Having an Affair With a Married Man

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					Having an Affair with a Married Man
Women are known to be fierce lovers. They are extremely loyal to their partners and are
generally monogamous. But there are those who stray and start having a forbidden relationship
with other men.

The reasons for doing it vary. Some women do it because they become disillusioned with their
marriage and are seeking warmth and love somewhere else.

Others commit adultery because they simply grow attracted to another man despite the
unwavering faithfulness of their husbands.

The movie Unfaithful by Diane Lane is a perfect example of how a woman can go crazy in love
with another man. In this movie, she has a solid relationship with a guy played by Richard Gere
and a seemingly perfectly life with a kid and an affluent home.

What went wrong? You may ask. Well, she just sort of met this handsome, dashing Frenchman
and they started a whirlwind relationship of romance and passion. It was a tragic thing to see,
and every more tragic if you think about how this stuff happens in real life.

If a woman is looking for something, it is not farfetched that she may bump into a married man
and start going out with him. You see, married guys are said to have an advantage over single
guys because they are generally older and they know the playing field, so to speak.

If your wife becomes drawn to the advances of a married co-worker, it is only a matter of time
before they begin locking themselves in the conference room or booking a room in some
secluded hotel downtown.

It can be difficult to catch her on the act especially if she is crafty and knows the ropes. So this
calls for expertise if you want to find out the real score about your wife.

In most cases, you may notice some slight changes in her behavior. Women who cheat on their
husbands lose fervor in sex and seem to be just going through the motions for the sake of not
being caught.

She would become mechanical in bed, moaning on cue and sleeping right after sex without even
engaging on small talk. Sometimes, she may very tired to even respond to your advances.

This behavior is a huge red flag that shouldn’t go unnoticed. This means she’s getting pleasure
somewhere else, in the arms of another married guy.

Another sign is if there’s some drastic change in how she dresses and presents herself. Sure
women love to dress their best on any occasion but cheaters are even more enthusiastic about it.

They would spend hours on taking a shower, putting on makeup, putting lotion, and selecting the
right clothes for the day. And she would seem to be very eager to go to work every morning
despite the fact that she’s ignored you all night.

There are several ways that you can catch your wife red-handed, but it is important to remind
yourself not to lose control no matter what. Your temper can jeopardize your future and your
children’s future if you aren’t careful.

As difficult as it may sound, be calm and patient during the whole infidelity episode, you may
just win her back or divorce her for good and find someone else who will love you back