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					On Infidelity: The Telltale Signs of a Cheating Partner
To be given love, care, and comfort the way one deserves is definitely the best things to hope for
in a relationship. The presence of a partner, whether it’s on a boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-
wife relationship, gives you more reason to live life to the fullest.

But, what if one day, you found out that your sweet beginnings and whirlwind romance that your
partner once shared with you are just his frontal act towards an ongoing infidelity?

How can you say that your partner is indeed betraying behind your back or it’s just your jealousy
taking control over your emotions? These telltale signs of a cheating partner will help you
determine if your partner has indeed strayed.

Understanding Infidelity

Infidelity is best defined as betrayal of trust of your partner. In a relationship bounded by love,
there’s an existing agreement that the two parties will be exclusive to each other as often
manifested by their togetherness and emotional attachment.

This only means that as partners, both of you are in complete trust and confidence that only the
two of you deserve each others time, effort, attention, and most specially, trust. Infidelity, as we
all know, can hail in almost all relationships for everyone is prone to check on others while they
are still attached.

In today’s society, infidelity is given the highest regards and meaning in marriage. Marriage is
very different from any relationship since the latter is strengthened by the blessing from the
couples’ preferred religion, as well as the civil laws on marriage declared in their state.

The intensity and effect of marital infidelity on couples is so severe that it doesn’t only ruin the
relationship, but also ruin the couples’ personal and family life (especially if there are already
children prior to the infidelity).

What makes an act a form of infidelity differs from one relationship to the other. Relationships,
for one, have a varying degree or levels depending on the intimacy or emotional attachment both
parties have invested. Because of this, the effect of any form of disloyalty is dependent on the
established level of relationship.

A simple hi and hello from the opposite sex by your partner maybe considered infidelity for you,
but for others its not.

Generally, cheating by having other person besides the original partner in the relationship is
already infidelity. Catching your partner cheating on you is a difficult task than hitting the sack.

Emotions play a big role here since it will drive you to suspect your partner’s actions, impregnate
your mind with hunches, and rely your observations in instincts.

Despite the high possibility of you failing to catch a cheating partner, there are still close telltale
signs that can help you determine if there’s indeed someone else.

Common Signs – Change in Behavior

Change in behavior is probably the easiest to detect among all telltale signs. A person cheating
from his/her partner has two options – show too much affection as if they are still in the early
stage of the relationship and show no care at all.

Being affectionate during normal occasions like an ordinary meet-up may mean that they are
putting a cast on their wrongdoing and by doing such, they will not be a subject of suspicion.

Showing no care, on the other hand, only suggest that your partner neither care for you nor the
relationship, and they are willing to end whatever you have in the soonest possible time.

Anxiety is also a sign.

If your partner always look worried when you are together but seldom tells a problem about
his/her other life aspects, then he/she might be thinking someone else at that moment. Anxiety
can also manifest in other actions such as being too talkative, clingy, or shows unusual longing
for you in a typical day.

Intimacy Blues

It’s inevitable that your partner loses the libido for quite sometime. There may be things that
he/she prioritizes more as of the moment and sex is not one of them. However, if this starts to
loom as your relationship’s concern already, then there’s a problem.

His/Her lack of intimacy is most often heartfelt when there’s no more showing of concern and
sexual interest. One must not neglect an excessive behavior on intimacy as this can also be a

A cheating partner most likely experienced an amazing and different sexual activities with
his/her other party during the time of infidelity.
These activities, moreover, can be brought in yoaur intimate moments and that in itself can easily
be spotted. A change in kissing style, an unusual embrace, and a different intimate position are
the best examples of this.

Self-image and People as Suspects People change themselves every time they get excited about a new
beginning or they are up for a roller coaster ride.

If your partner starts to think of changing his look by getting a haircut and updating his wardrobe, then there
might be something going on outside his/her life with you.

Ask them the purpose of the intended change and if the answer you get is because they just want to look good
(and not because they want to look good in your eyes), your hunch on his/her infidelity is most likely true.

Hiding of people’s names by your partner behind your back is also a sign. Although it’s not a rule that you
must share the same circle of friends, the mere fact that he/she doesn’t want to inform you of the other people
in his/her life simply means that there’s a low level of trust.

Being involved in a relationship involves a good sharing of information about each others’ life, either through
a name drop or in complete detail. Showing hesitance in sharing even the names of friends is enough for you to
have doubts about his possible betrayal.

Let’s be honest.These telltale signs can only go as far. Suspicions, hunches, and doubts will remain in their
acquired form unless proven true. The next best thing to do after observing these bodily signs is to talk to your
partner, think things out, and eventually mend whatever is left with your decaying relationship.