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									Orland Park, IL Chiropractor Helps Locals Safely Recover From Auto-
Accidents Fast

Orland Park, IL 6-May-2011 -- ChiroMed Health and Wellness Center is
pleased to announce that Orland Park chiropractor, Dr. Eric Miller, helps
locals safely recover from auto accidents fast without surgical
interventions or introducing foreign substances, such as drugs, into the
body. He uses a wide range of natural, holistic therapies to address
injuries and encourage the body to heal itself.

Chiropractic manipulations of the spine restore the nervous system to its
full function, which helps to speed the healing process. In addition,
massage, cryotherapy, acupuncture, electrical muscle stimulation, and
other therapies are used to improve circulation and bring added nutrients
to the injured body parts. This also helps to hasten the healing process.

Dr. Miller also recommends correctional exercises and educates clients in
proper nutrition to ensure that the body receives the vital nutrients it
needs to heal naturally and quickly.

For more information about the therapies available and how Dr. Eric
Miller helps auto accident victims recover naturally and quickly, Orland
Park residents are encouraged to visit http:www.chiromedhealth.net/.
Members of the press and/or other interested parties may obtain
additional information about this practice and/or the content of this
press release by contacting the following:

ChiroMed Health and Wellness Centers

Dr. Eric A. Miller, DC

9441 W 144th PL

Orland Park, IL 60462

Phone: 708-385-4416

Email: ochiromed@yahoo.com

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