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					Annals                      of The Royal College of Surgeons of England

Index to Annals Volume 84
January-November 2002

                                                                   The Royal
Author Index
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A                                                                  Blom A, et al, new sign in lower back pain, (5).342
                                                                   Bolia A, see Axisa B, (1).39
Acheson AG, et al, (Abstract) (6).435                              Booth CM, see Dasgupta P, (5).328
Adeyoju AA, and Lupton EW, Burch colposuspension, (6).433          Borley NR, and Mortensen NJ, (Comment) (3).221
Aghabeigi B, see Evans AW, (1).54                                  Bourne R, see Goh H, (2).93
Ajit MK, et al, alternative to arterial clamping, (5).358          Bradbury A, femoral embolectomy, (1).62
Akle CA, see Davies M, (3).177                                     Bradbury AW, see Burns PJ, (4).284
Alderson D, (Comment) (4).294                                      Bradley PJ, see Jennings CR, (2).133
Alexander DJ, see Catto JWF, (5).309                               Brennan JA, see Raza I, (4).282
Al-Haddad SA, and Kirollos R, outcome of depressed skull           Brennan PA, and Moncada S, nitric oxide in cancer, (2).75
   fractures, (3).196                                              Bridle SH, see Phaltankar PM, (2).125
Al-Hamali S, see Waites MD, (1).26                                 Brodbelt AR, et al, intraspinal oxidised cellulose, (2).97
Al Haq et al, irrigation through appendicectomy wound, (3).211;    Brodribb J, see Oppong C, (4).290
   et al, laparoscopy port closure, (Comment) (6).434              Broeders IAMJ, see Ruurda JP, (4).223
Ali A, et al, arm positioning on fracture table, (6).433           Brook N, et al, internet viewings, (3).217
Ali F, see Ali A, (6).433                                          Brook NR, and Nicholson ML, internet viewings, (6).442
Allen GM, see Datta SN, (3).203                                    Brooks A, et al, experience and training in major trauma surgery,
Allen S, see Calder JDF, (5).331                                      (6).409
Allington KL, see Campbell WB, (2).116                             Brooks S, and Morgan M, diagnostic accuracy of knee
Allison SP, see Lobo DN, (2).156                                      arthroscopy, (4).265
Arbuthnot J, internet viewings, (4).285                            Broome JC, see Brodbelt AR, (2).97
Arifi AA, see Ng CSH, (3).161                                       Brown C, and O’Flynn E, internet viewings (4).287, (5).364
Ashley S, see Cosgrove CM, (5).344                                 Browne J, see Brooks A, (6).409
Axisa B, et al, complications of peripheral angioplasty, (1).39    Brown G, see Karandikar S, (1).68
Ayles HM, et al, management of hydatid disease, (2).100            Brown RFR, see Lam DGK, (3).214
                                                                   Brown SR, et al, (Abstract) (2).141
                                                                   Brown TH, see Menon VS, (1).67
B                                                                  Bruce C, see Walsh S, (6).386
Back DL, see Espag MP, (5).334                                     Bryceson ADM, see Ayles HM, (2).100
Badran MF, see Raza I, (4).282                                     Budny P, see Hormbrey E, (3).214
Badvie S, et al, cosmesis in varicose vein surgery, (5).358        Bulstrode N, et al, drug smuggling by body packers, (1).35
Baghla DPS, internet viewings, (3).216                             Bunker TD, shoulder examination, (3).208
Balachandra S, see Ogunbiyi SO, (6).437                            Burns PJ, et al, (Abstract) (4).284
Baldwin DL, see Counter PR, (2).89                                 Butchart E, see Madhavan AK, (6).437
Ballal M, see Hodder R, (4).282                                    Butcher W, see Brooks A, (6).409
Ball E, see Parekh D, (6).438                                      Butler P, see Eccles S, (6).444
Bankes MJK, see Dua RS, (3).170                                    Butler PEM, see Khan MS, (4).278
Banks F, see Bulstrode N, (1).35
Bann SD, see Khan MS, (4).278
Banwell P, and van Tulleken C, internet viewings, (4).287; see
   Khan A, (6).440                                                 Cade D, see Hodder R, (4).282
Barnard J, and Siriwardena AK, implementation of guidelines in     Calder JDF, et al, paediatric clavicle fracture management, (5).331
   acute pancreatitis, (2).79                                      Cameron IC, et al, acute cholecystitis management, (1).10
Baroni M, see Espag MP, (5).334                                    Campbell WB, et al, emergency surgical admissions, (4).273; et
Bates T, see Mohamed MS, (1).7                                       al, fitness to drive guidelines, (2).116; et al, medicolegal claims
Baxter JN, see Menon VS, (1).67                                      in vascular surgery, (3).181
Beard J, see Donlon M, (2).142                                     Carr ND, see Harikrishnan AB, (6).437; Karandikar S, (1).68
Beard JD, et al, problem-assisted learning, (4).227                Cartmell MT, and Kingsnorth AN, Internet and information
Bell PR, see Naylor AR, (3).215                                      technology, (5).352
Bell PRF, see Axisa B, (1).39                                      Caruana MF, and Singh SM, laparoscopic port closure, (4).280
Bennett AR, see Espag MP, (5).334                                  Catto JWF, and Alexander DJ, pancreatic debridement, (5).309
Bennington S, see Walsh S, (6).386                                 Chadwick C, see Cameron IC, (1).10
Beverland DE, see Thompson NW, (1).65                              Chambler A, see Somashekar N, (1).69
Beynon J, see Harikrishnan AB, (6).437; see Karandikar S, (1).68   Champ C, see Shiralkar S, (2).146
Billings PJ, see Kumar N, (3).172                                  Chandrasekaran TV, see Harikrishnan AB, (6).437
Birks M, see Tytherleigh M, (6).389                                Cheah L-P, and Hemingway DM, colorectal cancer follow-up,
Bligh J, see Ayles HM, (2).100                                       (4).260
Cheong HL, see Harris PC, (4).234                                      Dowd GSE, see Dua RS, (3).170
Cheruvu CVN, and Eyre-Brook IA, delays in gallbladder surgery,         Drudge-Coates L, see Dasgupta P, (5).328
   (1).20                                                              Dua RS, et al, compartment syndrome after pelvic surgery, (3).170
Cheslyn-Curtis S, see Sutton R, (4).296                                Dube MG, see Lobo DN, (2).156
Chester JF, see Ajit MK, (5).358                                       Duff SE, et al, emergency vascular service provision, (2).113
Choen FS, see Brown SR (2).141                                         Duncan KM, see Khan AZ, (1).72
Church J, and Seamark D, surgical activity in community                Dutt SN, see Mirza S, (4).247
   hospitals, (2).111
Clark SC, (Comment) (5).360
Clements DM, et al, (Abstract) (6).436                                 E
Clifton MA, see Jenkins SC, (3).206                                    Eardley N, internet viewings, (2).144
Cocks HC, et al, FGF expression in thyroid cells, (Abstract) (5).362   Earnshaw JJ, see Campbell WB, (2).116
Conybeare A, et al, hospital records of urethral catheterisation,      Eccles S, et al, (Comment) (6).444
   (2).109                                                             Eggo MC, see Cocks HC, (5).362
Cooper DKC, see Gojo S, (5).297                                        Eisenstein SM, see Morgan-Hough CVJ, (5).361
Cooper H, see Sharma S, (4).269                                        Eliahoo J, see Evans AW, (1).54
Cooper JC, see Mehta SS, (2).141; Patel KA, (5).367                    Elton C, and Stoodley BJ, anterior anal sphincter repair, (5).321
Cooper MJ, see Campbell WB, (4).273                                    Escofet S, see Khan AZ, (1).72
Cope MR, and Shaw DL, thyroid shields in orthopaedic theatres,         Espag MP, et al, diagnosis of shoulder dislocation, (5).334
   (3).193                                                             Ethunandan M, et al, parotid gland neoplasms, (1).1
Coppinger S, see Kili S, (3).212                                       Evans AW, et al, surgical skills assessment, (1).54
Corbett EL, see Ayles HM, (2).100                                      Evans DA, stoma fashioning, (5).358
Cosgrove CM, et al, quality of lower limb amputation, (5).344          Evans DS, TAPP repair of groin hernia, (6).393
Counter PR, et al, follow-up of endoscopic stapled                     Evans KN, see Duff SE, (2).113
   diverticulotomy, (2).89                                             Evans R, see Datta SN, (3).203
Cowie AGA, see Ayles HM, (2).100                                       Evans S, internet viewings (6).439
Cribb GL, et al, (Abstract) (5).361                                    Eyre-Brook IA, see Cheruvu CVN, (1).20
Crinnion J, and Hicks D, (Comment) (4).291                             Eyres KS, see Farrington WJ, (5).360; see Farrington WJ, (6).432
Crook TJ, see McIntosh J, (3).185
Crow P, et al, histological diagnosis and complications following
   TURP, (6).418                                                       F
                                                                       Fang C, et al, left-handed use of scissors, (5).357

D                                                                      Farouk R, see Tytherleigh M, (6).389
                                                                       Farrington WJ, and Eyres KS, maintaining fracture reduction,
Darzi A, see Khan MS, (4).278                                             (5).360;
Dasgupta P, et al, nurse-led prostate clinic, (5).328                  et al, centralisation of holding screws in external fi xation,
Datta SN, et al, ultrasound evaluation of haematuria, (3).203             (6).432;
Davenport M, (Comment) (4).296                                         Fearn SJ, see Badvie S, (5).358
Davidson IR, see Hinchliffe RJ, (6).436                                Ferguson E, et al, marking of biopsy site, (1).33
Davies M, et al, superior MVT after laparoscopic fundoplication,       Fernandez C, see Khan R, (2).122
  (3).177                                                              Feuer D, and Shepherd J, (Comment) (4).289
Davies EL, see Cocks HC, (5).362                                       Fiddian NJ, see Madan S, (6).399
Davis J, see Middleton F, (6).434                                      Fielding JWL, (Comment) (4).293
Dawson R, see Harris DA, (1).66                                        Finnis D, see Moore EM, (5).358
Dehn TCB, see Menon KV, (1).57; et al, (Comment) (4).292               Fischer J, et al, tissue protection in femoral nailing, (5).360
Dennison GJ, et al, (Comment) (2).146                                  Fishwick G, see Axisa B, (1).39
Desai P, see Goyal RW, (5).360                                         Fletcher DJ, see Goodfellow PB, (6).435
De Souza BA, and Dickson MGD, dog bite wounds to hand,                 Fletcher MDA, see Warren PJ, (3).210
  (3).201                                                              Forster MC, and Dhar S, postoperative care of hallux valgus,
Dhar S, see Forster MC, (1).43                                            (1).43
Dheansa B, and Overstall S, hair tying for scalp wound closure,        Foster ME, see Harris DA, (1).66
  (2).127                                                              Foy PM, see Brodbelt AR, (2).97
Dicker G, see Harris DA, (1).66                                        France F, see Campbell WB, (3).181
Dickson GH, (Comment) (4).294, (4).295                                 Francombe J, and Hershman MJ, stapled transanal resection of
Dickson MGD, see De Souza BA, (3).201                                     rectal tumour, (5).319
Diggory P, see Khan R, (2).122                                         Fretwell IA, see Goodfellow PB (2).142
Dingle AF, (Comment) (2).147
Dmitrewski J, see Hobbs SD, (4).284
Donlon M, et al, (Abstract) (2).142                                    G
Douek M, see Khanduja V, (4).281                                       Galland RB, (Comment) (4).291
Douglas-Jones AG, see Salem AA, (6).438                                Gambhir AK, see Fischer J, (5).360
Gately CA, (Comment) (2).146                                          Hopkinson BR, see Hinchliffe RJ, (6).436
Gault D, see Odili J, (1).29                                          Hopkinson-Woolley J, see Khan RJK, (5).359
Ghiblawi S, see Kili S, (3).212                                       Hormbrey E, et al, (Abstract) (3).214
Gibbons CP, see Menon VS, (1).67; Shrestha BM, (5).365                Horner B, breast augmentation on NHS, (2).82
Gibson RJ, see Ali A, (6).433                                         Hosie KB, (Comment) (4).290
Gidwani S, see Calder JDF, (5).331                                    Hosking SW, see Tan LC, (2).84
Giele H, see Johnson D, (3).213                                       Hough M, et al, application of plaster of Paris backslab, (5).359
Gilbert HW, see Crow P, (6).418                                       Huddart SN, see Lambert AW, (6).431
Gilliam A, internet viewings, (1).70                                  Hunter D, see Dehn TCB, (4).292
Gilling-Smith GL, see Raza I, (4).282                                 Hussein Z, see Kili S, (3).212
Gladman MA, see Al Haq, (3).211                                       Hutton K, see Lambert AW, (6).431
Glass RE, see Kiran PR, (6).381                                       Hyett E, and Torkington J, internet viewings, (3).218
Godbole P, and Stringer MD, splenectomy after paediatric trauma,
Goh H, and Bourne R, NSAIDs and perforated diverticular diseae,       I
   (2).93                                                             Imam I, see Conybeare A, (2).109
Gojo S et al, gene therapy, (5).297                                   Inman R, see Kili S, (3).212
Goldstraw P, see Lee J, (5).304                                       Iowerth A, et al, (Abstract), (3).213
Goodfellow PB, et al, (Abstract) (2).142; et al, (Abstract) (6).435   Irving RM, see Mirza S, (4).247
Gooding J, see Campbell WB, (4).273                                   Ismail MA, and Qureshi MA, haemorrhagic radiation proctitis,
Goodwin HM, see Campbell WB, (3).181                                     (4).263
Gould DA, see Raza I, (4).282                                         Ivory JP, see Sharma S, (4).269
Gould SWT, (Comment) (5).368
Gower-Thomas K, see Shiralkar S, (2).146
Goyal RW, and Shaw SJ, internet viewings, (5).363; et al, image       J
   intensifier use, (5).360                                            Jackson WFM, and Pickard RJ, internet viewings, (1).70
Greatorex RA, (Comment) (2).148                                       Jacobs M, see Eccles S, (6).444
Griffin N, see Acheson AG, (6).435                                     Jaibaji M, (Comment) (3).221
Gupte CM, et al, use of Internet by orthopaedic patients, (3).187     Jenkins SC, and Clifton MA, Gefusine allergy, (3).206
Guy RJ, et al, (Comment) (2).140; et al, (Comment) (5).368            Jennings CR, and Bradley PJ, autopsy in head and neck cancer,

H                                                                     Jennings GJ, see Warren PJ, (3).210
                                                                      Jesudason EC, congenital diaphragmatic hernia (4).252
Haji A, see Al Haq, (6).434                                           Jeys LM, see Cribb GL, (5).361
Handley R, see Wainwright AM, (5).357                                 Jivan S, see Hough M, (5).359
Al Haq et al, irrigation through appendicectomy wound, (3).211;       Johnson CD, see Varshney S, (3).166
   et al, laparoscopy port closure (Comment) (6).434                  Johnson D, et al, (Abstract) (3).213
Haray PN, (Comment) (5).369; see Harinath G, (1).68;                  Johnson AG, see Cameron IC, (1).10
Hardin R, see Langdon IJ, (6).404                                     Johnson RC, see Williams RS, (1).66
Harikrishnan AB, et al, (Abstract) (6).437                            Johnstone D, see Woodcock NP, (6).422
Harinath G, et al, (Abstract) (1).68                                  Jones DJ, see Crow P, (6).418
Harries PG, see Wallace HC, (5).302                                   Jones JW, see Losanoff JE, (5).367
Harris DA, et al, (Abstract) (1).66                                   Jones OM, and Shorey BA, management of body packers, (2).131
Harris N, see Hormbrey E, (3).214                                     Jones PW, see Morgan-Hough CVJ, (5).361
Harrison L, see Pratap CP, (4).283
Harris PC, and Cheong HL, exsanguinator performance, (4).234
Harris PL, see Raza I, (4).282                                        K
Harvey M, (Comment) (4).293                                           Kakkilaya H, see Khan SA, 91).67
Hassan ANA, see Gupte CM, (3).187                                     Kan S-H, see Johnson D, (3).213
Havard T, see Parekh D, (6).438                                       Karandikar S, et al, (Abstract) (1).68
Hayat G, see Harinath G, (1).68                                       Karanjia ND, see Heriot AG, (6).371
Hay SM, see Cribb GL, (5).361                                         Kashif F, see Khan R, (2).122
Hemingway DM, see Cheah L-P, (4).260                                  Katory M, see Goodfellow PB, (6).435
Heriot AG, and Karanjia ND, liver resection techniques, (6).371       Keeling NJ, see Munikrishnan V, (2).139
Hershman MJ, see Francombe J, (5).319                                 Khan A, and Banwell P, internet viewings, (6).440
Hicks D, see Crinnion J, (4).291                                      Khan AZ, et al, (Comment) (1).72
Hilton ML, see Counter PR, (2).89                                     Khanduja V, et al, laparoscopy port closure, (4).281
Hinchliffe RJ, et al, (Abstract) (6).436                              Khan F, see Al Haq, (6).434
Hobbs SD, and Dmitrewski J, (Abstract) (4).284                        Khan MS, et al, suturing, (4).278
Hobson MI, vascularisation and axonal regeneration, (1).47            Khan R, et al, combined orthogeriatric care in hip fracture,
Hodder R, et al, colorectal referral assessment protocols, (4).282      (2).122
Khan RJK, et al, ridged re-inforcement of plaster slab, (5).359       McNally SA, (Comment) (4).291
Khan SA, et al, (Abstract) (1).67                                     McNicholl BP, see McAdam TK, (4).279
Khan ZAJ, and Novell JR, tension pneumothorax management,             Macpherson DW, see Ethunandan M, (1).1
   (3).164                                                            McWilliams RG, see Raza I, (4).282
Kianifard B, et al, clipping of perforators in SEPS, (3).210          Madan S, et al, wedge augmentation of dislocated hip
Kili S, et al, (Abstract) (3).212                                       replacement, (6).399
Kingsnorth AN, see Cartmell MT, (5).352                               Madhavan AK, et al, (Abstract) (6).437
Kiran PR, and Glass RE, stage at presentation in colorectal cancer,   Mahadeva S, see Woodcock NP, (6).422
   (6).381                                                            Mainprize KS, et al, understanding of Duke’s staging, (1).23
Kirk GR, see Lawther RE, (6).443                                      Mansel RE, see Salem AA, (6).438
Kirkup JR, history of surgical instruments: XI, (3).149               Marchbank A, see Lee J, (5).304
Kirollos R, see Al-Haddad SA, (3).196                                 Masoud AG, see Menon VS, (1).67
Klugman SNP, (Comment) (5).369                                        Maxwell-Armstrong C, immunotherapy in colorectal cancer,
Knight SL, see Hough M, (5).359                                         (5).314
Kulatilake N, see Madhavan AK, (6).437                                Mears SGS, see Khan RJK, (5).359
Kumar N, et al, rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids, (3).172         Mehta SS, et al, (Abstract) (2).141
                                                                      Menon KV, and Dehn TCB, subspeciality training in DGH, (1).57
                                                                      Menon VS, et al, (Abstract) (1).67
L                                                                     Middleton F, and Davis J, tissue protector for tibial intramedullary
Lafferty K, see Tatla T, (2).129                                        nailing, (6).434
Laing PW, see van Liefland MR, (3).212                                 Miles JB, see Brodbelt AR, (2).97
Lambert A, see Brooks A, (6).409                                      Miles WFA, see Khan AZ, (1).72
Lambert AW, et al, circumumbilical incision for pyloromyotomy,        Minhas SS, see Mirza S, (4).247
   (6).431                                                            Min HS, see Guy RJ (2).140; see Guy RJ, (5).368
Lam DGK, et al, (Abstract) (3).214                                    Mirza S, et al, review of pharyngeal pouch surgery, (4).247
Langdon IJ, et al, consent for total hip arthroplasty, (6).404        Mitchell DC, see Weale AR, (6).426
Lawther RE, et al, (Comment) (6).443                                  Mohamed MS, and Bates T, diagnosis of temporal arteritis, (1).7
Learmonth ID, see Langdon IJ, (6).404                                 Mohan I, see Roche A, (4).283
Lear PA, see Weale AR, (6).426                                        Mohanna P-N, see Al Haq, (3).211
Lee EJK, see Campbell WB, (4).273                                     Moncada S, see Brennan PA, (2).75
Lee J, et al, guidelines for lung cancer care, (5).304                Moneypenny IJ, see Williams RS, (1).66
Leeson R, see Evans AW, (1).54                                        Moore EM, and Finnis D, laparoscopic suction, (5).358
Lee TW, see Ng CSH, (3).161                                           Moos KF, diagnosis of facial bone fractures, (6).429
LeGuern C, see Gojo S, (5).297                                        Moran M, see Fang C, (5).357
Lewis M, see Shiralkar S, (2).146; see Snow M, (3).221                Morgan M, see Brooks S, (4).265
Lewis AAM, see Dua RS, (3).170                                        Morgan AR, see Harikrishnan AB, (6).437
Lloyd D, see Guy RJ, (2).140; Guy RJ, (5).368                         Morgan DW, see Trotter MI, (1).64
Lobo DN, et al, survey of fluid and electrolyte management,            Morgan-Hough CVJ, et al, (Abstract) (5).361
   (3).156                                                            Morris-Stiff G, see Ogunbiyi SO, (6).437; see Parekh D, (6).438
London N, see Naylor AR, (3).215                                      Mortensen NJ, see Borley NR, (3).221
London NJM, see Axisa B, (1).39                                       Mortensen NJMcC, see Mainprize KS, (1).23
Lord MG, see Khanduja V, (4).281                                      Mosely L, see Harris DA, (1).66
Losanoff JE, et al, (Comment) (5).367                                 Moula KI, see van Liefland MR, (3).212
Lovell ME, see Goyal RW, (5).360                                      Mountney J, (Comment) (6).443
Lovett B, see Al Haq, (6).434                                         Munikrishnan V, and Keeling NJ, small bowel wrap, (2).139
Lucas MG, see Datta SN, (3).203
Lund JN, see Acheson AG, (6).435
Lupton EW, see Adeyoju AA, (6).433
                                                                      Nadlacan L, see Ferguson E, (1).33
                                                                      Narvani AA, and Ramachandran M, internet viewings, (5).364
M                                                                     Naylor AR, see Axisa B, (1).39
McAdam TK, et al, suturing skills of new doctors, (4).279             Naylor AR, et al, (Comment) (3).215
McDermott ID, see Gupte CM, (3).187                                   Neal KR, see Lobo DN, (2).156
MacDowell A, see Khan RJK, (5).359                                    Ng CSH, et al, extramedullary haematopoiesis, video-assisted
MacFarlane C, gunshot wound management, (4).230                         diagnosis, (3).161
Macfarlane R, internet viewings, (4).286                              Nicholson M, see Brook N, (3).217
MacFie J, see Woodcock NP, (6).422                                    Nicholson ML, see Brook NR, (6).442
McGrath DR, and Spigelman AD, internet viewings, (3), 218             Nott DM, see Badvie S, (5).358
McIntosh J, et al, infra-inguinal graft surveillance, (3).185         Novell JR, see Khan ZAJ, (3).164
Mackenzie RK, see Burns PJ, (4).284
McLaughlin RE, see McAdam TK, (4).279
O                                                                    Ritchie AWS, see Crow P, (6).418
                                                                     Roberts JV, see Waites MD, (1).26
O’Brien M, see Lambert AW, (6).431                                   Robertson N, see Oppong C, (4).290
Odili J, and Gault D, natal cleft depilation, (1).29                 Robinson J, see Beard JD, (4).227
O’Flynn E, see Brown C, (4).287; see Brown C, (5).364                Robson AK, see Paleri V, (5).362
Ogunbiyi SO, et al, (Abstract) (6).437                               Roche A, et al, dorsalis pedis pulse, (4).283
Oppong C, et al, (Comment) (4).290                                   Rockey JG, (Comment) (5).370
Orr W, see Blom A, (5).342                                           Rose D, see Hinchliffe RJ, (6).436
O’Sullivan C, see Evans AW, (1).54                                   Rosswick P, (Comment) (2).148
Overstall S, see Dheansa B, (2).127                                  Rowlands BJ, see Lobo DN, (2).156; see Tzovaras G, (1).14
                                                                     Ruurda JP, et al, robot-assisted surgery, (4).223
                                                                     Ryan J, see Brooks A, (6).409
Packer GJ, see Prakash V, (5).357
Page RD, see Shackcloth MJ, (4).295
Pain JA, see Dennison GJ (2).146                                     Saklani AP, and Shylasree TS, locating pelvic bleeding, (6).433
Paleri V, and Robson AK, (Abstract) (5).362                          Saleh M, see Farrington WJ, (6).432
Pallister I, see Iowerth A, (3).213                                  Salem AA, et al, (Abstract) (6).438
Pararajasingham R, see Pratap CP, (4).283                            Samanta S, see Tan LC, (2).84
Parekh D, et al, (Abstract) (6).438                                  Sarker S, internet viewings, (6).441
Partington S, see Pratap CP, (4).283                                 Satyadas T, see Davies M, (3).177
Patel KA, and Cooper JC, (Comment) (5).367                           Sayers RD, aortic aneurysms, inflammation and nitric oxide,
Paterson I, see Dehn TCB, (4).292                                       (4).239
Pathak S, see Conybeare A, (2).109                                   Schlitt HJ, see von Woellwarth J, (3).175
Patience C, see Gojo S, (5).297                                      Scholefield JH, see Acheson AG, (6).435
Patrick M, see Kili S, (3).212                                       Schuijtvlot M, see Campbell WB, (2).116
Paul A, see Fang C, (5).357; see Ferguson E, (1).33                  Scott-Coombes D, see Waites MD, (1).26
Paulvannan S, see Kumar N, (3).172                                   Scott RAP, see Tilney HS, (6).414
Payne SR, see Pearce I, (5).325                                      Seamark D, see Church J, (2).111
Pearce I, and Payne SR, follow-up of circumcision, (5).325           Sekhar S, see Madan S, (6).399
Pearson AM, and Trevett MC, (Abstract) (5).361                       Selvachandran S, see Hodder R, (4).282
Peckham TJ, see Espag MP, (5).334                                    Shackcloth MJ, and Page RD, (Comment) (4).295
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 Subject Index
 The first figure indicates the issue; the second figure indicates the page

A                                                                            implementation of guidelines in lung cancer care (Lee et
                                                                             al) (5).304; laparoscopic fundoplication (Tan et al) (2).84;
Abdominal surgery, topical adhesive wound dressing (Borley)                  paediatric clavicle fracture management (Calder et al) (5).331;
   (Comment) (3).221; (Jaibaji) (Comment) (3).221                            pharyngeal pouch surgery (Mirza et al) (4).247; thyroid shields
Acetabular wedge augmentation, recurrent posterior hip                       in orthopaedic theatres (Cope and Shaw) (3).193; urinary
   replacement dislocation (Madan et al) (6).399                             tract ultrasonography for haematuria evaluation (Datta et al)
Acoustic neuroma surgery, CSF drainage (Trotter and Morgan)                  (3).203,
   (1).64                                                                  Autopsy, usefulness in head and neck cancer (Jennings and
Albendazole, hydatid disease (Ayles et al) (2).100                           Bradley) (2).133
Allergic reactions, Gelofusine (Jenkins and Clifton) (3).206
Alpha-blockers, postoperative urinary retention (Kili et al)
   (Abstract) (3).212                                                      B
Amputation, quality and surgical experience (Cosgrove et al)               Back pain, lower, new sign (Blom et al) (5).342
   (5).344; transmetatarsal, (Crinnion and Hicks) (Comment)                Bacterial translocation, antibiotic prophylaxis (Woodcock et al)
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Anaphylaxis, Gelofusine (Jenkins and Clifton) (3).206                      Barrett’s oesophagus, internet viewings (Gilliam) (1).70
Anatomy, internet viewings (Brook et al) (3).217                           Basal cell carcinoma, management by plastic surgeon (Hormbrey
Aneurysm, abdominal aortic, morphology of ruptured                            et al) (Abstract) (3).214
   (Hinchliffe et al) (Abstract) (6).436; aortic, endovascaular            Beger’s operation, pancreas divisum (Varshney and Johnson)
   repair, complications and iliac artery engagement (Raza et                 (3).166
   al) (Abstract) (4).282; fitness to drive following (Campbell et          Benign prostatic hyperplasia, TURP, histological diagnosis and
   al) (1).116; rupture, inflammatory pathways and nitric oxide                complications (Crow et al) (6).418
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Angiogenesis, in cancer, role of nitric oxide (Brennan and                    (Shiralkar et al) (Comment) (2).146; marking site with Indian
   Moncade) (2).75                                                            ink (Ferguson et al) (1).33; sentinel node, intraoperative
Angioplasty, peripheral, complications (Axixa et al) (1).39                   evaluation (Salem et al) (Abstract) (6).438; temporal artery, for
Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, internet viewings                  diagnosis of temporal arteritis (Mohamed and Bates) (1).7
   (Goyal and Shaw) (5).363                                                Bladder, exstrophy, internet viewings (Thiruchelvam) (2).143
Anti-idiotypic antibody, 105AD7, in colorectal cancer (Maxwell-            Bleeding, location of pelvic (Saklani and Shylasree) (6).433
   Armstrong) (5).314                                                      Blood, risk of conjunctival contamination in epistaxis (Wallace
Antibiotics, sensitivities of translocating bacteria (Woodcock et             and Harries) (5).302
   al) (6).422                                                             Blood transfusion, autologous in knee replacement surgery
Anus, fissure, glyceryl trinitrate therapy (Acheson et al) (Abstract)          (Iorwerth et al) (Abstract) (3).213; requirements for revision hip
   (6).435; fistula, probing, (Williams and Washer) (1).140;                   arthroplasty (Sharma et al) (4).269
   sphincter repair (Elton and Stoodley) (5).321                           Blood vessel prosthesis, infra-inguinal graft, surveillance of
Appendicectomy, irrigation of abdomen and pelvis (Al Haq et al)               (McIntosh et al) (3).185
   (3).211                                                                 Body packers, drug smugglers, management (Jones and Shorey)
Arterial clamping, alternative for calcified arteries (Ajit et al)             (2).131, outcomes (Bulstrode et al) (1).35
Arteritis, temporal, diagnosis (Mohamed and Bates) (1).7
Arthroplasty, see also joint concerned, e.g. Knee, postoperative urinary   Book reviews
   retention (Kili et al) (Abstract) (3).212
                                                                             General Surgery Outpatient Decisions (Cross) (3).222
Arthroscopy, knee, accuracy of clinical diagnosis (Brooks and
                                                                             Prognosis and Outcomes in Surgical Disease (Williams) (1).74
   Morgan) (4).265; technical tutorial (Unwin) (2).137
                                                                           Bowel, see also Colon; Colorectal; Small bowel, ischaemia, recovery
Assessment, and self-assessment of surgical skills (Evans et al)
                                                                             from (von Woellwarth et al) (3).175; obstruction, management
                                                                             (Feuer and Shepherd) (Comment) (4).289; Wilson (Comment)
Audit, see also Prospective audit, attendance for infra-inguinal
   bypass graft surveillance (McIntosh et al) (3).185; colorectal
                                                                           Breast augmentation, provision on NHS (Horner) (2).82
   cancer follow-up (Cheah and Hemingway) (4).260; Data
                                                                           Breast cancer, internet sites (Subramanian) (2).144; sentinel node
   Protection Act and surgical trainees (Webb) (5).348; day
                                                                             biopsy, intraoperative evaluation (Salen et al) (Abstract) (6).438;
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C                                                                            Congenital abnormalities, diaphragmatic hernia (Jesudason)
                                                                               (4).252; pancreas divisum (Varshney and Johnson) (3).166;
Cancer, see also specific cancers, gene therapy (Gojo et al) (5).297; liver     polydactyly/brachydactyly gene mutations (Johnson et al)
   resection techniques (Heriot and Karanjia) (6).371; nitric oxide            (3).213
   in (Brennan and Moncada) (2).75; rectal, supervised tumour                Conjunctiva, contamination with blood (Wallace and Harries)
   resection (Tytherleigh et al) (6).389                                       (5).302
Cardiovascular disease, gene therapy (Gojo et al) (5).297                    Conservative management, acute cholecystitis (Cameron et al)
Carotid artery disease, fitness to drive (Campbell et al) (1).116               (1).10; tension pneumoperitoneum (Khan and Novell) (3).164
Carotid duplex scanning, open access (Snow et al) (Comment)                  Consultants, survey of fluid and electrolyte management (Lobo et
   (3).221                                                                     al) (3).156
Catheterisation, urethral, hospital records (Conybeare et al)                Coronary artery bypass grafting, cognitive function after
   (2).109                                                                     (Madhavan et al) (Abstract) (6).437
Cerebrospinal fluid leak, continuous lumbar drainage (Trotter and             Costs, nurse-led prostate clinic (Dasgupta et al) (5).328;
   Morgan) (1).64                                                              pancreatic debridement surgery (Catto and Alexander) (5).309
Chemical burns, laser debridement (Lam et al) (Abstract) (3).214             Cyclic neutropenia, and pyomyositis (Waites et al) (1).26
Cholecystectomy, delayed in acute cholecystitis (Cameron et al)
   (1).10; laparoscopic, consequences of waiting times (Cheruvu
   and Eyre-Brook) (1).20; sphincter of Oddi dysfunction                     D
   (Tzovaras and Rowlands) (1).14                                            Dacryocystorhinostomy (Paleri and Robson) (Abstract) (5).362
Cholecystitis, acute, consequences of waiting for surgery                    Data Protection Act (1998), audit of its effects (Webb) (5).348
   (Cheruvu and Eyre-Brook) (1).20; management of (Cameron                   Day-case surgery, and basic surgical training (Weale et al) (6).426
   et al) (1).10                                                             Deep vein thrombosis, direct access duplex scanning (Pratap et
Circumcision, histology and follow-up requirement (Pearce and                  al) (4).283; hyperhomocysteinaemia (Burns et al) (Abstract)
   Payne) (5).325                                                              (4).284
Circumumbilical incision, for Ramstedt’s pyloromyotomy                       Defaecation, obstructive, rectopexy for (Harikrishnan et al)
   (Lambert et al) (6), 431                                                    (Abstract) (6).437
Cirrhosis, liver resection techniques (Heriot and Karanjia) (6).371          Diabetic patient, rocker-bottom shoes for reducing plantar
Clavicle fracture, paediatric (Calder et al) (5).331                           pressures (van Liefland et al) (Abstract) (3).212
Clinical need, breast augmentation (Horner) (2).82                           Diagnosis, knee arthroscopy (Brooks and Morgan) (4).265
Co-existent intra-abdominal pathology, abdominal aortic                      Diaphragmatic hernia, congenital, embryological theory and
   aneurysm (Tilney et al) (6).414                                             future therapy (Jesudason) (4).252
Cognitive impairment, after cardiac revascularization (Madhavan              Diathermy, awareness of dangers (Clark) (Comment) (5).369;
   et al) (Abstract) (6).437                                                   (Haray) (Comment) (5).369
Colon, diverticular disease and NSAIDs (Goh and Bourne) (2).93;              Dislocation, lateral patellar, irreducible (Phaltankar and Bridle)
   flexible sigmoidoscopy, before barium enema (Clements et                     (1).125; rotating platform (Thompson et al) (1).65; shoulder,
   al) (Abstract) (6).436, nurse-practitioner (Goodfellow et al)               diagnosis (Espag et al) (5).334; total hip replacement,
   (Abstract) (2).142                                                          acetabular wedge augmentation for (Madan et al) (6).399
Colorectal cancer, diagnostic tests (Clements et al) (Abstract)              District general hospital, anterior anal sphincter repair (Elton and
   (6).436; Dukes’ staging (Mainprize et al) (1).23; follow-up                 Stoodley) (5).321; oesophageal surgery (Alderson) (Comment)
   (Cheah and Hemingway) (4).260; fourteen-day rule (Walsh                     (4).294; (Dehn et al) (Comment) (4).292; (Dickson) (Comment)
   et al) (6).386; hereditary, internet viewings (McGrath and                  (4).294, (4).295; (Fielding) (Comment) (4).293; (Harvey)
   Spigelman) (3).218; immunotherapy (Maxwell-Armstrong)                       (Comment) (4).293; (McNally) (Comment) (4).291; (Shackcloth
   (5).314; pathology reporting (Hosie) (Comment); (Oppong et                  and Page) (Comment) (4).295; pancreatic debridement surgery
   al) (Comment) (4).290; referral assessment protocols (Hodder et             (Catto and Alexander) (5).309; subspeciality training (Menon
   al) (Abstract) (4).282; symptom duration and stage (Kiran and               and Dehn) (1).57
   Glass) (6).381                                                            Diverticular disease, perforated and NSAIDs (Goh and Bourne)
Colorectal surgery, compartment syndrome following (Dua et al)                 (2).93
   (3).170; ileo-anal pouch procedure, internet sites (Hyett and             Diverticulotomy, endoscopic stapled, long-term follow-up
   Torkington) (3).218; small bowel packing (Munikrishnan and                  (Counter et al) (2).89
   Keeling) (1).139                                                          Documentation, urethral catheterisation (Conybeare et al) (2).109
Colposuspension, thimble-assisted (Adeyoju and Lupton) (6).433               Doppler ultrasonography, transcranial, in carotid surgery (Naylor
Community hospitals, survey of surgical activity (Church and                   et al) (Comment) (3).215; (Williams and Shandall) (Comment)
   Seamark) (2).111                                                            (3).215
Compartment syndrome, after pelvic surgery (Dua et al) (3).170               Dorsalis pedis pulse (Roche et al) (Abstract) (4).283
Competence assessment, higher surgical trainees (Donlon et al)               Drainage, cerebrospinal fluid, continuous lumbar (Trotter and
   (Abstract) (2).142                                                          Morgan) (1).64; chest drain knotting (Rockey) (Comment)
Complications, postoperative, Nissen fundoplication (Davies                    (5).370
   et al) (3).177; pelvic surgery (Dua et al) (3).170; peripheral            Driving, fitness for after vascular surgery (Campbell et al) (1).116
   angioplasty (Axisa et al) (1).39; rubber band ligation of                 Drug smuggling, body packers, management (Jones and Shorey)
   haemorrhoids (Kumar et al) (3).172; thoracotomy (Brodbelt                   (2).131; outcome of British cases (Bulstrode et al) (1).35
   et al) (2).97; TURP (Crow et al) (6).418; ventral abdominal               Dukes’ staging, and duration of gastrointestinal symptoms (Kiran
   hernia repair (Ogunibiyi et al) (Abstract) (6).437
  and Glass) (6).381; understanding of (Mainprize et al) (1).23           and Handley) (5).357
Duplex scanning, carotid, open access (Snow et al) (Comment)           Formalin dab, for radiation haemorrhagic proctitis (Ismail and
  (3).221; deep vein thrombosis (Pratap et al) (Abstract) (4).283         Qureshi) (4).263
                                                                       Fractures, 5th metacarpal base (Pearson and Trevett) (Abstract)
                                                                          (5).361; clavicle, management of paediatric (Calder et al)
E                                                                         (5).331; external fixation, centralisation of holding screws
Economics see Costs                                                       (Farrington et al) (6).432; facial bones, diagnosis (Moos)
Ecthyma gangraenosum, treatment (Eccles et al) (Comment)                  (6).429; femur, tissue protection in intramedullary nailing
   (6).444                                                                (Middleton and Davis) (6).434; hip, combined orthogeriatric
Education, see also Training, laparoscopic fundoplication (Tan et         care (Khan et al) (2).122; internal fi xation, maintaining
   al) (2).84; problem-based learning for trainees (Beard et al)          reduction (Farrington and Eyres) (5).360; patella, impaction
   (4).227                                                                and locked lateral dislocation (Phaltankar and Bridle) (2).125;
Electrolyte management, peri-operative, consultant survey (Lobo           skull, depressed (Al-Haddad and Kirollos) (3).196
   et al) (3).156                                                      Fundoplication, laparoscopic, transistion to (Tan et al) (2).84,
Emergency admissions, 25-year audit (Campbell et al) (4).273;             mesenteric vein thrombosis (Davies et al) (3).177
   for gallbladder surgery (Cheruvu and Eyre-Brooks) (1).20
Emergency services, vascular surgery (Duff et al) (2).113
Endoscopic stapling, diverticulotomy, long-term follow-up
   (Counter et al) (2).89; pharyngeal pouch (Mirza et al) (4).247      Gallstones, childhood pancreatitis (Davenport) (Comment) (4).296;
Endoscopy, nurse-led (Goodfellow et al) (Abstract) (2).142               (Sutton and Cheslyn-Curtis) (Comment) (4).296; consequences
Epidemiological techniques, orthopaedic thromboembolism                  of waits for surgery (Cheruvu and Eyre-Brook) (1).20
   (Warwick) (2).118                                                   Gastro-oesophageal reflux, laparoscopic fundoplication (Tan et
Epidermal growth factor, and lung hypoplasia in congenital               al) (2).84
   diaphragmatic hernia (Jesudason) (4).252                            Gastroschisis, reduction (Wong and Tsang) (5).358
Epilepsy, after depressed skull fracture (Al-Haddad and Kirollos)      Gelofusine, allergic reactions (Jenkins and Clifton) (3).206
   (3).196                                                             Gender bias, (McNally) (Comment) (4).291
Epistaxis, risk of conjunctival contamination (Wallace and             Gene therapy (Gojo et al) (5).297
   Harries) (5).302                                                    General surgeons, digital nerve injury in laparoscopy (Lawther et
Ethics, breast augmentation on the NHS (Horner) (2).82                   al) (Comment) (6).443; experience and training in major trauma
Exsanguinator, maintenance and performance (Harris and                   surgery (Brooks et al) (6).409
   Cheong) (4).234                                                     Geriatric rehabilitation, hip fracture (Khan et al) (2).122
Extramedullary haematopoiesis, mediastinal (Ng et al) (3).161          Glyceryl trinitrate, in anal fissure (Acheson et al) (Abstract) (6).435
Extremity injury, dog bite wounds (De Souza and Dickson)               Granulocyte colony stimulating factor, pyomyositis (Waites et al)
   (3).201                                                               (1).26
Eye protection, in epistaxis treatment (Wallace and Harries)           Groin hernia, laparoscopic transabdominal pre-peritoneal (TAPP)
   (5).302;                                                              repair (Evans) (6).393
   misting during surgery (Mountney) (Comment) (6).443;                Growth factors, epidermal, and lung hypoplasia in congenital
   (Prakash et al) (5).357                                               diaphragmatic hernia (Jesudason) (4).252; fibroblast,
                                                                         expression in thyroid cells (Cocks et al) (Abstract) (5).362; and
                                                                         lung hypoplasia (Jesudason) (4).252; vascular endothelial, and
F                                                                        axonal regeneration (Hobson) (1).47
Face mask, misting (Mountney) (Comment) (6).443; (Prakash et al)       Guidelines, acute pancreatitis (Barnard and Siriwardena) (2).79;
   (5).357                                                               fitness to drive (Campbell et al) (2).116; lung cancer care (Lee
Fasciitis, necrotizing, treatment (Eccles et al) (Comment) (6).444       et al) (5).304
Femoral embolectomy (Bradbury) (1).62                                  Gunshot wounds, management (MacFarlane) (4).230
Femoral nailing, patient alignment (Fischer et al) (5).360; tissue
   protection (Middleton and Davis) (6).434
Fibroblast growth factor, expression in thyroid cells (Cocks
   et al) (Abstract) (5).362; and lung hypoplasia in congenital        Haematuria, ultrasound evaluation (Datta et al) (3).203
   diaphragmatic hernia (Jesudason) (4).252                            Haemodialysis, vascular access, internet viewings (Shrestha and
Fitness to drive, after vascular surgery (Campbell et al) (2).116        Gibbons) (5).365
Fluid management, peri-operative, consultant survey (Lobo et al)       Haemorrhoids, rubber band ligation (Kumar et al) (3).172;
   (3).156                                                               stapled mucosectomy (Brown and Choen) (Abstract) (2).141
Follow-up, colorectal cancer (Cheah and Hemingway) (4).260;            Haemostasis, oxidised cellulose and spinal cord compression
   endoscopic stapled diverticulotomy (Counter et al) (2).89;            (Brodbelt et al) (2).97; radiation proctitis (Ismail and Qureshi)
   infra-inguinal graft surgery (McIntosh et al) (3).185; paediatric     (4).263
   clavicle fracture (Calder et al) (5).331; requirement following     Hair removal, natal cleft (Odili and Gault) (1).29
   circumcision (Pearce and Payne) (5).325                             Hair tying, scalp wound closure (Dheansa and Overstall) (2).127
Forefoot plaster, following Mitchell’s osteotomy (Forster and          Hallux valgus surgery, internet viewings (Baghla) (3).216;
   Dhar) (1).43                                                          postoperative management (Forster and Dhar) (1).43
Foreign body, removal with intravenous cannula (Wainwright             Hand surgery, internet viewings (Khan and Banwell) (6).440
Hand trauma, dog bite wounds (De Souza and Dickson) (3).201;             laparoscopic surgery (Eardley) (2).144; organ transplantation
  5th metacarpal base fractures (Pearson and Trevett) (Abstract)         (Shrestha) (3).219; orthopaedics, general (Somashekar
  (5).361                                                                and Chambler) (1).69; plastic and reconstructive surgery
Head injury, depressed skull fractures (Al-Haddad and Kirollos)          (Banmwell and van Tulleken) (4).287; prostate cancer (Brown
  (3).196                                                                and O’Flynn) (5).364, (Evans) (6).439, (Shergill) (6).439;
Head and neck cancer, autopsy, usefullness of (Jennings and              research funding (Brook and Nicholson (6).442; spinal
  Bradley) (2).133; parotid gland (Ethunandan et al) (1).1               surgery (Narvani and Ramachandran) (5).364; testicular
Health service rationing, breast augmentation (Horner) (2).82            cancer (Brown and O’Flynn) (4).287; total hip replacement
Hernia, see also Diaphragmatic hernia; Groin hernia, ventral             (Arbuthnot) (4).285; (Sundaram) (4).286; vascular access for
  abdominal, complication of repair (Ogunibiyi et al) (Abstract)         haemodialysis (Shrestha and Gibbons) (5).365
  (6).437,                                                            Intestinal obstruction, see Bowel obstruction
Higher surgical trainees, competence assessment (Donlon et al)        Intra-abdominal pressure, raised, conservative management
  (Abstract) (2).142                                                     (Khan and Novell) (3).164
Hip arthroplasty, informed consent (Langdon et al) (6).404;           Irrigation, through appendicectomy wound (Al Haq et al) (3).211
  internet viewings (Arbuthnot) (4).285; (Sundaram)                   Irritable bowel syndrome, internet viewings (Sarker) (6).441
  (4).286; revision, blood transfusion requirements (Sharma
  et al) (4).269; wedge augmentation for recurrent posterior
  dislocation (Madan et al) (6).399                                   K
Hip fracture, combined orthogeriatric care (Khan et al) (2).122       Knee, arthroplasty, autotransfusion in (Iorwerth et al) (Abstract)
Hip surgery, direct lateral approach (Warren et al) (3).210             (3).213; internet viewings (Jackson and Pickard) (1).70;
Histology, routine in circumcision (Pearce and Payne) (5).325           arthroscopy, accuracy of clinical diagnosis, (Brooks and
History, surgical instruments, XI, retractors, dilators and related     Morgan) (4).265; technical tutorial (Unwin) (2).137; locked
  inset pivoting instruments (Kirkup) (3).149                           lateral patellar dislocation (Phaltankar and Bridle) (2).125;
HIV-risk, awareness of post exposure prophylaxis (Khan et al)           popliteus tendon, acute calcific tendinitis (Tibrewal) (5).338;
  (Comment) (1).72                                                      rotating platform dislocation (Thompson et al) (1).65
Homocysteine, total plasma and chronic venous ulceration (Burns
  et al) (Abstract) (4).284
Hydatid disease, management (Ayles et al) (2).100                     L
                                                                      Lacrimal duct obstruction, dacryocystorhinostomy (Paleri and

I                                                                        Robson) (Abstract) (5).362
                                                                      Laparoscopic surgery, fundoplication, mesenteric vein thrombosis
Ileo-anal pouch procedure, internet viewings (Hyett and                  after (Davies et al) (3).177, transition to (Tan et al) (2).84;
    Torkington) (3).218                                                  internet viewings (Eardley) (2).144; peritoneal wash out
Illicit drugs see Drug smuggling                                         (Moore and Finnis) (5).358; port closure (Al Haq et al)
Image intensifier, improving pictures (Goyal et al) (5).360               (Comment) (6).434; (Caruana and Singh) (4).280; (Khanduja
Immunotherapy, colorectal cancer (Maxwell-Armstrong) (5).314             et al) (4).281; robot-assisted (Ruurda et al) (4).223; surgeons’
Incontinence, faecal, anterior anal sphincter repair for (Elton          digital nerve injury (Lawther et al) (Comment) (6).443; TAPP
    and Stoodley) (5).321; stress, thimble-assisted Burch                repair of groin hernia (Evans) (6).393
    colposuspension (Adeyoju and Lupton) (6).433                      Laparostomy, ‘tellytubby tummy’ management (Gould) (Comment)
Indian ink, marking of biopsy site (Ferguson et al) (1).33               (5).368, (Guy et al) (Comment) (1).140, (5).368, (Losanoff et al)
Inflammatory bowel disease, surgery, compartment syndrome                 (Comment) (5).367, (Patel and Cooper) (Comment) (5).367
    following (Dua et al) (3).170                                     Laryngeal mask airway, use in thyroid/parathyroid surgery
Inflammatory pathways, aortic aneurysm repair (Sayers) (4).239            (Dingle) (Comment) (2).147, (Greatorex) (Comment) (2).148,
Information, patient requirements (Mehta et al) (Abstract) (2).141;      (Rosswick) (Comment) (2).148, (Watters) (Comment) (2).148
    patients’ use of Internet (Gupte et al) (3).187                   Laryngeal nerve, recurrent, preservation in thyroid/parathyroid
Information technology, use by surgeons and researchers                  surgery (Dingle) (Comment) (2).147, (Greatorex) (Comment)
    (Cartmell and Kingsnorth) (5).352                                    (2).148, (Rosswick) (Comment) (2).148, (Watters) (Comment)
Informed consent, total hip arthroplasty (Langdon et al) (6).404         (2).148
Instruments see Surgical instruments                                  Laser, debridement of chemical burns (Lam et al) (Abstract)
Internet, patient use of (Gupte et al) (3).187; use by surgeons and      (3).214; depilation of natal cleft (Odili and Gault), (1).29
    researchers (Cartmell and Kingsnorth) (5).352                     Lithotomy position, and compartment syndrome (Dua et al)
Internet viewings, anatomy (Brook et al) (3).217; anterior               (3).170
    cruciate ligament reconstruction (Goyal and Shaw) (5).363;        Liver disease, hyadatid disease (Ayles et al) (2).100
    Barrett’s oesophagus (Gilliam) (1).70; basic surgical training    Liver resection, review of techniques (Heriot and Karanjia)
    (Macfarlane) (4).286; bladder exstrophy (Thiruchelvam)               (6).371
    (2).143; breast carcinoma (Subramanian) (2).144; hallux           Long-term outcome, endoscopic stapled diverticulotomy (Counter
    valgus surgery (Baghla) (3).216; hand surgery (Khan and              et al) (2).89
    Banwell) (6).440; hereditary colorectal cancer (McGrath           Lumbar discectomy, retrospective study (Morgan-Hough et al)
    and Spigelman) (3).218; ileo-anal pouch procedure (Hyett             (Abstract) (5).361
    and Torkington) (3).218; irritable bowel syndrome (Sarker)        Lung cancer, implementation of guidelines (Lee et al) (5).304
    (6).441; knee arthroplasty (Jackson and Pickard) (1).70;          Lung hypoplasia, congenital diaphragmatic hernia (Jesudason)
M                                                                             (2).118; use of thyroid shields in theatre (Cope and Shaw)
Magnetic resonance imaging, knee joint (Brooks and Morgan)                  Otorhinolaryngology, dacryocystorhinostomy (Paleri and
  (4).265                                                                     Robson) (Abstract) (5).362; endoscopic stapled diverticulotomy
Management, acute pancreatitis (Barnard and Siriwardena) (2).79               (Counter et al) (2).89
Matrigel®, support of axonal regeneration (Hobson) (1).47                   Outcome, depressed skull fracture (Al-Haddad and Kirollos)
Medical Defence Union, medicolegal claims in vascular surgery                 (3).196; endoscopic stapled diverticulotomy (Counter et al)
  (Campbell et al) (3).181                                                    (2).89; pancreatic debridement (Catto and Alexander) (5).309
Medicolegal claims, in vascular surgery (Campbell et al) (3).181            Outpatients, attendance failures (Parekh et al) (Abstract) (6).438;
Mesenteric ischaemia, prolonged, recovery from (von Woellwarth                attendance for infra-inguinal graft surveillance (McIntosh et al)
  et al) (3).175                                                              (3).185; use of Internet (Gupte et al) (3).187
Mesenteric vein thrombosis, after laparoscopic Nissen                       Oxidised cellulose, causing spinal cord compression (Brodbelt et
  fundoplication (Davies et al) (3).177                                       al) (2).97
Metastasis, nitric oxide in (Brennan and Moncada) (2).75
Minimally invasive surgery, robot-assisted (Ruurda et al) (4).223
Mitchell’s osteotomy, postoperative management (Forster and                 P
  Dhar) (1).43                                                              Paediatrics, clavicle fractures, management (Calder et al) (5).331;
Morbidity, following TURP (Crow et al) (6).418                                 spinal cord compression and oxidised cellulose (Brodbelt et al)
                                                                               (2).97; splenectomy following trauma (Godbole and Stringer)

N                                                                              (2).106
                                                                            Pancreas divisum, surgery (Varshney and Johnson) (3).166
Natal cleft, laser depilation (Odili and Gault) (1).29                      Pancreatic debridement, in DGH (Catto and Alexander) (5).309
National Health Service Litigation Authority, medicolegal claims            Pancreatitis, acute, implementation of guidelines (Barnard and
  in vascular surgery (Campbell et al) (3).181                                 Siriwardena) (2).79; outcome of debridement in DGH (Catto
Necrotizing fasciitis, treatment (Eccles et al) (Comment) (6).444              and Alexander) (5).309; gallstone, in childhood (Davenport)
Neurosurgical infection, after surgery for depressed skull fracture            (Comment) (4).296; (Sutton and Cheslyn-Curtis ) (Comment)
  (Al-Haddad and Kirollos) (3).196                                             (4).296
Neutropenia, cyclic, and pyomyositis (Waites et al) (1).26                  Paraplegia, iatrogenic, oxidised cellulose causing (Brodbelt et al)
Nitric oxide, inflammatory pathways in aortic aneurysm repair                   (2).97
  (Sayers) (4).239; role in cancer (Brennan and Moncada) (2).75             Parathyroid surgery, use of laryngeal mask airway (Dingle)
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and perforated                  (Comment) (2).147, (Greatorex) (Comment) (2).148, (Rosswick)
  diverticular disease (Goh and Bourne) (2).93                                 (Comment) (2).148, (Watters) (Comment) (2).148
Non-surgical management, tension pneumoperitoneum (Khan                     Parotid neoplasms, changing frequency of (Ethunandan et al)
  and Novell) (3).164                                                          (1).1
NSAIDs see Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs                             Patella, irreducible lateral dislocation (Phaltankar and Bridle)
Nurse practitioner, endoscopy (Goodfellow et al) (Abstract) (2).142            (2).125
Nurse-led clinic, prostate assessment (Dasgupta et al) (5).328              Pathology, circumcision (Pearce and Payne) (5).325; reporting in
                                                                               colorectal cancer (Hosie) (Comment); (Oppong et al) (Comment)
                                                                               (4).290; TURP, and complication rate (Crow et al) (6).418
                                                                            Patients, information requirements (Mehta et al) (Abstract)
O                                                                              (2).141; informed consent for hip arthroplasty (Langdon et al)
Oesophageal surgery, in district general hospital (Alderson)                   (6).404; internet sites, ileo-anal pouch procedure (Hyett and
  (Comment) (4).294, (Dehn et al) (Comment) (4).292, (Dickson)                 Torkington) (3).218, see also Outpatients
  (Comment) (4).29, (4).295, (Fielding) (Comment) (4).293,                  Penis, strangulation (Klugman) (Comment) (5).369
  (Harvey) (Comment) (4).293, (McNally) (Comment) (4).291,                  Peri-operative management, fluid/electrolytes (Lobo et al) (3).156
  (Shackcloth and Page) (Comment) (4).295                                   Peripheral angioplasty, complications (Axisa et al) (1).39
Oral and maxillofacial surgery, assessment and self-assessment              Peripheral nerve repair, and vascularisation (Hobson) (1).47
  (Evans et al) (1).54                                                      Peripheral pulses, dorsalis pedis (Roche et al) (Abstract) (4).283
Organ transplantation, gene therapy (Gojo et al) (5).297; internet          Pharyngeal pouch, audit of surgery (Mirza et al) (4).247;
  viewings )Shrestha) (3).219                                                  endoscopic stapled diverticulotomy (Counter et al) (2).89
Orthogeriatric care, in hip fracture (Khan et al) (2).122                   Pilonidal sinus, laser depilation of natal cleft (Odili and Gault)
Orthopaedics,             see also Arthroplasty; Fractures, hallux valgus      (1).29
  surgery, internet viewings (Baghla) (3).216, postoperative                Plantar pressures, rocker-bottom shoes for reducing (van Liefland
  care (Forster and Dhar) (1).43; hip fracture, combined                       et al) (3).212
  orthogeriatric care (Khan et al) (2).122; internet viewings               Plasma expanders, Gelofusine, allergic reactions (Jenkins and
  (Somashekar and Chambler) (1).69; patellar dislocation, lateral              Clifton) (3).206
  irreducible (Phaltankar and Bridle) (2).125; patients’ use of             Plastic surgeon, management of basal cell carcinoma (Hormbrey
  Internet (Gupte et al) (3).187; postoperative urinary retention              et al) (Abstract) (3).214
  (Kili et al) (Abstract) (3).212; rocker-bottom shoes for reducing         Plastic surgery, internet viewings (Banmwell and van Tulleken)
  plantar pressures (van Leifland et al) (Abstract) (3).212; shoulder           (4).287
  examination (Bunker) (3).208; thromboembolism (Warwick)                   Pneumoperitoneum, in laparoscopic fundoplication, and
  superior MVT (Khan and Novell (3).164; tension, conservative        Risk management, conjunctival contamination in epistaxis
  management (Khan and Novell) (3).164                                   (Wallace and Harries) (5).302
Polydactyly, HOXD13 gene mutation (Johnson et al) (Abstract)          Robotics, laparoscopic surgery (Ruurda et al) (4).223
  (3).213                                                             Rubber band ligation, haemorrhoids (Kumar et al) (3).172
Popliteus tendon, acute calcific tendinitis (Tibrewal) (5).338
Post-cholecystectomy syndrome, diagnosis and management
  (Tzovaras and Rowlands) (1).14
Postmortem, value in head and neck cancer (Jennings and               S
  Bradley) (2).133
                                                                      Safety, HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (Khan et al) (Comment)
Postoperative care, hallux valgus surgery (Forster and Dhar)
                                                                         (1).72; diathermy (Clark) (Comment) (5).369; (Haray) (Comment)
Postoperative complications, see Complications, postoperative
                                                                      Salivary gland, neoplasms, changing frequency of (Ethunandan
Praziquantel, hydatid disease (Ayles et al) (2).100
                                                                         et al) (1).1
Problem-based learning, for surgical trainees (Beard et al) (4).227
                                                                      Scalp wounds, hair tying in closure (Dheansa and Overstall)
Proctitis, radiation, management (Ismail and Qureshi) (4).263
Prospective audit, complications of peripheral angioplasty (Axisa
                                                                      Schwann cells, regeneration in acellular nerve conduit (Hobson)
  et al) (1).39; subspeciality training in DGH (Menon and Dehn)
                                                                      Scissors, left-handed use (Fang et al) (5).357
Prostate assessment, nurse-led clinic (Dasgupta et al) (5).328
                                                                      SEPS see Subfascial endoscopic perforator surgery
Prostate cancer, internet viewings (Brown and O’Flynn) (5).364;
                                                                      Sepsis, pyomyositis and cyclic neutropenia (Waites et al) (1).26;
  (Evans) (6).439; (Shergill) (6).439; TURP, histology and
                                                                         translocating bacteria, antibiotic sensitivities (Woodcock et al)
  complication rate (Crow et al) (6).418
Puestow’s procedure, pancreas divisum (Varshney and Johnson)
                                                                      Shoulder, dislocation, diagnosis (Espag et al) (5).334;
                                                                         examination (Bunker) (3).208
Pyloromyotomy, circumumbilical incision (Lambert et al) (6).431
                                                                      Sigmoidoscopy, flexible, before barium enema (Clements et
Pyomyositis, and cyclic neutropenia (Waites et al) (1).26
                                                                         al) (Abstract) (6).436; nurse-practitioner (Goodfellow et al)
                                                                         (Abstract) (2).142
Q                                                                     Signs, lower back pain (Blom et al) (5).342
                                                                      Skin marking, pre-operative (Tatla and Lafferty) (2).129
Quality, autopsy in head and neck cancer (Jennings and Bradley)       Skull fracture, depressed, outcome of surgically treated (Al-
  (2).133; lower limb amputations (Cosgrove et al) (5).344               Haddad and Kirollos) (3).196
Questionnaire, use of thyroid shields in orthopaedic theatres         Small bowel, ischaemia, recovery from (von Woellwarth et
  (Cope and Shaw) (3).193                                                al) (3).175; obstruction, management (Feuer and Shepherd)
                                                                         (Comment) (4).289; (Wilson) (Comment) (4).290; packing in
                                                                         colonic/pelvic surgery (Munikrishnan and Keeling) (1).139
R                                                                     Specialist registrar, Data Protection Act (1998) (Webb) (5).348;
Radiation, haemorrhagic proctitis, management (Ismail and                supervised rectal resection (Tytherleigh et al) (6).389
  Qureshi) (4).263; thyroid shields in orthopaedic theatres           Sphincter of Oddi, dysfunction (Tzovaras and Rowlands) (1).14
  (Cope and Shaw) (3).193                                             Sphincter repair, anterior anal (Elton and Stoodley) (5).321
Reconstructive surgery, internet viewings (Banmwell and van           Sphincteroplasty, minor, pancreas divisum (Varshney and
  Tulleken) (4).287                                                      Johnson) (3).166; sphincter of Oddi (Tzovaras and Rowlands)
Rectopexy, for obstructive defaecation (Harikrishnan et al)              (1).14
  (Abstract) (6).437                                                  Spinal cord compression, oxidised cellulose causing (Brodbelt et
Rectum, radiation proctitis, management (Ismail and Qureshi)             al) (2).97
  (4).263; tumours, stapled transanal resection (Francombe and        Splenectomy, in paediatric trauma (Godbole and Stringer) (2).106
  Hershman) (5).319; supervised resection (Tytherleigh et al)         Splintage, plaster of Paris backslab (Hough et al) (5).359; ridged
  (6).389                                                                plaster slab (Khan et al) (5).359
Recurrent laryngeal nerve, preservation in thyroid/parathyroid        Stage at presentation, colorectal cancer (Kiran and Glass) (6).381
  surgery (Dingle) (Comment) (2).147, (Greatorex) (Comment)           Staging, Dukes’, understanding of (Mainprize et al) (1).23
  (2).148, (Rosswick) (Comment) (2).148, (Watters) (Comment)          STAR procedure (Francombe and Hershman) (5).319
  (2).148                                                             Stoma formation (Evans) (5).358
Referrals, colorectal cancer (Hodder et al) (Abstract) (4).282        Subfascial endoscopic perforator surgery (SEPS), clipping of IPV
Reflux, see Gastro-oesophageal reflux                                      (Kianifard et al) (3).210
Regional survey, splenectomy following paediatric trauma              Subspeciality, provision in DGH (Menon and Dehn) (1).57
  (Godbole and Stringer) (2).106                                      Supervision, lower limb amputations (Cosgrove et al) (5).344;
Research, funding on the internet (Brook and Nicholson)                  rectal tumour resection (Tytherleigh et al) (6).389
  (6).442; internet and information technology (Cartmell and          Surgical gloves, perforation during suturing (McAdam et al)
  Kingsnorth) (5).352                                                    (4).279
Resuscitation, in gunshot wounds (MacFarlane) (4).230                 Surgical instruments, history and evolution, XI retractors, dilators
Review articles, liver resection techniques (Heriot and Karanjia)        and related inset pivoting instruments (Kirkup) (3).149
  (6).371; nitric oxide in cancer (Brennan and Moncada) (2).75        Surgical skills, assessment and self-assessment (Evans et al) (1).54
Surgicel®, causing spinal cord compression (Brodbelt et al) (2).97         (2).148, (Watters) (Comment) (2).148
Surveillance, colorectal cancer (Cheah and Hemingway) (4).260;           Tourniquets, exsanguinator performance (Harris and Cheong)
  infra-inguinal graft (McIntosh et al) (3).185                            (4).234
Survey, acute cholecystitis management (Cameron et al) (1).10;           Trainees, assessment and self-assessment (Evans et al) (1).54;
    community hospitals, surgical activity (Church and Seamark)             higher surgical, competence assessment (Donlon et al) (Abstract)
    (2).111; emergency vascular services (Duff et al) (2).113;              (2).142; problem-based learning (Beard et al) (4).227
    general surgeons’ experience and training in major trauma            Training, basic surgical, and day-case surgery (Weale et al)
   surgery (Brooks et al) (6).409; peri-operative fluid and                  (6).426; internet viewings (Macfarlane) (4).286; major trauma
   electrolyte management (Lobo et al) (3).156                              (Brooks et al) (6).409, (Goodfellow et al) (Abstract) (6).435;
Suturing, left-handed use of scissors (Fang et al) (5).357; a lost art      subspecialisation in DGH (Menon and Dehn) (1).57
   (Khan et al) (4).278; Stapleton (Comment) (6).434; skills of new      Transanal endoscopic microsurgery, tumour debulking prior to
   doctors (McAdam et al) (4).279                                           (Francombe and Hershman) (5).319
Synchronous surgery, abdominal aortic and gastrointestinal               Transcranial Doppler, in carotid surgery (Naylor et al) (Comment)
   (Tilney et al) (6).414                                                   (3).215; (Williams and Shandall) (Comment) (3).215
Systemic inflammatory response syndrome, aortic aneurysm                  Transplantation see Organ transplantation
   rupture (Sayers) (4).239                                              Transurethral resection of prostate (TURP), histological diagnosis
                                                                            and postoperative complications (Crow et al) (6).418
                                                                         Trauma, see also Fractures, bowel ischaemia, recovery from (von
T                                                                           Woellwarth et al) (3).175; depressed skull fractures (Al-Haddad
Technical notes, circumumbilical incision for pyloromyotomy                 and Kirollos) (3).196; hand, dog bite wounds (De Souza and
   (Lambert et al) (6).431; continuous lumbar drainage (Trotter             Dickson) (3).201; mountain biking (Cribb et al) (Abstract)
   and Morgan) (1).64; direct lateral approach to the hip                   (5).361; paediatric, splenectomy following (Godbole and
   (Warren et al) (3).210; external fixation, centralisation of              Stringer) (2).106;
   holding screws (Farrington et al) (6).432; small bowel wrap              penetrating, gunshot wounds (MacFarlane) (4).230,
   (Munikrishnan and Keeling) (2).139; suturing skills of new               management outside specialist centres (Hobbs and
   doctors (McAdam et al) (4).279                                           Dmitrewski) (Abstract) (4).284
Technical tips, anal fistula probe (Williams and Washer) (2).140;         Trauma surgery, call-out and general surgeons (Goodfellow et
   arm immobilisation on fracture table (Ali et al) (6).433;                al) (Abstract) (6).435; major, experience and training of general
   atraumatic clamping of calcified arteries (Ajit et al) (5).358;           surgeons (Brooks et al) (6).409
   colposuspension, thimble-assisted (Adeyoju and Lupton)                Trends, emergency surgical admissions (Campbell et al) (4).273
   (6).433; fog-free face masks (Prakash et al) (5).357; foreign         Tropical diseases, Hyadatid disease (Ayles et al) (2).100
   body removal (Wainwright and Handley) (5).357; gastroschisis          TURP see Transurethral resection of prostate
   reduction (Wong and Tsang) (5).358; improving pictures
   after image intensifier use (Goyal et al) 5).360; laparoscopic
   port closure (Carunana and Singh) (4).280; (Khanduja et al)
   (4).281; laparoscopic suction, (Moore and Finnis) (5).358;            Ultrasonography, carotid duplex, open access (Snow et al)
   left-handed use of scissors (Fang et al) (5).357; leg alignment         (Comment) (3).221; duplex, for DVT (Pratap et al) (4).283;
   in femoral nailings (Fischer et al) (5).360; locating bleeders          endo-anal (Elton and Stoodley) (5).321; transcranial Doppler
   in pelvis (Saklani and Shylasree) (6).433; maintaining                  in carotid surgery (Naylor et al) (Comment) (3).215; (Williams
   fracture reduction (Farrington and Eyres) (5).360; plaster of           and Shandall) (Comment) (3).215; urinary tract in haematuria
   Paris backslab application (Hough et al) (5).359; plaster slab          evaluation (Datta et al) (3).203
   re-inforcement (Khan et al) (5).359; reduction of rotating            Upper limb, exsanguination (Harris and Cheong) (4).234
   platform dislocation (Thompson et al) (1).65; stoma fashioning        Ureteric guide wire, for probing anal fistula, technical tip
   (Evans) (5).358; varicose vein surgery (Badvie et al) (5).358           (Williams and Washer) (1).140
Technical tutorials, arthroscopy of knee joint (Unwin) (2).137;          Urinary retention, postoperative, alpha-blockers for (Kili et al)
   diagnosis of facial bone fractures (Moos) (6).429; femoral              (Abstract) (3).212
   embolectomy (Bradbury) (1).62; shoulder examination                   Urinary tract, ultrasound in haematuria evaluation (Datta et al)
   (Bunker) (3).208; suturing (Khan et al) (4).278                         (3).203
Telemanipulation (Ruurda et al) (4).223
Temporal arteritis, diagnosis (Mohamed and Bates) (1).7
Tendinitis, acute calcific, popliteus tendon (Tibrewal) (5).338           V
Testicular cancer, internet viewings (Brown and O’Flynn) (4).287         Varicose vein surgery, clipping of IPV (Kianifard et al) (3).210;
Thoracic surgery, oxidised cellulose causing spinal cord                   improved cosmesis (Badvie et al) (5).358
   compression (Brodbelt et al) (2).97; video-assisted for               Vascular endothelial growth factor, and axonal regeneration
   mediastinal extramedullary haematopoiesis (Ng et al) (3).161            (Hobson) (1).47
Thromboembolism, orthopaedic surgery (Warwick) (2).118                   Vascular surgeon, and fitness to drive guidelines (Campbell et al)
Thyroid, fibroblast growth factor expression (Cocks et al)                  (2).116
   (Abstract) (5).362; use of shields in orthopaedic theatres (Cope      Vascular surgery, see also Varicose vein surgery, aortic aneurysm,
   and Shaw) (3).193                                                       endovascular repair (Raza et al) (Abstract) (4).282, synchronous
Thyroid surgery, laryngeal mask airway in (Dingle) (Comment)               gastrointestinal surgery (Tilney et al) (6).414; carotid, use
   (2).147, (Greatorex) (Comment) (2).148, (Rosswick) (Comment)            of transcranial Doppler (Naylor et al) (Comment) (3).215;
  (Williams and Shandall) (Comment) (3).215; calcified artery
  clamping (Ajit et al) (5).358; day-case, and basic surgical
  training (Weale et al) (6).426; emergency services (Duff et
  al) (2).113; femoral embolectomy (Bradbury) (1).62; fitness
  to drive guidelines (Campbell et al) (2).116; infra-inguinal
  graft surveillance (McIntosh et al) (3).185; medicolegal claims
  (Campbell et al) (3).181; peripheral angioplasty complications
  (Axisa et al) (1).39
Vascular Surgical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, medicolegal
  claims in vascular surgery (Campbell et al) (3).181
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