its coastline
is bordered by Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and also includes
dense forests and vast grasslands stretched across an immense area. South
India is blessed with a mild tropical climate.
The lush green forests tracts of south Karnataka and the Vindhyachal ranges
are home to several notable wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. The most
prominent among them are B.R. Hills Wildlife Sanctuary and Bhadra Wildlife
Sanctuary. Dandeli Kali Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest sanctuary in Kerala. It
is known for its crocodile enclosure. Tourists can enjoy angling and fishing in
Bheemeshwari wildlife sanctuary, featuring Masheer fish. The most famous
wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is the Perivar Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger
Reserve. The main attraction here is the Indian Elephants.
Sari is the traditional wear of South Indian women. Men wear a type of
sarong, consisting of a white dhoti and a colorful lungi, arranged in typical
batik patterns. In the south, people mostly wear white saris and saroungs.
This gives a sense of purity to the southern Indians.
Rice is the staple food for most of the south Indians. South India is known for
delicious and mouth watering dishes. Dosa, Idli, Uttapam are its famous
dishes. Along the coastal line, the important ingredients of their staple food
are coconut and fish. Throughout the Malabar region, coffee is the preferred
Known for their classical Karnatic music, the people here fill the atmosphere
with enchanting hymns and singing songs while the very names of the south
Indian dances will set your tongue rolling. Classical dances like
Bharatnatyam, Yakshagana, Kathakali, Kerala Natanam, Ottamthulla,
Kuchipudi,etc., are the exciting offerings of south India.

Adventure tourism is rather popular in South India. It has everything for
everyone, the sea for surfers; mountains for mountaineers; rocky tracts for
adventurous trekkers; and much more. The famous adventurous sports the
visitors engage while visiting to south India are water skiing, fishing and

This beautiful region of India calls out to every tourist all over the world to
come and admire the beauty of nature. One cannot help but praising the
mesmerizing beauty of South India. The unparalleled combination of scenic
beauty and traditional art fills all tourists with awe and exhilaration. Anyone
who visits God’s chosen land once cannot help visiting again and again. So
what are you waiting for? Call a tour operator and fix your own vacation in this
exhilarating place now!
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