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					                                                      RESUME OF ANJUM V.J.

Address                        :       Anjum V.J.
                                       Ernakulam Dt

Contact Details                :       Soorya placement
                                       Opp.H.O.Federal Bank,Bank Jn
                                       E-mail –
                                       Phone. 0484-2627070,9387212275

   Looking for a challenging future in the field of IT.

Academic Background:
            Master Degree in Computer Application (MCA) from De-Paul Institute of
             Science and Technology,Angamaly, Kerala ,India (M.G. University) with
             69% of marks (2005-2008).
            B.Sc Mathematics from St.Teresa’a College, Ernakulam, India (M.G.
             University) with 79.7% of marks (2002-2005).
            Higher Secondary from H.I.H.S.S. Ernakulam (Board of Higher Secondary
             Examination) with 64% of marks (2000-2002).
            S.S.L.C from Lady Of Hope Anglo Indian High School,Cochin,India with
             62% of marks(2000)
Area of Interest:
              Software Tester/Test Engineer/Quality Assurance

               “Software Test Analyst” from Tescom, SINGAPORE.
               “Software Testing” from InfiTech Global, Kerala, India.
               MICROSOFT Certification in ASP.NET.
               “.Net technology” from Logic Software Solutions Ltd, Kerala, India.
               “PHP” from Vista Software Solutions, Kerala, India.

Software profile:

Operating System                 : Windows98/95/XP/Vista, Basic Knowledge in UNIX.

Languages                        : VB, .net, Basic Knowledge in C, C++, COBOL

Database                         : Oracle, SQL Server 2005.

Web Technology                   : HTML,, PHP

Academic Project:
               2 projects done in 4th semester and 6th semester as a part of
curriculum for MCA.

4th semester:
Project Name                     : “PURCHASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”
Institution done                 : d’soft
Platform                         : Windows 98
Language                         : VB as front-end and SQL as backend
         This project is intended to computerize the stock details of a shop. This project
is to maintain the purchase order of required items and the updation of purchase record.

6th semester:
    Project Name                   : “REAL TIME INFORMATION SYSTEM”

    Institution done               : Logic Software Solutions Ltd
    Platform                       : Windows 98

    Language                       : and SQL Server
           This is a completely web based project and this website contain the features like
    cine information, weather forecasting, world time management, currency converter,
    sensex etc.

    Major Strengths:

          Adaptability to any situation.
          Good interpersonal skills.
          Can be entrusted with responsibilities.
          Loyalty and honesty
          Hardworking.

    Personal Details:

           Name                    :      Anjum V.J.
           Date of Birth           :      24-11-1984
           Sex                     :      Female
           Religion                :      Muslim
           Nationality             :      Indian
           Marital Status          :      Married

           Employment Situation :         Looking for an opening in IT profession

           Latest available date   :      ASAP

           Salary                  :      Negotiable

                                                                    Anjum V.J.

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